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The major differences between the Roomba 890 and Roomba 805 are: Mobile app support means you could control your 890 models from anywhere at any time so long as you have an internet connection.

Voice command abilities with the Roomba 890 through Amazon Alexa and Google Home via wifi connectivity. Both of these devices help in automatically vacuuming, and they’re compact. But it’s important to note that the iRobot Roomba 890 is a modern version of the iRobot Roomba 805.

Also, as a short answer, 890 model contains a lot more benefits in comparison to 805. However, if you want to study both 890 and 805 models deeply, let’s start with the major comparison table below:

Let’s Compare Roomba 890 and Roomba 805 Deeply

NAME OF THE ROBOTIC VACUUM Roomba 805 Roomba 890
Home Base Charging Yes Yes
Filter Type AeroForce® High Efficiency Filter High-Efficiency HEPA Filter
Virtual Wall Barrier Yes Yes
Automatic Return Yes Yes
Dirt Detect Mode Yes Yes
Scheduling Yes Yes
Phone App Connectivity No Yes
Battery​ Li-Ion 2 Li-Ion
Cleaning System 5x more suction & 3-stage Cleaning with iAdapt® 5x more suction & 3-stage Cleaning with
Floor Type Hardwood, laminate, tile, carpet, etc All Foor Types (indoor)
WiFi Connected No Yes
Google Assistant and Alexa No Yes
Dimensions 18.2 x 16.5 x 5.5 inch. 13 x 13 x 3.6 inch.
Weight 8.4 pounds 8.4 pounds

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Overview of Roomba Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

The Roomba 805 is a darling of so many owners, even though it’s one of the earlier versions of the vacuums from the iRobot.

Just like its sister vacuum cleaner, the 890 model its sleek rounded shape allows it to maneuver under the furniture while cleaning smoothly.

Therefore, it smoothly reaches even tough-to-reach places and cleans them. Both vacuum cleaners come with IAdapt navigation, which allows them to map out the place it’s cleaning with ease.

At this rate, they could avoid obstacles in their way or drop-offs, such as from the stairs. The lithium batteries are a prominent function of these two vacuum cleaners.

The vacuum cleaner could work for at least an hour before charging again, thanks to the one and only lithium battery.

Their Aeroforce filter makes sure they trap all the dust and dirt particles without letting any escape back into the air. Normally put, they will be an excellent addition to the collection of your home cleaning machine.

Let Us Look at the Similarities First

  • Could use the schedule function to clean rooms at particular times of the day
  • Could be programmed to clean unique surfaces
  • Easy to empty and also clean
  • Could be charged fast
  • Portable and Compact
  • Not much noisy
  • Soft touch bumpers so it can minimize collision impact

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Roomba 805 – Everything You Need To Know

iRobot Roomba 805

Credit: uglypoe


Feature Importance of the feature
The IAdapt Navigation System It uses the IAdapt navigation system generally of all Roomba vacuum cleaners.
Two Brushes It has 2 brushes which work in concert to clean your home. One brush loosens dust while the other one removes it.
Lithium-ion Battery It has one lithium-ion battery, which gives it a runtime of about an hour.
Tangle Free extractors This makes sure you do not clog the vacuum cleaner with dust.
Virtual barriers The 805 model comes with 2 dual-mode virtual wall barriers, which makes sure it does not leave a particular room.

  • A vacuum cleaner with perfect performance, from tiles, rugs, to hardwood and laminate surfaces, etc.
  • Work efficiently on unique floor types.
  • It could be programmed to clean up places thanks to schedule functions, at particular times of the day or when you’re busy.
  • Being portable to put under the furniture or bed or kickboards when you do not use it anymore.
  • It could be smoothly emptied or cleaned.
  • Charge quite fast.Help you to save tons of time and also working energy.
  • Have a soft-touch bumper to avoid drop-offs and stairs.
  • Being not a much noisy cleaner.

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Most of the users are satisfied with the results of the Roomba 805 model. However, many users have some complaints about it.

In addition, you might also buy one from Costco Wholesale at a considerable rate and even sometimes with the Roomba 805 Costco coupon. This could be fine for those who do not get the target deal. Also look towards the buying guide of iRobot Roomba 620.

How Is the Design?

roomba 805 cleaning

Designed like many machines before it, the Roomba 805 is the basic robot vacuum cleaner you would find in the 800 series. It provides a rounded shape, bristles, docking station, wheels, brushes, and unique vacuum cleaner technology.

Even though the Roomba 805 is one of the iRobot’s earlier models and also lacks the whistles and bells available on many of the new models, it’s still considered one of the favorites among purchasers of the 800 series.

With its dashing design and 3.6” clearance, the 805 model is capable of maneuvering under even the sitting furniture.

That means it could get too hard to reach those places with ease. The Roomba 805 only comes in black, so it could make it inconspicuous in your house.

Features of iRobot Roomba 805

The Roomba 805 has 5 keys. CLEAN turns your vacuum cleaner on and off. DOCK will command the 805 to go back to its docking station no matter where it’s in its cleaning cycle.

The last 3 keys are convenient for the busy household. SCHEDULE and CLOCK could be used to set the time and also conveniently schedule cleanings When the SPOT key is suitable for those concentrated places that require specific attention.

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1. Technology/Navigation System

roomba 805 movability

The Roomba 805 robot comes with the built-in iAdapt Navigation system. This navigation system is a 4 sensors technology that resides on the bottom of the Roomba 805. All 4 sensors send infrared signals to walls.

Based on the data it is receiving, the 805 robot will map out your home as it cleans. Other extraordinary sensors exist to detect barriers. These permit the Roomba 805 to smoothly follow all wall paths without bumping against them.

The Drop-off sensors keep 805 robots from falling off the ledges and the stairs. If the sensor doesn’t receive a bounce-back signal, it automatically throws up a flag, then moves in the opposite direction.

The Roomba 805 could clean all kinds of flooring with ease. While this robot doesn’t have the capability of mapping out each cleaning session, it has dual virtual wall barriers that permit the Roomba vacuum to be contained in one place of your house.

2. Battery

A Lithium-ion battery started making an appearance in the Roomba 805 is no exception. With the Roomba 805, you will get up to sixty minutes of battery life.

If required be, the robot cleaner will return to its docking station to charge before it finishes up its cleaning cycle.

3. Better Home

iRobot’s Roomba 805 robot vacuum includes an AeroForce Cleaning technology. This is a function that utilizes the brushes of the Roomba 805 to clean all the floor surfaces you have.

From the carpet to hardwood, it gives suction that lifts pollen, allergens, and other debris out of the environment and out of your house, as long as you daily clean out the dust bin.

Let’s Reveal Everything About iRobot Roomba 890

iRobot Roomba 890 Vacuum


Feature Importance of the feature
Wi-Fi connectivity This allows you to operate the vacuum cleaner smartly with the Alexa and Google Assistant.
Two Lithium-ion batteries This provides the vacuum a ninety minutes runtime.
Tangle-free extractors The vacuum cleaner avoids clogging with pet hair and debris due to its tangle-free extractors
HEPA filter It has a highly efficient filter that captures up to 99.97% of dirt and dust particles.
Rubber brushes It has rubber brushes that are easier on carpets, unlike the bristled brushes.

  • You can Vacuum anywhere with incredible cleaning performance (5x the air power)
  • Having a cliff detect sensor to avoid falling down from stairs or tumbling over drop-offs.
  • It could be controlled by the application or voice command technology.
  • Not a single scratch on any furniture.
  • Use rubber brushes that are tangle-free instead of bristle ones, which are not good for pet hair.
  • Have the full dustbin indication status easily viewed by the iRobot home app.
  • Have a HEPA filter.

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The 890 model receives good points on unique aspects, but some owners say sometimes it does not do a good job. The 890 model is the middle child of the family of Roomba.

Its designer may improve some previous version’s errors and are equipped with more modern technology. Anyway, it is totally based on each family to consult each other and have their best suitable decision.

Credit: Roo’s Reviews

How Is the Design?

roomba 890 movability

The measurement of the Roomba 890 is comparable to previous Roomba models. When most come with the general silver and black color combination, iRobot chooses to go with copper and black on the Roomba 890.

This makes the design much aesthetically pleasing, which permits the machine to be sleek and inconspicuous in your house. In addition to the color swapping, the iRobot brand added a handle to the Roomba 890.

The handle is manufactured into the top that means you could move the robot vacuum cleaner with ease. A rubber ring securely and smoothly fastened around the Roomba models provides it the capability of absorbing pressure from other things without causing damage.

1. Technology/Navigation System

The Roomba 890 model supports wifi, which means you could download the iRobot Home app on your smartphone, and then you can easily control your robot vacuum cleaner from anywhere and at any time.

Top of that, with wifi ability, comes the choice to connect to existing applications like Alexa and Google Assistant. This function not only permits you to customize your cleaning operations and schedule them around your daily routine but also provides you the capability of checking in on your existing cleaning to see its progress.

While the Roomba 890 has wifi, you have the capability to manually push the one physical key it has: CLEAN. It sits in the middle panel and reminds your 890 models that it’s time to begin a cleaning cycle. iAdapt Navigation System is included with the Roomba 890 model.

This tech permits the 890 models to flawlessly maneuver around, avoiding walls, stairs, tables, furniture, and every other obstacle.

The iAdapt Mapping system permits Roomba to map out the ideal cleaning course and move easily along the edges of the walls and in the corners making sure that all debris is placed and cleaned.

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2. Battery

The Roomba 890 model boasts an 1800 mAh battery. That means the robot vacuum cleaner could clean for one hour before it requires to re-dock. A dustbin notification will show on the iRobot Home application when the canister is full.

The iRobot recommends you empty the canister after every use. Besides that, you should be sure to confirm that the canister is secured before sending it back on a cleaning operation. If it’s not attached perfectly, particles and dust might spill over.

3. Better Home

The Roomba 890 model all provides AeroForce High-Efficiency Filters that captures 99% of the pollen, allergens, and debris in your house.

Along with offering five times more air power, it also provides patented tangle-free brushes to maintain pet hair with ease.

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Roomba Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

  • Recharge quickly after the battery drain as the battery tend to get damaged when it is kept empty for a while
  • keep an eye out on pets and toddlers when using ROOMBA
  • Store in a dry, cool area out of reach for kids
  • Weekly maintenance is necessary

Both of these models are great in their own ways, and they have unique features to perform their main duty- unassisted surface vacuuming efficiently.

When iROBOT ROOMBA 890 is more modern than the the 805 model, it’s bulkier and much expensive. Both are impressive to look at. You can also go with iRobot Roomba 635.

However, the iROBOT ROOMBA 805 is extremely compact. The ideal part about them is that you do away with the tangled, messy wires of a conventional cleaner.

The Verdict


The iRobot enhanced its Roomba 805 by including a few new functions. However, the brand actually took a step forward when it included wifi and voice abilities to its Roomba 890 devices.

Of course, with this new tech comes a little higher rate tag, but many owners would find it worth it in the longest run.

If all you require is a normal robot vacuum, which gets the job done, does not have a ton of fancy functions, and will not put a dent in your wallet, then the 805 models may be the way for you to go. B

ut, from our own perspective, it is worth a little extra cash to have the wifi ability. This means you could control your robot vacuum cleaner right from your mobile phone through iRobot’s mobile application.

Doing so provides you the capability of starting a cycle when you leave for office or when you are on your way back home. It means you could connect smart devices like your Google Home or your Amazon Alexa.

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