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When you think of robotic vacuums, the first thing that comes to the forefront will be “Roomba.” When you think of robotic vacuums, you are likely to call them Roomba. Here, we determine Neato vs Roomba.

Roomba, regardless of type or brand. Roomba has been associated with robotic vacuums since the beginning of the 2000s when you could purchase one at the nearby Sharper Image store or mail orders. As with all trends, once a product is well-known, it is more likely that other manufacturers will make similar products.

In recent times, Hoover, Dyson, and Samsung have all begun to manufacture robotic vacuums. All are essential names in vacuum cleaners and consumer electronic products. 

However, Neato is the second biggest brand in the world of robotic vacuums. Today, we’ll examine Roomba and Neato to determine which vacuum is more efficient and which cleans.

This is an extremely thorough, super-detailed, and in-depth comparison between the two brands. Below is the simplified version. If you’re looking for complete details, keep going through the table of content.

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For Those Who Don’t Have the Time to Read, Remember This:

The Neato Botvac is the best choice if power to clean is more important, and you aren’t afraid of performing regular maintenance and cleaning your robot vacuum.

Roomba can be the best for you if you wish to take care of the minimum when it comes to maintenance.

Top Models: Review

Botvac D3 Connected

LaserSmart Navigating Wi-Fi Neato Vacuum for Everyday Cleaning

Neato Botvac D3


  • Dimensions: 12.6L x 13.2W x 3.9H inches
  • Standard Filter
  • Extra-large 0.7L dirt bin1 year Limited Warranty (6 months on Battery)
  • Multi-Room Navigation and Entire Level Cleaning
  • Lithium-ion Battery
  • Combo Brush
  • Brush size 12 inches
  • It can clean up as much as 1,800 square feet in one go (includes two recharge sessions)
  • Schedule and activate cleaning remotely from your smartphone or tablet using WifOr simply hit start the device and then go!
  • Automatic return back to the base, recharge and begin cleaning.


  • The more effective cleaning process is superior to Roomba.
  • Excellent cleaning performance on carpets and hard flooring
  • Extra Care Mode advanced settings can be utilized to keep your Neato from hitting anything.
  • The combo brush is specially designed to be used for pet hair.
  • Simple maintenance
  • Control using your mobile device


  • The boundary marker is not there (it can be purchased separately)
  • The Neato application is essential for scheduling. However, it’s not appropriate for people who don’t have either a tablet or smartphone.
  • A standard filter is all you need.
  • The Lithium-ion battery may not be as powerful as the higher-end Neato Connected Models.
  • No side brushes

Roomba 650

The most affordable Roomba is perfect for pet-friendly homes. The machine can handle fibers such as hair, animal fur, dust, and carpet dust.

iRobot Roomba 650


  • Dimensions: 13.39 inches in diameter, 3.62 inches in height
  • 1 Auto Virtual Wall
  • Automated return of base and auto charge (no restart)
  • The X-life NiMH (nickel metal hydroxide) Battery 3000mah
  • Warranty: 1 Year (6 Months on Battery)
  • 3 hours time limit for charge
  • It starts when we press a button, or you can schedule as long as seven days of cleaning.
  • Includes side brushes
  • Around 0.4L capacities dirt bin
  • The Three Stage AeroVac(r) Cleansing System combines agitation, suction, and brushing.
  • AeroVac(r) Filter


  • Excellent cleaning performance on complex and carpeted floors.
  • It can be used on hard floors and carpets.
  • Great Value
  • Cleanses furniture


  • No bin indicator that says “full.”
  • Not suitable for large rooms. Best for one room and smaller houses.
  • Doesn’t include a Dirt Detector Sensor you can find in other Roomba models.
  • No mobile device connectivity
  • Much more challenging to keep clean than other models.
  • Resume and no recharge
  • Battery with older technology

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Roomba Cleaning Technology

The Roomba makes use of iAdapt(r) Reactive Cleaning Technology and features the following functions:

ROOMBA 650 3

  • Wall-Following Technology: vacuum right to the wall’s edges and kickboards.
  • Light-Touch Bumper Technology can recognize the distinction between soft as well as solid ones. This lets Roomba fit under comforters, curtains, bed skirts, and couch skirts.
  • Anti-Tangle Technology: won’t get caught in loose carpet fringes or cables. Roomba can move through a messy or decorated room, which means there isn’t a need for preparation before cleaning (although some small items need to be removed, such as Legos for children).
  • Dirt Detect Series 2 – Using acoustic and optical sensors to identify dirt and debris. It also concentrates on cleaning where it’s most needed (not part of the Roomba 650).
  • The method of continuous pass cleaning uses the back-and-forth cleaning process to ensure that all dirt is cleaned.
  • The sensors for detecting the cliffs know the location of the stairs so that they will not slide down them.
  • Soft touch bumper cushions that are molded to ensure that they won’t harm your furniture

Neato Cleaning Technology

In contrast, Neato’s cleaning technology has the following attributes:

  • LaserSmart Mapping and Navigation as mentioned above, Neato robots are intelligent and tidy in a clean way by scanning the space using lasers. They are also cautious when moving through toys and furniture and avoid falling down staircases. In addition, Neato’s can navigate well in rooms with little or no lighting, a distinct feature from other robots.
  • SpinFlow(T.M.) Power Clean Technology is a multi-functional brush system that includes a combination brush to provide the most thorough all-around cleaning and a different spiral blade brush that can be optimized for deep cleaning when you require it. This is combined with solid suction and automatic adjustments to different types of floors to give you a thorough cleaning of your flooring.
  • Multi-Room Navigation and Whole Level Cleaning ALL of Neato’s newest Botvacs are highly efficient and can handle several rooms and take care of the entire floor. The only limitation is the Battery’s life, which varies between models. This affects the amount of recharges required to finish the job. This is a further aspect to be noted regarding Neato and Roomba vacuums because only the best Roomba models (Roomba 980 and 960) are so intelligent.
  • D-Shape using CornerClever – Neato’s D-shaped botvacs go right in the corner of rooms, and they make a big fuss about how close their robots are to round-shaped robots such as Roomba. Roomba, which we’ve discussed in the previous paragraphs.
  • Automated Charge and Resume if they require more power, Neato Botvacs automatically return to the charging base, power up, and return to complete the task. Contrary to this, Roombas only have this feature on top-of-the-line models, 960 and 980.

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Comparing Neato vs. Roomba by Category

1. Suction

ROOMBA 650 2

Neato BotVacs are more suction-y. Neato BotVacs gain suction power.

2. Maintenance

Roombas with rolling rubber (model numbers that begin at 8 and 9) are simple to keep clean. Hair is not often caught within the rollers, and when it does, it’s an easy task to remove. Roombas is the winner in maintenance.

3. Battery

There is no main difference in daily usage. Categories are not particularly relevant in everyday use.

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4. Cleaning Pattern / Efficiency

All BotVacs of Neato’s and the more recent Roombas (model numbers beginning with 9) come with a linearly-organized vacuuming. The less expensive Roombas come with randomly-arranged cleaning pathways, which result in longer cleaning times, but similar results. Tie.

5. Sound

Neato BotVacs are nearly the same volume as upright vacuums. Roombas are much quieter than those. Roombas win quietness.

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6. Navigation

Roombas are fantastic at maneuvering around your house, except for deep or dark carpets. Roombas’ sensors: Roombas detect a black carpet as a cliff and will not approach it. Neatos don’t suffer from this issue. In the case of dark carpet or area rug, Neato wins.

7. Price

Around 2/3 the cost of comparable Roombas, Neato BotVacs beat the price.

8. Pets in Households

Pets have fur. Neato BotVacs can pick more hair. However, their rotating brushes can be hard to get hair from. This is especially true for those with hair that is long. Tie.

9. Efficiency

ROOMBA 650 1

The latest Roombas (models 9xx) and all Neatos BotVacs feature linear vacuuming. Tie.


10. Large Homes

All Neato BotVacs and the newer Roombas (models 9xx) include recharge and charge. Tie.

11. Carpet

Roombas equipped with rubber rollers work better on the carpet. Neato BotVacs may have issues moving on carpets with a deep pile. Roombas are the winners on the carpet.

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12. Family Homes With Children

The newer Roombas (models 8xx and 9xx) are slightly better at dealing with toys and other small objects on the ground, thanks to their rubber rollers. Roombas have a chance to win families with

13. Hardwood Floors and Area Rugs


Both brands can seamlessly transition from hardwood to area rug.

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In Detail

1. Sound

The Modern Roombas Aeroforce Cleaning System has two specific ways of working. The first is carpet cleaning mode, where the Roomba operates its program with the vacuum on. The other mode is the regular cleaning mode, which has the motor of the vacuum running. It is easy to tell the difference between when the motor is in operation and not. In everyday use, it’s far quieter than a standard vacuum cleaner. 

Roomba’s Eco mode improves the sound as less power is applied to the vacuum motor, resulting in a more peaceful vacuum experience.

Neato is Neato. 

BotVacs sounds like a vacuum cleaner. However, the Roomba 980 has decibel levels comparable to an ordinary vacuum cleaner. All Neato vacuums are pretty loud. With the new BotVac Connected model, Neato has included an Eco mode, which cuts down on the motor’s power and reduces noise. In both Roomba and Neato Eco modes, we can say that watching T.V. while the vacuum is in operation it is feasible with minimal noise on your T.V.

Verdict: A resounding Neato can be described as a full upright vacuum, whereas the Roomba is significantly quieter. But both models will most likely wake someone asleep even if they’re very sleepy. 

The Roomba 880 series sounds more modest than the 980 series. Both series can be heard in different rooms in your home. The Neato Botvacs all sound powerful. In Eco mode, both Roomba and Neato sound the same and are so that you can enjoy T.V. from the same room.

2. Suction

ROOMBA 650 4

Modern Roombas versions have changed the vacuum system. Instead of rotating brushes for agitators, iRobot invented what they call”the AeroForce Cleaning System. 

By replacing traditional brushes with rubber treads and a larger Power Vacuum Motor, Roomba FloorVacs reduce the chance of clogging your machine. When the dirt is removed from the carpet, and the impressions rotate counter-clockwise, they crush dirt and hair into pieces, breaking them into smaller pieces.

Neato BotVacs is a Neato that sticks to the classic vacuum cleaner model, using an Omni-rotating brush and powerful vacuum motor. The brush can be swapped out, and you can choose the rubber/brush combination that is highly efficient on floors made of hardwood; or you can opt for an alternative rubber beater setup, which is highly suitable for carpets.

Verdict: Neato has superior suction capability during our tests. Hair clumps that are large and bulky are frequently found in the garbage, and we’ve even discovered small amounts of pennies inside ours. However, the new Roomba vacuums are said to have an increase of 500% in suction power over their previous models. The rubber rollers of iRobot work well due to the threads made of rubber that break up particles. Less suction is required for satisfactory floor cleaning.

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3. Navigation

Modern Roombas- The latest Roomba models have been upgraded with bump detection and stairs detection sensors. They also have wireless beacons for sensors, enabling you to construct virtual walls that restrict certain areas in your home. 

Virtual walls can help secure areas for children’s bedrooms, which could contain small toys on the floor that could obstruct the device. The current Roomba models employ random cleaning patterns and detection to identify dirtier areas. 

If the Battery is depleted, Roomba can navigate back to its charging station.

Neato BotVacs Neato BotVacs use laser-guided LIDAR-based navigation systems that map your home’s location into memory. Using this map and the capability to return to the charging base when its Battery is empty, Neato Botvacs can cover more area than other robotic vacuums and return to their charging base during cleaning before moving with the rest areas of the home. 

Neato has created an planned, linear cleaning system similar to how the human body would vacuum. It is an overlaid repeating pattern that goes back and forth, covering every area of your house twice before moving to the next one. 

The base model doesn’t contain corner brushes; however, due to the “D” shape of the vacuum, corners and baseboards are accessible. The upgraded models include side brush attachments that better clean those areas.

A thorough video compares Roomba against Neato. Conclusion: Roombas are easier to maintain. However, Neatos are more effective and efficient in navigation. Find further Neato reviews on Amazon.

4. Efficiency

Modern Roombas employ random patterns to keep your home clean. Although iRobot has integrated dirt-detecting technology, we do not know what the Roomba detects in a more dirty section of our home. In many instances, we can notice our Roomba vacuuming the same place for up to 10 minutes at a stretch when a pile of hair from pets is only five feet away. 

This isn’t to say that our Roomba isn’t able to take care of our home’s cleanliness, as the fact is that it takes several sessions to accomplish this. Also, its AeroForce Cleaning System operates much more effectively on our flooring than other vacuums because it doesn’t use conventional brushes. 

This means our Roomba can make more runs on our floors, with fewer recharges and also with fewer (almost) obstructions. It is estimated that our Roomba will cover about 1000 square feet with one charge in just a few minutes.

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We are amazed by the linear cleaning pattern on our Neato. It leaves the carpet with lines of vacuum, which is why we know it will cover the entirety of our house. 

Since it works in a dual coverage design, it typically requires a recharge mid-clean to cover about 1100 square feet. The flooring you choose to use could be less because we have deep carpets and pets. In addition, depending on the dust situation, Neato BotVacs could require mid-cleaning maintenance to clean the brushes.

Verdict: This used to be an uncontested issue. Both the Roomba along with the Neato have different strengths. We prefer the Roomba on our pet-hair-ridden carpet since the rubber rollers need less frequent (and significantly less) maintenance. 

However, although the traditional brush system is often clogged while cleaning, the Neato offers more coverage as it can pinpoint precisely where it’s been and leave the coveted vacuum lines on our carpet. If you have hardwood floors that are not home to animals, either vacuum will excel.

5. Battery

Modern Roombas, The new generation’s Roombas, have a two-hour cleaning time, a fast recharge of around 2-hours, and the capacity to plan your cleaning schedule. 

The latest Roombas are smart enough to return to their charging stations during cleaning, while premium models will continue to clean after recharging. They also have an AeroForce Cleaning System. This System is more efficient with carpets than older models, meaning less power is consumed and less Battery is depleted. In addition, the upgraded models come with an Eco mode that provides less power to the motor for vacuuming, which saves the Battery.

Neato BotVacs – The Neato Botvacs are charged within two to three hours. Whether using Eco Mode (a more peaceful, low-power cleaner setting) or Turbo Mode (with increased suction), they can last for two hours. 

BotVacs are all intelligent enough to switch back to the charging station mid-cleaning and resume cleaning after a full recharge. When vacuuming your carpet, you can expect the Battery’s life to be lower.

Verdict: Between the current Roombas versions and Neato Botvacs, there is virtually no difference in the Battery’s lifespan. The primary difference that must be aware of is that only the top-end Roombas come with the auto-resume feature when charging halfway through cleaning, whereas the Neatos have the feature included by default.

 It’s something to think about when you have a more extensive area to clean. If you have the Roomba, you could require more units or the top-end model.

6. Pet-Friendly Homes With Households

The basic cleaning system found on lower-end Roomba robotic vacuums has the suction capability to remove hair from pets. Still, the brush mechanism tends to become blocked, especially when your pet has long hair. 

The more modern Roombas are, however, exceptionally well at picking up pet hair because of the treads that break apart hair strands. The only issue is that pet hair with longer lengths can be smashed into giant hairballs and, at times, won’t be picked into the Roomba. A routine of cleaning every day helps to eliminate this problem.

Neato A.K.A. Neato collects a vast quantity of hair from pets. Hence, Neato produces a robotic vacuum designed specifically for pet owners. The D80/85 comes with an enormous dust container, a combined brush specifically designed to pick up hair from pets, and an upgraded filter to trap pollen and dust. 

However, we have observed the simple spiral blade brush made of rubber to not get caught more often than the combination brush. However, we’ve got an animal with multiple coats; therefore, your results might differ.

Verdict: The Neato simply picks up additional pet hair. The issue is that it stops caused by hair that is tangled. We’ve observed that the Roomba is more hands-free and with fewer stops, while the Neato needs more supervision. 

We also employ these robot vacuums on long pile carpets. This doesn’t assist… If you have a short pile or hardwood, there shouldn’t be any issue with either a Roomba or Neato. Neato. You shouldn’t even think about the original Roomba for pets.

Verdict – Neato Connected D3 vs Roomba 650


Both robot vacuums work best for homes with smaller rooms. For instance, the Roomba 650 works best when restricted to a few rooms.

It’s not easy to decide which one is good between the two options; however, due to the additional advantages of Neato D3 Connected and the possibility of lithium-ion batteries, we believe it’s a better choice.

The video below by Neato highlights Neato’s D3 and D5 Connected (see below for more details about this Neato comparison with Roomba 960) is a live demonstration.

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