Roomba 665 Review – Will It Provide You Desired Results?

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Today, we’re brought your Roomba 665 review, explaining those deeper details! Technology does not stand still, and almost every single day, we get the introduction to new inventions.

Robotic hoovers have been around long enough for anyone to get used to them; however as the globe moves forward, more intelligent house care facilitators become a segment of our daily lives.

The series of Roomba 600 comes with little extras or frills.

The Roomba 665 is a nice low-cost to the newer, more technologically modern models and still cleans your surfaces just as well.

Let’s find out what this robot could do for you to cut down on the number of time you spend doing chores each day.

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Who Is the Roomba 665 For?

iRobot R665020 Roomba 665

The Roomba 665 is manufactured to assist in surface cleaning maintenance. When no robot vacuum cleaner has yet been manufactured to replace the manual cleaning of the upright (although the Roomba s9+ is pretty much close), the 665 models will cut down on the number of times per week you require to pull that big vacuum cleaner from the closet.

This particular model is manufactured for smaller houses or apartments. The cleaning duration per battery charge could vary, but in basics, it will cover about four-hundreds to eight-hundreds square feet on a single charge.

It’s also manufactured for those who are searching for a cleaning assistant instead of a robot vacuum to do all the tasks for them.

For those searching for normal controls, easy maintenance, and also a robot that just does what it’s built for, the Roomba 665 model is a decent option.

What’s In The Box?

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Here’s what you will get when you invest your cash in the iRobot Roomba 665 model:

  • Lithium ion battery
  • Robotic vacuum machine with 3-stage cleaning ability
  • Recharging and Docking station with cord
  • Spare filter
  • Virtual Wall Barrier
  • Spare set of brushes

This model stands just 3.6 inches tall, that is slightly shorter than a few comparable robotic vacuum cleaner currently available in the market. This is pretty convenient, as it permits the vacuum cleaner to move smoothly beneath the furniture and along sideboards. But, the 665 isn’t as small as the Roomba 650; it also carries a slightly expensive price tag.

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Reasons Why is iRobot Roomba 665 Impressive?

As far as the normal information was concerned, we’ve got covered it, but in this next part of the iRobot Roomba 665 article, we’re going to discuss in detail what makes this iRobot Roomba 665 a standalone champion among other competitors. So without further Ado, let’s bring to you:

1. Affordability And Value

This specific model is set in the low-to-average rate range. Given the fact that its tech lags somewhat behind some of the competition, the rate could be considered fair.

Keep in mind, though, that it is still considerably more expensive than some budget choices. First-timers may do better to invest in a cheaper model first.

Roomba 665

But, if you are already owning a robotic vacuum cleaner and are searching for a replacement at a modest rate, then the Roomba 665 can be the answer for your issue, and after all, it does worth every single penny you’ve spent on it.

2. Dual Multi-Surface Brushes

iRobot Roomba is one of the highly recognized technology vacuum cleaning brands on the market nowadays. This particular model of iRobot Roomba is one of the few that includes a 2 brush cleaning system.

Both brushes are working simultaneously where one is specially made to release dirt while the other to gather it. As the brush functions incoherence, they result in providing a spotlessly clean surface and add a layer of extra shine to it. We could see my face on the floor. What about you!

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3. Dirt Detection & Cleaning Technology

How repeatedly do you discover yourself with dust becoming a real cause of your allergies and asthmas within your house? Well, not anymore, though.

The iRobot Roomba 665 model comes with unique dirt detection sensors that identify places where dirt is present. As a result, they might hang around the place for a longer time span and won’t leave until all the dust is cleaned up from the place.

Roomba 665

4. 3-Stage Cleaning System 

The Roomba 665 uses a Three-Stage cleaning system using multi-floor brushes. It efficiently runs a clean sweep of your surface using a high suction power.

This makes it accessible to the vacuum suction to take on the most dirt clogs in the darkest and hard-to-reach corners of your room.

From tiny particles to only about any debris, the machine is ideal for performing a three-stage cleaning operation powered by Lithium-ion batteries.

5. Includes and Adjustable Head

To keep the brushes intact, the device comes with an auto-adjustable head. On top of that, The head keeps moving because it has to keep the contact of multi-floor brushes constantly, adding a variety of unique floor surfaces.

Whenever you think about cleaning carpets, lamented floors, or the woodworks all at the same time just to provide you the comfort, just turn this device on, and you can see how the automatic head keeps arranging to perfectly clean up.

6. Schedule Your Cleaning Your Way

With Roomba 665, you could now schedule cleaning as per your needs. To perform the manual clean, you could press the ON key, or if you’re too busy to even go the older traditional way, simply preset the duration on the device as per your requirement and leave it be. The device will automatically jump on the desired schedule to clean the surfaces as long as up to seven days a week.

7. Irobot Roomba 665 Reaches Itself Automatically

automatic dirt detection

Roomba 665 is pretty much useful to discover its route back to the home location and extremely results in recharging the machine on its own. Now, you do not have to worry about how this programmed machine is going to discover its route back.

It won’t only find its home base; however, it will attach itself and recharge, so it’s always available when your surfaces require the next cleaning.

With this machine, recharging becomes an automated operation where you might not have to divert your concentration every now and then.

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8. Removes All Debris Type

This cleaning machine is able to remove all types of debris from unique parts of the floor. Surface cleaning is one particular thing; it’ll follow the borderline of the walls until all single debris hiding in the depths of the wall is completely removed smoothly.

Irrespective of the kind of debris, the machine is programmed to remove all the kind of debris that any other robotic vacuum cleaner on the current market is manufactured to remove.

With the help of the iRobot Roomba 665, get a cleaner and also a sophisticated environment within your personal house configuration.

9. Intelligent Navigation System

When we said this machine is smart enough, it was because the machine is specially programmed in such a way that it is able to make sixty decisions per second, which is a really great improvement by the iRobot, though.

The beauty of Artificial intelligence is what makes this machine a ton more unique than any other product. Once fitted within your house, it’ll easily adapt to your house’s cleaner configuration.

It will definitely recognize which places are unsafe and that places are quarantined. Neither will it fall down from a stair, nor will it bump against obstacles and places. All thanks to the smart Navigation system on this machine.

10. Cleaning and Maintenance 

It’s said that once you clean your vacuum cleaner, you become a cleaner. Ironic as that’s, maintenance and cleaning is a vital part of keeping your Roomba 665 healthy and operating to its full potential, though.

Day to day maintenance should be done, and there’s a suggested schedule that comes within the owner’s manual. The normally are as follows:

  • After every cleaning cycle empty the gather bin.
  • Check the wheels for tangles or debris build up.
  • Wipe off the sensors and body of the robot.
  • Remove the brush-rollers and detangle hair, strings and fibers.
  • Check the gather vent for clogs or huge debris.
  • Test the runtime of the robotic to make sure the battery is still holding a charge.


  • Replace/check the side brush.
  • Replace the filter.

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Roomba 665 Specifications

Model Roomba 665
Runtime Up to 90 minutes
Battery 2600mAh Lithium-Ion
Automatic Recharge Yes
Navigation iAdapt
Recharge Time 3 hours
Dirt Detection Sensors Yes
Filtration AeroVac
Drop Sensors Yes
Bump Sensors Yes
Side Brushes 1
Cleaning Method Triple-stage with dual brush bars
Spot Clean Yes
Edge Clean Yes
Voice Control No
Local Control Yes
Wireless Communications No
Mobile App No
Containment 1 Virtual Wall Barrier
Scheduling Yes
Warranty 1 Year

To Clean And troubleshoot your Roomba:

For basic issues, the manual guide that comes with the package could help you greatly. Read patiently, and you will see that your issues are gone without going to a mechanic and spend any additional; cash for maintenance.

Some maintaining and cleaning tips are there in the Pro Tips section. So, instead of reading some boring content, let’s see how to regularly clean and maintain ROOMBA 665.

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Pro Tips To Make your Roomba 665 Last Longer

Here are some good tips from the professionals from the iROBOT team given so that the model you bought lasts longer than you expect.

  • Clean the brushes after every use.
  • Empty the dustbin and clean the filter after every use.
  • Use a virtual wall to stop your machine from going to unusual areas where cleaning errors might occur.
  • Always keep it on the dock for charging when not in use.
  • Don’t wait several days before you charge your empty battery. You must remove and store the battery in a dry and cool place if you are planning a long trip. Keep your kids away from using it as a toy or use it outside.
  • Only use a dry cloth for cleaning and must not pour liquid or spray of any type. Must ensure that nothing is left on the path of the ROOMBA 665. power cords or Clothes might cause issues.

The Verdict


You can currently  find Roomba 665 on Amazon or auction websites (you’ll get second hand stuff there). But, getting your hands on this one is still a high priority for a ton of people. The basic controls or higher-end technology is a big draw.

While the battery can be better and the gather bin can be big, the Roomba 665 still finds its route into many houses. The option to bring one to your house is something you have to decide.

Smaller surface plans, apartments, and also a second floor will find Roomba 665 the most beneficial as well. If you need more technology or control choices, you will have to find a unique model; however, for a robot cleaner that does exactly what it says it‘ll do, there are not many that are better.

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