Roomba 620 vs 761 October 21 2022 Review — Who Will Dominate in This Battle?

You are currently viewing Roomba 620 vs 761 October 21 2022 Review — Who Will Dominate in This Battle?

The 620 models are significantly enhanced compared to those in the previous 500 series when it comes to performance and power. However, the 761 model one is slightly more powerful than the model 620. Lets compare Roomba 620 vs 761.

It is a minimal difference once again, and in most cases, you will not be capable of noticing it. There is rarely a guy that likes vacuuming, and if you are one of them, iRobot Roomba is especially for you.

The Brand provides a wide collection of different robots, so it is up to you to select one. If you want something efficient but affordable, 761 and 620 may be the ideal to consider.

These robotic devices are compact, powerful, and programmed to do your task, so you do not have to. Though most of these models look the same, other essential differences set them all apart from each other.

Picking only one is not as basic as it appears because the 761 and 620 operate similarly. However, they’ve got a unique set of specifications and features that we will show you in the review below.

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Our expert team tested Roomba 620 and Roomba 761 model.  After undergoing number of tests, they conclude that both vacuum cleaner are best to purchase.

But you can’t buy….why? These model are unavailable currently. 

Will you be left empty-handed?

Answer is – No.

You can get better models than Roomba 620 and Roomba 761 within the same budget and we’re very confident with our recommended alternatives. Check out!

Model Name Star Rating/Reviews by Amazon Features score Experts’ score
iRobot Roomba j7+ 4.5 stars/13,359 reviews 9.7 9.5
iRobot Roomba i3+ 4.4 stars/10,238 reviews 9.3 9.1
iRobot Roomba s9+ 3.9 stars/4,268 reviews 8.5 8.3
iRobot Roomba 761 4.2 stars/151 reviews 8.8 8.6
iRobot Roomba 620 4.2 stars/65 reviews 8.7 8.6

If you want a nice quality Roomba, consider one of these, though. Continue reading to see which one (721 vs. 620) suits you the most as we compare their differences and similarities. You can also check result of Roomba 890 vs 960.

Meet the Roomba 620

iRobot Roomba 620

The Roomba 620 only weighs 12.8 pounds, which provides it enough weight to push around the dust bunnies invading our laboratories. At only 3 inches tall, the Roomba 620 is slim to slide under the majority of the furniture.

It will not fit under some of the shelving and cabinets we have, but it was smooth enough to slide those a little bit away from the wall to have cleaning behind them. The Roomba 620 is a technological masterpiece adding acoustic sensors.

We were really impressed that such a tiny vacuum would have this function. The idea behind the sensors is finding places of concentrated dust that tells the Roomba 620 to concentrate its process on that place.

Biggest Attractions

  • Removes tons of dust with regular use
  • Simple, push-button operation
  • Quieter than other robotic vacuum cleaners

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Important Features of the Roomba 620

Credit: Birdknowsbest

While the Roomba 620 model is a simple robot, it’s still a powerful cleaning device. The standard functions of the 600-line help this model reliably remove dust and dirt.

1. Sensor-driven Navigation

The Roomba 620 model uses the iAdapt 1.0 navigation system. When some owners complain that this cleaning design is random, the robot vacuum is actually learning your floor plan whenever it cleans.

Roomba 620 vacuum cleaner

When you push the Clean key, the 620 model sets out straight until it encounters an obstacle. It then stores that location and sets off in a new way. Throughout the cleaning operation, it starts to understand the contours of your house.

It becomes more effective as it cleans. An important note about this magnificent system is that the Roomba 620 doesn’t store the map in its memory. It always begins with a clean slate with each cleaning operation.

This could be frustrating if you’re only cleaning one room, as you may think the robot vacuum would figure it out over time. But, this system permits your droid to adapt to its changes in your floor plan. If you are looking for commercial vacuum cleaners then check out the top list i.e. Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum experts choice.

It means that your Roomba could be used to clean multiple places in your house without reprogramming. Top of that, the obstacle sensors which detect barriers, your Roomba vacuum has Cliff Detect sensors which keep it from falling down from the stairs.

These sensors are perfectly calibrated so that the model could handle the tiny drops that come with its changes in surfaces. When it observes a more significant drop, it‘ll change directions and then stay safe.


The Roomba 620 comes with a Virtual Wall machine that could steer it away from sensitive places by emitting an electronic signal which triggers the obstacle sensors.

You could also use a Virtual Wall to block the doorway and keep your vacuum from leaving a place before it’s totally clean.

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2. AeroVac Cleaning System

iRobot Roomba 620

The AeroVac Cleaning system has 3 stages of cleaning power. First, a rotating side brush and 2 main brushes loosen and also lift debris and dirt, putting it in the path of the vacuum cleaner. Next, the dust is sucked into the dustbin. Lastly, the AeroVac filter separates dirt and dust from the air, keeping it in the dustbin.

Most users find that they require to change the filter every 3 months with normal use. You could additional filters online as well.

3. Remote Control

When there’s an unexpected mess, you don’t have time to wait for your robot vacuum to find it. The remote control permits you to guide the Roomba vacuum to the scene of the mess.

This is a helpful tool if you’ve got a bigger floor plan which needs multiple charges to clean. Instead of waiting for the robot vacuum to find new territory, you could guide it to the area where it last stopped cleaning.

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4. Rechargeable NiMH Battery

The replaceable hydride nickel-metal battery is the main source of the Roomba’s power. The 620 model has about sixty minutes of cleaning power on a solo charge.

When its charge drops low, it will automatically stop cleaning and seek out its charger. For the ideal results, put your dock in place with open space, so it’s easy to find. If the robot vacuum registers too many obstacles nearby, it might fail to find the dock and run out of charge.

5. Clean, Spot, Dock

There are 3 buttons on top of the 620 models. The Clean key is the biggest button that sends the model on a general cleaning mission.

Although you can’t schedule a cleaning for the 620 models, some owners make a habit of pushing the Clean key as they head out the home for the day.

The Dock key interrupts the cleaning operation and sends the Roomba vacuum back to its docking station. The final key is a special cleaning mode.

Whenever you put your robot vacuum in the center of a spill and then press the Spot key, it starts cleaning in a tight, spiral design.

Unless you interrupt the operation, it will continue this design until it has vacuumed a circle about three feet in diameter. Hopefully, you’ll not be dealing with so many spills, which are much bigger than that.

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A Brief Introduction to the Roomba 761

roomba 761

The Roomba 761 model takes every thought out of vacuuming and sweeping a home. When we were looking at this model, we were admittedly a little bit skeptical about a few of the claims we read.

But, the simplicity of configuration and using the 761 models surprised us. The huge benefit is the one key push to clean function. You literally set it on the surface and push “go.”

To make it much more convenient, because who needs to bend over, you get a remote. Then Using the remote permitted us to set a 7-day program.

Ensuring the robot is not underfoot and cleans whenever we want it to clean. The obstacle detection and stair detection made us not worry about letting the Roomba 761 run mostly unsupervised.

Biggest Attractions

  • Easy, onboard scheduling buttons
  • Gentler on wood furniture
  • Reliable cleaning machine

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The Essential Features of the Roomba 761

Credit: HeyMimi DIY

The Roomba 761 model is a segment of the next generation of the iRobot vacuums, so it has some essential upgrades. Navigation behavior has been enhanced. The cleaning system is a little bit stronger.

It has a helpful set of Dust Detect sensors that find bigger messes. Importantly, the 761 permits its owners to schedule daily cleanings for far greater flexibility.

Now, let’s move ahead in Roomba 620 vs 761 Review and cherish what’s cool in the 761 model.

1. Improved Navigation System

roomba 761


The Roomba 761 model uses the same normal navigation technology as the 620 models. However, its navigation behavior has changed a bit to address problems with scuffing furniture.

Some users found the 600-series models can be too rough on the furniture and the other obstacles. Beginning with the 700-series, the robot vacuums began to slow down whenever they encountered a potential obstacle.

They could push against it gently to see if it’s solid. The Roomba 761 also has a rubberized bumper to lessen the suction blow.

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2. AeroVac 2 Cleaning System

The AeroVac two cleaning system has a stronger vacuum cleaner that helps the Roomba 761 work more efficiently on carpeted surfaces. The filter in this tech has been redesigned.

Rather than one huge AeroVac filter, the dustbin has two dual filters, which saves space in the dustbin, permitting an increase in volume.

The more dust and dirt your Roomba could hold in the bin, the longer it could run without interruption.

3. Easy Scheduling with Onboard Buttons

roomba 761


The capability of setting a cleaning schedule for your vacuum cleaner is a very helpful upgrade—the scheduling keys on the Roomba 761 work like the keys of a digital alarm clock.

When you just first charge the model, you will set the date and time. From there, you could make a daily appointment for the Roomba device. You could also vary the times by making a weekly cleaning schedule.

4. Dirt Detect

Not all messes are identical. The Roomba 761 has a collection of visual and acoustic sensors on its underside. These sensors help spot places that are in need of additional cleaning.

When a spill triggers the Dirt Detect sensors, the model will spend more time in that place until things are clean. The sensors in the Roomba 761 do a better task of detecting huge debris like spilled cereal as opposed to fine spills like sugar or flour.

The Verdict


It’s easy to see why these 2 are among the top vacuum cleaners on the market. They’re easy to use, lightweight, and effective on all types of carpets. Best of all, the models carry well-known iRobot quality that is also the point why so many users opt for one or the other.

Which one is better? It’s tough to say since both have their own cons and pros that set them apart. The slight similarities and differences help us tell them apart. The Roomba 761 is a little bit more modern than the 620.

If you want a bigger model that’s also a little bit bigger, the Roomba 761 is the one to go for, especially if you have pets.

Pay your special attention to the similarities too to all the functions that set these 2 apart. Look in them to see which one of these two is the ideal one for you.

Our personal recommendation is the 620 model, as it’s better value for money.

Here we conclude our conclude Roomba 620 vs 761 Review.

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