Roomba I3+ vs I4+: Review

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The two top vacuum cleaners, the Roomba I3+ vs. I4+, will be compared in this article in order to reduce cleaning time and enhance health.

Roomba I3+ Review

iRobot Roomba i3+ EVO

With the rise of robot vacuums that automatically empty themselves, iRobot has released several in the last few years following the I7. We’ll review its cheapest alternative in this review – it’s the Roomba I3+.

Due to this low cost, it’s also one of the most popular alternatives in shops such as Amazon. But how effective is this robot? After a few days of testing it on various aspects such as cleaning navigation, cleaning, etc., we’ll share these results in the review. Let’s begin.


  • Parts availability is excellent due to the popularity of iRobot.
  • Clean base station cleans the robot’s garbage bin for you.
  • Above-average deep cleaning results (84.7%)
  • Straight lines of movement
  • Less expensive than Roomba I6 and I7+. 
  • The bagged system shields the consumer from direct exposure to allergens.
  • It is efficient and efficient and thorough, which is not often seen in an automated vacuum cleaner based on floor sensors and a gyroscope.


  • A side brush that spins fast will scatter debris in clumps.
  • Maps aren’t saved
  • Low airflow (around seven CFM)

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Is This Roomba I3+ Worth It?

roomba i3 7

The Roomba I3+ is the lowest priced iRobot auto empty option available in the market; however, compared to other brands with better choices, it’s still high regarding price. Is it worth the extra cost?

Auto-empty is impressive, as are its above-average results on the carpet. The I3 will likely be able to pick up dirt on this type of surface. While it’s not exactly as influential as the Roomba S9, it will be able to pick up debris. Roomba S9, the pickup is excellent for a low airflow robot.

Another thing we love about Roomba items is their design simplicity and the parts’ availability. We love that Roomba created their simple products to take apart and then put back together.

Changing any part of the I3 isn’t a big issue if you’ve completed basic DIY tasks. It’s one of the best ideas to think about when you’re looking for something that lasts for a long time.

Roomba I4+ Review

iRobot Roomba i4+

The latest model of the iRobot i-family is called the Roomba I4+ robotic vacuum. It has various technical features, such as the self-emptying feature that automatically cleans itself, specially-designed sensors that detect dirt, and powerful suction that gives intelligent user control using apps or voice commands. 

Because of the Clean base cleaning routine, the regular emptying of the container is not necessary for months since the dust that has been collected is disposed of in the anti-allergen bag. 

Because the iRobot robotic vacuum comes outfitted with IAdapt 3.0 navigator, the hoover can learn about your house and adjust its cleaning according to your preferences.

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  • Auto-empty base
  • Two rubberized brush rollers
  • Dirt detect technology
  • It comes with a physical, virtual wall device.
  • Smart navigation system


  • Loudly screams when self-emptying
  • Only one map is saved.
  • A little overpriced

If you’ve got areas you’d like the Roomba to keep out of, the more extensive and more costly iRobot Roomba i4+ might be an ideal choice since it can connect to a wall.

If you don’t have any sensitive spaces in your home and you don’t have exposed areas, then the Roomba i3+ may be a better option since it is priced lower and comes with almost identical features. However, it comes with shorter battery life and less suction power.

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Is the Roomba I4+ Worth It?

roomba i3 1

  • The iRobot Roomba i4+ has an uncluttered base that automatically empties the trash bin for allergies. This one is the best choice since it decreases their exposure to dust. It’s also ideal for those with hectic schedules since they don’t need to empty the bin by hand after each cleaning.
  • The iRobot Roomba i4+ is an excellent choice for pet owners due to its rubberized brushes, which reduce the quantity of hair getting stuck inside the brush.
  • Those with spaces they don’t want the vacuum to enter, like the Christmas tree or the pet’s water bowl, will appreciate the physical wall in the iRobot Roomba i4+, which blocks it from entering particular spaces.

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Roomba I3+ vs. I4+ Comparison

The primary difference between the Roomba I3+ and the Roomba I4+ is the battery’s life between the two. I3+ batteries can last up to 75 minutes, whereas the i4+ battery can last at least 90 minutes. Minor differences such as color are generally not significant.

Model Roomba i3+ (3550) Roomba i4+ (4552)
Weight 7.44 lbs 7.44 lbs
Anti Tangle Roller  Yes Yes
Bin Size Unknown Unknown
Suction  10x more than the 600 series Unknown
Filter  High Efficiency High Efficiency
Floor Types  Carpet and Hard Floors Carpet and Hard Floors
Color Gray Black
Active Hair Removal  No No
Power Levels High High
Navigation Type  Smart (Gyroscope / Floor Tracking Sensor) Smart (Gyroscope / Floor Tracking Sensor)
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year
Dirt Sensor  Yes Yes
Scheduling  Yes Yes
Anti Cliff Sensors  Yes Yes
What’s in the Box iRobot Roomba i3+ Clean Base charging station Extra high efficiency filter Ultra AllergenLock™ bag iRobot Roomba i4+ Home Base charging station Virtual wall barrier AA batteries – 2 High efficiency filter
Alexa / Google Assistant  Yes Yes
Smartphone App Yes Yes
Wifi Enabled  Yes Yes

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