Roborock S6 Maxv vs S7 Comparison: 11 Main Difference

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S7 Roborock is a robotic vacuum company that is owned by the bigger Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. A lot of buyers have confused Roborock with it being the Xiaomi vacuum. Here, we compare Roborock S6 Maxv vs S7.

The truth is that Roborock is the brand that made the Xiaomi vacuum but later separated to create an independent brand called Roborock.

It is a Chinese company that makes a reliable robot vacuum comparable to leading brands, such as iRobot Roomba, Neato, Deebot, and many more. It has made investments in R&D, and that’s what sets them apart from the rest.


Are you searching for an outstanding robotic vacuum that will take charge of all your everyday cleaning of your floors? You can’t go wrong using S7 Roborock or the Roborock S6 MaxV.

These are both top models available in the United Kingdom!

The S7 shines bright with significant enhancements to the mopping function while it scores significantly better than the S6 MaxV scores higher in navigation.

The question is, which model will be most suitable for your needs?

In the S7 and S6MaxV Comparison reviews, discover which offers the most value for your bucks. Are you buying the latest S7, or are you impressed more with the Roborock S6 MaxV? That’s the question this article is about.

However, first, we will provide an outline of the company and the specific models featured in this article.

Check out the article, and we’ll get to the root of the matter in our in-depth S6 MaxV Vs. S7 review.

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Roborock S7 Compares To. S6 Maxv: The Distinctions

In simple terms, this Roborock S6 MaxV has a camera built-in to detect and avoid small objects, while  S7 comes with a better mopping system and can use self-emptying bins. 

Based on this, the S6 MaxV can be used by the user to watch it clean in real time, can detect tiny objects, and take photographs of them, in addition to avoiding the waste of pets. These features aren’t included on the S7.

The S7 is equipped with a deep mopping function and child lock button lights and allows you to choose the frequency of vibration and can ignore, block, or raise the mopping pad onto the carpet when it is in mopping mode.

The dustbin on the S7 is different in design even though its capacity is approximately the same as that of the S6 MaxV.

If you do not add the filter, the S7 dustbin will not be able to close. In the case of the S6 MaxV, it is possible to unintentionally run the vacuum without the filter and not be aware of it.

The Roborock S6 MaxV has a brush roll made up of bristles and rubber components. This S7 roller is completely made of rubber. The brush rollers aren’t compatible.

The water tanks are of distinct designs, even though they are both 300 milliliters in size.

What’s the Same Thing?

Lidar controls the S7 Roborock and the Roborock S6 MaxV so that coverage and navigation are similar. Both models have the same size water tank, dustbin, and similar charging docks. Both models provide suction of 2,500 Pa. 

In terms of a water tank, they both can control water flow. However, the shapes of the tanks are different. Both come with the same HEPA filter as well as the identical size of the dustbin, but they aren’t interchangeable since the tank’s shape is different as well.

S6 MaxV Vs. Roborock S7

Roborock S6 MaxVRoborock S6 MaxV


roborock S7

1. Cleaning Performance

In terms of vacuuming, both machines have the same suction. However, they use a different kind of cleaning brush, which results in more efficient results for the S7.

The brush that is fully rubber performs better with extremely fine particles like the sand found on hard floors and carpets with low piles.

The S7 performs better on sand and carpets with low piles for hard floors on hard flooring.

The results of the cleaning test

Score/Model S6 MaxV S7
Low-pile, sand 86.7% 93.5%
Bare floor, sand 95.9% 100%
Bare floor, debris 99.8% 100%
Low-pile carpet, debris 99.5% 99.9%
Medium-pile, debris 94.5% 96.8%
Overall score 95.2% 98%

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Our tests showed that in our testing, the S7 was able to pick up more debris on the carpet of the medium pile addition.

The total score of the S7 is 98%, while that of the S6 maxV scores is 95.2 percent.

Overall, the S7 is superior in removing particles of fine and ultrafine size, and we believe it’s due to the brush roll that is fully rubber.

Overall it is our opinion that this S7 is the top-performing robot vacuum that we have tested till now.

2. Navigation

roomba s6 max 2

Navigation is a challenge: The S6 MaxV comes with an inbuilt camera that assists in identifying and staying clear of objects.

Therefore, it is safer to use the S6 MaxV. It is more secure if you forget your socks, shoes, and other small items lying on your floor.

The S7 will likely push them away as it moves. In the case of larger objects like legs for chairs, both could perform the same.

We tried using socks, cables, shoes, and other small items. Because the S6 MaxV could recognize the objects, it was much more effective. The cables are a bit tricky.

It relies upon how the cable is laid upon the ground. In 8/10 cases, the S6 MaxV can recognize it. However, we recommend removing the cables from the floor to ensure that the robot isn’t stuck on them.

To avoid larger objects, they both function pretty much the same.

The camera lets you see what’s happening around you in real-time. It also captures images of objects not in your view, which can be seen through the application.

Sometimes, we switch on the camera at home and see what our dog is doing.

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3. Design and Aesthetics

roborock S7 3

When selecting the ideal robot vacuum, it is important to look at the style and design. The design of a robot vacuum determines the distance it can travel, and its aesthetics are all about the appeal.

It’s crucial to distinguish between various robot vacuums merely by their looks.

  • S7 Roborock is a perfectly built round-shaped robot vacuum that measures 13.9 by 13.8 and 3.8 inches. Concerning weight, it’s a bit larger at 10.4 pounds more than the majority of robot vacuums. In terms of aesthetics, it comes in two options for colors. There’s a black model and a white one, which means buyers have two options.
  • However, it is also round. The Roborock S6 MaxV is still rectangular. It measures 13.9 by 13.8 inches by 3.8 inches and weighs 8.16 pounds. In terms of the design, it is available in black only. The S6 MaxV vacuum, unlike the S7, is available only in black.

4. Mopping Performance

roomba s6 max 3

For getting rid of hard-to-clean staining: For removing tough stains, the S7 does better. The mopping cloth it uses and its vibrating module do the job more effectively.

Our tests showed that it performed better after the first and the second tests too.

It also raises the pad once the job is finished and while it’s charging, so it doesn’t need to be concerned about removing the pad once it’s in the dock and doesn’t require waterproof mats.

It is possible to keep the dock on the carpet and not worry that it’ll get dirty because of its mopping material.

There’s no need to create no-mop zones because the S7 is aware of the location of carpets and continues to vacuum the floor and then mop hard floors simultaneously.

If you have a multi-surface and want to use it, the S7 is the better choice. It is the best choice, and it is easier to work with. For floors that are only hard, they both work perfectly.

5. The App

roomba s6 max 1

Both robots are compatible with the Roborock application. The S7 doesn’t work on the Mi Home tho. The design of the Roborock app on both models is quite similar.

However, they are different because they have features that the other model doesn’t.

  1. Since the S6 MaxV is equipped with an in-built camera, it comes with the following functions that the S7 is missing:

AI recognition can help the robot recognize small objects

Remote viewing allows you to view the robot’s eyes, which is the camera mounted on board.

The feature of taking pictures of obstacles lets the robot snap pictures of the obstacles it is avoiding while it cleans

The S6 MaxV to avoid pet waste, although we wouldn’t advise leaving the robot and your pet unattended

  1. The S7 doesn’t have cameras. However, its mopping system is sophisticated, and the robot also has other advantages:

The robot can recognize carpeted surfaces that you can check on the map.

The child lock can be switched off and on by physically pressing the button or through the application. It secures the buttons so neither your child nor your pet can turn off the robot.

The deep mopping technique decreases suction, and the pattern is tighter.

VibraRise: when you select the flow of water, you can also choose the frequency at which vibration occurs.

The button lights can be switched on and off, too.

Avoiding carpet, ignoring, or rising are different settings that allow the carpet to lift or not be placed on the carpet when the robot is in mopping mode.

The NoMop and No-Go zones, along with zones for room cleaning, are available in both models, as they can be customized to fit each room. You can also choose the suction and water flow mode for every room. Both robots can support multi-tap.

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6. Charging Dock & Self-Emptying Bin Support

One of the major differences between these two vacuums is the S7 has a self-emptying feature. The S6 MaxV does, however, not come with this feature, which is a shame.

Self-emptying bins are not currently available. However, the company says they will be ready by the end of this year.

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7. Filtration

roborock S7 2

S6 Maxv

The filter is a crucial factor to consider when selecting the most effective robot vacuum.

In this article, we will examine the various aspects like the quality of filters utilized, the size of the bin, and the method of emptying the S7 Roborock and MaxV S6.

Roborock S6 MaxV comes with washable E11-Rated filters that trap every kind of allergen and dust, including dust mites, pet dander, and more.

Although HEPA filters are the most effective for people suffering from allergies, E11 filters do a great job of purifying the air. The bin is also washable and comes with a 460ml capacity.


The same features are present with the new S7 Roborock model considering filtering quality. It also has washable E11 filters that are rated.

The difference is the volume of the dust bin. The S6 MaxV can wash 460ml; the new S7 comes with a washable 470ml bin.

Another contrast between the S7 and the Roborock S6 MaxV model is the mechanism to empty the bin. Roborock will be rolling out the Roborock vacuum Auto-Empty Dock, which the S7 model is compatible with. 

So, homeowners won’t have to be concerned about emptying the robot’s bin by hand. The system will take care of this task after the S7 docks.

8. Suction Power

roborock S7 4

A single crucial feature that vacuums have is their suction capacity. A good robot vacuum must be able to suction well for efficient vacuuming.

So, which of these two Roborock vacuum models is the most efficient?

The Roborock S6 MaxV came out with a much more powerful HyperForce motor that can deliver 2500Pa in Max mode.

This suction is sufficient to remove even the tiniest dirt particles hidden in the carpet pile. To be clear, the S6 MaxV is 25 percent more powerful than the S6.

  • There’s a Gentle mode for low-power vacuuming.
  • Quiet mode for normal cleaning,
  • Turbo mode to do more intense cleaning,
  • Max mode to provide high-intensity vacuuming.

About the S7 Roborock, there are absolutely no changes. The robot is still powered by the HyperForce motor, which can produce the equivalent of 2500Pa when it is in the Max mode.

This time, the robot vacuum comes with adjustable suction levels.

There’s a Gentle mode to allow light cleaning, a quiet mode to do normal vacuuming, and the Turbo and Max modes for intense cleaning on hard surfaces, such as carpets with high piles and rugs.

One advantage of these two vacuums is their quiet operation. They both operate at 67dB when in Max mode. Of course, they’re quieter at lower speeds.

9. Battery & Runtime

Robot vacuums can operate independently due to the built-in rechargeable batteries. The kind of battery they use and its capacity determine their running time and, in turn, the amount of space they can clear on one charge.

In this section, you can find more information about the runtime and battery of Roborock S6 MaxV compared to S7.

Roborock S6 MaxV arrives with a long-lasting 5200mAh battery capacity, providing an impressive 180 minutes of runtime in quiet mode with no mop system.

Of course, when you switch to high-power modes, the time for running is reduced.

In terms of power management, the S6 MaxV may charge itself automatically and continue cleaning without being asked. In addition, there’s an option called Top-Up Charging which is useful when cleaning large spaces.

When the battery is running low, the S6 MaxV can recharge up to 80% before cleaning the point where it was when it stopped.

The brand new S7 isn’t different from the S6 MaxV. It has the same rechargeable battery of 5,200mAh, which provides 180 minutes of runtime in quiet mode. Again, the running time in high power mode decreases.

For power management, the S7 model docks automatically to recharge itself and then restart the cleaning itself.

The S7 also comes with Top-Up Charging, which lets the robot vacuum recharge to up to 80percent before it can complete cleaning.

10. Brush System

roborock S7 1

The Roborock S6 and S7 are robotic vacuums that use brushes to move dirt and agitate it. In this section, we’ll examine the brush system of both robot vacuums.

Roborock S6 MaxV relies on the detachable primary brush roll, which has a floating design, which allows it to be positioned close to floors that have hard floors for extensive motion and lift when vacuuming carpets to eliminate dirt stuck on carpet fibers.

Apart from the primary brush, it also has a sweeping side brush. The S6 MaxV has a side sweeper brush that is a complement to the primary brush.

One of the main differences between the S6 MaxV and the S7 model is their brush systems. The new S7 has what’s called Roller Brush 3.0. It is constructed out of finned rubber, not bristles.

The new brush design will make the robot more effective when it comes to agitation as well as pet hair collection. Also, it makes cleaning much easier when compared to bristle brushes.

This time, the primary brush features a floating design that adjusts itself based on the surface to ensure maximum contact.

11. Smart Features & Convenience

roborock S7 5

In the modern day, smart home technology is dominating the scene. The robotic vacuum industry has not been left out.

They’ve also branched out into the realm of smart home technology. In this section, discover if these two vacuums are smart and also the options they provide.

S6 max

Roborock S6 MaxV is an interesting robot vac compatible with 2.4GHz WiFi, allowing remote control via mobile apps and voice assistants like Alexa.

The application S6 MaxV has several app options, including live maps, a map saving function and confinement (invisible wall boundaries as well as No-Go Zones or No-Mop Zones), and the ability to clean rooms selectively, as well as unlimited scheduling.

The S6, following wireless upgrades, comes with four water and power levels accessible via the app.


S7 is similar to the Roborock S6 MaxV in that it’s also a smart robotic vacuum that permits remote operation using the Roborock Home application and Alexa and various other assistants with voice.

This model includes all of the basic features of the app, including live maps, a saving map function, containment (invisible wall boundaries as well as No-Go Zones and no-mop Zones), and the ability to clean rooms selectively, as well as unlimited scheduling.

The No-Mop Zones, the feature is not required anymore. Because of the presence of intelligent carpet sensing .

Another distinction between the S7 and S6 MaxV is that the latter has both deep and standard modes.

Standard mode permits the robot to mop and vacuum simultaneously, while deep mode shuts off the motor, leaving the machine as a separate mop.

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Why Buy the S6 MaxV?

The Roborock S6 MaxV is the most affordable option if you live in an area that is crowded with many challenges, as it features a VSLAM navigation system that is supported by cameras that are in real-time.

In addition, this S6 MaxV has two revolutionary technologies that have been developed to assist in the detection of obstacles. 

This is the ReactiveAI proprietary system powered by the Qualcomm APC8053 chip and sophisticated obstacle avoidance. To be clear, the S7 isn’t equipped with the features for detecting obstacles.

Why Buy the S7?

Although the S7 isn’t equipped with the necessary obstacle detection, The new model features numerous extra features over its S6 MaxV.

  • First of all, the S7 comes with a completely new brush design. It’s a rubber brush that is more efficient in scrubbing. It creates a buzz when it comes to maintenance because it’s stronger and more durable. Most importantly, it isn’t stuck in knots as it’s not bristled.
  • Another thing to note is that S7 will be compatible with the Roborock Auto-Empty Dock, an auto-emptying system that automatically empties itself.
  • Another area in which the S7 beats the competition is its mopping feature. The S7 is equipped with the feature that has been called Sonic mopping. It is a method that uses an oscillating cleaning head to ensure efficient cleaning. In addition, ultrasonic carpet sensing detects carpeted areas precisely and raises the mop pad 5 millimeters above the ground.

To Summarize, Which Is Superior?


Both robots perform the task equally well. However, S6 MaxV is smarter. The S6 MaxV is smarter because of the camera built-in, whereas the S7 is more effective in being used in homes with mixed surfaces.

The Roborock MaxV is great for those who do not have carpets or require a self-emptying container but do have pets. Perhaps you’re looking for advanced navigation or the ability to stay away from small objects.

The S7 is a great device for homes that have uneven surfaces. It comes with a brand new brush roll that we are a huge fan of and is perfect for those who must manage long hair.

It also works better on hard and carpet flooring, but you’ll not be able to notice the differences daily.

If you’re looking for self-emptying bins, an uneven surface, or desire a superior and more efficient method of mopping, choose S7. 

Hence, if you’re searching for recognition of objects and don’t have many carpets, then the Roborock MaxV is a fantastic bargain.

If you’re curious about the other Roborock models, look into our Roborock comparison.

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