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If you’re looking in the market for a Quantum x Vacuum reviews you should be reading this before purchasing it. We will give you the complete details on the top bagless household best vacuum cleaner for under $500.

In the past few years, an air filtration system came up and completely changed the game. Instead of moving the suction from it through the materials filter, the suction has to go via water.

Apart from making it easier to trap debris and dirt, water filtration also has the additional effect of decreasing dust.

The Quantum X Water Filtration Vacuum is the latest stage in this evolution, which is the first upright water filter vacuum cleaner.

How Does Quantum x Vacuum Cleaner Works?

Quantum x Vacuum upright reviews

Quantum X vacuum Cleaner removes Carpet Tiles, Carpets, or other hardwood floorings easily. It is designed to clean all kinds of floors.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with an additional feature, Which is that it automatically adjusts to different types of floor heights, and can use any type of floor automatically and easily.

Adjustable Body Quantum X extends an extra 18 inches to give you extra reach which allows one to vacuum under the furniture, without any extra effort! It comes with a 4-inch clearance and 180 degrees rotating bodies, allowing one to get to places other vacuums cannot reach and clean up any hidden dirt!

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Features of Quantum x Vacuum Upright Water Filter Vacuum

1. Filters:

Quantum x Vacuum Upright Water Filter Vacuum 2

Contrary to regular filters and HEPA filters Quantum X is not clogged. It effectively sanitizes both the air and the ground without loss of suction and airflow. Noticeably, all these can be done without ever replacing a filter.

The user can simply empty the tank of water and then refill the water basin with fresh water. The basin is also equipped with a micro-silver, which kills the pathogens that can be sucked in, such as bacteria and viruses. It is also excellent at removing pet hair and wet spills!

Thus, it can be said to be Better engineered and not overpriced!

2. 18 inch Head extension

Quantum x Vacuum Upright Water Filter Vacuum 3

The design has included the current vacuum user in consideration, too. The 18-inch telescoping hose can be twisted to reach every nook and cranny where dirt and dust can lurk, while the hose’s 10 feet of extension can lift the suction to the level of the ground.

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3. Wet spill pick up

Quantum x Vacuum Upright Water Filter Vacuum 4

The hose is particularly useful for water filtering. It means that it can absorb wet spills like water or spilled drinks. Quantum X drinks it all up including mop water, window washing runoff, and even a gruesome pet accident.

You can also add scent drops to the tank of your vacuum and transform the entire unit into a massive diffuser, which will scent the air you breathe while you work.

4. MicroSilver Technology

Quantum x Vacuum Upright Water Filter Vacuum 1

It comes equipped with a unique feature that has not been found hitherto. The Micro-Silver Technology also helps in eradicating any foul smell or germs that lay around on the floor. Similarly, the Quantum X upright can also be filled with fragrant water. This helps to spread a pleasant, fragrant smell across the area.

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5. Water inlet and outlet


The vacuum has a very simple water pouring system. Just remove the filter basin and add the water into the container and get back to your cleaning. The filter basin is also transparent making it visible clearly to the naked eye. So no need to worry if the inlet is filled up with dirt or not.


At times, removing the water becomes a hassle. The water might get spilled all over the floor making the floors dirty. To counter it, this vacuum comes equipped with a smart feature. It has a small outlet from which you can pour out the dirty water and reinstate clean water once the dirty water is disposed of.

What did our experts like

  • Having a telescopic head of 18 inches helps it reach further heights. Additionally, it can also go as low as 4 Inches to clean those hard-to-reach corners and get everything tidy and Neat.
  • It comes with Brand New filters which are better than traditional filters. It uses water, so each time you clean just remove the dirty water and replace it with fresh water, so no clogged filters anymore.
  • Smoothly glides through any surface be it hardwood, tile, or carpet, and cleans anything that comes into its contact, no matter if it’s small carpet fibers, a water spill, or just a floor stain. It also cleans pet hair easily which is a major concern for most households causing no more hair buildups or pet hair mishaps.


  • Telescopic Head to reach high and low areas
  • MicroSilver Technology to kill germs and minute particles
  • 3 Additional Accessories Included with Quantum X
  • The free-standing feature enables it to stand upright without any support.


  • It comes with a plastic body which might not appeal to people.
  • It May feel heavy due to its telescopic height and loaded features.

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Quantum X Compared to other vacuums

Traditional vacuums employ synthetic, paper, or HEPA filters to collect dirt and other debris that eventually get clogged and decrease their efficiency. Traditional vacuums are not efficient because the more you utilize them the less effective they are.

Also, filters are regarded as the breeding ground for bacteria, germs, and even viruses. Additionally, they are costly to replace and a pain to take care of. By using Quantum X you can quickly and easily get rid of all these unpleasant filters because it does not use any of them. It uses water filtration instead.

It has Germ reducing micro silver which is not commonly found in other vacuums. This helps the vacuum in reducing the germs when cleaning resulting in more sanitized and germ-free floors when cleaning.

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FAQs about Quantum X Upright Water Vacuum Filter

If you are interested in purchasing this product, then go through the FAQs or leave your opinions or thoughts. We try to provide you with all the information you need about the product. If you have any questions please leave us a comment and we’ll be sure to reply to all your questions and assist you in purchasing the correct product.

Q. What kind of surfaces can be cleaned with Quantum X upright Water Vacuum Cleaner?

Answer: If you’re looking for an all-in-one vacuum cleaner that cleans Tiles, Carpets, or other hardwood floors easily, Quantum X Vacuum Cleaner is the one to go for.

It is easy to clean up the wet and dry mess with it; This vacuum cleaner is equipped with another amazing feature, it can automatically adjust to any floor height.

It has a telescopic body which gives the user a clearance of 4 inches and it extends to 18 inches in narrow spaces. It can also extend under furniture to wear off all the dust, and dirt can effortlessly clean pet hair that is hidden under the sofa, tables, or beds and even from the car seats as well.

Q. Can a Dry and Wet Mess be cleaned using Quantum X upright Water Vacuum Cleaner?

Answer: It’s a definite yes. If you’re searching for a way to clean dry spills or wet messes, you must be aware that traditional vacuum cleaners aren’t able to clean up wet spills. Here, Quantum X comes to the rescue as it easily cleans the dry and wet mess with equal ease.

Q. How much will a quantum vacuum cleaner set you back?

Answer: If you purchase this on Amazon you can purchase Quantum Vacuum Cleaner for $439. The cleaner can be tested at no cost for 90 days.

So, If you believe that it is the best vacuum you’ve ever owned, or are unhappy with the product for any reason; then Amazon Offers a simple 30-day return policy for its customers. They can return the product within 30 days and receive their refund as and when they wish.

Q. If the water container gets too full of dirt, will the unit let you know if it’s time to pour out the water and get fresh water?

Answer: No, the Vacuum does not come equipped with an indicator as such. This is because it can be visible due to its transparent water storage. So, just check every once in a while and if you feel the water is dirty enough just change it and add fresh water.

Q. Does it get loud when running?

Answer: On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is the Quietest and 10 is the loudest, it ranges around 5 which is not a bad score for a vacuum cleaner.

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The Final Verdict


There are many vacuum cleaners available in the market but what makes this cleaner user-friendly, is the way it is designed. It keeps in mind the needs of the consumer and the problems they face in their daily lives. It also incorporates various fragrances in attachments which makes the entire experience of cleaning your house more pleasant.

The vacuum cleaner stands upright not making it a potential risk for pets and children in your house. The water filter technology it uses adds to the product and its features. Due to this, it becomes pocket-friendly as there is no need to change any component whatsoever, and also comes with a 3-year warranty.

All in all, it is a Go to product if you are a family-owned business and especially a must if you have pets and children around. So don’t think a lot and just go for the product.

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