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Have you purchased a robotic vacuum cleaner but aren’t fully satisfied with its performance? Don’t worry; we’ll give you six robot vacuum tips that you can apply to increase the cleanliness of your home for free. Alongside these suggestions, we will also provide an actual trick that takes some tinkering.

Robot vacuums are becoming more and more efficient in terms of their functionality, but at the same time, the cost has come down.

Although premium models like the Roborock Q7 Max+ tend to leave clean floors because of their suction power that is high and advanced mopping technologies, cheaper models often leave behind crumbs and hair.

Even with a long-lasting model, your robotic vacuum must be content with a lack of quality.

This is why we have compiled six suggestions to boost the effectiveness of cleaning your robot vacuum. If you are to search for a brand new model on our top list of robot vacuums, consider the tips below.

1. The Charging Dock Should Be Placed in a Convenient Position

iRobot Roomba 960 6

The vital thing you can do to effectively assist the robot vacuum in cleaning is to think about where it’s likely to be.

Many manufacturers suggest that it should be set against a wall that has 1.5 up to three feet on each side. There should be minimum 4 feet of clear space to the front. 

Ideally, the exact flooring should be used in the area instead of a mixture of bare flooring and carpet. The open space will allow the Robot to determine its position when sent for a clean-up and aid in finding its way back.

The dock space should also have access to the remainder of your home unless you’re looking for only one clean space.

2. Clean Up Before the Robot Is Cleaned

ROOMBA 650 2

As a youngster, our parents constantly instructed us to clean our bedrooms before the guests arrived. Consider the robot vacuum you have as your assistant.

Clean up any stray socks, dog toys, toys for children, and other items the robot vacuum might eat up or become stuck on. 

If you had the traditional vacuum, you’d most likely take these things off -this is the same for robot vacuums.

Although some models, such as Roborock S6 MaxV, use stereo cameras to clear footwear and other obstacles, most robot vacuums play with small toys or even consume socks.

A map-enabled robot has a little more freedom since you can create areas of no-go zones, like keeping pet bowls. If the books of your child are scattered all over the shelves of the family library, it’s important to stop the Robot from chomping on “The Book with the Monster.” the Book.” Beware: Make sure to test the no-go zone before letting your vacuum go to ensure that the virtual boundaries created by the Robot’s application match the physical boundaries.

3. Robot Vacuum-Proof Your Home

ROOMBA 650 4

Alongside cleaning off the mess before you set the robot vacuum-free, be aware of any other possible hazards. Loose electrical cords (including those for the dock for your vacuum), as well as charging stray cables, may get caught within the side brushes of the Robot.

We’ve witnessed a lamp that was lightly taken off an end table when the vacuum correctly snatched the cord. 

Curtains that are floor length are also a victim of an air cleaner with powerful suction. Certain models, like those from Roborock S7, have automatic carpet detection and boost the suction once the carpet has been recognized.

It’s fantastic — until the Robot is able to interpret the dining room curtain as carpet. Shag rugs, as well as rugs with loose threads or tassels, pose an additional risk since they may get wrapped around brushes and could cause damage to the rug.

To get the most efficient cleaning possible beneath the crumb capital of your home, which is the kitchen table, remove the chairs from the table’s legs or put them upside down over the table in the same way as if it was a restaurant closing time. 

Based on the size of your chairs as well as the size of your Robot, this might not be necessary. Robot vacuums such as those from iLife V3s Pro and the Neato D4 are agile enough to clean up around tables and chairs.

4. Check In on Your Robot Vacuum

ROOMBA 650 1

Like a new cat exploring its new home, the robotic vacuum requires time to adjust to its new home. Keeping all pathways and doors clear of obstructions will allow the Robot to find its path.

You’ll need to watch the initial few runs to spot possible trouble spots, like narrow corners or thresholds that are high.

Reactive robot vacuums that are active, bumpy, and clean might be unable to follow exactly the exact route.

However, models like the Eufy RoboVac30C come featuring magnetic boundaries, which can keep the Robot from going into prohibited territory. In the same way, iRobot sells virtual barriers that ensure Roomba 675 as well as 694 safes from danger.

While most mapping robots will have been programmed to stay clear of tricky areas with no-go zones and specific room cleaning solutions, you’ll need to be on the lookout for the robots during their initial runs.

Robotic vacuums that can create nearly entire maps, such Ecovacs, Neato, and Roborock, can do so on their first outings.

Your cleaning routine could start after the first or second vacuum run. The Roomba S9, Roomba I7, and Braava jet m6, the top-of-the-line mop, all use vSLAM navigation in iRobot’s series.

This will require multiple runs to make an entire map of your house. However, you can make the Roomba with a mapping-only operation much faster than cleaning runs.

5. Keep Your Robot Vacuum Clean

iRobot Roomba E5 1

Maintaining your Robot’s top performance is easy through regular maintenance. After each clean-up, take the trash out. Once a week, you should remove the filter, then tap it onto the bottom of your trash can to remove the accumulated dust. 

Check the brush roll, wheels, and edge brushes periodically for hair if you possess family members or pets with tresses.

Eufy, iLife, Neato, and Roborock often include an instrument for cleaning which allows you to remove hair from the brush wheel and roll. After removing the brushes and spindles, make sure to check for hair tightly wrapped as well as fur.

Many app-connected robot vacuums contain instructions for maintenance and reminders inside the app. The Roborock app displays the estimated life of its parts, for instance, 97 percent for its side brush. 

For instance, the iRobot Home app doesn’t give any specific timeline but suggests maintenance and replacement timetables. You can change the Filter on Roomba S9 every two months, while brush rolls when you need to replace every 6-12 months.

6. Use Geofencing and Scheduling to Wash While You’re Away

Roomba 675 6

All robot vacuums, from the pricey iRobot Roomba s9+ to the low-cost Eufy RoboVac 11, have the ability to schedule cleanings. For budget-friendly models, it is common to arrange for complete home cleaning every day.

App-controlled robotic vacuums provide greater control and the option of scheduling specific cleanings for rooms or areas every day.

For instance, you could schedule the vacuum to sweep the table in the kitchen after dinner or sweep the living area at 9:00 a.m. while the children are at school.

The iRobot Home app takes extra steps. Using geofencing, Roombas can clean when you leave the house. Therefore, spare your pet from suffering and make the vacuum start after you go for long walks.

When you return home, you’ll either finish the cleaning task or immediately return the Robot to the dock.

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