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In this review, we’ll examine Roborock’s S6 Pure. It’s one of five new Roborock products which includes E4, S5 Max, S6 MaxV E4, and the stick vacuum H6.

This is a smaller model of S6 with some minor changes to the navigation system, which we’ll take a closer look at. Based on our tests, it has the same performance as more expensive Roborock models, which makes it a very popular choice.

The good news is that this version retains the same high-end application features, including the ability to save multi-level maps along with Zone Cleaning.

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Roborock S6 Pure Review

Roborock S6 Pure Review

The S6 Pure is one of the newest Roborock alternatives and is a less expensive option for the S6. Roborock said they believe that the S6 Pure makes use of the infrared edge distance sensor whereas the S6 utilizes LIDAR which is more precise.

Another issue is the number of cliff sensors. The S6 Pure comes with 4, while that of the S6 includes six.

It is important to note that these changes do not impact the Navigation capabilities of the S6 Pure and it’s one of the most effective intelligent robotic vacuums we have tried. Also, it has higher airflow when compared with the S5 Max and S6 MaxV in all of the power settings.

Pros & Cons

  • Tests of airflow reveal that this model is more powerful than the S6 MaxV vs S5 Max.
  • The capacity of the water tank is greater than Roborock S6. So it’ll sweep a greater area.
  • Cheaper than Roborock S6.
  • Convenience features like rooms that are not allowed, no-go zones, targeted cleaning of rooms, and multi-level maps are also available.
  • Excellent at cleaning sand off hard surfaces.
  • Fast navigation with the help of the LIDAR sensor and the advanced navigational algorithm.
  • The capacity of small dust cups.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Round-shapes degrade its edge-cleaning capabilities.

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An Introduction to the Roborock S6 Pure

_Roborock S6 Pure 3

As we have mentioned in the introduction. The S6 Pure will be a smaller version of the S6. Roborock made this change to provide customers with a cheaper alternative in comparison to the S6.

The good thing is the S6 performs just as its higher-priced counterparts such as the S6 MaxV and S6.

It isn’t equipped with the same electronic water tank that is used on the S5 Max, but it is more efficient in the most extreme settings.

1. Top View

This model is a minimalist design of all Roborock models. It has only two buttons on top of the LDS sensor: The dock and clean buttons.

Under that LDS sensor is the entrance that gives users access to the dust collection container.

The brush is also a tool that has a bladed edge to remove hair knots that could become wrapped over the tool.

2. Bottom View

The S6 Pure shares a similar design, with just one left side and one small roll.

The mopping pad is below the brush as with the other two Roborock models we talked about earlier.

The new Roborock products feature five prongs, an all-rubber side brush with water resistance (for mopping) and greater durability.

There’s good news that if you have any older models such as that of the Roborock S5, the new brush is backward compatible.

3. Dust Cup

The S6 Pure dust cup is identical to those of the S5 Max and S6 MaxV. All three models come with the same capacity of the 460-milliliter mark.

It has a HEPA filter, which Roborock claims is washable. But, the model doesn’t have an additional filter, which means you’ll need to buy one in a separate purchase.

Fortunately, the parts are accessible in a lot of online stores such as Amazon as well as Walmart.

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How Does Roborock s6 Pure Navigates?

The S6 Pure utilizes the same LIDAR sensor as the primary navigational tool but it has smaller cliff sensors than the S6 (only four instead of Six).

Instead of making use of LIDAR for wall sensors, Roborock has installed an infrared distance gauge that isn’t as precise.

The downgrades do not affect any aspect of the S6 Pure in terms of navigation and avoidance of cliff points.

Like other Roborock items, the product begins by scanning the entire area 360 degrees in order to maintain its position and find its charging dock (just in case you want to transfer it to another spot).

Then it goes around the edges, before making its way to the middle part of the room.

The way that the S6 Pure navigates is dynamic and it selects the most efficient design according to the room’s layout.

App Features of Roborock S6

_Roborock S6 Pure 2

Roborock S6 Pure is compatible with both the Xiaomi Home App and the Roborock App. The choice between them is based on your preference and whether you own any other Xiaomi products.

The interfaces for both the Xiaomi Home and Roborock apps in relation to the robot look identical.

If you have only Roborock products, we would suggest you go with the Roborock app as it is focused on these. If not, you can use an app like the Xiaomi Home app so you can connect it to their other smart home devices.

The S6 Pure has most of the features found in its more pricey S6 MaxV except the obstacle avoidance system as it doesn’t have the front-mounted camera.

It comes with four different power settings.

  1. Silent
  2. Balanced
  3. Turbo Max

1. Multi-Floor Maps

_Roborock S6 Pure 5

Additionally, you can access the map saving feature and multi-level maps feature, which allows the users to store up to 4 map levels.

The most exciting aspect is the way that this robot will automatically select the right map when it examines the region. If you shift it to another level it won’t be necessary to choose the appropriate map since the robot will do it automatically.

2. Invisible Wall or No-Go Zones

One of the top features of the app is its invisibility wall and zones that are not accessible.

The invisible wall can stop any robot from crossing the virtual line you draw with the application.

It replaced the magnetic tape. Roborock had previously been relied upon to provide this feature.

Even if the S6 Pure does not have the no-mop zones we didn’t consider it a major issue because those zones are there for the same goal.

This feature stops the robot from moving into an area that is rectangular or square.

There is the option to define various no-go zones in the map of your house spaces with a rug.

3. Zoned Cleaning

Another option Roborock app users have is the cleaning feature that is zoned that commands the robot to clean a square or rectangular area.

Take note that you may define the zone in multiple rooms. The software will consider it to be an area that is a single one and will perform its normal cleaning within those limits.

Unfortunately, you cannot save these zones. This brings our attention to the following feature of the app.

4. Selective Room Cleaning

This is a better method of cleaning certain areas within the home. Be aware that this option is only accessible after the robot has saved your map, and then you (or the application) indicate the zones.

Unfortunately, the Roborock application doesn’t have the ability to label rooms, which means you cannot utilize it in conjunction with Alexa.

To choose rooms, you’ll need to click on the room or areas you want to clean. The app also allows users to decide on the order in which rooms are cleaned first.

5. Edit Room

On this menu, you can find three options.

  1. Merge: It provides the user the option of joining several rooms in one.
  2. Divide: Dividing the various rooms of your home with the use of a line.
  3. Sequence: Informs that robot what rooms it needs to take the first step to clean and so on.

Mopping Features

_Roborock S6 Pure 1

The S6 Pure features the same mopping features as Roborock S5. It is equipped with the same gravity tank, which relies on, yes, you guessed it, gravity in order to keep the pad dry.

Because it doesn’t have an electric water tank the water will continue to drip until it is completely dry. There’s a chance of it leaving a pool of water under it in the event that you fail to take out the water tank following the mopping process.

We wouldn’t suggest the S6 Pure if your priority is mopping. Other options such as those of the Viomi V3, Roborock S5 Max, and the S6 MaxV are better choices.

The water tank is slightly bigger than the Roborock S6 and S5. Therefore, we don’t believe there’s a huge improvement when it comes to coverage.

How Long Will the S6 Pure Run?

Its S6 Pure and S5 Max come with the same battery, the Li-ion battery has 2,500 mAh that can run at 150 minutes with a full charge.

It also has a recharge-and resume feature which docks to recharge when it is running low and the task isn’t finished.

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Another thing to note can be the “smart topping-up” (this is compatible by using the recharge-and resume feature) in which the robot can charge only enough to cover the remaining portion that has not been fully covered.

What Is the Power of Roborock S6 Pure? Do You Have One? 

One of the biggest surprises could be the power. To gauge this, we measured the amount of airflow going through the brush roll (with an anemometer).

These are the outcomes of our tests, compared with those of the Roborock S5 Max and S6 Pure.

Power Comp Roborock S5 Max Roborock S6 Pure Roborock S6 MaxV
Gentle 8.37 CFM N/A 6.14 CFM
Silent 9.8 CFM 9.68 CFM 7.9 CFM
Balanced 12.49 CFM 12.49 CFM 9.8 CFM
Turbo 15.68 CFM 15.68 CFM 12.32 CFM
Max 17.74 CFM 18.17 CFM 15.68 CFM

The S6 Pure is almost at the same level as that of the S5 Max when it comes to airflow. It’s the same amount in the turbo and balanced setting, but slightly more airflow at the maximum setting.

You can observe the flow of air in action because it can pick up the entire sand that is on the floors that are hard to clean in two different tests.

How Loud Can the S6 Pure Be?

To gauge the amount of noise we used a sound gauge a few feet from my robot.

These are the results of all power settings.

  • Silent: 59.5 dB
  • Balance: 60.2 dB
  • Turbo: 62.1dB
  • Max: 63.7 dB

The robot doesn’t sound as loud as we thought it would be with a noise level of just 65 decibels on the maximum setting.

There were spikes detected by the sound meter, however, it was due to the sound meter bumping at the edges.

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How Does Roborock S6 Pure Perform? 

The Roborock robotic vacuums have similar designs – a single side brush, a round frame, and the main brush between two rubber wheels.

It’s very effective in getting rid of debris due to its smart and efficient navigation system, which is paired with the brush roll’s design and plenty of airflows.

Cleaning Performance

_Roborock S6 Pure 4

We have tested the S6 Pure through a rigorous series of tests to see its effectiveness with various types of debris including fine dust and sandy particles to huge pieces composed of Cheerios or Fruit loops.

The S6 Pure shines in all of the tests on surface cleanliness, getting a fantastic percentage. We will show you the following.

  • Overall: 92.54%
  • Hard Floor 99.61%
  • Carpet (Surface pickup): 98.72%
  • Carpet (Deep cleaning): 72 72%

You’ll see it was 100% on 6 of these tests. The lowest scores were recorded on grounds of coffee, perhaps due to its high quality.

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1. Hard Floor Cleaning

  • Quaker Oats: 100%
  • Coffee: 99.2%
  • Quinoa: 100%
  • Pet Litter: 99.4%

S6 Pure performs best on hard floors, with an overall score of 99.19 percent, and that’s before factoring in the sand when performing on floors that are hard.

It’s an outstanding score, even when compared to the top stick vacuums, such as those from the Dyson V11 and the Tineco Pure One S12.

In all the tests it was able to deal with different kinds of debris.

2. Sand on the Hard Floor Test

One of the first tests we conducted was with sand on hard flooring. It was a matter of scattering 50 grams and running the machine three times to determine the amount it absorbs. One test was silent and the third with the maximum setting.

The S6 Pure was able to achieve 99.2 percent in silent mode, and 100 percent (average) at its highest setting. This is an average figure of 99.85 percent.

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3. Hard Wrap test on hard Floors

To test hair wrap for hard flooring, we tossed between 5 and 7 inches of hair (one gram worth) and let the robot perform one cleaning cycle to check how much hair goes into the dust bin and how much ends up in the bin.

Find out the amount of hair that has been wrapped around the brush roll.

The amount that was dumped into the bin.

For the test, we utilized the silent power mode which we believe was part of why almost half of the hair was wrapped around bristles (you’ll be able to figure out the reason in a minute).

The fact is that you’ll need to keep cleaning both the side and the main head of your cleaning to maintain the cleanliness when you have a loved one with long hair or even pets.

4. Edge Cleaning

One issue that could be a problem for the round robot vacuum is its inefficiency when it is cleaning corners and edges.

The S6 Pure is no exception. However, it’s at the very least decent.

It took care of the majority of the debris. However, there’s still debris, and it was unable to remove the dirt that was deposited into the quarter-inch crevice that is near the wall.

We would say the edge cleaning performance is below average.

5. Carpet Cleaning

The S6 Pure has a slightly lower overall score when it comes to cleaning carpets.

It did, however, achieve 100 percent in four tests – quinoa, pet litter, Quaker Oats, and coffee grounds. However, it did not perform as well in removing coffee grounds.

6. Low Pile Results

  • Quaker Oats: 96%
  • Coffee: 100%
  • Quinoa: 100%
  • Pet Litter: 100%

In three of the tests, S6 Pure was able to take up 100% of coffee grounds however it could only remove 96 percent of coffee grounds on the carpet with a low pile. This is understandable due to its grounded character.

It’s still a great score, and among the top scores so far we have ever tested.

7. Mid Pile Results

  • Quaker Oats: 95.4%
  • Coffee: 99.6%
  • Quinoa: 98.8%
  • Pet Litter: 100%

Of the three kinds of carpets of which the S6 Pure did the worst on the mid-pile carpet which is understandable given that this type of carpet needs more airflow in order to keep it clean.

Its S6 Pure still scored an average of 98.45 percent of surface debris that was cleaned. We believe that is a good score.

8. Hair Wrap test on Carpet

We also conducted an examination of hair wrapping on a carpet with a low pile using its power mode and this amount of hair was remaining on the hairbrush.

There’s a big distinction from the one with a hard floor. One reason we believe is due to the power setting.

On the hard floor, it was silent and for this test, it was in Turbo mode. The hair was stuffed into the container.

The hair was longer and got into the dustbin when using the power settings that are higher. However, you’ll still need to scrub the brush, since the S6 Pure does not have an anti-tangle mechanism.

9. A Deep Cleaning Test for Carpet

The final test we will discuss will be the test for deep cleaning. In this test, we put 100g of sand onto the carpet with a medium pile.

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S6 Pure was able to take in the average 73% embedded sand in two tests. This is lower than the S5 Max and the S6 MaxV.

We were amazed by the results since it appears that the S6 Pure had more airflow than the S6 MaxV which led us to believe that it could clean the sand more effectively, but this is what we got and we will leave it as it is.

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What Is in the Box?

The S6 Pure comes with the following out of the box features:

  1. S6 Pure Robot
  2. Charging dock
  3. Mats that are waterproof and damp
  4. A Water tank that can be adjusted
  5. Mop cloth (no extra)
  6. Power cable

Quick Start And Product Manual Guide

1. Maintenance

Like any robot vacuum as well as with all vacuums, the S6 Pure needs maintenance to maintain its efficiency over the long run.

This means maintaining the side brush as well as the primary role of the brush free of knots. Also, you’ll need to examine and clean the sensors. This includes the cliff and wall sensors to make sure that the signal they send at the computer is precise.

The Roborock application comes with the “maintenance” section that reminds users when they need to clean or replace these parts.

2. Parts Replacement

There shouldn’t be any issues in sourcing components such as filters pads, brushes, and other similar parts since they are readily accessible on Amazon.

They can be purchased directly through Roborock’s Amazon page or through third-party sellers.

Where Can We Purchase The Roborock S6 Pure?

Roborock S6 Pure is available at a variety of online stores. Our top recommendation is Amazon

If you make a purchase using any of the links mentioned above we get a small commission, but it’s at no additional cost for you, making it an all-in-one win for us both.

Does the Roborock S6 Pure Provide Great Value?

The S6 Pure might be the most affordable option within the S6 product line, however, it still ranks high on nearly every test.

This model has the advanced navigation features and superior cleaning performance as the S6 MaxV but is more cost-effective.

It isn’t equipped with the feature of advanced obstacle avoidance however, we believe that its LIDAR sensor and the advanced navigational algorithm are adequate for those who do not want to pay a premium.

The downgrades don’t seem to impact how the phone operates, so we suggest that S6 Pure provides better value in terms of price and value between the two.

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The Verdict Is: A Lower Cost Alternative That Works as Well as the S6 Maxv


This model is among the top options in the price point when you consider the features available within the Roborock application.

It is a top performer in the cleaning of the surface, and it is superior in deep cleaning carpets.

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It’s a matter of choice between the S5 Max and the S6 MaxV. It will come down to personal preference.

The difference in price in this product versus that of the S5 Max isn’t significant, however, the latter model is more efficient in mopping which covers a wider area and has better accuracy.

Comparatively to the S6 MaxV, the S6 Pure is much cheaper and does not include the obstacle avoidance technology and the electronic water tank of the former.

If you’re in the market for more efficient mopping, and only that you’ll find that it’s the S5 Max may be the most suitable choice. For those who require high-end mopping and better navigation, the S6 MaxV is the best choice.

All that being said, it’s still a great product. S6 Pure is still an outstanding product offering the most efficient and effective navigation and outstanding cleaning capabilities at an affordable price.

5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase the Roborock S6 Pure

  1. Smart Navigation S6 Pure: The S6 Pure has the same navigational algorithms as S6 MaxV and S5 Max but at a cost that is less.
  2. Excellent for Cleansing Surfaces: The device earns top marks in testing for surface cleaning. It scores perfect 100% over six tests.
  3. Compatible with Roborock and Xiaomi Home Apps: Users can make use of both the Roborock App and the Xiaomi Home App, depending on their preference.
  4. Deep Cleaning: S6 Pure is decent at cleaning dirt that has been embedded on the medium-pile carpet, picking up 73% of the time during the tests that we conducted.
  5. Value for money: This model isn’t nearly as costly in comparison to the S6 MaxV however, it still offers the same exceptional cleaning and navigation capabilities.



Roborock S6 Pure is an excellent choice for those who are searching for a clever navigating robot vacuum cleaner that will help them to get their home clean quickly. 

It includes the majority of options of the larger S6 MaxV but without the price premium. The only thing it is lacking is its obstacle avoidance feature as well as its electronic water tank; however, according to our testing its navigation remains impressive.

The absence of an electronic water tank impedes it somewhat in terms of the range, but it’s nonetheless a decent choice in this field.

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