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If you’re searching for a budget-friendly middle-priced robot vacuum, then you’ll find two excellent choices from iRobot, such as the Roomba 675 and the Roomba e5. They’re not just both top-selling models on Amazon. However, they’re frequently compared and vice versa. So which is better, Roomba 675 vs E5?

Roomba 675 compares to. The two of the most significant distinctions in both the Roomba 675 as well as the Roomba e5 are the filters and brushes.

Although both are nearly identical in appearance, the Roomba e5 is more compact. Roomba e5 is equipped with brush brushes that are resistant to tangles and an efficient filter that the Roomba does not come with.

But, are these differences worth the cost of the Roomba E5? Ultimately, every penny counts when finding the best prices on robot vacuums.

In this article, we look at each feature and contrast the Roomba 675 and the E5 to see whether the slightly higher price for the E5 is worth the extra cost or not.

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The Differences Between Roomba 675 as Well as Roomba E5

Roomba 675

iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi

Roomba E5

Roomba E5 vacuum cleaner

There are a variety of differences that you should be aware of. Because we are here to inform you of the difference between them, we will explain them right now.

  • Carpet boost: The carpet boost will give you an additional suction kick on carpets with the e5 feature that the 675 cannot provide.
  • Navigation systems. The Roomba 675 utilizes the first iAdapt navigation system, while the e5 model is based on the latest iAdapt 2.0 technology.
  • Both models work with the double-mode wall barriers; however, only the e5 model comes with a single one.
  • Collection bin: Roomba’s e5 model comes with a washable extra large collection bin. The model 675 comes with an average-size collection bin; however, it cannot be wet.
  • The size of the battery. The e5 comes with double the capacity of the 675.

The Similarities Between Roomba 675 and Roomba E5

In all respects, both robots have a lot in common. But, since you’re here, we’ll highlight the more significant of these similarities.

  • Floor-type: Each robot is certified to sweep all types of floors.
  • Wireless communications: Both models utilize wireless communications that allow for the use of a mobile app as well as voice commands.
  • The Roomba E5 and Roomba 675 both include the iRobot one-year warranty.
  • Automatic recharge: Both robots will likely return automatically to the dock to charge as the batteries become depleted instead of dying on your floor.
  • Even with the bigger batteries, the E5 can run for around 1 hour, similar to the 675.

Specification Chart

Every detail you require in one easy chart. We are sure. You’re welcome.

  Roomba 675 Roomba e5
Size 13.3×13.3×3.6 inches 13.7×13.7×3.6
Carpet Boost No Yes
Navigation iAdapt 1.0 iAdapt 2.0
Charge Time About 3 hours 3 hours
Battery 1800mAh Lithium-ion 3600mAh lithium-ion
Runtime Up to 90 minutes Up to 90 minutes
Weight 7.8 pounds 7.9 pounds
Automatic Recharge Yes Yes
Entire Level Clean No No
Camera Navigation No No
Drop Sensors Yes Yes
Bump Sensors Yes Yes
Dirt Detection Sensors Yes Yes
Mobile App Yes Yes
Wireless Communications Yes Yes
Collection Bin Capacity 0.5L 0.7L
Voice Controls Yes Yes
Floor Types All All
Containment None included Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier
Washable Collection Bin No Yes
Warranty 1 year 1 year
Side Brushes 1 Side Brush 1 Side Brush

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Roomba 675 Compares To. E5:

Once you’ve mastered each of the Roombas, let’s look at the differences between the two. We’ll judge each Roomba by three factors: navigation, Cleaning performance, navigation, and bonuses.

The criteria must be sufficient to give the final decision. In that regard, below is the Roomba 675 comparison. 

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1. Size Comparison

Regarding general size, both the 675 and the e5 are very alike.

The e5 is just a little larger and 0.1 inches longer than 675. It’s additionally 0.6 more pounds heavier. It’s not a significant game changer; probably, however, it is worth noting here.

Roomba e5

iRobot Roomba E5 7

  • 13.3″‘
  • 3.6” tall
  • 7.2 pounds

Roomba 675

Roomba 675 5

  • 13” in diameter
  • 3.7” tall
  • 7.8 pounds

2. Navigation System

Roomba 675 Navigation:

Roomba 675 6

The Roomba 675 is based on the iAdapt original technology. It uses bump sensors (which detect obstructions) and the cliff sensor (which detect stairs and edges) to guide you around your home.

The Roomba 675 isn’t able to create a map. Therefore it cannot move in efficient and neat rows. The device, instead, moves randomly.

If the Roomba 675 spots the presence of an object gradually knocks it over and changes direction. It will continue moving until it comes across another obstruction.

While this isn’t the best navigation method, it’ll eventually clean everything. If you’ve got a tiny area, then it will work perfectly.

iRobot Roomba E5 6

Roomba e5 Navigation:

The Roomba e5 is equipped with the latest iAdapt 2.0 technology. In essence, it’s the same navigation technology used in the top-of-the-line mapping Roomba models, however, without the camera.

With improved algorithms and a better user interface, expect the Roomba e5 to move better than Roomba 675.

But, even though it is true that the Roomba e5 uses newer navigation technology, it cannot make an actual map.

Similar to the Roomba 675 model, it can move about while staying clear of obstacles as it’s able until the battery is low and then recharges on the charging dock. But it’s the Roomba e5 that will work just perfectly on smaller floor plans.

Verdict: This means that the Roomba e5 is more navigable than its predecessor, the Roomba 675. With a brand new navigation system, The Roomba 5 moves slightly more efficiently than Roomba 675.

You won’t be able to tell the distinction. Be aware that it can move and avoid objects more effectively than Roomba 675.

3. The Design

Roomba 675 4

The style of the Roomba 675 and e5 have a similar look and feel from the top.

They are all black and have a mix of glossy and matte parts. There’s a carry handle at the top, a simple sensor for navigation, and the most straightforward controls.

The controls are identical on both vacuums. However, the layout of the buttons is slightly different. There are buttons on the physical side for the following purposes:

  • Spot Clean
  • Auto Clean
  • Dock

On the E5, the buttons comprise three separate controls, and for the model 675, these buttons are located in the middle.

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iRobot Roomba E5 4

4. Accessories & Parts

iRobot Roomba E5 1

What exactly is included in the vacuums? Here’s an exhaustive list of everything you’ll receive with the Roomba e5 and Roomba 675:

Roomba e5

  • Rubberized brushrolls
  • Spinning brush
  • iSeries filter (x2)
  • Charging station
  • Battery
  • Cleaning tool
  • User guide

Roomba 675

  • Spiral brush roll
  • Spinning brush
  • AeroVac filter (x2)
  • Charging station
  • Battery
  • Cleaning tool
  • User guide

The significant difference between the vacuum’s contents is that the e5 has the new I Series brush roll and filter. Furthermore, some stores have the virtual wall in the e5, but the contents vary.

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5. Control Options

Roomba 675 3

Each of the Roomba 675 and the e5 have wifi capabilities (and there was a lot of joy). This allows you to fully control the robot using the iRobot Home app or voice commands via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant devices.

Vocal commands in the voice model are less granular than in other models. The absence of map-making and camera-based navigation obstructs the voice command capabilities.

The management you can use include making schedules to schedule cleaning time, to start stopping, stopping, pause, and restart cleaning sessions. You can also shut down the robot and take it to the charge station.

The mobile app offers similar control options, but you don’t have to be within earshot or a nearby Alexa device.

Instead, you can design schedules, modify or delete cleanings, receive notifications on the time of cleaning and battery usage, and receive assistance, suggestions on issues like changing the time of filter changes, and much more.

Through the application, you can complete all of this from anywhere around the globe. It isn’t required at home or even in the same city.

iRobot Roomba E5 3

The bottom line: Since both robots use identical choices for controlling, they are tied for this match. Mobile apps are fantastic, however, and are your primary control source.

6. Containment and Filtration

Roomba 675 1

The option of containing Both robots works with a double-mode wall barrier. They are powered by batteries that emit an infrared beam that controls the areas where robots can and can’t go.

The dual-mode barrier comes with the appearance of two modes. The first, linear, emits an infrared beam that can reach 10 feet. It can be utilized to block doorways and also to divide rooms or other spaces.

In the different modes, the halo produces a 4-foot circle surrounding the tower. This helps protect floors, lamps, pet dishes, and potted plants that you don’t want robots to come close to.

Although both models work, the battle isn’t fair. The Roomba 675 does not come without any barriers to containment included with the purchase. The e5, however, comes with one barrier tower inside the box. It is possible to buy additional obstacles for the two robots, naturally.

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iRobot Roomba E5 2

The Bottom Line: Roomba E5 is the winner because it comes with a barrier purchase. Both robots work with each other, but.

7. Bonus Features

Roomba 675 Bonus Features:

Roomba 675 2

Each model in the Roomba 600 series is compatible with virtual barriers. They’re battery-powered devices that emit an infrared beam that allows you to regulate the areas where the Roomba can go or not.

But, the Roomba 675 isn’t equipped without these barriers, so you must purchase the walls separately if you want to utilize these devices.

In addition to the virtual barriers compatibility along with the virtual barriers compatibility, the Roomba 675 comes with a smartphone application.

It also consists of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration, allowing you to easily manage the Roomba by voice. But, the absence of mapping capabilities makes it less useful for voice control.

The Roomba 675 doesn’t come with an efficient, high-efficiency filter. It is the standard filter. Although it can filter tiny particles quite well, it’s not adequate to remove allergens.

However, this shouldn’t be the main issue since most robot vacuums do not have HEPA filters in the first place.

Roomba e5 Bonus Features:

iRobot Roomba E5 5

Roomba e5 Roomba e5 is also compatible with virtual barriers. It’s also good news that you receive a virtual wall when you purchase the Roomba e5.

If you require additional towers, you could buy more from Amazon. Because the Roomba e5 can’t make maps, virtual barriers provide the most effective method to regulate its movements.

Like the Roomba 675 model, the Roomba e5 is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

With the help of voice commands, you can set up cleaning schedules, begin stopping and starting the Roomba or pause and restart cleaning sessions. You can also shut down the Roomba and transfer your device to charge.

In contrast to the Roomba 675, the Roomba e5 has an efficient filter. While it’s not as efficient as HEPA standards, it can better capture allergens than average. Due to this, the Roomba E5 might be a better choice when you have pets roaming around your home.

The verdict: In the war of features, The Roomba E5 is in the lead over the Roomba e5. Both are equipped with great mobile apps that allow you to efficiently operate either robot vacuum using a voice command. The Roomba e5 is an improvement over the 675 due to the superior efficiency filter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll take a moment to answer a few frequently asked questions regarding the Roomba 675 and e5. If you have additional concerns, please leave a comment below.

1. Doesn’t It Seem Like the Roomba E6 Is More Recent Than the Roomba E5?

No. The names are different, but the robots are one. The Roomba e6 was developed to be sold in specific stores only (Costco, for instance). The model with the e5 name is sold online, via the iRobot store, and at most major stores (Like Walmart). 

The most straightforward explanation is that certain retailers would like their model’s name, so they aren’t required to honor coupons offered by competitors.

When you have them back home and start using them, there’s nothing to be different.

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2. Which Roomba Robots Will Sweep Our Floors?

There is no way that Roomba will sweep your floors. Even when the strike has ended and all Roombas are back at work, they will not mop. iRobot makes mopping robots. However, they are not sweeping. Braava series can clean your floors and does an excellent job.

3. Can We Make Use of Roomba in the Garage or Workshop?

You can put the Roomba up on top if you’d like. However, it is not recommended. The garage or workshop may be more oversized than what the Roomba 675 or e5 could handle.

Roomba did create an automated robot named the Dirt Dog that was made to help clean up workshops. If you find an available model, you should look at it.

4. Can We Still Find Parts to Replace the Roomba 675?

Yes, you can. The best place to purchase Roomba 675 parts replacement is Amazon. However, for those who prefer to buy directly from the manufacturer, you can still purchase 600 series components through the iRobot store.

What We Like About the Roomba 675?

  • Excellent usage of the battery, considering its size.
  • Cleans all types of floors without any fuss.
  • The lowest price point of any available Roomba vacuums.

What We Like About the Roomba e5?

  • It comes with a dual-mode virtual wall barrier when you purchase.
  • Large capacity and washable collection bin.
  • More efficient than other cameras. 

Final Verdict


The Roomba E5 is undoubtedly worth the extra cost.

Due to the upgraded and improved brush roll made of rubber, the larger dustbin capacity, and the high-efficiency filters, The Roomba e5 is superior to its predecessor, the Roomba 675. Even though it’s a little higher than Roomba 675, the value of this Roomba e5 is worth it. 

Overall the Roomba e5 could be one of the highest value at the cost.

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