ORFELD EV679 vs C10-A: Which One to Buy?

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Today we will take a look at the cordless vacuum brand ORFELD.

The truth is that each vacuum is completely different in style.

Each has a distinct handle design, a different floor head design, and a distinct battery design. Other than that, they all had very distinct vacuums.

It is also important to note that the top model is the c10, which has aspects that make you smile.

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How Good Is Orfeld C10-A Vacuum Cleaner? Explained With 8 Major Points

ORFELD C10A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

1. The Auto Suction Adjustment Feature

The C10-A comes with many options and is the most effective mounting design for walls.

The features of the ORFELD C10A:

  • Sensors with dirt
  • Sealed filter system for filtration
  • Auto suction adjustment according to how filthy the floor is

2. Does the vacuum provide an effective filter?

ORFELD C10A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 1

The ORFELD is a great seal and filter. It’s excellent for the fog test, which shows that it has a great filter and excellent seal. It is not the most efficient filter but far superior to other vacuums at this price which is not often.

A lot of dust is being sprayed around.

The automatic suction adjustment feature comes with dirt sensors. There are only a handful of vacuums with this feature, priced in the premium range.

When you place the robot in automatic power mode, the robot’s sensor automatically detects debris and boosts the suction power.

This is the time to put the device in auto-power mode and when your internal sensors detect debris. It will boost suction power in a controlled manner. The concept of this technology is to maximize the life of batteries and improve cleaning capabilities. The time for vacuuming can be extended by 50 per cent.

3. Does the C10-A excel at collecting debris?

ORFELD C10A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 3

The C10-A has the largest and most gates in the flooring head. It didn’t perform well in the Carpet deep-clean tests in any way. Hence, it was, however, the best in terms of debris pickup on the Carpet and hard floors. It also performed well with the various types of debris on carpets.

The C10-A performed very well when the brush was soft in place in terms of the ability to pick up. The C10-A is one of the tops for debris removal on both surfaces, with the Carpet or soft head.

4. A few variations and tests

ORFELD C10A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 4

The C10-A comes with interchangeable brushes, where you can choose between traditional hard bristle or soft bristle. The less expensive one, the EV679, only had the soft bristle.

Regarding power levels, we tested suction and airflow at different areas of the vacuums and all of their power settings.

The most expensive model had the highest suction number per its manufacturer’s specifications; however, the EV679 has higher numbers. Most likely because of a superior filter that decreases the flow of air and suction.

The numbers are decent for a vacuum of this price bracket. However, the head’s design makes a larger impact on the final results.

The C10-A comes with greater battery life, 60 minutes when the power is low and 14 minutes at the highest setting. Similar to the EV679. Auto mode, with dirt sense, would be in the middle of those numbers.

The major difference between floor head styles is the size of the gates at the front, which allow larger sizes of debris to let through. The smaller the gates, the more effective it is at deep cleaning carpets; however, they are less effective in taking larger pieces of debris.

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5. Is the ORFELD effective in preventing hair that tangles?

Testing the three models that had 7 inches of hair and 14 in the EV679 was the most effective all-around, thanks to the soft bristles.

The C10-A was better than average when using the soft brush, but it was not the best in this price class with an advanced brush.

The C10A ocassionally has hair wrapped around the bristles. The EV679 is the top model for the ability to ward off the hair that tangles.

6. Other considerations to make

ORFELD C10A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 2

The C10-A appears to be extremely sensitive to even tiny amounts of dust, continuously adjusting suction to each dust particle it sees. You’ll pay slightly more to get a truly useful feature.

It is important to note that none are equipped with a top attachment set. However, the C10-A offers more attachment options and is the most attractive Wall mount style.

They are all light and are more adaptable in swivel than other cordless vacuums in the category of premium vacuums.

7. Which brush is best for hard and Carpet floors?

The C10-A and the H20 are equipped with two brushes, one soft and one bristle. It’s daunting to to point the best one for the Carpet.

The C10-A is more effective with soft brushes attached to the deep-cleaning Carpet. The H20 is superior when using a hard brush on identical surfaces.

The conclusion is that it’s all about the floor head design.

One major disadvantage of using the soft brushes on the H20 and the EV679, which only come with the Soft brush, is that they work badly with large particles getting stuck in the brush housing. The C10-A doesn’t have the same issue, easily picking up larger pieces of debris using the soft brush and not getting stuck in the housing.

8. Crevice pickup test

The C10-A performed better in testing the pickup of notches over the other two because it does not have any seals on the sides. Additionally, it has seals on the floor’s bottom head, whereas the other two only have them in the front.

Final Advice

The C10-A is awe-inspiring in part because it has an auto-adjustment feature and very good filtering at this price.

It is the most elegant layout of the head on its floor that is ideal for debris removal. Also, it has the highest battery life, both in high and low settings. It weighs 3 times heavier than the other. However, it is lighter than those with smaller Dyson handles, such as the V8.

The disadvantage of this cleaning head is that it’s not as effective and in the same way, because it isn’t as effective in removing debris because it cannot thoroughly clean the Carpet. If you have carpets with a medium pile, the vacuum will not be able to be deep cleaned.

Orfeld EV679 Is Affordable and has a Long-Lasting Battery! It has the most effective for preventing hair from getting tangling.

It is the most affordable and durable vacuum cleaner. It’s the best at preventing hair tangling and tolerates debris picking up in both areas.

It’s not included with a bristled toothbrush, though it worked slightly better on deeper cleaning carpets than C10-A.

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How Good is Orfeld  EV660 Vacuum Cleaner?

Orfeld  EV660

A 22.2V 2500mAh lithium battery powers Orfeld EV660. It is rated at 120-watts. It provides an adequate suction.

This unit is ~6.6 pounds (~3 kg) in the vacuum setup of stick and upright, with the majority of the weight being placed on the wheels that assist the user in moving the unit around the floor, avoiding obstacles and objects.

The Orfeld EV660 is designed to be used for vacuuming carpeted floors and floors that are not carpeted. However, when it comes to vacuuming carpets with high piles and area rugs, it lacks a more aggressive brush roll and stronger suction. However, it performs very well on carpets with low piles and unfinished floors.

The principal cleaner head is equipped with a swiveling neck that aids in flexibility and maneuverability and for cleaning under furniture.

The head that is the main cleaner features medium-stiff bristles, which help the unit clean, and carpets with a low pile.

The primary vacuum head also has LED headlights to aid in spotting dirt and vacuuming under low-light circumstances.

The EV660 can be a stand-alone model. However, it could be more solid, in our opinion.

However, the handle can be folded inwards to assist with balance and storage. It can also be folded backward to assist in cleaning underneath sofas, beds, furniture, and similar.

How does ORFELD EV660 work?

ORFELD Stick Vacuum Cleaner 1

Orfield EV660 is a well-known and versatile cordless bagless vacuum cleaner that can be used as a basic main vacuum cleaner for smaller homes or apartments and for a second vacuum in larger homes to help with quick cleanup of smaller ones mess-ups and emergencies.

Orfield EV660 is a convertible vacuum cleaner that can be used as an upright vacuum cleaner and a portable unit that allows the user to vacuum all surfaces, including floors.

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Orfeld EV660 comes with two suction settings:

ORORFELD Stick Vacuum Cleaner 2

Normal suction mode provides 35 to 40 minutes of uninterrupted operation, allowing the user to remove most kinds of dirt, such as hair, lint, and other similar types, on bare floors.

Maximum suction mode provides 20-25 minutes of uninterrupted operation, which allows the user to clean various kinds of hard-to-clean debris off carpets. The Orfeld requires a stronger suction and a more powerful brush roll for greater thorough cleaning of carpets with a high pile.

The dirt cup has a transparent design, allowing users to observe the amount and type of dirt being vacuumed. The  dirt cup’s capacity is ~0.5 Liters which is a reasonable size for a vacuum cleaner in this class.

Orfeld EV660 design allows the user to swiftly and effortlessly remove the dirt cup directly into the trash can.

ORFELD Stick Vacuum Cleaner 4

Air filtration is satisfactory, but the manufacturer doesn’t specify the exact HEPA rating of the ORFELD vacuum cleaner. Air filtration is built on the cyclonic effect and air filter cup, and serrated air filters.

The cyclonic action helps keep the dirt from the cup of air filtering; the cup’s air filter can filter larger airborne particles and shield your air filter against harm.

In the end, a serrated filter removes even extremely tiny particles.

The cup for the air filter can be cleaned by using plain water. However, it’s necessary to change the air filter after a certain period.

It is important to note that the ORFELD Ev660 is an easy machine to use and maintain. However, when it arrives, read the instruction manual thoroughly to ensure you are accustomed to your new vacuum.

After a while, the washable air filters must be replaced by a new ones. The replacement interval is completely dependent on the kind of dirt, frequency of usage, and other similarities.

There’s something else…

ORFELD Stick Vacuum Cleaner 3

ORFELD EV660 includes a storage and charging station. Plugin the charging station into the wall socket and the charger station. After each cleaning, return the device to its charging station and allow it to charge the battery in a controlled manner.

To make the storage unit more solid to ensure stability, fold the handle inwards.

Orfeld, the EV660 stick-vacuum cleaner can be converted to a handheld model by simply removing it from the main unit, permitting the user to sweep up surfaces with elevated levels such as sofas and interiors cars, pet beds, beds, stairs, and more.

To help you vacuum during the handheld mode, the Orfeld Ev660 includes a variety of cleaning tools like Brush Tool and Crevice Tool. Orfeld EV660 Cordless Vacuum cleaner has a one-year warranty. This is an acceptable warranty within this price bracket.

The Long Story, Short Version:

Orfeld, the EV660 cordless vacuum is an entry-level, affordable cordless convertible model that does the job it was designed to do but doesn’t anticipate performance comparable to bigger and higher-priced models such as Dyson and others.

If you’re searching for the most effective vacuum cleaner for a tiny apartment, dorm, or even a tiny house, you should consider this one. It can also be used for the quick cleaning in large apartments and houses, but it cannot replace the larger, more powerful, and more expensive larger models.

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