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This review will take the time to look closely at iRobot’s most affordable entry-level model – Roomba E5.

Similar to the 600-series, it also comes with normal navigation that pinballs around. However, the enhancements iRobot made to the model helped alleviate the issues that plagued models like Roomba 614 and the Roomba 675.

How effective is Roomba’s E5? Does it merit the price? We’ve run it through the usual tests to determine.

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iRobot Roomba E5 (5150)

Roomba E5 Overview

The Roomba E5 is, by far, the most affordable robot vacuum for cleaning the Carpet of dirt. While it isn’t as powerful as those of the Roomba 675 or 690, it picks more dirt.

One reason could be the new extractors that provide greater agitation. It’s just the navigational algorithm that is standard, which means it pinballs around.

Other improvements include a larger dustbin, which has a HEPA filter. This addresses all of the problems that plagued the previous 600-series alternatives.


  • Best-in-class deep cleaning performance.
  • Decent size dustbin – 500 ml.
  • It is more resistant to tangles than any other Roomba 600-series choice.
  • HEPA Filtration.


  • Quite noisy.
  • Random navigation is inefficient.

Introduction to the Roomba E5

iRobot Roomba E5 7

Two issues are a problem for older Roomba 600-series robots, such as those with the model numbers 614, 675 as well as 690 (or 692). The dustbin is small and has a brush roll, which attracts hair.

No matter what other reviews mention about its ability to keep tangles out. However, it is not able to do so. We have tried it on a variety of human hair. The majority of sticks were on the spiky bristled side that makes up the dual-brush system.

It’s a total nightmare for people who own pets or have people with hair of all lengths.

The Roomba E5’s enhancements will eliminate these problems. It’s got an identical random navigation system as the previous generation Roomba robots and has the same extractors that were used in the I7 hair that will not tangle as easily.

Another option can be found in the dust bin. It appears smaller, but it can hold more debris up to 0.5 Liters.

Not only does it come with more space, but it has a HEPA post-motor and is conveniently washable.

1. Design

iRobot has also revamped the user interface of the E5. It has gone away from the three-button cluster and replaced with three distinct round buttons, like the newer Roombas like the I7.

It is mostly black in color. At present, it’s the only option for the color.

The dustbin is still slightly drooping from behind. However, the latch for release has been moved to a different area.

One thing we had trouble with in the Roomba 690 was that you could hold it from behind. There’s the possibility of hitting the lever accidentally (since it’s large) and dropping the robot accidentally.

It shouldn’t be a problem with the E5 since the latch to release is off the ground.

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2. Dustbin Design and Volume

The E5’s dustbin is larger and has a HEPA filter. When you examine it closely, you will observe that it has a larger surface area and a thicker material. It is better at removing allergens.

Since the motor has been removed from inside, the motor can be cleaned. This makes it easy to give it an extensive clean.

It may not appear larger, although it’s able to hold up to 500ml, which is almost half the capacity of Roomba 675.

3. Take a Look Beneath

Flip the robot around, and you’ll notice the difference in comparison to an older Roomba similar to 690. The brushes are gone and replaced with rolling rollers that came from Roomba I7.

A closer examination of the Roomba rollers.

Therefore, buying the E5 is like buying an I7 without the benefit of smart navigation. If you’re familiar with Roomba, the I7 is among the top robots in cleaning dirt embedded in the Carpet.

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4. Single Side Brush

The E5, Like the majority of Roombas apart from the S9, uses the same side brush design. It is equipped with the same three-prong bristles.

The issue is the speed at which it spins around and scatters particles. It’s an issue with older models, such as that of 675 as well as 690, and identical with the E5.

How Does Roomba E5 Navigates?

Don’t think that the E5 is equipped with the ability to navigate intelligently. Instead, it comes with what iRobot refers to as “Adaptive navigation,” that is, it moves in random directions.

To check the coverage, we sprinkled Quaker Oats in the room in order to measure the extent to which it picks up.

It cleared most of the debris from the entire course but missed some places.

The entire session lasted 22 minutes before the run was rerouted to recharge.

What Can It Do in a Tight Space?

In general, it appears that the Roomba E5 did an excellent job of not getting caught in tight spaces. In the event that there was a Roomba Kryptonite, it’s this chair for office use. It was wedged several times during the testing of navigation.

We recommend getting rid of this before you run the robot to prevent problems, especially if you’re making use of the schedule feature.

Does the Roomba E5 Scratch Furniture?

Unfortunately, the Roomba E5 has an aggressive algorithm that causes it to hit obstacles by force. These objects could be furniture.

If you have costly furniture that is easily scratched, we would suggest that you go for a better-performing, more efficient robot such as a Roborock E4 with the optical sensor or the Roomba I3 that will slow down.

App Features of Roomba E5

iRobot Roomba E5 5

This model is compatible and works with the iRobot Home app. Its features are similar to lower-end Roomba models such as the 675, 614, and 690.

Installation is Simple

Find “iRobot Home app” to download your preferred Android and IOS source, and download.

After downloading, you have to tap to open the hamburger menu and then add robots. Select the Roomba option. Follow the steps following.

It is important to note that you’ll require an internet connection to connect to the robot.

There is no live map as it relies on infrared sensors to provide navigation. The interface will appear when you open the application.

One of the reasons to purchase the application has to do with remote accessibility. After it’s installed, you can access the robot wherever you are. You don’t have to walk into the robotics, turn over and then press the “clean” button. It’s possible to do this through the application.

Another reason to utilize the app is to schedule. Users can schedule their timetable so that the robot will perform one cleaning cycle during the specified times.

Unfortunately, the iRobot application has a limitation of just one run per day. If you’d like to do additional runs, you’ll need to manually press the “clean” button within the app.

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What Power Does the Roomba E5 Have?

iRobot Roomba E5 2

iRobot doesn’t provide its suction capacity or amount. For all of the reviews we were writing, we checked the airflow (with an anemometer) directly on the brush that was used for the review. The E5 is about 6.98 CFM, slightly lower than the Roomba 675 and 690.

One reason could be due to the brush’s design. There isn’t a lot of space between rollers, which could hinder the flow of air.

The rollers don’t depend on airflow as much because they have enough agitation to remove dirt.

How Loud Does the Roomba E5 Sound?

We used a sound gauge to determine the level of the volume. As a result, the Roomba E5 recorded 65.6 decibels with its single setting. It’s not loud, but it’s loud enough to disrupt normal conversations.

We would not recommend you to make use of it in the early morning or later in the night, particularly in apartments, because your neighbors would hear it.

Cleaning Performance

iRobot Roomba E5 4

The next step is to examine how the Roomba E5 cleans. We have run it through various tests on various kinds of debris.

Here Are the Scores for All

  • Overall: 96.22%
  • Cleaning deep: 89.61%
  • Carpet (surface cleaning): 98.81%
  • Hard floors: 99.2%
  • Sand on hard floors: 97.34%

The Roomba E5 brings across the all-around excellence, scoring high in a variety of categories.

It’s also better than Roomba 614, 675, and 690 when it comes to removing the sand that has been embedded in the mid-pile Carpet. We will break down all the specifics below.

1. Results of the Hard Floor

  • Quinoa: 94.4%
  • Quaker Oats: 99.35%
  • Pet litter: 92.1%
  • Coffee: 96.3%

Despite the limited airflow, the rubber extractors performed well in picking up dirt. However, there was a small amount left in the roll.

It’s a result of poor airflow. However, it should not be a problem in the daily cleaning routine where you’re just dealing with dust.

The scores could be higher if there was no dirt on the cleaning head model. The upgraded extractors worked well since they cleaned up the majority of the rubbish. However, there wasn’t enough airflow to get everything into the garbage bin.

2. Sand on the Hard Floor

In the test, we make use of 100 grams of fine sand in order to determine which amount the robot can absorb. It was found that the Roomba E5 picked up an average of 97.5 percent in two tests.

It’s higher than Roomba 675 (94.4 percent) as well as the 690 (96.4 percent).

3. Hair Wrap Test

iRobot Roomba E5 3

We are trying something different here. Instead of taking pictures of the amount of hair wrapped over the bristles, we made wrinkles.

The two can be conducted – one for the five-inch strands and one for the strands of seven inches 1 gram per length.

With the Five-Inch Strands, These Are the Outcomes:

On the left side are the dustbin’s strands, and on the right are the stands around the axles.

  • Inside dustbin: 0.45 grams
  • Brush’s circumference: 0.55 grams

For the Seven-Inch Lengths:

  • Inside dustbin: 0.3 grams
  • Brush’s circumference: 0.7 grams

A few lessons. The E5 rollers are more resistant to tangles than the 600-series. However, hair can wrap all-around axles.

Make sure to check these areas regularly. For the 7-inch measurement, there is a substantial amount of hair that can be wrapped around the greener roller and the side brush.

The E5 is superior to 675/690 in resisting knots. Since the majority of hair is wrapped around the wheels, cleaning will be less difficult than cutting hair strands.

The tests here are extreme. It’s a good indicator of what you can anticipate. The E5 is more effective at taking care of hair than the other 600 series robots.

4. Edge Cleaning

We spread coffee grounds over one side of our workplace to see what the E5 can absorb.

The results were good for a round-shaped robotic vacuum. It’s far superior to Roomba 675 and 690 in this particular area.

5. Carpet Results

Let’s take a look at what we can see how the Roomba E5 did on the Carpet. We also used the same kinds of debris to see how it is able to pick up this particular surface. The Roomba E5 is superior to the 690. However, it is somewhat less than that of the Carpet. We will discuss the reasons in our review below.

Results of Low Pile

  • Pet litter: 99.7%
  • Quaker Oats: 98.5%
  • Quinoa: 99.6%
  • Coffee: 98.5%

In spite of the poor airflow, considering the weak airflow, E5 was quite effective with carpets with low piles. The issue is the small amount of debris that remains in the module.

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Mid Pile Results

  • Pet litter: 98.3%
  • Quaker Oats: 99.3%
  • Quinoa: 99.5%
  • Coffee: 96.6%

The E5 is slightly lower when it comes to mid-pile Carpet than Carpet with a low pile (98.45 percent instead of. 99.9 percent). This shouldn’t come as an issue considering the lower airflow.

However, the scores were higher than average and close to the more expensive options such as those of the Roomba 980.

It had the worst experience with coffee grounds. However, we could see that the brush was spotless when we turned the robot and saw that there was a noticeable amount of coffee grounds that were left over the entire brush.

It could have been more successful should the E5 have had more airflow.

6. Results of Deep Cleaning

Even with the lower airflow, the Roomba E5 was able to pick up more sand that was embedded than Roomba 675 and 690 or even more pricey Roborock S5 Max.

We can run three tests where we put 100g of fine sand onto the Carpet with a mid pile. It was able to achieve an average of 89.66 percent, which is just one or two percent less than Roomba 980, which is more costly. 

This is the most low-cost robot we have tried to date for cleaning the dirt that is embedded on the Carpet. The new dirt detectors and rollers help the machine clean up this amount of sand.

7. Large Debris Test

Roomba E5 can clean large particles, but it has a hard time with large objects such as Fruit loops. There could be two reasons for this. The first is the more precise space between extractors, and the other reason is the small opening in the dustbin.

However, unless you’re washing things like Fruit loops or Cheerios regularly, it isn’t a problem.

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What’s the Roomba E5 Running Duration?

iRobot Roomba E5 6

The Roomba E5 runs for up to 90 mins on an entire charge. We wouldn’t suggest it on huge homes with intricate floor plans because it lacks a sophisticated navigation system. It doesn’t even have to restart and recharge for you to consider, so if you’re thinking of this option, we would recommend you to make use of it on a per-room basis to make the most of its efficiency.

What Is in the Box?

These are the things you’ll receive from the box.

  1. Quick Start Guide and manual
  2. Charging dock plus power cord
  3. Roomba E5 robot itself

Note that: Roomba E5 and E6 are identical products. There is only one difference in the color – E5 is predominantly black-colored finish, whereas the E6 features silver and gray accents. Additionally, the E6 has a virtual wall, meaning it’s a bit more expensive.

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Like the other Roomba products like the E5 requires regular maintenance in order to operate effectively. However, iRobot simplifies the process thanks to its modular design. This means that the majority of components can be easily accessed without the requirement for special tools for an easier clean.

  1. Dustbin: Clean it up after each run. The E5 container can be cleaned. However, it requires cool water.
  2. Side brush: Use the Phillips screwdriver to take it off and get rid of any hairs that have gathered around the base.
  3. Rubber extractors: Although the modern extractors are more resistant to tangles, they aren’t completely maintenance-free. Clean this part every week and inspect for hair or dust that may build up over the bearings.
  4. HEPA Filter E5: The HEPA filter cannot be cleaned. It’s best to use the trash bin to clean any dust that is stuck to the folds. You can also use a handheld in which a vacuum is equipped with an attachment for a brush.
  5. Four drop sensors: Clean these sensors with a clean, dry microfiber towel every month.
  6. Wheels: Wipe clean the caster and side wheels. Check this article for the step-by-step instructions.

Parts Are Available

Another benefit of owning the iRobot item is the wide variety of available components. There are many choices for parts, such as side brushes and filters. You can save cash and purchase the components in bundles.

Although parts such as the battery aren’t as plentiful, manufacturers will eventually offer these components. Therefore, you shouldn’t have difficulties finding obscure parts such as those of the wheel motor on the side as well as the drop sensor.

Where Can we Purchase Roomba E5?

You can purchase Roomba E5 from online stores such as Amazon.

Disclaimer: We receive a percentage of the purchase price when you buy via the link above, but it’s at no additional expense to you, which means we win for everyone!

Do You Think This Roomba E5 Provides Excellent Value?

iRobot Roomba E5 1

We were impressed by the E5’s capability to clean the Carpet. Even though it lacks airflow, it was able to remove more sand than expensive options such as those of Roborock S5 Max at close to 90 percent!

If you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative that can deep clean your Carpet, The Roomba E5 is one of the most effective options.

It comes with a bigger dustbin that is resistant to knots better than the earlier brush designs that came with Roomba 614, 675, and 690. Additionally, it includes a big dust bin and HEPA filter that will filter out allergens more effectively.

For hard surfaces, the performance was good. The only issue is the speed-spinning side brush, which could scatter debris. However, the E5 rollers are more effective at cleaning up debris from this surface, which helps with scattering.

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The Expert’s Word: Best Value Robot Vacuum for Carpet

It’s a no-brainer that the Roomba E5 is vacuum the best affordable robot vacuum for cleaning carpets. The new extractions are excellent in removing dirt even when there is little airflow. It’s far superior to Roomba 675 or 690 and every other brand in its price.

Roombas are known for their ability to deliver on carpets, as the E5 is not an exception. They also have a tendency to resist hair tangles more effectively than the 600-series.

However, a substantial amount of hair is still wrapped over the wheels. Hair strands that are extremely long can wrap around the brush, and it’s going to need some attention.

There are a few issues, like inadequate navigation, and it will be unable to find certain spots. This model is ideal for smaller houses with simpler designs since it moves around.

The lower airflow may hinder the performance (a small amount) depending on the kind of debris you’re cleaning.

For items like sand coffee grounds or quinoa, you can expect some to end up on the rolling or assembly. However, for everyday cleaning, it should not be an issue.

It can only run for 90 minutes. It doesn’t have the ability to recharge or resume, so you can only use it to clean only one room.

The E5 is the most suitable choice from the entry-level options offered by iRobot. Despite the limited airflow, it’s clean enough for all surfaces, excluding the maintenance requirements for the larger brushes found in the older 600 series robots.

The Verdict


We were impressed with how the Roomba E5 performed across all the tests. Although it wasn’t perfect in all terms, it consistently picks up different types of surfaces. Rubber extractors work more effectively at cleaning debris and preventing knots.

However, the limited airflow can have some disadvantages. There could be some debris left on the area of the brush roll. However, for everyday clean-ups, this shouldn’t cause any concern.

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