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The iRobot is the best-known robotic vacuum cleaner manufacturer in the whole globe. The most modern Roombas cost a fortune. However, each new generational gap also brings lower rates for older ones.

While no longer the brand’s crowning achievement, products like the Roomba 890 and 880 still have a ton to offer.

One ideal thing about iRobot’s top Roomba vacuum cleaners is that the brand is always trying to enhance them and coming up with the best versions.

This could easily be seen when the brand came out with its advanced Wi-Fi connected robot vacuums: the Roomba 960, The Roomba 980, the Roomba 890, and the affordable one, the Roomba 690.

But, with every new providing, a previously top-notch model becomes out of date. In the matter of the Roomba 890, the previous Roomba 880 now has to be in the back seat. However, just how unique are these two from each other?

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Big Differences

The differences between the Roomba 890 and the Roomba 880 are very slight. But, they might be essential enough to make you select one over the other.

  • The 880 has a remote control when the 890 uses the iHome App through your mobile phone.
  • The 880 has a Nickel Metal Hydride battery (NiMH while The Roomba 890 comes with the modern Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery pack.
  • Roomba 880 model comes with the lighthouse smart barriers when the Roomba 890 uses the virtual wall barriers.
  • The look of both robots has changed slightly, with some buttons on the top of the Roomba 890 because of the iHome controls.
  • The Roomba 890 makes use of voice control activation using Google Assistant and Alexa. The 880 doesn’t have this function.

Big Similarities Between Roomba 880 & 890:

The differences set both of these models apart; it is the similarities that make the choices even tougher. When you look at what they’ve in common, separating the differences would help make your option a little bit easier.

  • The vacuum tech AeroForce is used by both of these systems.
  • Both the 890 and the 880 utilize the iAdapt first-generation navigation and mapping software.
  • Each of the products uses a high-efficiency HEPA filter to trap the tiniest allergen particles.
  • Each of the Roomba models will spot clean for additional cleaning power in the places you designate.
  • Both these models will indicate when their gathering bin is full.
  • The Roomba 890 and 880 both could be set to clean on a schedule.


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Full Comparison Table of Roomba 880 vs 890 Models

Check out the handy-dandy comparison table we made just to show you the functions side by side:

Product Roomba 880 Roomba 890
Battery Life Up to 60 minutes Up to 120 minutes
Battery NiMH Li-Ion
Navigation and Mapping iAdapt generation 1 iAdapt generation 1
Filter High-efficiency HEPA filter High-efficiency HEPA filter
Self-Programming Yes Yes
iHome Support No Yes
Spot Clean Yes Yes
Remote Control Yes No
Barriers 2 Virtual Lighthouses 1 Virtual Wall Barrier
Tangle Free Brush-less Extractors Yes Yes
Voice Control No Yes

Meet the Roomba 880

iRobot Roomba 880

The 800-series of Robot vacuums represent a huge leap forward for robotic vacuum technologies. These models still utilize the object-avoidance navigation technology of earlier series, though with few enhancements.

The Roomba 880 has a more robust cleaning system than any previous models, with 5 times more suction ability than the 700 and 600-series.

This model also has onboard programmable scheduling that permits users to begin a cleaning cycle during a pretty part of the night or day. Whenever you open the box of the Roomba 880, you’ll see the robot vacuum cleaner, a remote control, a charging dock, an extra high-efficiency filter, and 2 Virtual Lighthouse Wall machines.

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Things to Love:

  • Simple programming and operation
  • Handles pet hair well
  • Reliable cleaning

The Features of the Roomba 880

Credit: irobot product reviews

iRobot continues to enhance its Roomba cleaning tech with all generations of robots. They manufactured the Roomba 880 to be a cleaning power that could deal with huge amounts of pet hairs.

By updating the navigation system, they have addressed one of the frequent complaints about earlier Roomba models, the tendency to scuff and scratch furniture legs. The 880 has various essential features that help it do its vacuuming task effectively.

1. Three-step AeroForce Cleaning System

roomba 880

The AeroForce cleaning system is pretty much identical in principle to the previous AeroVac system. However, it has some essential improvements. In this 3-steps cleaning operation, the first step is picking up then loosening dirt.

A twirling side-brush sweeps dust from the side of the model into the route of 2 rubber agitators. These agitators have taken the place of the traditional brushes found in previous systems.

Their specially-manufactured tread pattern and rubber material do prevent them from getting tangled with a chronic problem in previous Roombas.

Although the agitators and brushes will wear down with use, you could find replacement segments quite smoothly online.

The second step of the cleaning operation involves the robust AeroForce vacuum cleaner. With its increased suction power, this product does a better task on carpeting. Debris and dirt, pet hair is sucked away inside the model’s dustbin.

The final step in the AeroForce technology is the high-efficiency filter, which pulls out 99-percent of dirt particles. When this filter isn’t as powerful as the HEPA filter, it could certainly enhance your indoor environment by removing tiny particles of pollen and dander. With daily use, this could make a huge difference in your home’s well-being.

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2. iAdapt 1.0 Navigation System

The first generation of the iAdapt Navigation System is the function for which Roombas are famous. This object-avoidance technology leads to what seems like a random design of cleaning.

When the Roomba cleaner sets out from its beginning point, it goes forward until it detects an obstacle. To prevent damaging the machine, the Roomba 800-series robot vacuum cleaners approach potential barriers very slowly and touch them so gently to see if they’re solid.

If the object is pretty solid, the Roomba will store its location, and it will change directions. As it travels, it makes a map of the place based on the objects it detects. The longer it runs on a single charge, the more effective it could be.

It is essential to note that this generation of the Roomba robot vacuums doesn’t really remember the map between the charges. With each new cleaning cycle, it creates a new map of its cleaning place. Model 880 comes with 2 Virtual Lighthouse machines.

These provide an electronic signal which triggers the barrier sensors on the model, causing it to veer away from sensitive places.

A basic use for these machines is to gate off a doorway so that they can’t leave a place until it has been cleaned thoroughly.

It’s not much help if your vacuum cleaner crashes down the stairs. All Roomba robot vacuum cleaners are equipped with Cliff Detect sensors.

On top of that, These sensors are situated on the bottom of the model. They keep this Roomba on a single level. Whenever they sense a potential fall, the robot vacuum will automatically change its directions, so it stays on the same level and ignore any type of damage.

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3. Remote Control

roomba 880

The Roomba 880 model comes with a remote control that permits users to interrupt the cleaning operation and send the robot vacuum to a specified part of the place.

This could be helpful for manually guiding the Roomba robot to sudden messes like spilled dirt or popcorn around the couch. It could also be helpful in houses with huge places to clean.

If the Roomba doesn’t finish cleaning in a solo charge, you could manually guide it to the place where it stopped and ensure that it covers the new territory in the next operation.

4. XLife Extended Life Battery

The Roomba 880 model runs on a replaceable Extreme Nickel-metal-hydride battery. The XLife battery reportedly could take twice as many prices as the older batteries.

This means a longer initializable life for the battery. The capability of taking more charges doesn’t really affect the cleaning time of the model.

It still does about sixty minutes on a solo charge. However, the capability of replacing the battery means a longer reusable life for your Roomba 880 model.

5. Simple Scheduling Buttons

The Roomba 880 model has a set of keys on its top that permits owners to schedule a cleaning duration. These work like the keys on a digital alarm clock. You could either set a regular cleaning time and a weekly schedule.

The best time for the Roomba to go to do the cleaning is when clutter is taken away, and no one is at the house. If this is your perfect strategy, you must probably clean out the dustbin at the end of each cleaning operation so that a full bin doesn’t interrupt your Roomba’s next cleaning operation.

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6. Spot Cleaning Mode

You would find a Spot cleaning key on both of these robot vacuums and the remote control. This configuration is a function developed to help the Robot vacuum deal with bigger messes.

If you manually guide the Roomba robot to the middle of the mess and push the Spot key, it will begin to vacuum in a very slow spiral.

Then it will continue this similar pattern until it has covered the place of a 3-foot in diameter circle. Hopefully, that’s big enough to handle unexpected spills as well.

7. Full Bin Indicator

When a Roomba dustbin is full, the robot vacuum has to stop its cleaning operation. It could be annoying for Roomba owners when they realize the robot vacuum has been sitting idle.

The Roomba 880 model has a full dustbin indicator that sounds and alert the owner when the Roomba requires to be cleaned out. This means less duration sitting still and more duration cleaning.

Meet the Roomba 890

iRobot Roomba 890

From the outside, the Roomba 890 model looks very identical to the Roomba 880 model. Both models are 3.6 inches tall and 13.9 inches in diameter, the perfect measurement for cleaning under the furniture.

They have similarities on the inside as well. They use identical navigation technology and identical three-step cleaning technology. What sets the Roomba 890 apart is its advanced Wi-Fi connectivity.

Some of the features of the Roomba 880, like programming keys, have been taken place by the iRobot HOME smartphone application. In addition, the Roomba 890 model uses a longer-lasting lithium-ion battery.

With the package for the Roomba 890 model, you would find a docking station, an additional filter, and a solo Virtual Wall machine.

Things to Love:

  • Receives voice commands through the smart speakers
  • Easy programming through the online application
  • sixty-minutes of cleaning on a single charge

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A Closer Look at the Roomba 890

Credit: Roo’s Reviews

The Roomba 890 model serves as the bridge between the Roomba 800-series and the more modern 900-series. When it shares the general cleaning functions of each Roombas in the 800-series, it has new functions that provide it far better flexibility than any earlier models.

1. Wi-Fi Connectivity

The newest Roomba models take benefits of the internet of things. The Roomba 890 model comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. This connection permits users to communicate with the Roomba vacuum through the iRobot HOME application.

Whenever your spouse calls and says that the guests are coming for dinner, you could send out your Roomba vacuum for an emergency cleaning operation. The HOME application also permits you to schedule cleaning operations at any time of the day.

Your Roomba model could also communicate with you. It would alert you when its dustbin is full. It could also provide a report about its cleaning operation.

If all goes well, you will come home to clean surfaces, and all you had to do was just press your phone screen.

The Wi-Fi connection could also pair your Roomba 890 vacuum with your smart home speaker. When you have got this connection, you could command your Roomba through voice devices.

While this isn’t absolutely necessary, it’s fun to have the robot vacuum spring in the action at the sound of your precious voice.

2. Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery

roomba 890

Roomba robot vacuums depend on battery power to get working. iRobot has been experimenting with unique battery styles. The goal is to max cleaning duration and minimize the charging time.

The Roomba 890 model utilizes a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. This gives the same sixty minutes cleaning time as the Robot 880, but it quietly reduces the charging duration.

The Roomba 890 model fully charges in about 2 hours, while the Roomba 880 needs 4 to 5 hours.

A Roomba vacuum would clean until its charge drops to about twenty percent. Whenever It reaches that level, it would automatically search for its docking station.

A basic complaint in the Roomba vacuums is about robots that get lost and stranded without any power. Frequently, this might happen because whose people who own homes have placed the docking station in an out-of-the-way place. It’s best to place your Roomba’s docking station in a place with space around it.

The Roomba 880 Makes a Positive Impression

As we try to compare unique kinds of robotic vacuum cleaners, it’s essential to learn how the unique models perform in the field. Consumer reviews are our major source for learning whether a robot vacuum lives up to the hype.

In the matter of the Roomba 880 model, we have found many positive feedbacks about its performance. Users love the way this Roomba model handles each pet’s hair.

With regular use, they noticed a fantastic decrease in the number of hair they saw on their surfaces. People who had experienced previous models also wrote about how much they really appreciated not having to face problems with tangled brushes.

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Praise for the Roomba 890

roomba 890

The Roomba 890 model receives tremendous positive feedback for many identical reasons. This does make sense because it shares so many functions with the Roomba 880.

But, in addition to the joy of minimizing pet hair, some users really enjoy the basic scheduling and model control available through the HOME application. Changing the schedule only takes some seconds, and the model could be sent out with some taps. Also read iRobot Roomba 620 article.

The Verdict


To be briefly aware of it, the Roomba 890 model is just like the 880 with the Wi-Fi connectivity, an enhanced battery, and, surprisingly, a cheaper rate tag.

It makes no sense at all to consider purchasing the Roomba 880 because you might end up paying more, and you could have fewer functions to work with.

If you don’t require Wi-Fi connectivity, and you would want a robot vacuum that delivers the same type of clean as the Roomba 890 or 880, you may want to wait for iRobot to bring the rate down. But if you require to purchase a robot vacuum cleaner right away, then you should get the Roomba 890.

Here we conclude our Roomba 880 vs 890 Review!

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