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Today, our spotlights are on Oreck Commercial Vacuum!

Do you need a new vacuum to clean your workspace? Perhaps you’re looking for an upright vacuum that is powerful for you at home? Oreck could be the solution to your requirements.

The Oreck Commercial XL upright vacuum is a basic model. However, it is renowned for its performance on hard floors and carpets with low piles.

Will this vacuum be able to pass our tests of performance?

Keep reading to find out whether you think this is the ideal vacuum.

Overview of Oreck XL Commercial

Its Oreck Commercial XL model is a basic vacuum with a few options. It’s not maneuverable and does not have attachments and accessories; however, it has low annual maintenance costs, a lengthy 35 cord, and an extremely basic appearance.

These features make this vacuum an excellent option for office and commercial use. However, we believe there are better alternatives for use at home.

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Oreck XL Commercial

As per its name, this model, Oreck XL Commercial, is specifically designed to be used in commercial environments. It’s a basic vacuum with no attachments, or accessories, bagged-designed with a 35 cord.

It doesn’t come with the swivel feature, which implies that the radius of its rotation is zero degrees. It was a great choice for low pile carpets and was excellent on carpets with high piles; however, it was not as good on the hardwood.

It’s a great option for commercial use due to its low maintenance; however, it’s not our first option for cleaning the entire home.

A Glance at the Features

  • It weighs just 8 pounds.
  • A low-profile design will allow it to get deeper into the furniture.
  • Bagged system
  • Side brushes are available to help improve edge cleaning.
  • A 35-foot power cord (no cord that can be rewound)
  • A bagged system helps dispose of waste less messy.
  • A relatively inexpensive, high-quality cleaner
  • Long power cord
  • Hand controls to make access easy.
  • 1-year guarantee


  • Ideal for deep cleaning carpets with a low pile to deep pile
  • Side brushes work great on edges and bases
  • Lightweight
  • A relatively inexpensive professional-grade cleaner
  • Brush roll with suction that is strong (6,500rpm)
  • A bagged system helps dispose of waste less messy
  • Long power cord


  • Short warranty
  • Because it’s a bagged system, you’ll have to pay more for the bags.
  • Incapable of achieving cleaning the floor above
  • No headlights
  • It is recommended to replace the belt every six months.
  • No swivel steering

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Is Oreck a Good Value?

The Oreck Commercial XL upright vacuum provides excellent value for money.

Cleaning: In our cleaning tests, The Oreck did not have any issues with carpets with a low pile. It struggled on hardwood floors and a little on carpets with high piles. The lack of a cleaning deckled to cereal being moved around (and not being sucked up) in our high pile and hardwood cleaning tests.

Usability: Usability and maneuverability aren’t perfect, but they leave a lot to be desired. The 0deg turn radius and the absence of attachments aren’t ideal; however, it is to be expected of a commercially manufactured vacuum.

Maintenance: Maintenance costs have been among the lowest we have seen so far, which is worth value points.

When we consider warranties and returns, Oreck falls in line with most other brands. The warranty runs for one year, while the return period is 30 days (via Amazon).

How Does Oreck Commercial Vacuum Clean

This Oreck Commercial XL upright vacuum is cleaned by the agitation of brush rolls and suction power. The brushroll’s edges are lined with brushes that assist in sweeping debris and dirt into the path of cleaning for the vacuum, which means less gets missed out with every cleaning session.

The belt and the brush roll are located on the bottom of the cleaning head.

There is just one cleaning mode available with this particular Oreck model. This means that you do not need to be concerned about switching the cleaning mode when you change floor types. The vacuum will automatically adjust for you.

Oreck Commercial XL Upright Design

This Oreck Commercial XL upright vacuum has one of the most fundamental designs. However, this is typical of a vacuum intended to be used in commercial settings. To reduce costs, Oreck had to go for a less cluttered design.

This makes use of a huge dust bag instead of a dustbin made of plastic.

The handle’s front is where you will find the power switch, while the back of the handle has a hook for the cord to be wrapped around.

Moving the vacuum down, you will notice that the head of the vacuum is square. It connects directly with the handle of the unit.

This vacuum is not something to be proud of in terms of aesthetics. Again, the commercial design isn’t made to impress but for the performance.

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What is the size of  Oreck Commercial vacuum?

The Oreck Commercial XL vacuum comes with a fairly standard upright. The height is 47inches, the width is twelve inches, and the depth can be nine inches. In total, this Oreck weighs 8.2 pounds.

  • Width – 12”
  • Weight – 8.2 pounds
  • Depth- 9”
  • Length – 47”

What Can We Expect From the Commercial xl2100rhs From Oreck?

If you look at the design, this tool can do one thing: a deep clean carpet.

The entire upright vacuum, from the beater bar through to the sleek design, focuses on optimal carpet cleaning.

It’s a bagged method, and if you’re concerned about the expense bag, this isn’t costly.

A bag of 25 bags will cost you just under $20, which is less than $1.50 per bag, which is a pretty good price.

Be aware that if your house is filled with carpet, allergens are likely to be in the.

If you’re using a bagless vacuum, emptying it is messy.

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This is beneficial in case you suffer from asthma and would like to limit the exposure to allergens when you empty the vacuum.

The most important thing to remember in this case is that it doesn’t have a brush roll that you can switch on/off, so using it on hardwood is not recommended due to the speed at which it spins at 6,500 rpm. It’s best to use it solely on the carpet. 

Cleansing Performance of Oreck commercial vacuum

1. Bare Floor Performance:

Unfortunately, this upright vacuum isn’t suited for the floor since there’s no feature to turn off or on the brush roll.

Because the brush’s bristles are stiff, they pose a significant chance of it scratching the wood. If you’re looking for a brush to protect your hardwood, check out our suggestions for hardwood floors.

Also, check out V6 Fluffy, Dyson’s solution to vacuum floors with no floor. It comes There’s with a soft roller cleaning head that performs excellently on small and large particles. 

2. Carpets for Pet Hair:

Most carpeted floors (except for stairs) are equipped to deep clean pet hair.

3. Upholstery Performance:

This is strictly intended for floor cleaning. It is not a product to clean your upholstery.

4. Carpet performance:

If you own wall-to-wall carpeting, this is the one you wish to keep your carpets free of allergens, sand, and other dirt that could harm them in the future. The motorized brush comes with bristles with spiff, and it spins at 6,500 RPM. It will penetrate deeply into carpet strands and dislodge dirt, which is great for thorough cleaning.

It weighs just 8 pounds; you’ll be able to move it around. If there’s a downside, it’s the absence of swivel steering. It’s not possible to utilize this for stairs due to the size of this floor tool. Also, it’s not equipped with a hose and a small motorized tool attachment required to wash carpeted stairs.

Customer Reviews

Most people say this upright is an all-purpose machine and extremely light.

These two words sum up all you need to know about this upright. It’s not the prettiest or the most versatile, but it can be used to cleanse your carpet.

If you’re searching for something to remove dirt, gunk dirt, allergens, dust, and so on carpets, this can be the perfect solution.

This is a tremendous alternative if you’re searching for something that can deep clean your carpet before applying carpet cleaner.

Nearly everyone who wrote a review felt that the device had excellent suction and was light.

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It is ideal for older people because it’s light

One buyer even bought one for his grandmother, who likes to do the vacuuming herself. This one is ideal for her since it’s light.

Note that this unit is very loud and could make children nervous. The absence of an off/on switch for the brush is why this machine would be extremely difficult to use on hard surfaces because the motorized brushes tend to throw bigger pieces of debris and could scratch wooden surfaces.

It doesn’t have a hose or any other accessories; you aren’t able to put it on top of the floor.

Although some people believe it’s easy to push across the carpet, others believe it’s not. The reviews aren’t all positive. Many people say it isn’t suited for really shag carpets.

It is usable on non-bare floors

Some say it worked well on their tiled and hardwood flooring, which is a surprise for us since you cannot turn off the roll of the brush.

A majority of buyers liked how this vacuum performed, especially its suction power. It’s loud; therefore, this vacuum could not be suitable for you if you have children in the vicinity.

It has only one speed and does not have a brush roll. Therefore this isn’t the one you’re looking for if you’ve got expensive flooring that is bare.

Certain older people (above 70) bought this item because it was light, and they could complete the vacuuming task themselves as it was light.

Who Should Buy the Oreck Commercial XL Upright Vacuum?

This Oreck Commercial XL vacuum is an adequate vacuum for some and an excellent vacuum for those who need it. The cost isn’t high. However, the carpet’s high pile and hardwood performance leave some to be desired. The low annual maintenance cost and the long cord make it more attractive for commercial usage.

I’d suggest this model: Oreck Commercial XL, if you’re searching for these features of an upright vacuum:

  • Do you require a vacuum for commercial purposes? If you’re cleaning an office space or have an organization that handles cleaning in significant volumes, this vacuum is the right choice. The no-frills method, the simple design, and low maintenance are perfect for those who just require something that will get work done for an extended time.
  • Are you looking for a basic upright vacuum? This Oreck is a basic vacuum that doesn’t have any noises or bells? If you’re in the market for an upright vacuum that can provide an acceptable level of performance and is priced reasonably, it could be the best option for you to look into.
  • You don’t require a highly maneuverable vacuum cleaner. Oreck Commercial XL is a good choice. It has virtually no turning radius. It’s not ideal for those who must maneuver over the furniture or any other obstructions when cleaning. Another reason why it’s better suited for commercial applications is.

It is ideal for older people due to its lightweight

One customer even purchased one for his grandma, who insists on vacuuming herself. This is perfect for her as it is light.

Be aware that this device is loud and can make children nervous. The absence of a switch to turn off or on the roll makes it hard to work on hard surfaces because motorized brushes are more likely to scatter large chunks of debris and could scratch wooden surfaces.

It is not equipped with a hose or any other accessories you aren’t able to put on top of the floor.

Although some people claim it’s easy to use on carpets, others claim it’s not so easy. There are different reviews. Certain consumers believe it isn’t best for really shag carpets.

Does the price of Oreck Commercial Vacuum make sense?

There are many things in this unit that we enjoyed, such as the weight, cord, and mobility. But, the absence of a hose or attachments was a major deterrent for us.

Some comparable models come with a hose, wand, and a range of attachments. To be used in a family with four children, we would not be willing to buy an unreliable vacuum or even one that is a well-built Oreck. We were missing a few basic functions we wanted.

If you just need to vacuum floors, Oreck will be able to help. In our house, stairs, furniture, and curtains are much easier to clean by using the aid of a vacuum. We require a hose or wand as well as certain attachments. It is possible to create the Oreck work but only if you use a stick vacuum or wet-dry vacuum to clean hard-to-reach areas. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the bag make it difficult to replace?

We didn't need to change the bag during the test phase, so we decided to give the bag a go to see if it was difficult. It's a simple, easy procedure. The outer bag can be unzipped on three sides. This means you can access the bag inside that is disposable. The only thing to do is snap it back in and out.

Does the head of the vacuum fit under furniture?

The head of the Oreck has an angled design that slides under the majority of furniture. The handle and frame lay flat, allowing you to vacuum underneath beds. It can be placed under stools and in the entertainment center without issues. The handle is flat, making accessing under beds much simpler.

Is the cord simple to put away?

The heavy, thick cord is wrapped around two hooks attached to the vacuum frame. There are clips attached to the frame to keep the cord in place to ensure it isn't damaged or snagged as you clean it.

How easy is it to store its cord?

The cord can be stored away with ease in a vacuum. It does not have the retracting feature of the cord; however, the hooks that store the cord ensure that the cord is securely stored, and a clip on the electrical plug connects to the cord to ensure it does not drag.



This vacuum is great for those seeking a powerful cleaning machine that can clean their carpets completely. Because this machine can help deep clean, it’s a fantastic device to have if your home is adorned with walls to carpeting.

It can take on a lot of ground due to the 35-foot power cord, even though it doesn’t have a cord that can be rewound. It is important to note that it weighs only 8 pounds.

If Oreck had included a cord rewind, it would add 5-6 kilograms to your weight. It also likely shortened the cord by about 5-10 feet, so a trade-off is an option when you need additional features.

It’s just $160, which is ideal for people seeking a low-cost deep-cleaning machine but cannot pay for an expensive Dyson upright.

Note that this upright isn’t equipped with the above-the-floor cleaning features and other uprights, such as those that the Shark Navigator has. However, it does it very well for what it can do and will last for many years.

If you have a carpet that is shag, it is possible to look into something more powerful in addition to the fact that this cleaner ought to perform its work and thoroughly clean your carpet.

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