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Normally, cleaning and sweeping are regarded as one of the most time consuming and tough tasks in a day-by-day schedule. It asks for a good deal of exertion and also persistence to move your arm forth and back persistently, bowing to pick the pieces of waste and debris and monitor areas that you – despite anything, haven’t cleaned.

As a quick answer, even though Roomba 690 is a higher version, still, 670 (Amazon link) proves to be high beneficial in terms of cost effectiveness and better features performance.


Roomba 690 scored typical 89% in its overall performance even as Roomba 670 scored 93%.

There percentage ratio proves that each of the version are great in performance and gives you the satisfactory output. But do you know both of the models are discontinued.

Don’t think an excessive amount of… we’re there for you!

After performing numbers of test in the lab, we prepare the list of alternative vacuum model that are a  comparable in price and provides excessive performance.

Model Name Star Rating/Reviews by Amazon Features score Experts’ score
iRobot Roomba j7+ 4.5 stars/13,359 reviews 9.7 9.5
iRobot Roomba i3+ 4.4 stars/10,238 reviews 9.3 9.1
iRobot Roomba s9+ 3.9 stars/4,268 reviews 8.5 8.3
Roomba 690 4.3 stars/10,975 reviews 9.1 9.0
Roomba 670 4.0 stars/70 reviews 8.9 8.8

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Roomba 670 vs 690

Housewives lean towards hiring a maid for this day-to-day task explicitly that costs a month-to-month sum which you can have spared. iRobot has released the Roomba 600s series to decrease the physical stress along with the agony that you might be confronting.

In the article below, we’ll look at the two most impressive iRobot Roomba 600 series vacuum cleaners – 670 and 690. The two models are like each other in working modes and highlights. There is a significant difference, which we are gonna discuss here as well.

iRobot Roomba 690

iRobot Roomba 690

iRobot Roomba 670

iRobot R670020 Roomba 670

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Everything You Need to Know About iRobot Roomba 670

Credit: Juan Camacho

Before moving ahead in our Roomba 670 vs 690 review, shall we focus on the 670 model first?

Above the $320 to $330 iRobot Roomba 670 model, in terms of rate and functionalities, are the i7 and nine Series lines. Beneath it sits cheaper units in the six Series range, namely the 606 and 605.

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1. Design

The iRobot Roomba 670 design

The Roomba 670 model measures thirty-four cm in diameter and is 9.2cm in height. It means it could fit beneath most sofas, beds, and other furniture as well.

2. Features

The iRobot’s Roomba 670 includes the firm’s 3 stage cleaning system along with the dual multi-surface brushes manufactured to lift debris between hard floors and carpets automatically.

Its Dirt Detect sensors ensure the Roomba works harder on specifically stubborn places of stains and Dirt as well as high-traffic zones of your house. Anywhere else, it comes with an Edge-Sweeping Brush to tackle skirting boards and corners.

3. Connections

Just by connecting to your Wi-Fi network, the Roomba 670 model could then be handled by any device running the iRobot Home application connected to the same connection.

design and constrution of roomba 670

The same applies to any kind of smart speaker running Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. From this application, you could control or schedule your cleaning operations, see the vacuum cleaner’s history and also monitor how well it is cleaning your entire house.

4. Battery life

The iRobot claims that the Roomba 670 will run for a total of ninety minutes, but this is pretty much dependent on the surfaces it’s cleaning, how messy they are, if the Roomba 670 model requires to navigate around multiple obstacles as well and more.

When we have tested other Roomba models in the range, they have never made it past the forty-five minutes mark, so ninety minutes is tremendous but not impossible. At least when the battery begins running low, the Roomba 670 model will automatically return to its docking point and recharge.

5. How impressive

How impressive

The promise of robot vacuum cleaners is leaving home in the morning and then returning to a fully vacuumed home. The reality is somehow different.

Between mapping sensors and variable battery life that range wildly in capability, you might come home and discover just one room finished or the vacuum cleaner stuck in a corner somewhere, as we have experienced.

There are a few robotic vacuum makes and also models offering many similar functionalities for similar prices, but the iRobot has long been superior in this current market, so if you’re keen on providing a robot vacuum a whirl or already having one and want to upgrade for more convenient cleaning, the Roomba range basically is an ideal place to begin, and the 670 model provides many positives.

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Cons, Pros, and Key Features of the iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum

Credit: HomeWithKimberly

The Roomba 890 Vacuum is the middle child from the Roomba family; it is far more intelligent than the Roomba 690 and Roomba 614 but not as intelligent (or good looks ) as the Roomba 980 and Roomba 960.

iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum

However, just like the Jan in The Brady Bunch, it has got enough going for it to make it worth purchasing. Key functions include smartphone connectivity and Wi-Fi as well as compatibility with the voice-activated systems (e.g., Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa).

The 890 model also comes battery-powered, and it is fully programmable. Inside the box, you will find the Roomba, a house base charging station which the Roomba returns to when in need of a recharge (it’s on the same floor), The virtual wall barrier with needed AA batteries included, and also your documentation, coming with the one year warranty.

Your Roomba model will also arrive with a materialistic partial charge, permitting you to begin using it quickly, although we suggest charging it completely so you can get the full experience once it gets ready. The built-in Lithium-ion battery needs approx three hours to charge, and Roomba lasts around sixty minutes on a single charge.

So, What Else?

It needs a minimum of 3.6 inches of clearance so it can clean beneath the furniture and the bedding and has a thirteen-inch cleaning radius. The Roomba 890 model weighs just 8.4 pounds.

Pros adding greater navigational capabilities, increased suction power, and better filtration compared to Roomba 690 model; cons adding a lack of navigational cameras and “recharge and then resume” functions compared to the Roomba 960 and 980.

It lacks a remote, meaning you will require to either use your mobile or purchase a separate one for remote control. Without the use of the remote, you cannot specifically point out the Roomba toward places it keeps missing, although it will eventually get to them on its own.

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How Do You Set Up Your Roomba App So Your Smartphone Can Control It?

Smartphone set up by the application is straightforward. It is compatible with Android and Apple devices; download the appropriate iRobot application and install it.

Roomba 690 set up

You will require your name and also an email address to register your Roomba device; you could also name it, which is easy for telling them apart if you purchase multiple models to deal with multiple surfaces.

Of course, you could just use one, but you will need to carry it down and up the stairs. To sync your Roomba model and home Wi-Fi, you will require to connect your Roomba model to its charging station; it will not be synced without being at home base.

Also, keep in mind that you will require 2.4GHz Wi-Fi to connect with the Roomba; 5GHz Wi-Fi will not work, so ensure your smartphone and router are in the right band.

It must connect quickly afterward, and with the application, you will be capable of talking to the Roomba remotely in terms of commanding it when to clean (either quickly or with a seven-day schedule). You could also lookup cleaning tasks and read about how to arrange and clean the Roomba device itself.

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How Well Do the Roomba 890 Clean Carpets and Hardwood Floors?

The Roomba 890 is capable of cleaning hardwood surfaces (and bare surfaces like laminate, tile, concrete, and vinyl) with ease. Also, it picks pet hair, dirt, and debris up smoothly and noticeably. It does all that more effective than the 600-series Roomba models.

This does make sense when considering that the iRobot especially touted the improved suction power of the 890 models compared to the lower-series Roomba models.

The low height permitted it to neatly sneak under the furniture (tables, chairs, beds, couches, cabinets) and clean beneath them even before zooming out on its random course around a living room (or wherever you put it set up).

As good as the 890 model was on carpets and low-pile rugs, like the lower Roomba models, it was unable to clean high-pile and medium-pile carpeting, but that is basically the case with all the robotic vacuum cleaners.

To be frank, whenever it comes to cleaning the high pile or the soft pile carpets, if you do not have something like the Soft Carpet or an Electro+ (normally a vacuum cleaner with an electric brush head), you are going to struggle, so we could not hold that against the Roomba 890.

It cleaned in a somewhat odd design reminiscent of the mapping utilized by the lower Roomba models, but it seemed to zig-zag less and also take less duration to clean the same rooms than the 690 and 614. If your home having lots of stair then go with 18 Best Vacuum for Stairs list.

How Often Does the Roomba 890 Get Stuck, Fall, or Tip Over?

The 890 model rarely gets stuck and never falls or tips over as well. However, the specifications will naturally vary from one house environment to the next one.

The 890 model is definitely more intelligent than the 640 and 690. It did a good job of avoiding problem places when cleaning as close as possible to ‘em.

It also comes with the virtual wall barrier to “block off” particular parts of your house where you would rather not clean it (e.g., by your dog or cat food and also water bowls).

Roomba 890 get stuck

That being said, when the navigation was significantly far better than that in the lower Roomba models, it was not at the level of the 900 series Roomba models, which seemed to have so many efficient ways of getting around places(and also had the ability to go from one room to another room).

How Does the Roomba 890 Compare to the Roomba 960 and 980?

Compared to the Roomba 980 and Roomba 960, the main parts missing in the Roomba 890 are extra convenience and intelligence.

The 980 and 960 have sophisticated camera-based tracking systems. It permit them to navigate places more immediately and with superior accuracy.

The 980 model, in particular, comes with a remote, additional cleaning brush to suck up debris more effectively, a very bigger battery (60 minutes vs. 120-minute runtimes), multiple room cleaning, and then recharge and resume function, which permits the vacuum cleaner to return to its docking base to charge fully and then again continue the task until it’s totally done.

The Roomba 960 comes with some, however, not all of the above functions. If you could live without what we just informed you above, save yourself some cash and stick with the Roomba 890. If not, you know what you require to do.

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Why Should You Choose the Roomba 890?

If you are going to spend approx. $500 on a robotic vacuum cleaner, it would better do a far more good job of cleaning and also working automatically than the several budget models out there right now.

Fortunately, the 890 delivers on both of these measures. When its navigational system is not that perfect, it is significantly better than that in the lower models.

And the vacuum cleaner feels very sure-footed while compared to cheaper models.

The major functions we miss are the higher levels of the navigation system and autonomy present in the Roomba 980 and 960, longer warranty coverage as well, which we would like to see at this rate range.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tests

Cleaning performance on the hardwood surface was incredible. The Roomba 690 was capable of removing 97.5%+ of all the kinds of debris.


Kitty Litter Cereal Sugar Rice
95% 100% 94% 99%

Roomba 670 performed very well on hardwood. It was slightly better (within a reasonable margin of the error), removing 99% of debris on hardwoods.

Low Pile Carpet Cleaning Tests

Overall cleaning performance on the low pile carpet was ideal as well, with three of the four tests scoring 98%+.


Kitty Litter Cereal Sugar Rice
99% 100% 81% 100%

The cleaning performance on the sugar was not so great, scoring 72%. But, this is still a highly good score for most of the robot vacuum cleaners out there.

The fine sugar particles are tough for robovacs to remove, though. In order for a robot vacuum to remove sugar particles from the carpets, you’ve to step up to a more expensive tier.

The Roomba 670 model scored identically on the low pile carpet, sucking up 95% of all debris. Just Like the 690 models, it is the largest struggle. It was sucking up all of the sugar.

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High Pile Carpet Cleaning Tests

Finally, cleaning performance on the high pile carpet mirrored what we saw with the low pile carpet cleaning experiment.


Kitty Litter Cereal Sugar Rice
98% 99% 78% 96%

Bottom Line…

99%+ of all types of debris was sucked upon three of our four cleaning experiments. The only one problem place again was the sugar experiments, which just scored a 66%.

Again, this is a pretty better score by a robot vacuum cleaner. Most robot vacuum cleaner really struggles with the sugar on the carpet.

Yet again, we just saw identical results on the Roomba 670 model. The 670 models removed 90% of the debris (sugar being the largest issue).

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Usability Comparison

The usability of the 670 models and the 690 models is another place that is hardly distinguishable. Both of these robot vacs have identical physical keys on the face of the robot vacuums as well as wireless connectivity.

1. How to Get Started?

Beginning a cleaning is as easy as pressing the “CLEAN” key on the vacuum cleaner itself, scheduling a cleaning operation on the application using your phone, or even basically saying “Roomba, clean” (if you have Google Assistant or Alexa voice setup).

The Roomba 690 and 670 are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for hands-free voice control (while paired with a device that has voice control like the Google Home or Amazon Echo.

2. WiFi Connectivity

Both of these, the Roomba 690 & 670, are capable of connecting fully to the iRobot Home application for full wireless controls.

Using the application, you could begin or stop a current cleaning as well as view cleaning history. Also, you can schedule a cleaning operation in the future.

Setup to the application is also smooth. Below are some of the configuration and control views on the iRobot application.

3. Psychical Controls

As mentioned earlier, the Roomba 690 and 670 model have identical physical keys on the face of the vacuum cleaner. This includes:

  • Spot Clean: Cleans in a circular design, growing increasingly wider until the place has been sufficiently cleaned
  • CLEAN: quickly begins a cleaning cycle
  • Dock: Returns Roomba to the docking station to juice up

4. Maneuverability

Since both of these roomba models are pretty much similar in size and maneuverability from that perspective is generally the same.

The one factor that comes into play when we are considering maneuverability is navigation technology.

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5. What is iAdapt?

Both of the models operate with iAdapt 1.0 tech. Roombas in the 900 and 800 Series basically have the iAdapt 2.0 navigation tech. However, the newest Roomba i7+ and Roomba i7 employ the most modern navigation, iAdapt 3.0.

6. What Do You Get With Advanced Navigation? 

With the advancements in navigation comes the ability to see obstacles before they even hit them, modern memory mapping, Imprint the Smart Mapping, and the capability of remembering digital maps of unique floor plans.

7. Look

The Roomba 690 and 670 is a more normal approach, generally “Bump and then Continue.” Both of these models have edge sensors on the underside of the vacuums to prevent the robot vacuum from driving off of the drop zones, like from stairs or the lofted space. But outside of sensors, the cleaning design is zig-zag, sporadic, and a little bit unpredictable.

Bottom Line…

Despite this approach, the cleaning performance above shows that these pretty models with base-level navigation clean up an astounding number of debris from the cleaning experiments.

The Verdict


iRobot Roomba 670 and 690 robot vacuum cleaners come with highly good features, which could make the vacuuming as robotized as can reasonably be expected.

In the event you are readily happy to buy a lightweight and simple-to-carry vacuum cleaner, the 670 models should be your best bet.

Then again, the filtration introduced inside the 690 model is far more spectacular as compared to the Roomba 670; however, they ask for month to month upkeep, which is more likely to cost you in the end. Although in our own personal opinion you must go for the Roomba 670.

In case you want to pay more attention to functions, the Roomba 690 will not disappoint you. After all, no one would spend a lot of cash when the same performance you could get on the Roomba 670.

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