Roborock H7 Review: You Definitely Need to Know These Secrets

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Following the S7 launch, Roborock recently unveiled another product called the H7. It’s an upgrade from the earlier H6 version. Although it shares the same design features, it comes with some thrilling enhancements that we’ll discuss during this overview.


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The Roborock H7 might not impress you with the most advanced high-tech features, but it’s an extremely well-constructed product that can effectively clean carpets due to the increased suction and airflow. 

This, along with the bigger dustbin, makes it a great choice for people searching for an electric stick vacuum that can clean carpets well. It has some flaws; however, you might want to consider it an alternative if you’re okay with the flaws.

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Roborock H7 Review

roborock H7

You heard it correctly. The H7 offers users the possibility of using this as a bagged and non-bagged vacuum. We think this is the first in the field of cordless sticks. Roborock has done this to tackle the issue of allergen exposure.

Other improvements include a 20% bigger dustbin and energy upgrade that we’ll dig into in greater detail later. We have run this vacuum through our normal series of tests in the last few days, which were generally positive.

  • The lightweight design makes it efficient as a handheld.
  • More dirt volume than H6 (500 milliliters)
  • Great at deep cleaning carpet
  • It can be used as a bagged or vacuum that is bagless.
  • Extra time up to 91 mins
  • Quick recharge time of only 2.5 hours
  • A screen with OLED provides great contrast and readability.
  • A variety of attachments
  • Magnetic tools are easier to keep in.
  • There were a few leaks in the course of fog testing.
  • Soft rollers are not included.
  • Steering may improve

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What Are the Big Attractions of The Roborock H7

This is Roborock’s 2nd cordless stick vacuum with the same design features as the H6 model before. The H7 is, however, larger and has more power and the option of using it as a bagged vacuum.

Despite the more spacious size, it weighs not too much (only about 1 ounce). This is great news considering it still has a slim and light appearance.

Let’s take a look at these improvements one at a time.

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1. More power

Roborock improves the H7’s performance compared to the H6 by 10 air watts. We confirmed this increase by running it through two distinct tests – an airflow test and a suction test.

The H7 offers the potential to increase airflow by 14% and an increase of 47% in suction. This surpasses the figure of ten air watts that Roborock has provided. Note that we ran the suction test with the most powerful setting.

This increase in airflow and suction was confirmed by the test on cleaning (more below) because it scored higher overall scores, with a particular focus on the carpet.

2. Larger dustbin

The next improvement is a bigger trash bin – about 25% more (500 milliliters compared to 400 milliliters). This allows the H7 to hold more dirt and requires fewer trips to the trash bin.

3. Bagless and Bag-Free Capability

The majority of vacuum cleaners come bagged or non-bagless; they utilize bags of dirt in containers made of plastic. The H7 is one of the few we have come across that gives users two choices. It is, by default, a bagless vacuum. However, it comes with an adapter to change into a bagged vacuum.

To switch into a bagged one, take the filter assembly off, attach the insert, and then move the bag.

The users will receive two bags of food from the box.

One benefit of using bags is less risk of exposing yourself to allergens while emptying the bag. Roborock has added it to help address the problem raised by a few clients.

The H7 bag appears like the one shown here. It has a thin transparent area to see whether it’s filled.

The only drawback of the H7 backpack is its limited capacity. This will mean frequent replacements.

The bag is closed with an underside tab that seals the bag once pulled, securing the contents to prevent any dirt from spilling out.

4. Magnetized Attachments as Well as Magbase

The H7 devices are magnetized, so you can place them on a metal surface such as a refrigerator for easy access.

The model also features an attached wall-mountable dock, which Roborock calls “Magbase,” where users can keep attachments.

5. Faster recharge

The H7 can be recharged in only 2.5 hours or 37% faster than the H6 (at 4 hours). We love this feature because it cuts down on time spent waiting. It’s a crucial improvement as the H7’s battery cannot be removed, and there’s no way to buy an additional battery.

6. Mop

Roborock will offer mopping attachments to expand the capabilities of the H7 mop floors.

7. Cleaning nozzle

Roborock also has a similar brush attachment, the H7. It comes with only the standard nozzle and not the soft roller; this is a pity as it could have provided additional value to the customers.

The only difference between the brush and H7 is that users cannot take the brush off the frame. This isn’t a huge issue for us, but we would like to have a detachable brush, which makes it simpler to clean.

We loved the sealing underneath, which improves the efficiency of the brush by directing debris toward the brush.

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8. The Design of the Dustbin and Its Capacity

The H7 is based on the same style as the H6, with a few subtle enhancements. One of them is the lock on the primary filter not present in the H6.

As stated previously, it has 20 percent more dirt volume than the H6 with 500 milliliters, which means there’s no reason to empty it every time.

Apart from the capacity boost, the rest of the equipment remains the same, including the trap door designed to remove dirt.

Even if it isn’t equipped with a hygienic method, most garbage will end up in the bin once it is opened. Using the bin as a bagged system can give users the option to empty it without not being exposed to allergens directly.

It’s not an entirely sealed system since there were leaks in the fog test.

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What Is the Power of the Roborock H7?

We measured the power using an anemometer and a water lift gauge. It revealed an increase in power over the H6.

Below are the outcomes of the airflow test using this cleaning nozzle.

  • Lower: 18.99 CFM
  • Mid: 24.87 CFM
  • Maximum: 36.61 CFM

The results from using the extender wand.

  • Lowest: 21.94 CFM
  • Mid: 28.52 CFM
  • Max.: 47 CFM

One of the latest experiments we have added to our collection is our water-lift test which uses the vacuum gauge. The H7 was a shocking 48% improvement over the H6 with the 90-inch level of lift (H6 just had 55′ in lifting water).

Cleaning Performance

Now, we’ll look at how the H7 sifted through various types of debris like pet litter, quack oatmeal, coffee grounds, sand, quinoa, and pet litter.

It performed pretty well; it was much more than the H6, particularly on carpets, confirming the power boost in the H7 is indeed significant.

  • Overall: 95.76%
  • Hard Floor: 88.05%
  • Sand on floors with hard flooring: 99.5%
  • Carpet: 99.52%
  • Deep cleaning: 96%

You’ll observe a score of less than 90% for hard floors, which we will discuss in the next paragraph. It performed well in other tests, especially the carpets, which performed very well in the surfaces and embedded debris tests.

1. Results of the Hard Floor

  • Quaker Oats: 52.4%
  • Coffee grounds: 100%
  • Quinoa: 100%
  • Pet litter: 99.8%

It had a terrible job of clearing quaker oats. It only got a 52.4 percent score. Hence, it wasn’t an issue with pick-up; however, it was a problem with clearance. Standard brush accessories did not have enough clearance to allow the quaker oats pile to pass through, causing it to snow plow ahead.

2. Sand on the Hard Floor

Cleaning sand is among the hardest dirt to clean up, particularly with a standard brush attachment. The H7 was able to pick up the average amount of 99.5 percent in two tests. Note that we utilized the max setting to remove the pieces of sand left behind after the first few runs.

It’s still an acceptable score. We also like the seal between the roller, and it’s a way to ensure that debris can be directed to the suction chamber.

3. Edge cleaning

The H7 also excelled with the edge cleaning process, taking up the majority of beans within a couple of passes. This is another example of the suction boost that H7 has achieved.

It didn’t take in everything during this quarter-inch crevice testing.

You can see that it has left some quinoa on the left side of the dish, even with the highest setting.

4. Hair Test for Wraps on Hard Floors

The next step is to look at how the H7 performed in preventing hair knots. We tried it on seven, five, and nine-inch strands. In essence, until the hair was wrapped around the brush.

  • 5-inch strands: 100 percent in the dustbin; 0 percent on the brush
  • 7-inch strands: 70 percent in the dustbin; 0 percent on the brush
  • 9-inch strands: 30 percent in the dustbin; 70 percent on the brush

It was able to do well on the five- and seven-inch strands; however, its limit was nine inches. That’s excellent, considering that this vacuum doesn’t come with an active anti-tangle device.

5. Carpet Cleaning

The Roborock H7 is a wise choice for cleaning carpets, and the statistics show that.

Results of Low Pile

  • Quaker Oats: 99.2%
  • Coffee grounds: 98.4%
  • Quinoa: 100%
  • Pet litter: 100%

It was a success in carpet with a low pile and picked up to the high 90s, with excellent quinoa and pet litter scores. This is a sign of its higher pressure and flow. Compared with the Dyson V8, the V8 has more averages on the surface.

Mid Pile Results

  • Quaker Oats: 99%
  • Coffee grounds: 99.6%
  • Quinoa: 100%
  • Pet litter: 100%

It was surprising that the H7 performed better on mid-pile carpets and coffee grounds, particularly. This could be because we set the maximum setting and made more passes. This vacuum is an excellent carpet cleaner apart from the comparable Dyson V8 or Tineco.

6. Deep Cleaning Test

Another advantage of the H7 lies in its powerful cleaning capability. It’s not as efficient as the Dyson V11 or V15. However, it’s still a decent vacuum that is cordless. It scored an average of 96% on two tests. Please keep in mind that we used the highest setting for these tests.

7. Test of Hair Wrap on Carpet

We also performed hair wrap tests on the carpet to determine whether the H7 can resist tangles more effectively than hard flooring.

The results are stunning for a vacuum with no effective anti-tangle mechanism.

  • 5-inch strands: 100 percent in the dustbin; 0 percent on the brush
  • 7-inch strands: 100 percent in the dustbin; 0 percent on the brush
  • 9-inch strands: 100 percent in the dustbin; 0 percent on the brush
  • 11-inch strands: 85 percent in the dustbin; 15 percent on the brush

It resisted tangles that came from the five, seven, and nine-inch strands; however, the limit is 11 inches. However, it scored 85 percent on the 11-inch test, and we would call it a fantastic score.

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What Is the Duration of the Roborock H7 Last?

We tried the Roborock H7 in various settings, and it surpassed the 90-minute time claimed by the manufacturer. It ran for 91 mins at the lowest setting and included the crevice tool.

This is a significant improvement over the H6 as it only took 86 minutes to complete before turning off in the run time test.

Be aware that the battery cannot be detachable. Therefore, there’s no possibility of doubling the time for running.

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How Loud Can Roborock H7 Be? 

However, the H7 isn’t very quiet. We tried it using the sound test meter (with its main nozzle connected), and it was over 70 decibels for every test.

  • The Low end: 70.6 dB
  • The Midpoint: 71.9 dB
  • The Maximum: 76.2 dB

Parts are readily available.

Because the H7 is new and is not yet available for purchase, the only place to purchase replacement parts like bags and filters are direct from Roborock. The only way to know is when the H7 can gain momentum in popularity; however, it’s not available at this moment.

Is the Roborock R7 a Good Value? Provide Decent Value for Money?

The improvements Roborock made to the H7 make it a viable option at the current price that is on the level of the Dyson V8 or Tineco’s A11.

The capability to clean carpets is among the top we have ever tasted, and it’s an excellent choice for value because it can double as an upright vacuum.

We are concerned about the leaks that occurred during the fog test, as was the case in the Tineco A11. But the leaks aren’t quite so obvious as Tineco, which is slightly better in this region.

The absence of an attachment for a soft roller is a snub. We were hoping that Roborock would include this feature for more value. However, this vacuum offers great value for what it is since it cleans carpets and Dyson or Tineco with a battery that lasts longer.

5 Reasons to Purchase the Roborock H7

  1. Long duration: The H7 has exceeded the 90-minute time limit by just one minute. If you require a product that runs for a longer period, the H7 is a good choice.
  2. Bagged or bagless functions: The cord-free vacuum can be used as a bagged or bagless vacuum, which is one of a kind.
  3. Great at cleaning carpets: The power boost allows the H7 to get carpet cleaner than the earlier H6 model. It’s among the best alternatives for deep carpet cleaning.
  4. Tools with magnets: Each of the tools for cleaning included in the kit is magnetized, so they can be hung onto a metallic surface (e.g., or on the refrigerator) to make it easy to store them.
  5. Lithium Polymer battery: Roborock claims that the lithium polymer battery is made to last for a long time. We are running the H6, and we did not notice any decrease in runtime.

The Verdict


After using the H7 over the last few days, we are pleased by the overall performance of its cleaning, particularly on the carpet. It’s one of the best choices for debris removal on this kind of surface without breaking the bank for Dyson V11 Torque Drive, Outsize or Dyson V11 Torque Drive, Outsize, or V15 Discover.

There are some problems, such as the steering not being as sharp and small leaks that occurred during fog tests.

This product is an efficient carpet cleaning solution for small and mid-sized properties due to its extended time of operation.

Hair pick-up is quite effective even without any active tangle control system, making it a feasible alternative for pet owners, at the very least, to clean pet hair from floors.

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