Roomba I3 vs J7: Top Comparison

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We review the two Roomba models: the entry-level Roomba I3 vs J7.

One of the top models has an all-around performance at a low cost, and the other comes with top-quality features.

What are the differences between them?

Roomba I3

Robot Roomba i3

The iRobot Roomba i3 is a robot vacuum that cares for itself, almost. It will automatically empty dirt from it into baggies inside charger docks. 

It’ll transfer itself back to charge when it is low, and it can schedule cleaning to specific times, so you’ll have nothing to accomplish from week to week. However, it’s pricey, as the dock for charging is heavy, and you’re bound to pay for bags that regularly cost a lot of money.



The main characteristics are:

  • Dimensions 13.34 x 13.26 x 3.63 inches
  • Suction Power: 10X power (1700 Pa)
  • Navigation iAdapt 2.0, Mapping
  • WiFi Connectivity yes
  • Weight 11.4 pounds
  • Filter: High-Efficiency
  • Auto Dirt Disposal: yes
  • Imprint Link yes
  • Dirt Detection: yes
  • Dustbin: 400-500 ml
  • The run time is 75 minutes


  • Strong suction power
  • The pattern is a systematic one for cleaning.
  • Make use of a floor sensor to aid in navigation.
  • Affordable price
  • Dual rubberized main brush


  • The map isn’t customizable.
  • Sometimes, it is stuck.
  • A little too loud
  • The auto-empty bin can be purchased separately.
  • Small dust bin

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Roomba j7

roomba j7

Then, in September of 2021, just three years after introducing the Roomba i7, iRobot unveiled the Roomba J7 Series. The robotic vacuum has an automatic bin emptying system, like most recent Roomba models. 

In addition, Roomba J7 comes with intelligent, sophisticated features that provide homeowners with many benefits.

Similar to the Roomba i7 Series, the J7 Series is available in two variations. There’s one model, the Roomba J7 (7150), the base model, and the Roomba J7+ (7550), which is the model for ceilings. These two models are different in the accessories. The base model does not come without the Clean Base(r) Auto-Dirt Disposal Unit or Dirt Disposal Bags; However, it’s a self-emptying robotic vacuum.



The main characteristics are:

  • Dimensions: 13.34 x 13.3 x 3.4 inches
  • Suction Power: 10X power (1700 Pa)
  • Filter HEPA-style
  • Navigation PrecisionVision
  • Dirt Detection: yes
  • WiFi Connectivity: yes
  • Weight: 7.5 pounds
  • Dustbin: 300 ml
  • Auto Dirt Disposal: yes
  • Imprint Link: yes
  • Time to run: 100 minutes


  • Fantastic Mapping
  • A general good job in scheduling, cleaning, and controlling voice.
  • Avoids a mess of obstacles


  • More sluggish than rivals
  • Bumps hit tables and chairs.

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Roomba J7 Vs. Roomba I3 – In Detailed

Battle Of Suction Power

roomba j7 2

Roomba I3 and Roomba J7 are close concerning the suction force. Both models are distinguished due to having ten times the energy of vacuuming as Roomba’s essential robot vacuum cleaners.

On the other hand, the models that are mid-range offer five times the standard vacuuming force of a standard Roomba.

Who Navigates More Efficiently?

Roomba I3 is far behind the J7 regarding navigation since it is based on intelligent navigation. This means that Roomba i3 will map out your journey within your home, thanks to the adaptive 2.0 technology.

This feature triggers the sensors under the i3 as it moves through your home, determining an accurate layout for a more regular cleaning process.

Roomba J7, however, raises the bar. The robot cleaner has an integrated camera with the latest, more sophisticated AI-based PrecisionVision system.

This means that Roomba J7 will draw a plan of your home’s floor when it moves through your home.

It follows the row-by-row navigation patterns similar to the i3 but is guided by a sophisticated PrecisionVision system. The J7 can identify things like pets’ waste and hazardous objects and steer clear of them when it navigates.

Cleaning Comparison

roomba j7 1

The Roombas are effective cleaners. The difference between them is their technology for cleaning.

The i3 uses a 3 stage Cleaning System that utilizes brush, suction force, and a powerful airflow to remove even the toughest dirt off any surface for travel. Even pet hair can’t be able to escape the suction force from the i3.

However, the Roomba j7 features the same cleaning technology that allows the Power Lifting Suction that deploys its powerful vacuuming force to boost pick-up efficiency and not snag anything along its way.


roomba j7 4

The i3 cannot record your home’s layout, but it will remember the design used for the current cleaning session. Roomba i3 utilizes this layout to tidy your house systematically.

The j7 is at a different stage when compared to i3. It has cameras to record its surroundings and transform them into a precise layout. This accurate mapping technology allows you to view the floor plan you have mapped with the iRobot HOME application.

With the help of intelligent technological advancements, Roomba j7 cleans more effectively and doesn’t repeat the same spot it left unless directed by.

If the Roomba j7 runs at the initial run, it will save each object it stores in its memory.

Thanks to its AI technology, every object that j7 encounters will be inspected for patterns similar to pet waste, like electric cords, and avoid that area. It solicits your input, so your suggestions are followed during the next clean-up cycle.

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How Long Can They Run & With How Much Battery Power?

roomba j7 3

Roomba i3 can clean your home for anywhere between 75 and 90 mins (depending on the suction setting) before it requires a recharge.

However, the i3’s cleansing duration differs; however, when the battery is low identified, the robot swiftly returns to the charger to juice up.

Similar to the i3, the J7 has a comparable run time and auto-recharge function.

Roomba I3, as well as Roomba J7, come with sensors for the level of the battery. If a low battery is identified, the robot vacuum cleaners are instructed to return to their chargers to recharge.

The time to recharge for both Roomba models is close to 2.5 hours. It’s not an issue when comparing, as both models excel in cleaning your house in short intervals.

The batteries used in each of the Roomba versions are lithium-ion ones with a low self-discharge and minimal maintenance.

In the case of the IRobot HOME App, you can also see the battery statuses in the app. If there’s still some cleaning after charging, the Roombas will proceed to the areas and begin cleaning.

Zone Cleaning & Specific Room Cleaning

roomba i3 1

Only Roomba J7 comes with an innovative vision technology that allows the vacuum to only clean the specified area or area with the app’s help.

Additionally, you can set “keep-out zones” to keep the Roomba from the area during cleaning. This feature can be beneficial on numerous occasions.

In addition, the camera system also prevents the Roomba from crashing into furniture and may even differentiate their dimensions and allow it to get through any available clearance.

Roomba i3, unfortunately, isn’t equipped with these features since it is not equipped with a camera onboard.

However, for similar functions, not entirely, but similar in some ways, such as keeping the robot out of an area or a particular space, i3 has a dual-mode virtual barrier available on its own.

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Recharge & Resume Feature

roomba i3 7

Both Roomba j7 and i3 are powerful robotic cleaners. They know when their battery is depleted and move into their charge stations to get an immediate recharge.

It is also interesting that Roombas keep track of the location they return to their cleaning tasks.

Personalized Cleaning Recommendations & App Control

roomba i3 5

Another great feature of the Roomba J7 models is the application incorporating iRobot Genius technology. It helps the Roomba examine your routines and offers more effective cleaning suggestions based on the season and the things around you.

Through the app, you’ll be able to manage the Roomba J7 as you wish. Are you looking to have the robot run even when you’re not at home? You can certainly set it to run when you are not there.

As it maps your home’s smart camera’s layout, the j7 will start cleaning with the same layout. The robotic cleaner can clean every area and the layout map that reflects the robot’s (cleaned) route.

This way, you will know what areas are being cleaned by Roomba j7 without getting to your feet.

With the i3 clean map reports are part of its functions. You must manually verify whether the robotic cleaner has cleaned the kitchen or room. Even though it offers cleaning tips, overall, the j7 comes with higher-end application controls and features.

Effective Dirt Extracting Brushrolls

roomba i3 4

Both Roombas are equipped with powerful Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes that can avoid getting caught with pet hair.

Additionally, the super-strong brushes are soft on the flooring but can be hard on dirt spots, which means that once the Roombas are completed, you’ll have spotless carpets and floors.

Another fantastic addition to cleaning robots would be the Edge-Sweeping Brush, which cleans dust on the edges of walls and around corners.

Together with the primary brush roll, Roombas, when used in conjunction with the primary brush roll, Roombas ensure that no dirt is swept away during cleaning.

Identical Cleaning Modes

roomba i3 3

The cleaning settings on Roomba I3 and Roomba J7 are identical. Regular, Spot Cleaning and Manual modes are available on both Roombas. However, Edge Cleaning, Repeat Cleaning, and Edge Cleaning are unavailable.

You can pick the model you prefer using the iRobot HOME application. When the cleaning plan is done, the robots will return to their regular cleaning mode, which is a standard cleaning mode.

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Integrated Technology

roomba i3 2

The Roombas are the most technologically advanced. The i3 and J7 models feature WiFi connectivity and progress mapping. IFTTT compatibility, as well as voice control.

The robot cleaners are operated using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Roombas are not compatible with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. 

Roombas are not compatible with only the Bluetooth protocol. However, that’s not a big issue nowadays because we all seek apps or voice control, which iRobot can support at their most efficient.

Its sophisticated mapping technology makes it possible to schedule cleaning using Roomba i3 and J7. Utilizing the iRobot HOME App, you can plan the cleaning time and the kind of cleaning mode you can effortlessly use.

Dustbin Capacity

roomba i3 6

The dust-collecting compartments on Roomba models j7 and I3 can hold more debris than Roomba lower-end models, thanks to the 0.5 L capacity.

The iRobot’s or other manufacturers’ basic models don’t have the space for storing dirt since they are only equipped with a 0.4 capacity of a bin. The models j7 and i3 can complete a couple of times more cleaning cycles than other models (not the top-of-the-line models) before the dustbin has to be empty.

Other Key Features

Dirt Detect Function

The Dirt Sensor is included in Roomba I3 and Roomba J7, for instance. It allows robots to detect dirt that is on surfaces when they walk over them. The sensor triggers I3 and J7 to clean the area until it’s clean.

Cleaning Characteristics

Roombas i3 as well as j7 share certain cleaning features. For instance, both cleaners are suitable for both wet and dry cleaning. However, it is ideal to have an additional attachment for the latter.

Their HEPA filters effectively capture pet allergens, reducing up to 99.7 percent of the pollutants.

Roomba I3 and Roomba J7 support self-cleaning and have cyclonic action capabilities and an indicator that is full-bin.

Auto Carpet Height Adjustment

Most Roomba models are designed to improve carpets’ height adjustment.

This means that when the Roomba is moving around your home and carpets are at the midpoint, and the Roomba automatically raises or lowers its height to move from carpets to hard floors and carpets to regular flooring.

It will ensure complete cleaning without being stuck or leaving the carpet unclean.

Similar Cleaning Path Width

A 7-inch slot located in the center of Roomba J7 and Roomba i3 allows a vast amount of dirt to get taken into the cleaning. This means that, in just one visit, Roombas will provide a broad cleaning route and clean the area in a shorter time.

Roomba I3 Vs. J7 Summary

The end of this Roomba I3 comparison. J7 comparison review. What’s the best price for your money? Although both Roombas have a lot of things in their features, the Roomba J7 is the most suitable option. It is more powerful, has an extended runtime, and has more efficient navigation and mapping systems. What’s more? Adding iRobot Genius 3.0 is superior to Roomba i3.

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