Roomba E5 vs E6 Review: Which One to Buy?

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In 2002, the iRobot Company released its first Roomba vacuum cleaner. Almost 20 years later, the corporation now makes several families of vacuum cleaners, each with different functionalities and capabilities.

One such series is the E Series. The E-Series is a mid-tier vacuum cleaner marketed towards pet owners who require a vacuum with robust suction to pick up pet allergens and pet hair.

It currently has 2 vacuum cleaners in the series: the E6 and the E5. While these 2 robotic vacuum cleaners do have a ton in common, there are a few subtle differences that could help you decide which one is most suitable for you and your requirements.


Right here we shows you the comparisons between Roomba E5 and Roomba E6 modelboth model is composed with number of functionalities. while, Roomba E5 is a discontinued version but that place can taken through Roomba E6 model which gives a few additional functions aside from E5.

So now there may be no issue of discontinuity as alternative vacuum cleanser is already there.

Here we offers you the description of Roomba E6 model. So lets take a look at it out and clear your doubts.

Model Name Star Rating/Reviews by Amazon Features score Experts’ score
Shark IQ 4.5 stars/1,158 reviews 9.5 9.4
VIOMI Robot 4.4 stars/117 reviews 9.4 9.2
roborock E5 4.3 stars/232 reviews 9.1 8.9
iRobot Roomba E5 4.4 stars/10,724 reviews 9.3 9.1
iRobot Roomba E6 N/A    

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iRobot Roomba E5

iRobot Roomba E5 (5150)

iRobot Roomba e6

iRobot® Roomba® e6 6198

Comparison at a Glance

  • They both run for ninety minutes before they require a charge
  • Both Roombas don’t have a digital mapping that you could program for your home, but the E6 does come with virtual walls to prevent your machine from going into certain places. The E5 doesn’t have the capability of creating virtual walls
  • Color might not matter as much to you; however, know that the E5 comes in all-black, while you could only get the E6 in a tan hybrid color.
  • The E6 retails at a lower rate point, but it’s available at selected retailers only
  • The E6 comes with an additional filter, unlike the E5
  • They both take three hours to charge and will start charging automatically
  • You could control either Roomba from an application on your mobile.

Side-by-Side Specifications

Model (5150) (6198)
Weight 7.2 lbs. 7.2 lbs.
Width 13.3″ 13.3″
Length 13.3″ 13.3″
Height 3.6″ 3.6″
Battery 1,800 mAh 1,800 mAh
iAdapt Navigation Yes Yes
Washable Dust Bin (on-board) Yes Yes
Filter 1 included 2 included
Floor Type All (indoor) All (indoor)
Dust Bin Capacity ~0.5 L ~0.5 L
Imprint Smart Mapping No No
Virtual Wall Varies Yes; 2 included
Warranty 1-Year limited 1-Year limited
Returns Yes (usually), Varies by retailer Yes (usually), Varies by retailer
What’s the Price?

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Credit: LucasGuide 

Similarities Between Roomba E5 vs E6

It is pretty much easy to identify the resemblances between these models. In terms of looks, it has the identity in dimension in the arrangement of keys on them.

Roomba E5 vs E6

About the tech, they’re both equipped with Power-Lifting Suction, the High-Efficiency Filter, Three-stages Cleaning System, and the Dual Multi-Surface Brushes as well as Direct Detect Sensor.

1. Are the Two Models Really the Same?

The answer here is definitely yes. The long answer is yes (feel free to expand as long as you require). Except for the color of the devices, the 2 robots are pretty much identical.

When you go to purchase replacement parts, you will buy those listed for the E5. Besides that, The performance is identical as well; the motors come with the same power. You can use the same mobile application and voice commands for controlling the device.

Literally, the difference is the rates, the color, and what things are included inside the box. The final difference is where you could purchase them.

These two Roomba robot vacuums are almost identical, apart from the minor uniqueness listed above. Some of the characteristics that are pretty much common to both of these robot vacuums are: 

  • The capacity of batteries: 1.800 mAh
  • Time to run: 90 minutes
  • Navigation Control: iAdapt 1.0
  • Dimensions: 13.3′′ DIA x 3.4′′H
  • Brushroll: double rubberized
  • Powerful Suction
  • Efficient filtration
  • Wi-Fi connection: Yes.
  • Dirt Detect Technology
  • Cliff Detect sensors
  • Washable dust bin

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2. Which Model’s Battery life is Better?

Battery life is an important element of any robot vacuum. It determines how long the robot cleaner will take before a charge needs to be returned to the docking station. Both the E6 and E5 utilize a lithium-ion battery.

battery life

On top of that, The battery has a run time of a total of ninety minutes if fully charged. Since these E5 and E6 don’t restart a cleaning task interrupted by a low battery, you have to be sure to keep them from cleaning a place too huge to be cleaned. 

3. Navigation and Smart Control

Navigation is an important aspect of every robot vacuum cleaner, as after cleaning, you will not always be there to manually guide it back to the dirt or to the recharging dock. This Roomba has a range of techies to make your way around your house.

These two robots perform with iRobot iAdapt Technology, the same navigating TECH. Even if robot vacuums randomly move about, they learn and also adapt to your house. Therefore, over time they get navigation better.

The Dust Detect sensors mainly support it in discovering the dirtiest places that need a thorough cleaning. In addition, underneath the vacuum cleaners, there’s a height sensor that can avoid falling.

For instance, once one of these devices arrives at a stair, then it stops and turns away automatically. It has cliff sensors that prevent steep descent and also respond to navigation technology that helps clean it without missing any spot. 

4. Wi-Fi Connectivity

If you have got a Wi-Fi device, you could add some convenience to your life to expand this Roomba features and functionality. The Roomba E6 and E5 are Wi-Fi compatible and could be connected to your mobile phone.

The dedicated app requires to be downloaded from your smartphone (Android or iOS). Then you could easily monitor your robot vacuum remotely through the application and given instructions.

You could use a Google Home Assistant or Alexa to connect the Roomba conveniently to provide voice commands from your couch comfort, which provides you much freedom for cleaning. If you are going to sleep or leave home, everything that does the job for you works with the robot vacuum cleaners.

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5. BrushRoll

Both E6 and E5 use pairs of rubber brushes, instead of using the bristles found in most traditional vacuum cleaners, to gather dirt and waste. Each brush has a unique pattern and rotates in a way to the other so that one brush sweeps and loosens waste towards the wide opening of the suction when all other brushes lift the waste inside the opening. 

Roomba E5 vs E6

6. Efficient Filtration

Both of these vacuum robots are equipped with high-efficiency filters, and these are great for allergic houses or multiple animals. This filter sucks up particles of up to three microns, eliminating up to 99% of all mildews, molds, spores, and also animal dander prevents them from returning to the air while exhausting. 

7. High Suction Power

The suction power of E6 and E5 robot vacuums have continually improved iRobot technologies. In this new E series, the suction power is 5 times higher than the previous 600 series. As a result, dirt and dust, whether small or large, could quickly be recovered from the vacuum cleaner. However, a few differences are there: 

Major Differences Between Roomba E5 & E6

There are some differences between these two models, though they are not as prominent as you might think.

  • You won’t get any containment options with the E5 included; the E6 comes with two virtual wall barriers.
  • The Roomba E5 comes with a high-efficiency filter preinstalled. The Roomba E6 includes a high-efficiency filter installed and also a replacement filter.
  • You could buy the Roomba E5 anywhere. Roomba models are sold pretty much everywhere; the Roomba E6 is available at selected retailers only.
  • The E6 uses a two-tones, tan on the black color scheme, and the E5 comes with black on black.
  • Even with the extra accessories, the Roomba E6 has a retail rate that is less than the listed rate of the E5.

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1. Overall Design

First, let’s look at the overall looks. As you may expect, Roombas have a typically sleek and rounded design. The E6 and E5 are no different. When there are slight design differences from any other model, the standard Roomba shape remains identical.

under furniture cleaning

Between these two, there is one major design function that distinguishes them. It is in color. The newer E6 has a general black body, a few silver accents, and trim. The older E5 comes with an entirely black outer shell.

Few retailers may also carry the E6 Roomba with the pale gold color, although that totally depends greatly on the availability and the retailer. In short, if the design of your robotic vacuum cleaner weighs more heavily on the essential side, the E6 has a couple more choices than the E5.

The color may not matter to anyone. But, if it is important to you (the Roomba is a fixture in your house, after all), consider the fixed colors and the design for each model.

Colors aside, it is very tough to tell these two apart based on appearance alone. Besides that, They both are having three primary buttons on their top – Home, Clean, and Spot.

Verdict: If colors matter to you, then E6 gives you more choices. Otherwise, they do not differ a ton in terms of their overall design.

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2. Functionalities

When it comes to features, both models do have a ton of similarities. Both are working well on either hard floors (like tile and hardwood) as well as carpet. Some users say the dustbin on the E5 model seems much smaller.

When it comes down to that, there isn’t a significant difference. But, it might mean emptying this E5 just slightly more often, though. However, both of these E series models are having washable filters that ultimately save your money (and effort as well) in the long run.

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Roomba E5 vs E6

Likewise, you could also order extra filters for either of these models when the reusable and washable filters wear out. When it comes to mapping and navigation, the Roomba E6 and E5 have very similar, if not identical, capabilities.

They both come with smart navigation, which is a large improvement over past navigation systems that seemed to go around in random circles. They both are having dirt detector tech built-in, so they could sense problem places.

Not only that, neither of these models will fall off ledges and then ultimately become damaged (and if you are spending this much for a robotic vacuum, you do have to protect your investment).

They both are having cliff detection tech that prevents them from falling off a ledge or down the stairs. But, the E6 has a virtual wall when the E5 doesn’t. As far as battery power goes, both of these models are less or more identical.

You would expect a solid ninety minutes of cleaning time from both when they are on regular mode. Because they both come with edge cleaning brushes, they do not miss any spot, whether it is framing or floors.

Verdict: Both are pretty similar in terms of mapping, navigation, and cliff detection. The Roomba E5 has a slightly smaller dustbin, which could mean more regular emptying. Also, the Roomba E6 comes with a virtual wall. We will name the Roomba E6 as the winner in this aspect.

3. Cleaning Effectiveness

Whenever you look at the vacuum cleaner, whether robotic or not, you are probably concerned about how well it will clean. You should not be concerned with suction alone, though. You must look at what types of places the vacuum could clean.

Roombas have a distinctly slim and low profile in general. This permits them to get under low furniture and also hard to reach places. The E6 and E5 Roombas perfectly fit all the descriptions.

perfect for pet

While they are almost similar in form, the newer model does weigh in with a mixture of extra ounces (considering you do not really have to carry it around you, we consider this as negligible). But, we must still consider how well they will clean other places, like edges and corners.

Both E series models have the sweeping edge brushes pre-installed, along with the rubber brushes, which are gentle on the carpet. However, they also pick up all hairs better. For houses with allergy sufferers, both of these models are ideal.

They are both manufactured to remove allergens and dust with a filtration system that contains even the smallest particles. This is a big benefit for not only people with allergies but also for every pet owner. One of your questions is certainly whether or not the power of suction differs from one model to another one.

However, both of these models have seemingly equal suction on general mode (for larger and smaller particles). Both of these models have rather nice suction on general mode, although they each have power suction to take care of Hard messes. When they get the mess up pretty nicely, virtually none of this escapes either.

Verdict: It’s a draw.

4. Navigation Comparison

Both of these E series Roomba models come with Smart Navigation to keep them on track and clean where you require it. With the Smart Navigation function, they have several sensors to help them navigate around any obstacle or objects around your house.

Roomba E5 vs E6

When it is running out of the battery charge, or it has done its job, they will both navigate their way back to the docking station. Not only that, they both are having cliff detection, unlike some old models, that keeps them from falling off from the downstairs and ledges.

Combined with the dirt detection tech, they do not miss any spot or waste battery charge on spinning around when there are a ton of messes to clean up.

Verdict: Both of these  models are on par with each other. We have to call this round a tie.

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5. Which Accessories You Get?

Perhaps the largest difference between the E6 and E5 is what each includes. We are talking about accessories. Unfortunately, the Roomba E5 does not really come with any additional accessories.

But, it does still work as programmed with the virtual walls, but you will have to buy those separately. The Roomba E6 is compatible with the virtual walls as well, and E6 actually includes them. In fact, the Roomba E6 comes with 2 virtual walls to block off places where you do not want your Roomba cleaning.

Verdict: The E6 comes with 2 virtual walls and even an extra filter.

6. Which Roomba Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is Better in Terms of Value for Money

What has our number one criteria for purchasing any appliance, and especially vacuum cleaners? Value for cash, of course! What really comes out at first as the largest difference between the Roomba E6 and E5 is the price tag.

Also, Considering that there are some major differences between these two, this could be a hard divide for some users to justify. But, we also require to take into account the accessories which each model includes.

The E5 does come with a washable filter, although you will require to buy extra filters separately. The E6 might cost more, but it also includes an extra filter (apart from the original) as well as 2 virtual walls to block off places you don’t want your Roomba to clean.

That said, you could also purchase virtual walls and the filters separately if you select the E5. But, you may not get the same deal purchasing them separately.

Verdict: We crown the E6 as the winner here. But if you got a one level house with unrestricted places, the E5 is a better choice for you. If you have pets, places you do not want to get cleaned or want to block off individual places, the E6 is a better purchase.

7. Connectivity Options

We do love those technologies, but when it is not user friendly, it could be more of a burden than a boon, and in any electronic device, technology plays a much important role. We had to pair these models side by side to see how smooth each was to hook up and then work with. Roomba E5 vs E6

Our very first impressions were totally positive for both the E6 and E5. Truly, the tech of these robot vacuums is basically the same and provides you the same results. They both are connecting wirelessly and provide hands-off control.

You could also program either model with the help of the iRobot HOME App, which permits scheduling, mapping, charging, maintenance & information, and much more. In terms of the speed of connection, both of these models connect rather immediately.

They each also adjust a steady connection, without the blips that so tremendous devices have these days. They are both easily maintained through your phone.

Your experience using the application does not really differ from one model to another one, at least between the E6 and E5. The controls and interface are basically identical.

Verdict: Between the E6 and E5, this round is a draw. They both equally connect and maintain the connection well. Not only that, the HOME application provides the same maintenance for each model, and it is user friendly enough.

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Roomba E5 Advantages

1. High-Efficiency Filtration

You have got some great filtration when you buy the E5. It works by erasing in-home allergens from your surfaces while preventing these allergens from going back up inside the environment. These filters could capture particles that are as small as three microns, removing ninety-nine percent of all mildew, mold, pet dander, and pollen.

2. Pricing

If you already have virtual walls from another Roomba model, or you just do not think you will need them, you could purchase the E5 for a cheaper rate than the E6. Since both vacuum cleaners could clean the same, as long as you do not require any extra features, you will do great with the E5 model.

3. Sensors

You may not have virtual walls with the E5 model. However, you do have sensors to help your robot vacuum to find the dirt and to prevent your vacuum from falling down from the stairs. Because your Roomba could sense its surroundings too, it would know to change its height as per what kind of flooring it’s running on.

smart phone app

Roomba E5 Disadvantages

1. No Virtual Walls

Because there aren’t virtual walls included in the Roomba E5 model, this means that if you wanna contain the route of your Roomba, you will require to set this up by yourself. This may include plugging in electrodes or setting uptake, or purchasing the towers which are already included with the E6.

2. Buying Filters

You will require to purchase filters for both of these Roombas, but it’s true that you have an extra filter with the E6 model, which you do not have with the E5 model. This means that you’ll need to purchase your filters sooner when you purchase the E5 model and that you will have to spend just a bit more.

3. Pairing

If you’ve technology like Alexa or the google assistant in your house, the E6 model can pair with that very easily. The E5 model cannot do that, so you’ll have to use the application on your mobile or the physical keys to give your vacuum cleaner commands.

Roomba E6 Advantages

1. Virtual Walls

You’ve two virtual walls included with this Roomba E6 model, which means that your Roomba will not be banging against walls or running over rugs that it will get stuck on. Select how you want to use the virtual walls and which places you want to block off. Besides that, You could also use what is known as halo mode, which will put up a four-foot diameter just to protect things like plants and pet dishes.

victual wall technology

2. Second Filter

You have got all the filtration in the E6 model, which you have in the E5. However, you also have a second filter come with you when you purchase the E6 model.

Since you’ll be purchasing filters regularly with both Roombas, having a second one added right away with your buy makes a big difference as well. This means that you could go up to a full year without requiring to replace the filter.

3. Sensors

You have sensors on the E6 model. It will automatically detect dirt and then places it around it so that it will not end up falling off the stairs or bumping against walls. With the 2 extra virtual walls which you get here, you will have extra freedom to just let your

Robot vacuums do the cleaning.

Roomba E6 Disadvantages

1. Pricing

These 2 Roombas are incredibly identical, yet the E6 model does cost you about $95 – $105 more. If you do not require the virtual walls or the second filter which comes with the e6 model, it just does not make sense for you to purchase the more expensive E6 model, important when they both clean similarly, have the same filters and will take a few hours to charge.

2. Similar to the E5

You must know that the E6 Model is much identical to the E5 Model. This may be a disadvantage for you if you are willing to spend extra cash to get a good robot vacuum cleaner. You will get the same WiFi, the application to control your Roomba, and also a good battery level.

3. Colors

Especially if you want your robot vacuum to combine in with your apartment, you may not like that your only color choice for the E6 Model is tan. You could get a black color when you get the E5 Model.

Winner: Do not want to read the full review? The editor’s choice is the E6 Model.

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The Verdict


It’s quite hard to say because it’s undeniable that both of these Roomba E6 and Roomba E5 have their own drawbacks, which need to be fixed in the future. Therefore, that one you should buy may depend on your own preferences as well.

In case you’re looking for a model with a more affordable price, lower the noise, you could go for the Roomba E5. Water cleaning is the strength of this particular Model if you wanna clean, not dry dirt; however, also puddles of water on your surface.

But, if you’re the person who wanna try more advanced tech and want a long-running duration, we would purchase the Roomba E6 model. In addition, if your surface is hardwood one and also you long for powerful suction to remove all dust, dirt as well as debris, it’s time for you to experience the Roomba E6 model.

We hope this article would be of much help to you after you read it so that you could see both disadvantages and advantages of these two models then choose the best one for yourself which will be suitable to your needs.

Regarding their functions, they are able to be compatible with many applicationsThey could be controlled via voice command as well. Besides that, they’re capable of automatically recharging themselves.

Here we conclude our Roomba E5 vs E6 Review.

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