Roomba 650 vs 665 [Comprehensive Comparison Review October 2022]

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Is buying a brand new robotic vacuum cleaner is what you’re searching for? And, you could not decide between the Roomba 650 vs. 665 iRobot vacuum cleaners?

Well, A robotic vacuum cleaner is a necessary tool for any house nowadays in the modern era, because who doesn’t love a clean and,  therefore, comfortable house?

The only vacuum model that’s better than a massive vacuum cleaner (which can be hard to store and clean with) is a robotic vacuum cleaner! In this roomba comparison review, we will compare these 2 iRobot Roomba models, which are 665 and 650 similar you can also check out Roomba 890 vs 960.

There are a ton of functions that a robotic vacuum cleaner has that is beneficial in comparison to those functions of a basic vacuum cleaner.

By far, the best benefit of a robotic vacuum cleaner is that you just simply press a button and turn on the robot vacuum cleaner then it does all the work for you. However, which is better? Let’s go into the ocean of knowledge now!

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Roomba 665

Roomba 665

Roomba 650

Roomba 650

Now, let’s uncover everything about Roomba 665 vs 650:

The Roomba 665 is a robust, powerful cleaning device for your dirt-fighting arsenal. It has the general functionalities of Roombas in the 600-series like the Dirt Detect Sensors and AeroVac cleaning system.

In addition, it has scheduling keys that permit you to put the device on a daily or weekly cleaning plan as per your requirement. In the general package, in addition to the Roomba 665, you will receive a Virtual Wall device, AeroVac filter, and a charging dock.

The 665 has a unique styling design with a silver faceplate and a yellow trim, perfect for houses with lighter color schemes.

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Roomba 650 vs 665

Roomba 650 vs 665 Pros & Cons

  • Auto charging. The robot will go back to the dock station when it is required. You don’t need to do anything.
  • Battery life is two hours. It is enough to clean a huge place without going to the recharging station.
  • The charging time is three hours.
  • Carpet cleaning. The suction power of this robot lets you clean your carpet.
  • The area it could cover is a thousand square feet. It is quite huge, and it is able to clean both apartments and houses.
  • Remote control. You don’t manually require to come to this vacuum cleaner in order to adjust it.
  • Virtual wall. You could create a “wall” for the robot, and it would not go somewhere you don’t want it to go.
  • Cleaning modes include auto, spot, and edge. Each corner of your home will be neat and clean.

  • No Wi-Fi control.
  • Some people may find it quite big.
  • 3 hours of charging is quite long.
  • No voice control is there. You must get a special device in order to control the vacuum cleaner.
  • No display is present, which can provide you with essential information.
  • No single room or intensive cleaning modes.

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Roomba 650 Pros & Cons

  • Battery life is two hours. The robot will clean your house for two hours without recharging.
  • A display gives you useful information.
  • Suction power is one thousand pa. It is pretty much enough to clean any type of surface and remove dirt or even relatively big fragments.
  • The place it could clean is 800 square feet. It’s capable of covering huge areas.
  • Three cleaning stages assure a high level of cleaning.
  • Carpet cleaning. The machine could clean your carpet. Usually, this job requires a high suction power.
  • Virtual wall. You could limit the robot, and it won’t go somewhere you don’t want
  • Cleaning modes include auto and spot.

  • No intensive cleaning mode
  • No voice control. In order to control it, you require to do it manually.
  • No remote control
  • Charging time is quite big.
  • No Wi-Fi control

Presenting the Roomba 650

Roomba 650 vs 665

The Roomba 650 is one more robot that could get the job done. Like the 665, it functions the sensor-driven navigation and AeroVac cleaning system. It comes with the ability to schedule a cleaning cycle when you and your family are out of the home.

The 650 comes with identical equipment to the 665. It has the classic Roomba stylish look, a black faceplate, and silver trim. The main differences between the 650 and 665 affect cleaning capacity as like Roomba 880 vs 890.

The 650 has larger battery life. It has a dirt bin that is more than fifty percent the size of the 665. Besides that, All of this means a longer cleaning cycle with some interruptions because of a full bin.

Essential Features of the Roomba 650

As mentioned above, the Roomba 650 shares its important functions with the 665. But, there are 2 upgrades that make a huge difference.

Roomba 650 vs 665

Increased Dirt Bin Capacity

While a big dirt bin might not seem like a big deal, it does make a huge difference when it comes to convenience. The Roomba 650 has 34 ounces of storage capacity, while the Roomba 665 just has 20 ounces.

This means less cleaning out the dust bin for you and a longer cleaning duration for your Roomba. The Roomba would stop its cycle when the dust bin is full. That could be inconvenient if you scheduled it to run while you’re out of the home.

Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery

Both Roomba models come with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. But, the Roomba 650 comes with a longer-lasting battery capacity. This little one could work for 75 minutes on a single charge when the 665 averages sixty minutes.

This amount could be the difference between a partial and also full cleaning task. Both models take about three hours to get fully recharged batteries.

The Reviews Are In

We have been checking out tons of consumer feedback, and it is pretty much clear that customers enjoy both of these Roomba 650 and the 665. This makes sense as the roomba models are identical in so many ways.

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carpet cleaning

Roomba 665

Customers appreciate the Roomba 665 for its capability to provide a reliably clean house. They especially praise the scheduling function. The model cleans during the day, and also, they only have to clean out the dust bin at night. Some users also appreciate the yellow and silver design that sets this model apart from other models.

Roomba 650

In much the same way, users rave about the Roomba 650. They like the extra dustbin space and upgraded battery life to help their Roomba finish its mission every time. For a basic floor plan, the Roomba 650 seems to be a dependable way to keep things clean.

In-Depth Comparison

wall barrier


The Roomba 665 and Roomba 650 follow the identical cleaning process, but the 665 is bigger in size. Both the Roomba 665 and Roomba 650 feature a three-stage Cleaning System that works wonders on rugs, hardwood, tiles, and also carpets, among other kinds of flooring. You can also compare the performance of Roomba 620 vs 761 that which one is better.

The Roomba 665 but is larger than the 650. This could lead to potential problems with the 665 fittings under low-set couches, beds, and other hard-to-reach areas. You might also encounter problems with the 665 transitioning into thick carpets, as these could trigger the cliff sensor.


The Roomba 650 and Roomba 665 come with Virtual Wall technology; however, the 665 has an extra side brush. The Roomba 665 and 650 both come with a virtual wall barrier in a package.

Virtual Wall technology is an iRobot innovation that competitors wish to emulate. The Roomba 650 and Roomba 665 both of these come with a virtual wall barrier in the box.

This function helps the robot assess its surroundings more effectively, especially in determining where it must or must not clean. Sum up to that with the Roomba 665 is an additional Edge Sweeper brush for when replacement or maintenance is in order.

Filters & Bins

The Roomba 665 and Roomba 650 have AeroVac filters, but the Roomba 665 has a tinier dust bin. The Roomba 650 and 665 and comes with AeroVac technology for sucking up pet pollen, hair, and allergens. You can also check out the complete list of 20 Best Vacuum for Cat Litter cleaners.

The Roomba 650 and Roomba 665 come with special AeroVac filters. These are for capturing certain types of debris like allergens and fur. The 665 has a smaller-sized dirt container that could hold only up to 300mL of debris, though.

The Roomba 650 has a dirt bin capacity of 400mL. The size difference is insignificant. However, it could mean more debris collected before you require to empty the dustbin.


The Roomba 650 and Roomba 665 have identical batteries, but the Roomba 650 has greater runtime. The Roomba 650 and 665 both come with 1,800 mAh Lithium-ion batteries. The Roomba 665 and 650 models might not have 3000 mAh batteries like plenty of their newer counterparts, but they could run for a reasonable number of times.

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Roomba 650 vs 665

They are both carrying 1800 mAh capacity batteries; however, the Roomba 650 has been reported to run longer at ninety minutes while the Roomba 665 lasts seventy minutes before the automatic docking function kicks in.


The Roomba 665 and Roomba 650 could be preset to run up to seven times a week in the scheduling mode. Schedule cleanings at approximately seven times every week with the Roomba 650 and 665.

Being older models, the Roomba 665 and Roomba 650 don’t have wireless connectivity and can’t be controlled through a mobile application. Still, they could be present to work on individual times seven times per week.

This access you to set cleaning cycles and then leave these robot cleaners to do their task even when you are not around to operate them manually.

The Verdict


in robot vacuum cleaners, there are tons of similarities between these two from iRobot models if you compare these two. The largest difference, perhaps, is the rate and color, and take a look at the iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaners.

The 665 model is classic white, whereas the Roomba 650 model is black. Otherwise, a ton of difference between these two models are there. But, Better runtime, and a more compact measurement place the Roomba 650 model at the winner’s spot in this competition.

Certainly, this Roomba 665 isn’t a bad robotic vacuum cleaner whatsoever. It comes with more free accessories in the package than the Roomba 650, including an additional Edge Sweeper.

But, where performance is much concerned, the Roomba 650 is the better choice as it could cover a bigger floor area in one charge.

Here we conclude our Roomba 650 vs 665 Review

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