Roomba 890 vs 960 (The Vast Comparison)

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Today, we’re going to compare Roomba 890 and the 960 model to bring you the best recommendation among these!

Are you looking for a Roomba that you could handle using your smartphone or voice commands? Searching something that provides your floors a good cleaning? Then certainly, you could choose either the Roomba 960 or the Roomba 890.

If the rate is a factor, it’s worth noting that you could save around a couple of hundred dollars with the Roomba 890 model (Amazon link) and still get a decent cleaning. So, in short, Roomba 890 can be a better choice since in features, there’s not a huge difference while you save a lot. 

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roomba 890 vs 960

But if you’ve got a larger house, you may want to consider spending more for a Roomba 960 model because of its whole level cleaning function and its longer running duration.

This converts to the convenience of not having to wait until your Roomba is done charging and then manually resuming the cleaning operation is left unfinished.

In other words, the Roomba 890 model will certainly be capable of satisfying you with its level of cleaning. However, the Roomba 960 model is a better option for those who are wanting more convenience and also more thorough cleaning each time.

What Are The Major Differences Between Roomba 890 vs 960?

To make a detailed choice, you certainly must make a decision if the functions of one model are a must-have or are it something you could live without.

Roomba 890

iRobot Roomba 890 Robot Vacuum


Roomba 960

iRobot Roomba 960

This is box title
  • The 960 has the capability of sending you a Clean Map Report, which the 890 doesn’t offer.
  • The Roomba 890 uses iAdapt mapping and also navigation technology.
  • Furthermore, the 960 makes use of the iAdapt 2.0 technology.
  • The 960 will permit you to continue cleaning while the full bin indicator comes on; the Roomba 890 will stop until the bin is emptied.
  • The Roomba 890 doesn’t have a separate mode for edge cleaning. Also, the 960 model offers edge cleaning mode.
  • The batteries in the Roomba 960 offer up to seventy-five minutes of power, while the Roomba 890 will only offer up to sixty minutes.
  • The 960 is capable of whole level cleaning while the Roomba 890 doesn’t have that feature. The Roomba 960 model is equipped with the top mount camera to aid in navigation and mapping.
  • The 890 doesn’t have a camera.
  • The 890 will run through your designated place in one pass.
  • The Roomba 960, on the other hand, could be told to do a double pass for thorough clean.

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Here Are The Similarities Between 890 & 960 Models

Knowing the commonalities in the unique models could help to narrow down your criteria.


  • Each of the contenders also connects to your home network by WiFi networking.
  • Both these, the 890 and the 960, use the AeroForce vacuum tech to better clean your floors.
  • The 960 and 890 both provide voice controls using Google Home or Amazon Alexa.
  • The 890 could be scheduled using the iHome application or locally on the model.
  • So could the 960 models.
  • Dual-mode virtual wall barriers come with both models compared here.
  • They both are having full bin indicators to let you be aware it’s time to empty the gather bin.
  • Both of the vacuums come with lithium-ion batteries for short charging times and longer run durations.
  • Carrying the Roomba 960 and 890 from one room to another room or one floor to another floor is easy with their added carrying handles.
  • Both models will monitor the battery charge and then return to the charging station to recharge automatically.
  • Both the 960 and 890 provide spot cleaning mode for an immediate cleanup or a more thorough clean of a place.
  • You also have the capability of forcing the little devices to return to the dock manually as well.

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Side by Side Comparison Chart:

NAME OF THE ROBOTIC VACUUM Roomba 890 Roomba 960
Vacuum Technology AeroForce AeroForce
Navigation Technology iAdapt IAdapt 2.0
Voice Control Yes Yes
Full Bin Indicator Yes Yes
Navigation Camera No Yes
Entire Level Cleaning No Yes
Battery Lithium-Ion Lithium-Ion
WiFi Connectivity Yes Yes
Force Docking Yes Yes
Force Docking Yes Yes
Edge Cleaning Mode No Yes
Automatic Recharge Yes Yes
Automatic Recharge Yes Yes
Remote Control iHome App iHome App
Virtual Wall Barriers 1 1
Optimal Running Time 60 minutes 75 minutes
What’s the Price?

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In-Depth Feature Details of Roomba 890 vs 960

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Credit: Vacuum Wars

So what actually is a clean map report or the edge cleaning tech? How do you use this iHome application? Let’s break down the essential features of these 2 robotic vacuum cleaners and provide you all the information for each one.

1. Navigation and Mapping Technology

Navigation and Mapping Technology & Mapping

The Roomba 890 model has the iAdapt technology, which uses a combo of sensors and software to help your robot vacuum cleaner find its way around your place.

The iAdapt tech follows an absolute cleaning pattern while also making a few passes over the same place. The software helps to calculate the ideal path that the Roomba 890 would take to make sure comprehensive coverage and also thorough cleaning.

The 890’s suite of sensors permits it to avoid bumping against walls or furniture. These come with acoustic and optical sensors, which help the robotic vacuum to find the dirtier places so it can clean these places better.

It could also follow the wall edges to make sure that these places are spotless as well. The ideal thing about the Roomba 890’s iAdapt tech is that it has the anti-tangle tech, which means your Roomba will not be stuck on the fringes, carpet tassels, and power cords.

This means you require less preparation before you prefer to clean because the 890 will know when to go around or under furniture, and it’s not that prone to get tangled. If you think that nothing can stop that, then you should think again.

The 960 uses the more modern iAdapt 2.0 technology as well as boasting more sensors and a more effective cleaning pattern. The iAdapt 2.0 tech makes use of a localization camera that helps the Roomba 960 get a map of the surface.

This visual map makes sure better coverage compared to the Roomba 890. The Roomba 960 has the Clean Map Report, where you can see your vacuum’s cleaning operation history.

You can learn more about your Roomba 960’s covered place, the cleaning time, and even how many dust events and how large a place it cleaned.

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2. Edge Clean Technology

Edge Clean Technology

All the Roomba vacuum cleaners have side brushes that will run along with the edges of walls, furniture, and corners to loosen debris and also keep them clean. But, the 960 takes it to the next step, and you could actually allow edge cleaning mode.

This special mode would send the robotic cleaner along with the edges of the place for thorough cleaning of only the edges.

The side brushes especially work to clean off debris and dirt and send it to the middle of the place where it could better be picked up by the vacuum cleaner.

The only downside of this mode is that the vacuum cleaner will run along with the edges and in corners at a very slow speed. This could drain the battery much quicker if the place is big, which will take much more time to get recharge and finish the cleaning task scheduled.

3. Spot Clean Mode

By using spot cleaning mode on either of these robots, you could tell them a particular spot or place to deep clean. The vacuum cleaner will leave its assigned cleaning and then go to the place you designate and start a cleaning cycle.

While the cycle, the vacuum cleaner will spin in circles covering the place and about 3 feet around it. Once the place is clear of debris and dirt, the sensors will send the signal to the robot so that it could go back to where it left to continue cleaning.

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Buy on Desertcart

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4. Debris Extractors

Every Roomba model comes with brush-less debris extractors. Besides that, These extractors knock loose dust and dirt and break down bigger debris for smoother collection.

They’re also tangle-free, which means they’ll sense when they’ve gathered something they should not have, like fringe on the carpet or the tail of a cat. When this is observed, the extractors will automatically reverse direction and then attempt to dislodge the tangle.

The bars are brushless; they’re also less likely to have string and hair wrapped around them. It’ll happen, but when it does, cleaning them off is made smoother without bristles to entangle the fibers or hairs further.

5. iHome Cell Phone App

Today smart homes are connected through the wireless home network. The Roomba 960 and 890 will both connect to your house network to permit you to take full control using the iHome application on your smartphone.

The iHome application is a free download for iPhone and Android smartphones. It will permit you to delete and create schedules, edge cleaning (if available) or request spot cleaning.

Secondly, it will provide your robot a name. You could also get reports through the application from your vacuum cleaner (if available). That way, you can see details like charging times and battery life remaining.

6. Voice Control

Considering voice control, the wireless ability doesn’t end with the smartphone application. You could also link these two models to your home devices as well for voice activation control. Google Home and Amazon Alexa will allow you to use voice commands to control your robot vacuum cleaner.

You could stop, start, resume, pause, locate, and get the full status of your vacuum cleaner by using only your voice. If you’ve more than one robot vacuum in your house, you’ll have to use the robot vac’s name when you are using the voice commands.

7. Automatic Recharge

When the robot vacuum is out during its cleaning cycle; it will absolutely monitor the battery charge by itself. When the battery reaches a low charge, it will automatically stop cleaning and then return to the charging station to recharge. 

Both the 960 and 890 will automatically return to the charging station. But, the 890 will stay docked. To make the Roomba 890 resume its cleaning schedule, you manually have to tell it to do so via using the iHome application or pressing the “clean” key on the robot vacuum, or you can use the voice commands.

The Roomba 960 provides whole level cleaning. Once the batteries get recharged, it will leave the charging station and then resume cleaning operation from where it left off.

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8. Virtual Wall Barriers

Virtual Wall Barriers

Discussing Roomba 890 vs 960 on the basis of Virtual wall barriers, this feature comes in both of these models. The dual-mode virtual wall barriers (VWB) which come with these vacuums act as an included wall or door to help contain your vacuum cleaner.

You could utilize these barriers in two modes. The first comes the wall barrier. While setup, you could point the beam against an opening, such as a doorway, which the vacuum cleaner has mapped and cleans usually.

When the robot vacuum attempts to enter the place, the sensors will automatically pick up the barrier beam. The robot vacuum will turn to avoid that place.

The second mode is the radius mode. You could put the barrier in a certain spot in the place and set the beam to a diameter around a barrier. Similarly you can also check the buying guide of iRobot Roomba 620 as well as iRobot Roomba 635

This will prevent the vacuum cleaner from hitting obstacles like a vase, pet food bowls, or potted plant you just purchased inside for the winter.

9. Clean Map Reporting

The Roomba 960 has the capability of sending you a report about its cleaning operation. Using the iHome application, you could see such details as to where the robot cleaner has been, the battery level, and the places it has cleaned.

It will tell you where it spent time because of a heavily soiled place or if it gets stuck in a particular spot. It will help to locate the robot must it have dead batteries before being capable of locating the charging station.

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10. Entire level cleaning

All the Roombas could find their way back to their docking station when their batteries run pretty low. However, after recharging, the 800 series and earlier Roomba models, adding the 890, will stay on their docks until you press the Start button.

They don’t resume cleaning automatically. The 960, on the other hand, functions whole level cleaning. The 960 will go back to its dock to recharge itself. It will resume cleaning once the battery is so full, without requiring a prompt from you.

Also, It will continue doing this process until the cleaning task is completed, and the entire level of your house has been cleaned.

11. Cleaning passes

The Roomba 960 also permits you to define whether you want to go over a place twice. This makes sure that you get a thorough clean, especially if you’ve pets that are constantly shedding or if you wanna keep your upright vacuum cleaner in storage.

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Final Recommendations:

roomba 890 vs 960

Certainly, when looking to integrate automation inside your house, iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaners are an impressive investment. The Roomba 960 and Roomba 890 have a ton of similarities.

They both give you cleaning for all surface types, run on lithium-ion batteries. Besides thgat, they both could automatically recharge whenever their power gets low. Above all, the differences, are what actually set them apart.

The visual camera navigation and mapping, Edge cleaning mode, and automatically resuming the cleaning cycle after a battery recharge actually makes the 960 models stand out over the 890 models.

Our option for today’s winner is clear: The Roomba 960 model just has more of the benefits over the Roomba 890 model to not stand as the special one. (However, for those having tight budget, 890 can be a beneficial choice.)

The functions share a ton of similarities. However, it’s what the Roomba 960 has that the Roomba 890 does not, that makes it the top option.

Knowing that your house will be thoroughly cleaned and also your robot vacuum is back in its charging station when you get to your home from a long day at work and stuff is just one of those little perks of intelligent home automation we actually enjoy.

The 890 model is an ideal robotic vacuum cleaner in its own right and should not be discounted because of some small functions.  If you’re on a limited budget or having a single level home, the 890 models might just be exactly what you’re looking for.

If you want the full-fledged experience, though, with all the tiny additional perks that come with it, then the Roomba 960 should be your option like it’s ours.

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