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If you’re searching for an ultra-modern robot vacuum, you’ve likely heard of Roborock and. Roomba. Here, we compare both Roborock vs. Roomba.

Both brands have a strong presence on the market for robot vacuums and offer a range of models with a variety of options.

Roomba is a popular choice with an established brand with a loyal following and a loyal customer base.

In contrast, Roborock is a dark horse, with its headquarters in China that has similar attributes and performance but at a lesser cost.

Which is the best robot vacuum? Find out right now!

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Roborock Vs. Roomba Differences

In comparing Roborock against Roomba, two major differences spring to mind.

  1. Origin: Roborock vacuums are headquartered in Beijing and have Research & Development and branch offices located in Shenzhen and Shanghai.
  2.  Origin: Roomba vacuums are produced in Bedford, Massachusetts, U.S. 
  3. History: Roomba is a brand under the iRobot name, established in 1990. It’s part of an extensive line of more intelligent cleaners. Roborock was created in 2014.
  4. Technology: It is generally accepted that Roomba technology makes a superior vacuum concerning suction and cleaning power. Roborock models offer 2-in-1 vacuums that can mop and suction.

With these highlights quickly within your mind, let’s dig into them.

Roborock Models

Roborock vacuum is a Chinese company renowned for its two-in-one vacuums that can vacuum and mop the same space. Additionally, their latest models offer superior navigation and are a good choice for the more expensive Roomba.

Roborock offers two collections, “S” as well as “E.” “S Series” S Series has a wide variety of models that come at different prices and with different capabilities. This E Series intends to be a budget-friendly robotic vacuum collection that comes with the lowest price with more fundamental features.

S Series includes: 

  • Roborock S7 – launching in March 2021.
  • The Roborock S6 MaxV
  • Roborock S6 Pure
  • S6 Roborock
  • Roborock S5 Max
  • Discontinued Roborock S5 
  • Roborock S4 – discontinued

E Series includes:

  • Roborock E35 /E30
  • Roborock E25 /E20

Here’s a quick summary of the best features of each one.

Best Robrock Vacuum Cleaners

1. Roborock S7 Vacuum and Mop

roborock S7

  • Can last for up to 180 mins
  • Schedule cleaning time slots
  • Maps your home
  • Compatible with smart home assistants.
  • You can set up zones that are no-go or no-mop.
  • Expensive
  • Small dustbin

We’ve had the opportunity to try Roborock S7. Roborock S7 for several weeks. It’s not just an extremely powerful device that can clean up everything from pet hair to dirt and more; it also comes with many convenient features.

Through the Roborock application, we can set up cleaning times, inform the machine which area to vacuum, or set up a barrier that tells it that it should leave the room to itself.

We have a corgi and an emaciated tabby that sheds constantly, and this vacuum does a fantastic job of taking care of them.

It also runs for about 180 minutes or more, meaning it can clean more of my house in one sitting.

This suction can pick up litter from cats and dry food my pets throw into the carpet. We can’t even count the number of dustbins of fur we’ve dumped into the garbage since We bought this vacuum.


We are glad it’s sturdy enough to take in the fur. The dustbin only holds 0.47 Liters, which means you may need to empty it after every cleaning session.

The vacuum also has an 0.3-liter water tank that can be used to mop 700 square feet of space three times before requiring more water.

It’s also among the few robot vacuums to permit you to establish areas that are not mop-free to stop the vacuum from spraying water onto your carpets.

Its laser-guided navigation and internal sensors stop the unit’s vacuum from dropping down or colliding with your personal belongings.

You’ll still need to take cables that are in the way, but this one is superior to other vacuums on the market. We are awestruck by the fact that it offers a small safety razor similar to the letter opener that can be stored within the device.

It allows me to remove hair or strings from the brush quickly. Hence, it is also possible to take the brush off for cleaning when you struggle to get something off.

It may cost more than other alternatives on the market, but it provides numerous benefits you’ll be happy to enjoy.

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2. Roborock E4

roborock E4 Robot Vacuum

  • Cheap
  • Can last between 150 and 150 minutes
  • Schedule cleaning time slots
  • Recharge and then resume
  • Thorough cleaning
  • Large dustbin
  • Doesn’t indicate rooms
  • Unable to create no-go zones.
  • No mopping

It’s the most affordable Roborock available on the market. It is important to note that this model can take care of hard floors and carpets with low piles.

If, however, your home consists of this type of flooring, this will be the perfect fit. In contrast to other units with a budget on the market, this one comes with an app that lets you schedule your cleaning.

The unit also vacuums are arranged in a back and forth line instead of rushing around in every way. We like this feature because it makes your home clean after every cleaning, instead of looking like a tiny robot went through your house.

The battery can last about 150 minutes. This is among the longest aspects of the product. We are amazed by this device because it comes with a huge dust bin that can hold the equivalent of 0.64 liters of debris and dirt.

The capacity of the bin, when combined with the ability to recharge and resume, is a great advantage, and you don’t need to fret about not being able to find the right spots that belong to your residence.

However, it doesn’t provide a map of your home, and you aren’t able to set up virtual walls using the application.

It also comes with a water tank and permits you to connect mop attachments to the underbelly for cleaning your flooring.

It’s just a matter of keeping a watchful eye on it being in this mode since it cannot distinguish between carpets and hard flooring.

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3. Roborock S4 Max

Roborock S4 Max

  • Inexpensive
  • Runs up to 200 mins
  • Schedule times for cleaning
  • Recharge and then resume
  • Mapping and barriers
  • Spot cleaning
  • Doesn’t mop

If you’re searching for a powerful robot vacuum that doesn’t tear your pocket, you’ll love the Roborock S4 Max. The tiny machine is equipped to handle anything from rough flooring to carpets with medium piles.

It offers four different carpet cleaning settings, such as Quiet, Balanced Turbo, Quiet, and Maximum, that will help you get your home clean the way you’d like to.

This small device has one of the best time-to-run times we’ve seen in the market for robot vacuums. It can run for 180 minutes max without having to recharge.

It also has to charge and resume features, so when the battery runs low, it will run back to its dock for recharge, and then it resumes cleaning at the same location as before.

This makes it, so you don’t need to fret about the unit not covering all areas of your house, as opposed to many other units available.

It’s not modern enough to be able to identify your home. However, it uses motion tracking and dual gyroscopes to ensure that you systematically sweep your flooring.

In contrast, other models swerve around and don’t guarantee to sweep all floors. You can also instruct it to sweep in a particular area or avoid a certain area.

The only thing that’s lacking is the mopping feature. However, it makes the perfect vacuum if you don’t require it.

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Roomba Models

The initial Roomba robot vacuum was launched in 2002, with the first mop from a robot following closely after its launch in 2004. In the past, there have been a variety of models that have come and gone.

At present, Roomba has five flagship models. The models are as follows:

  1. Roomba S9/S9+
  2. The Roomba i7/i7+
  3. Roomba i3 and i3+
  4. The E5 Roomba
  5. Roomba 675

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Best Roomba Vacuum Cleaners

1. iRobot Roomba S9+

iRobot Roomba s9+


  • WiFi control: Yes
  • Self-emptying The answer is yes
  • Bin size: 14 oz / 0.4 liter
  • The time of the run is not specified.
  • Excellent suction on hard flooring
  • Cleans corners effectively
  • Self-emptying
  • It’s expensive, but it’s worth every cent
  • Dust bags come with an ongoing expense.

Its iRobot Roomba S9+ is the most powerful robot vacuum available today, but given its cost, it may not be within the budget of a few.

While testing, it proved easy to use as well. The S9+ was awe-inspiring when it was able to take all sorts of fine dust, as well as cereal, and biscuit crumbs, on hard flooring.

However, its performance on carpets was not as efficient. However, the previous vacuum struggled to remove some of the fine dust, which suggests that this is deeply embedded in the pile.

The iRobot Roomba S9+ is self-emptying and spits out the dust from every clean into the 14.9oz or 440ml replaceable dust bag inside the emptying and charging station, which means you don’t need to clean the robot regularly.

Vacuum. Instead, you’ll be notified via an alert from the app when it’s due for replacement. Additionally, the vacuum is compatible with Alexa as well as Google Assistant.

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2. Eufy RoboVac 11S

eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim


  • WiFi control: No
  • Self-emptying The answer is no
  • Bin size: 20 oz / 0.6 liter
  • Time 100 mins
  • Excellent pick-up for hard flooring
  • Slim design
  • Least costing robot vacuum we’ve tested
  • Small dust bin
  • There is no application or voice control

If you’re looking to buy an affordable robot vacuum, then the Eufy 11S is worth considering. With a low price and sometimes reduced, you’ll have to find a cheaper model in the market.

However, the price isn’t worth it because the dust collection isn’t as good.

It cleaned up dry oats on carpets of the medium pile as well as a hard surface with ease, and fine dust made of cookies and flour was an issue on a hard surface, but it wasn’t as effective on carpets.

It’s also slim, so it isn’t a problem cleaning under low-clearance furniture.

But, due to the smaller dust bin in comparison to other models available and the absence of app control or connectivity with voice assistants, sacrifices to make to save money, however, it will be a delight to those who want a simple robotic vacuum.

It doesn’t follow the same path through the home for cleaning as other expensive Eufy products do.

It will sometimes travel in straight lines and occasionally look for the edges of the room, or, at times, it’ll go around in circles, meaning it could take a little longer to sweep the entire space or the floor.

Additionally, it was not always very adept at moving objects around – the smallest objects seemed to get in the way of it most often, including deep pile rugs, piano pedals, and pet bowls.

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3. Roomba J7 Plus

iRobot Roomba j7+


  • WiFi control: Yes
  • Bin size: 14 oz / 0.4 liter
  • Time of Runtime: Not specified.
  • Self-emptying Yes
  • Can identify and overcome obstacles
  • Self-emptying
  • Excellent cleaning of carpets and hard flooring
  • Side brush spreads larger pieces of debris across the area
  • The battery level isn’t obvious.

There’s nothing more annoying than having to rush through your home looking for items that are left before setting your automated vacuum machine on a cleansing routine.

If you don’t do it, you’re likely to become caught in the roller of the brush and cause long-lasting harm and even the amount of time it will take to remove the object.

But it is possible that the Roomba J7+ can solve this issue since it utilizes its camera built into the device and other sensors to locate obstacles that block its way.

On our test, it could get around one sock that escaped the laundry hamper and a charging cable we put in its path.

Like other Roomba vacuums in this checklist, dust removal on carpets and hard floors was great. Additionally, it’s self-emptying, meaning it’s not necessary to empty the robot’s dust container.

But, there’s an ongoing issue the shape of the interchangeable dirtbags that the robovac empties the dirt into.

Additionally, the side brushes were more likely to scatter bigger debris throughout the room, making cleaning more time-consuming, and there was no clear battery level.

However, its intelligence and efficiency outweigh the minor issues.

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1. Features

roborock S7 3

The functions of a basic Roborock are more impressive than the standard. However, despite the obvious, the same holds applicable to Roomba models. The majority of features of both models are the same.

One reason is that Roomba and Roborock both have their apps. You can download it on Android as well as iOS.

The program streamlines and increases the range of control you can manage the units.

Both brands are equipped with statistics that tell users when their machines will be clean and the options to configure them according to the preferred time frame.

From each, you’ll see the areas they’ve been cleaning and the amount of dirt they’ve managed to remove.

Although you won’t be looking into those batteries, Roborock and iRobot supply the highest-quality lithium-ions for their equipment. They charge and deplete power at the same time.

Roborock has long-lasting durability. However, it weighs less than a Roomba in the case of robot vacuums. This is because weight can affect its durability.

You’ll want a vacuum that doesn’t get damaged when you accidentally rub against it using your feet.

On the other hand, Roborock offers some great control options, including one where you can determine which area of the machine must be cleaned, the performance of motion sensors, theater standing, and wand state of brushes.

None of these options are available to Roomba’s models. You can instead switch on the machine or select a carpet cleaner setting.

With Roborock’s application and features inside it, Roborock is a winner.

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2. Price

In the majority of places where Roombas, as well as Roborock products, are offered, it is possible to pay less expensive for Roborock. Certain Roborocks have a lower cost than a Roomba.

Many people trust the Roomba brand and how the additional money you pay will increase the longevity of 9 years and well-spent money.

The majority of Roborock’s cap is at around $500. Some models are priced below $400 and those with less expensive E Series models in particular.

However, when you look at models such as those of the S6 MaxV, you’ll need to pay more than $700.

If you’re looking for Roomba Roomba, the lowest cost you can pay is around $400. It is possible to compare it with Roborock machines for $300. Roborock E4 is $300. Roborock E4 is around a hundred bucks less expensive than this.

To summarize the prices of each brand, be aware that you’ll pay more for the Roomba, which has more compatible features, in addition to Roborock’s mapping system.

3. Filtration

roborock S7 5

Filters are as popular as debris containers on vacuum cleaners.

Their purpose is to keep dust particles from escaping back into the vent of the vacuum or if the debris container is open.

Roomba’s comes with an external container for debris; it doesn’t necessarily mean that the filters aren’t redundant.

On a positive note, considering the duration that robot vacuums use on the ground, it is possible to get cleaner than what’s feasible with a traditional vacuum cleaner.

The filters of a Roomba are durable and last for a long time. With them, you can absorb nearly 100% of the fine particles that the vacuum is exposed to.

They’re able to pick up dust on the floor’s surface as well as the subsurface of the carpets. Although Roborocks does have filters as well, its quality is inferior to Roomba’s models.

However, the lack of quality isn’t that bad. It’s hard to tell the difference in this region.

It’s not a huge distinction. E11 is the highest quality of Roborock’s filters.

For Roomba, You’ll receive AeroForce HEPA filters. HEPA is a certification that states that the filter is sufficient to capture nearly all fine particles through the debris container when inserted.

Because the containers for debris can be seen through, the user will be able to discern when it’s time for them to empty them.

For this, you should not clean the filter. Simply gently tap it on an empty trash container until you don’t see any substances on the surface.

4. Dust Bin

roborock S7 2

Roomba and Roborock make use of docking stations to connect as well as charge the vacuums. They appear to be similar to one other.

Dust bins are an aspect that Roombas easily outdo Roborock.

Watch the Roomba when it returns with a full waste bag in the debris container. Modern models can take care of emptying this by themselves.

It is possible to remove the top portion that is the docking station. Lift the hatch and then throw away the contents without getting into or touching the Roomba itself.

However, Roborock vacuums do not come with this feature. However, it may be short. In reality, there aren’t many robotic vacuums that have this built into their specifications.

Are you able to identify something that you would not mind having in your home vacuum?

No matter what you’d like to achieve, regardless of what you want, you’ll need to dispose of the debris more elegantly using Roomba. Roomba.

If the features mentioned above are crucial to you when buying a new vacuum, do not use them to choose your next vacuum.

5. Warranty

What type of warranty can you hope to get on the robot vacuum you own?

iRobot differs from other vacuum cleaners. The majority of cleaners available on the market are in the form of various vacuum types. There are sticks, upright vacuums, and portables that are small enough to fit into a car’s glove compartment.

However, within this vacuum, businesses tend to offer all their items an identical guarantee with a few exclusions.

For brands like iRobot, there’s no exclusion. The warranty you receive with one brand is the same for the subsequent model.

If the period you’ve set for the online store is longer than the standard timeframe from iRobot the device, you’ll get more time to switch off the device when an issue occurs. These are also referred to as Third party warranties.

As a rule, the Roomba comes with a 1-year warranty to return the device. It doesn’t cover the battery.

Roborock is covered by a warranty of up to one year and six months. The Roborock can be returned without cost for up to 30 days following the day you receive it in the mail.

When you compare them side-by-side and compare them, it appears that the Roomba has a better guarantee policy than Roborock.

It’s not shocking, considering that Roombas are more expensive and may be more convenient to ship to repair, should it be needed.

6. Battery Life

roborock S7 4

The battery life of Roborock and Roomba is nothing to fret about. They’re loaded with lithium-ions that last for a long time and break down slowly over a long period.

For some lithium-ions, the depreciation rate is quick, and the battery will need to be replaced within about two to three years from the purchase date. However, Roomba, as well as Roborock versions, go further than that.

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The majority of Roborocks and Roombas come with 5,200 mAh batteries. If you are using them on a device, you can anticipate batteries to last from 2 to 5 hours.

This is also the same for every model which is being compared.

It appears that Roomba might have a point of improvement to focus on, given how other robotic vacuums also make battery packs for the cleaners they use, but they charge a fraction of the cost that Roomba charges. Roomba is priced at.

While it’s not a major issue, the similarity in power and the vast variations in the amount you pay can be viewed as unfair by some of your customers.

Let’s take a closer look at Roomba’s battery.

The typical battery life on the Roomba is 2 hours before it is time to recharge.

In the course of a Roomba’s warranty, the battery may be filled several hundreds of times before depreciation starts to appear.

If you make sure that the Roomba’s motor and ventilation are cleaned as frequently as possible, it can extend the lifespan of your battery as it can use powerlessness.

Roborocks are no different. Make sure to keep the insides in order and wash them. A simple wipe-down with a dry, clean cloth can suffice.

Final Verdict


iRobot has created something well-known for its home cleaning.

The fleet they have of Roombas is well-built. Customers are loyal and believe in Roombas’s brand more than other vacuum cleaners that are similar to it.

Many Roombas have been in use for a long time, and it is common to see families with multiple rooms on different floors within the home.

Roombas have been updated. If you decide to purchase one, you’ll gain more from machines of the past.

Certain models have recently added WiFi settings on their devices.

However, it’s clear Roborock is emerging as an alternative to Roomba and is much less expensive and simpler to install than Roomba.

Roborock’s S and E series can both connect to WiFi. The app used for both sync processes is loaded with useful commands and vacuum-related information lacing onto Roomba.

Removing trash from Roborock Roborock isn’t as easy as Roomba is, given that it’s also automated thanks to Roomba’s auto-cleaning feature.

Consider a Roborock for your next vacuum cleaner if you’re determined to find one that can be used for a long time or when you’re absent from home and need an easier way to manage your vacuum without being near the unit.

If cost is a factor and you want to save money, then the Roborock E Series should be where you’re looking.

Try the Roomba. Give it a go if it’s reasonable or if you prefer the build quality over the lack of app settings.

Roombas are more sophisticated than Roborocks. Their HEPA filters can capture some more particles.

Get one, and you’ll never need to be concerned about purchasing an additional vacuum for a long time.

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