Neato Botvac D80 Review: A Complete Guide

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Botvac D80 is a minor upgrade from the Botvac 80. Neato claims that the product features upgraded motors and brushes that are supposed to provide better overall performance for carpets and unfinished floors.

Did it live up to standards?

We will learn more about it below.

Please don’t think of this as the BotVac Connected model, which is a different model.

It’s similar to “Connected”; however, it’s not the same. “Connected” is approximately $200 more costly. Yes, that’s a big margin. It offers WiFi connectivity and a Lithium-Ion battery, so keep an eye out for our review of this.

The latest update: Neato has been offering two brand new robot vacuums since they launched D80. They include the BotVac Connected as well as BotVac D7. Both are better navigators because of the S.L.A.M. technology and also have WiFi. The D7 model also has “No-Go” areas that work similarly to the virtual wall.

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A Quick Overview of the Features

 Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum

Like BotVac’s original series, it also includes an additional side brush.

It still runs on the NiCad battery, which will provide you with approximately one hour of running time.

Laser navigation systems allow you to utilize it even in low-lighting conditions.

It has two blades: a spiral brush for cleaning carpets and the combo brush (for hair). It has a capacity of 7L of dry dirt.

One year warranty on the robot as well as 6 months on the battery.


  • Laser-guided navigation systems allow users to utilize this system even in low-light conditions.
  • Includes 2 brushes for hair as well as carpet.
  • The dirt can be large (0.7 liters).
  • Efficient navigation.
  • Overcame the BotVac in regards to collecting pets’ hair.
  • Side brushes can be used to remove dirt from edges.


  • Don’t use carpets or floors that are dark because cliff sensors believe that they are “cliffs.”
  • Still using a NiCad battery.
  • A little more expensive than the higher BotVac, but it is more efficient.
  • Despite the improvements, it was not able to surpass its predecessor, the BotVac 80.

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How Capable Is Neato BotVac D80?

_Neato Botvac D80 1

We’d like you to know this: both the D80 as well as the D85 are the same unit underneath the under the hood. It has an identical motor, brushes, and, yes, performance as well. The main difference lies in the accessories that are included (and it also depends on the place you purchase it).

It’s identical to the D75. However, the D75 isn’t equipped with the spiral brush that is used for carpets.

If you purchase this on Amazon, you’ll receive two brushes: the spiral brush along with the filter.

Additionally, you’ll get magnetic tapes to mark off areas that are not within boundaries.

The items included in the box may differ in accordance with the type of package.

The filter is described as a high-performance filter, but be aware that it’s not a H.E.P.A. filter. If you’re looking for a robot that has H.E.P.A. filtering, go for Roomba.

If you examine the trash bin, it’s larger than what you would find in the XV Pro.

The best part that it has (no-pun meant) is it will inform the user when it’s empty, so it doesn’t require you to be checking.

1. Navigation

One benefit Neato can offer over other robot vacuums with cameras is the ability to move about even in dim to no light due to its laser-guided system that can identify obstacles as well as the size of the space.

A camera needs adequate lighting to “see” the surroundings, but a laser is not. If you live in a house with a lot of natural light, you won’t have to turn on the curtains to make proper navigation.

2. Please Eliminate Obstructions

Eliminate any obstructions like chairs to increase the efficiency of the robot. If you have more chairs, more likely is the robot becoming lost.

Another issue is that it can only be seen at the level it is located, so that if there’s an overhang (e.g., beds or furniture) that is slightly higher than the laser sensor, Neato could hit it and may cause damage to the furniture and even the robot itself.

To make the most of this method, you’ll need to prepare the space by getting rid of all wires, chairs, and obstructions (toys or rugs).

3. Do a Great Job of Staying Clear of Obstructions

Based on reviews of video reviews, it does an excellent job of staying clear of objects and won’t hit them.

The drawback of this is that it can’t discern transparent objects. If you own furniture made of glass or plastic that is transparent, it is necessary to put the furniture on a sheet of paper to let the robot see.

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4. Bare Floor Cleaning

If you take a look at CNet’s test, the BotVAc D85 performed fairly well in removing pets’ hairs, Sand, and rice on the hardwood. It was able to outperform in the area of the ability to pick up rice and hair, but underperformance compared to the less expensive BotVac 85.

The 880 was slightly better than the D85 in the process of removing Sand.

Be aware that D85 and D80 are almost identical.

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5. Pet Hair Removal

_Neato Botvac D80 3

If we could offer you a reason to purchase this one, it’s to remove pet hair since it had outperformed the other four robot vacuums when it came to testing for pet hair (yes, there is even one that beat the BotVac 85).

6. Carpet Cleaning

On the carpet, it performed as perfectly as the other four models in our testing.

It was better at picking up the rice on mid-pile carpet than its Signature pro, VR9000, and 880 models; however, it still did not get as much as BotVac 80. On carpets with low piles, it did the worst of the five.

In terms of removing dirt and Sand from mid and low-pile carpets, it was the least of the five. You should be aware that all vacuums have difficulty in removing Sand from carpet, and you should utilize an upright vacuum for effective deep cleaning.

Does it clean Stairs?


7. Scheduled Cleaning and Charging Time

As with various Neato robot vacuums, one can program this one to clean your home once per day, up to seven weeks, even at different times and for every working day. It should take about two hours to fully charge.

8. Run Time

Neato hasn’t provided a specific estimate of the duration of the event; however, If you base it on reviews, it takes about 60 mins.

9. Maintenance

Like all robot vacuums, you’ll need to wash four components regularly – the brush motor, the side brushes, sensors, and the dirt bin. The unit comes with a tool for cleaning the brush to help you get rid of dust and dirt bunnies off the brushes.

The robot will notify you when taking the trash out (literally). To clean the sensors, you’ll have to clean them with the help of a microfiber towel to ensure it stays clean.

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10. Warranty

Neato provides a one-year warranty, and the battery is covered for six years of warranty. If you’re looking for greater peace, Amazon sells extended warranties that last 3 years or more.

Customer Reviews

This model received a good rating on Amazon users, and consumers report that it performs well in comparison with the previous Neato XV Pro and various older Roombas. In comparison to the XV, the Roombas had a larger dirt bin, an additional brush, and a pretty quiet motor that did not sound like the sound of a jet engine.

Like the older Roomba utilized an undetermined pattern of cleaning, which moved in random directions, but the Neato doesn’t.

However, there is an exception; when you own reflective furniture, it is worth protecting that area with paper as it could make the laser sensors confused, and the robot could be able to bump into it. The same applies to transparent furniture.

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It Did an Excellent Job With Carpets and Hardwood

_Neato Botvac D80 2

 CNet had conducted a thorough test of carpet cleaning on the hardwood with Sand, rice, and pet hair.

Out of 3 models, it performed the best at cleaning up pet hair. However, it had a hard time cleaning Sand.

There are certain limitations on this machine that you need to know before grabbing it.

It will first have a difficult time with cleaning fringed rugs since the tassels are “eaten” from the roll of the brush. This is not a major issue because they can be cleaned using a hand vacuum.

Then, it gets caught on wires or cables. If you’ve got a lot of wires and cables in your room, please relocate them to the sides. This is good because it makes you clean the space.

Also, robot vacuums can not sweep stairs. You’ll require a hand vacuum and an upright vacuum.

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 Get Rid of Chairs First

If the area you are cleaning is full of chairs, it is best to move the chairs for the robot to have a clear route and won’t get blocked (this is a frequent complaint).

Although it’s advertised as being smart, it’s not a human being that can discern the gap between legs. There’s a significant chance that it will be able to wedge itself. It is reliant on sensors and lasers.

Where Can We Get This?

You can purchase this robot from Amazon for less than $400. It’s less expensive than the Roomba 980 and 960. Also, it’s in the running for Amazon’s free 2-day shipping. Amazon also offers extended warranties that last up to 3 years if you’re looking for that added security.

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The Verdict


While Neato advertises it for being an “upgrade” to the earlier BotVac, the price isn’t enough to justify the improvements made to it, which are small, to say the very least.

It’s similar to buying a new Camry with a nicer wheel package. It’s more appealing, but the performance is the same; however, in this instance, it performed worse in CNet’s tests.

This model is still much cheaper than the Roomba 880, and it looks more appealing than the older BotVac.

It was able to pick up pet hair. If you have lots of pets in your home, you should put this on your top choices. Apart from that, it’ll be difficult to recommend it as a less expensive but more performer option is available within BotVac 80.

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