PowerSmith Ash Vacuum Review: NEGATIVES EXPOSED!

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Whenever we are looking for tools that could be used around the home, there are the best brands that we always select.
The PowerSmith is certainly one of them.

PowerSmith manifests everything which is great about the art of tools, as it ensures that every individual of its products is versatile, convenient, easy to use, and also reliable. It is for these reasons that we recommended PowerSmith to our users when they asked for an ash vacuum for their home.

The cleaning vacuum that they finally chose is the PowerSmith vacuum, which they used especially for fireplace and stove cleaning, and it works so incredibly that our experts have decided to review it thoroughly.

This isn’t just a basic purpose vacuum cleaner; this vacuum has been manufactured to capture ash that comes from burning wood in your grills, stoves, and fireplaces.

So if you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner that can perform as an ash vacuum cleaner, a utility vacuum, and also a blower, this three in one vacuum is much suitable for you.

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Review of PowerSmith Ash Vacuum

PowerSmith PAVC101 10 Amp Ash Vacuum

  • The filter is replaceable and washable.
  • It can suck the finest of ashes and dirt using its two-stage filter system.
  • Metal lined solid canister and suction hose.
  • The filter system has seams that are welded with ultrasonic acoustic vibrations.
  • Both the canister and the hose could withstand high temperatures, so preventing any type of fire hazards.
  • Automatically shut down mode when the canister gets a little bit hotter.
  • The noise level of which is only 79 decibels. Comes with a powerful 10 amp motor.
  • Other accessories include a cord that is 16 feet, casters, metal hose, metal nozzle, a wheeled base, two extension wands, brush nozzle, turbo nozzle, and a filter.
  • Its switch style is that of a nice toggle switch.
  • It comes in the combined colors of black and green.
  • The handle is specially made of plastic due to having a nice grip, while the other components are made of quality metal.

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Credit: Pinetar And Robyns Homestead

Why Should You Buy It?

  • The perfect soot vacuum which does not release ashes or soot out of the exhaust.
  • This can definitely hold hot ashes without doing any damages to the filter.
  • It is easy to use and easy to set up. You just have to press simple buttons.
  • The auto shut down option is a nice safeguard whenever the machine overheats.
  • It does not clog easily.
  • It sucks up grits that are a bit heavier than dirt and ashes.

Why Should Not Buy It?


If you’re not huge on cleaning, then one downfall is that the filter that comes with this ash vacuum should be cleaned often. Like most of the vacuum cleaner, if you do not clean it on the basis, it won’t work as effectively as a dirty filter comprises the suction. is that really a negative? Well, not actually, as that’s the common scene with all the vacuums!

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For Whom Is Powersmith Ash Vacuum Made?

As you know, regular utility vacuum cleaners can’t efficiently pick up ash, which is where the PowerSmith PAVC101 10 amp ash vacuum takes place. This robust vacuum cleaner is ideal for all individuals who have homes with barbecue grills, fireplaces, pellet stoves, and also wood stoves.

PowerSmith Ash Vacuum

Features of the PowerSmith Ash Vacuum

1. Top Filter System

An impressive aspect of the PowerSmith ash vacuum cleaner is its best filter system, which is composed of a two-layer filter. The inner layer traps all the fine ash and dust, which passes using a micro filter. The outer layer is heat resistant; thus, you could pick up a hot ash maximum of 140 degrees hot.

2. Cleaning Ash

The basic vacuum can’t clean up ash, But the PowerSmith PAVC101 could. This vacuum cleaner has been designed to clean up cool and warm ash without blowing debris in the surrounding places you are cleaning.

To ensure that the inner side of your vacuum doesn’t melt whenever in contact with the ash, the canister and hose have been constructed with good quality metal. This means that the vacuuming is heat resistant.

PowerSmith Ash Vacuum

The 5.2-gallon canister could also hold up to three gallons of ashes, and it has an ash level indicator that will let you know when the canister is full.

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3. Additional Accessories

Accessories provide your cleaning process much ease. That is the reason the PowerSmith Ash Vacuum PAVC101 comes with such extraordinary accessories, such as a metal nozzle, 16 Ft Cord, 2 extension wands, a brush nozzle, and a turbo nozzle.

These could be used on your carpet and floor for your general vacuuming requirements. You can also transform the vacuum into a blower just by adding the hose inside the exhaust outlet.

4. Powerful Motor

A powerful motor is a must need in any vacuum cleaner that comes with high sucking and blowing abilities. That is the reason PowerSmith has beaten the PAVC101 with an incredible ten amp motor that produces noise levels less than seventy-nine decibels. This means that this Ash Vacuum cleaner is both quiet and powerful.

5. Safe to Use

When picking up hot ash, you may worry about the safety issues which this action might present. Thankfully speaking, PowerSmith has manufactured the vacuum with an auto-shutdown feature. It will turn off the motor in any case the heat in the canister chamber reaches unsafe levels.

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The Verdict


This PowerSmith Ash Vacuum is an incredibly much easier vacuum to clean out hot and cold ashes from different places. However, it still holds its own. It does a great job of cleaning soot and ashes.  It has a pretty nice review from previous purchasers. You could even cleanout hot ashes with this robust vacuum cleaner.

The great thing about this vacuum is it could contain the sucked ashes in the machine, so the ash or dirt doesn’t spill out of the machine at your place and doesn’t get inside the air, which might cause problems to your home environment, so PowerSmith Ash vacuum protects at all costs.

The auto shut down option is very handy as it is a reliable safeguard against fire hazards. Manufactured with a quieter ten-amp motor, it could clean at a great pace. The filter is replaceable and washable as well.

Built-in accessories include 16-foot cord, casters, metal hose, metal nozzle, a wheeled base, two extension wands, brush nozzle, turbo nozzle, and a filter. If you’re searching for one of the coolest ash vacuums, this PowerSmith ‘s model is a perfect fit for you.

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