Roomba E5 vs I3: Which Vacuum Is Better?

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The Roomba i3 and e5 are both decent robot vacuums designed with worth in mind. Therefore, these models come with a variety of useful features.

However, they do not have the extra features that the latest iRobot Roomba vacuums do. The reason is to reduce the cost. This is why these two robotic vacuums are quite popular and count among the top brands.

However, of course, you can’t purchase both. So which one should you pick? In this article, we’ll compare these devices and determine which one is the winner.

Without further delay, we’ll begin the comparison!

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Roomba E5: Review

Roomba E5 vacuum cleaner

The iRobot Roomba e5 robotic vacuum is among the latest models launched by iRobot. The robotic vacuum is equipped with high-performance performance, intelligent features for homes, and a mid-range price. 

It looks like an upgrade that is a version of Roomba 890 to us. The specs, as well as the software and pricing, are identical to the 890. However, the cleaning capabilities of the e5 are an enormous improvement.

The e5 is an excellent option if you don’t require the latest capabilities but still require exceptional cleaning performance.

  • Can recharge itself to restart cleaning
  • It has WiFi connectivity, which allows people to manage the vacuum using their mobile phone or another compatible voice device.
  • Cleans well
  • It offers a strong cleaning performance and a variety of interesting features.
  • Affordable
  • It can navigate its way around easily.
  • Not too loud
  • No alerts about a full dustbin
  • Small dustbin
  • The e5 can’t recharge or return. Once the battery has died, the vacuum will recharge and stay in the base.
  • Doesn’t have an onboard camera used to create maps of your home.
  • Cleansing is more random and less systematic.

Roomba i3: Review

irobot roomba i3

The Roomba i3 is a highly dependable robot vacuum cleaner that takes care of itself – nearly. It will automatically empty dirt from it into baggies that are placed in its charging dock.

It’ll transfer itself back to charge when it gets low, and it’s possible to schedule cleaning according to specific times, meaning that you’ll have nothing to accomplish from week to week.

But it’s pricey, the charging dock is large, and you’re obligated to pay for costly bags regularly.

  • Affordable price
  • It follows a pattern of systematic cleaning.
  • Uses a floor-tracking sensor to help navigate
  • Dual rubberized main brush
  • Amazing suction power
  • A little too loud
  • Small dust bin
  • Sometimes, it is stuck.
  • The auto-empty bin can be purchased separately.
  • The map is not configurable.

We have compared two models and all of the differences in terms of specifications, features, and similarities here:

Roomba e5

Roomba i3

Height 3.65 inches 3.63 inches
Keep out zones No No
Navigation System Adaptive Rows
Battery Life 90 mins Recharges and Resumes
Recharge & Resume No Yes
Ideal for home with pets Yes Yes
Imprint Link technology No Yes
Alexa, Google home supported Yes Yes
Auto adjust cleaning head Yes Yes
Spot Cleaning Yes Yes
Mobile App Yes Yes
Detachable dustbin Yes Yes
Multi-Surface Rubber Rollers (Tangle Free) Yes Yes
Entire level cleaning No Yes
Cleaning suggestions Yes Yes
Edge Cleaning Yes Yes
Suction Power 5 times (compared to 600 series) 10 times (compared to 600 series)
Specific Room Cleaning No No
Clean reports No No
Self-emptying base (Auto dust disposal) No Yes(sold separately)
Edge cleaning mode No No

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The Key differences

Differential 1: The Roomba i3 can “recharge and resume,” but the e5 does not.

Because it can tell exactly where it is relative to your house, it comes with its “recharge and resumes” feature, normally only available on top robotic vacuums.

If the i3 detects a low battery in cleaning, it will be able to remember the area is cleaned, then return to the docking station to charge its battery, then begin cleaning from the area it stopped. The e5 isn’t able to do this.

This is a different feature that we recommend most customers consider when making a purchase decision. We were pleasantly amazed to see iRobot included this feature in their announcement of the i3. It makes the decision between the two vacuums simple.

Differential 2: The Roomba i3 features intelligent navigation, while the Roomba E5 doesn’t.

The Roomba i3 can navigate your home in a rational manner which means that it vacuums less or more straight lines and can navigate around obstacles just like humans could.

This is different from the e5’s randomly “bump and turn” style navigation, which flits around randomly until the whole flooring is entirely covered.

Smart navigation is quite an important feature, and because of this, we would suggest buying the i3 instead of the e5.

Differential 3: The Roomba I3 Robot is compatible with the iRobot self-emptying base. The e5 isn’t.

You get Roomba i3 in a different version called the i3+. This complete model includes the self-emptying docking station known as”the home base.”

As you’re probably aware, the home base creates it so that you don’t have to manually empty the Roomba’s garbage bin. Instead, the dust gets collected in the garbage bag located inside the base of the home after cleaning.

Although this is great, it means that you will need to purchase disposable bags to replace them now and then. The bags used for disposal are not recyclable.

If you’re not keen on self-emptying home bases, the difference isn’t a big deal to you. For clarity, the i3 does not include an auto-emptying base. Only the i3+ has it.

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Roomba E5 Vs. the i3 Head-to-Head Comparison Review

1. Design & Aesthetics

To begin this comparison review, let’s examine the aesthetics and design of the 2 robot vacuums. We’ll examine the dimensions and weight and the finishing.


iRobot Roomba E5 7

The E5 is available with a low profile design that allows it to be placed under furniture with a low profile and other household furniture like couches, beds, kickstands, coffee tables, etc. It measures 13.3-inches and measures 3.6-inches. In terms of weight, it’s 7.2lbs.

Roomba E5 comes in two color choices. There’s an all-black version and a black version with gray and silver accents.


The iRobot Roomba i3 is very identical to the E5. It, too, is an oval-shaped robot vacuum. It has a 13.26-inches diameter and measures 3.63-inches. So, it can be pushed under the majority of furniture with a low profile.

It weighs 7.44lbs. In terms of appearance, the i3 comes in one color: black with gray accents.

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2. Runtime & Battery 

Robot vacuums are vacuum cleaners that come with batteries. If you are buying one, look for a model with an enormous battery capacity for a longer running time.

Also, take a look at the options for power management. What is the Roomba i3 compared to the E5 regarding battery life and runtime?


iRobot Roomba E5 2

The Roomba E5 includes a 1800mAh lithium-ion battery which provides 90 minutes of running time. As with all robot vacuums, this one too. E5 will charge its battery when the battery’s capacity goes lower.

The recharge time is between 2 and 3 hours. It won’t begin cleaning until you ask it to.


Roomba i3 is equipped with the same lithium-ion 1800mAh battery that the E5 has. However, the running time is different. While the E5 has a 90-minute time, the i3 provides 75 minutes of runtime.

The two docks recharge and restart cleaning automatically. 2 and 3 hours is the recharge time.

3. Imprint Link Technology

Do Roomba vacuums Synchronize With Braava cleaning robots? Yes. Roomba 3 does.

Roomba I3 can link up to the Braava jet robot mop and works in sync. This means the braava begins mopping right after the Roomba model has finished vacuuming. There is no need for supervision. The Imprint Link Technology deserves appreciation.

4. Cleaning Performance

The primary consideration when shopping for a robotic vacuum is the performance of cleaning. There are many factors to consider, such as cleaning specification, orientation, the power of the vacuum, the filtering system, and the brush.

How does the new Roomba E5 perform with the i3?


iRobot Roomba E5 6

The Roomba E5 is designed for vacuuming only. If you want to mop, you’ll require a robotic mop. About specialization, this vacuum can take care of all carpets, floors with low piles, as well as pet mess like pet hair and litter.


The Roomba i3 can also be an all-vacuum cleaner, however, it can sync with Braava M6 to allow simultaneous mopping and vacuuming.

If you are looking for a specification, the model is ideal for floors with no carpet, which includes marble, hardwood vinyl, laminate, and linoleum floors, as well as other floors. It is also ideal for cleaning carpets with low piles and all pet-related messes like pet hair and cat litter.

5. Smart Features and Convenience

In the final section, we’ll examine the advanced features and ease of use provided through Roomba’s Roomba I3 as well as E5. In this world of smart home ears, it is essential to have an automated vacuum cleaner that can connect to other smart devices for ease of use.

How does the Roomba i3 compare to the E5’s smart and user-friendly features? Let’s discover.


iRobot Roomba E5 3

The Roomba E5, despite being just an entry-level vacuum, is smart home-ready. The machine has 2.4GHz WiFi connectivity, allowing remote control via mobile apps and voice commands.

Through apps, owners can create cleaning schedules, start cleaning sessions and gain access to many other features remotely.

Therefore, you can control your Roomba whether you’re working or eating out. With regards to voice assistants, Roomba E5 can be a great choice.

It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Simply inform Alexa that you’d like the robot to clean your home, and it will do everything else.


Roomba i3 is somewhat similar to the E5 considering features that are smart and convenient. It also comes with 2.4GHz WiFi for remote control. The robot can be controlled using its iRobot Home app or Alexa/Google Assistant.

What’s fascinating concerning these i3 and the i3+ models is the addition of iRobot Genius Home Intelligence. This breakthrough opens up an entirely new experience for cleaning designed to meet your cleaning requirements.

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6. Mapping, Boundary Marking, and Navigation

As you might have guessed, robotic vacuums can operate autonomously, which is not the case with vacuum cleaners and hand-held models.

They are linked to smart systems that permit the robots to navigate the way to your home and, more importantly, to be safe from accidents.

They also assist the robot plan efficient cleaning patterns that will ensure the highest level of cleaning. Therefore, with no further delay, here’s how the two robot vacuums are compared.


iRobot Roomba E5 1

Roomba E5 can be called an entry-level robot vac that runs on the IAdapt 1.0 Navigation system. It’s a SLAM-based method that relies on sensors for localization.

There are sensors to detect obstacles as well as an adjustable bumper. If the sensors spot obstructions, the machine alters the direction of travel.

The bumper retracts and absorbs the impact force if the robot comes into contact with an obstruction. Anti-drop sensors are also present to stop the machine from falling down the staircase.


The Roomba i3 and Roomba i3+ are also equipped with the “iAdapt” 1.0 navigator. There are sensors for obstruction detection and stopping the machine from dropping down the steps. The i3 series models have a retractable bumper that can minimize the impact when they hit an obstruction.

In a home with low traffic, it isn’t stuck as the E5; however, expect the robots to strike barriers everywhere in busy homes.

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Is the Roomba E5 Worth buying?

iRobot Roomba E5 5

Yes. It is true. Roomba E5 is a tremendous robot vacuum for people on a tight budget. The robot vacuum is reasonably priced and can provide excellent cleaning on floor surfaces that are not cleaned.

It can also handle pet hair with ease, comes with intelligent features to make life easier, and comes with the Dual-Mode Virtual Wall(r) barrier to ensure it is contained.

Hence, it is, however, not the best choice for carpets due to its weak suction power. So, it can also cause problems in larger apartments due to its lack of a sophisticated mapping system.

It simply does its cleaning randomly and can be unable to locate certain places.

Is the Roomba i3 Worth buying?

The Roomba I3 and Roomba I3+ prove to be great robot vacuums. They’re well capable of handling any kind of flooring, including pet mess. What’s more? The higher suction is ideal for carpets with low piles.

Another advantage of this robotic vacuum is the auto-emptying bin that automatically cleans it. You do not need to worry about emptying the bin by hand after each cleaning session.

The vacuum can recharge and resume independently and includes iRobot Genius Home Intelligence.

Talking about the negative side, the i3 doesn’t come with the Virtual Walls barrier, so it is necessary to invest more money in the nodes if you require this feature.

Additionally, the navigation of the i3 isn’t up to standard, but given the price, it’s still worth your money.

Roomba E5 vs. i3: Expert’s Verdict


After all, it’s the Roomba I3 and Roomba i3+ that rule through the night in the hot comparison review. The i3 series comes with increased suction power, self-emptying bins, systematic cleaning routines, iRobot Genius Home Intelligence, and an auto-resume option.

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