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One of the most well-known low-cost stick vacuums can be the Moosoo K17. We’ve run this vacuum through various tests over the last few days to determine its performance, and it came out surprisingly well.

This review will be the core result of those tests, and it will reveal both the good and the bad.


Moosoo K17 is a low-cost stick vacuum which consists good features in it but along with this it also have some disadvantages like small capacity, making loud noise, does not have closed filtration, etc. However, we won’t worry much. 

What’s the reason?

You can select those elective alternatives which overcomes with all these drawbacks and gives you the leading performance.

If in the same price range, way better choices are there, you should go with them.

Model Name Star Rating/Reviews by Amazon Features score Experts’ score
Tineco Pure ONE 4.5 stars/1,664 reviews 9.8 9.7
Whall Cordless Vacuum 4.3 stars/6,780 reviews 9.5 9.3
ORFELD Cordless Vacuum 4.2 stars/1,350 reviews 9.1 9.0
WLUPEL Cordless Vacuum 4.3 stars/191 reviews 8.9 8.6

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Moosoo K17


There’s a lot you can like with this Moosoo K17. It is very clean for a budget-friendly stick vacuum and flexible, particularly if you go for the more expensive model that comes equipped with bigger tools.

However, it’s not the perfect product. Its weakest component is filtering since it sank in the course of testing in foggy conditions. However, it isn’t a huge disadvantage.

Suppose you’re able to ignore these shortcomings. In that case, you can choose the Moosoo K17 (and save a minimum of $250) is an excellent option for shoppers who are budget conscious and who are looking for the best deal since this vacuum brings many benefits.

Moosoo K17 Review

There’s a reason this Moosoo K17 is popular. It can take care of debris quite well. It’s among the top I’ve seen at this price point, including embedded and surface dirt. Also, it’s not a 100% perfect stick vacuum, but double-awesome for the money.

It’s difficult to imagine much more from a stick vacuum that’s budget-friendly at this price. Still, it’s a far better performer than its competing low-cost cordless models and is more durable also.


  • It can last up to 17 mins in the highest setting.
  • Good airflow for a low-cost stick vacuum
  • A low-cost cordless option that is well-maintained.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Fantastic at picking up debris as well as embedded.
  • Over-average at preventing hair knots.


  • It does not have a closed filtration
  • Very small capacity dirt (only 0.5 milliliters)
  • Very loud – ranging from 70 and 72 decibels
  • The filter is quickly dirty.


Product Specifications DreameTech T30
Model Moosoo K17
Battery 2200 mAh Li-ion
Battery life up to 30 mins
Charging time 4 hrs.
Overall length 46.5″
Width 9.26″
Weight 2.79 lbs. (body)
Filter type Washable HEPA filter
Brush roll on/off No
Warranty 1 yrs.
Battery indicator Yes
Airflow Up to 41.31 CFM
Dust capacity 0.5 li
Bagless Yes
Cordless Yes
Price Check Price

An introduction to the Moosoo K17

One of the most popular alternatives on Amazon is Moosoo K17 cordless stick model. With more than eleven hundred user reviews (and many more to come, we expect that), we were enthralled and purchased one to try.

We were not expecting much, but after a few hours of testing, this vacuum cleaner amazed us. The K17 is among the low-cost Moosoo models that cost less than $200, which is its primary selling feature.

There are three options, each with different attachments, yet with the same motor power and battery. The price will obviously vary. The most current version comes using the telescopic wand small-turbo, flexible brush, and a soft dusting brush. It is one of the more expensive choices.

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1. Usability and Interface

Moosoo K17

Do not expect much from this particular area since the Moosoo K17 is a very basic model. It is built on the same principles as earlier Dyson cordless vacuums, like the V6; however, the Moosoo version locks the trigger in the position of on when you press it. You can squeeze it again, and it will go into maximum mode.

The only problem is that it doesn’t have an articulating switch like the V7 and V8, yet it’s tough to believe that it will have more features given the cost.

2. The design of the Dustbin and its capacity

The small size of the K17 impedes its capacity for dirt at 0.5 milliliters. Therefore, you should empty it frequently if you plan to utilize it on the carpet. It also doesn’t have a lever to release to open the bin. It’s necessary to pull down a lever to unlock the trap door beneath. Archaic Yes, but you can’t believe that you can get more from a less expensive product.

It is important to note that you are able to remove the entire filter assembly. It’s a great feature since it swells up quite quickly.

3. Filtration

Moosoo states that the K17 comes with a four-stage sealed system that removes 99.9 percent of dirt and bacteria. One method of testing the validity of this claim is to use an instrument for fogging to do an inspection of the visual.

The fog machine didn’t pass this test since it leaked extensively throughout the entire area.

The Dustbin’s seals don’t have enough seals, which is why there are a few leaks. If you take a closer look at the HEPA filter, Moosoo has attached a very thin outer layer, but it’s not enough to keep dust particles away. You should wash these components frequently.

The good thing is that the filter assembly is able to be removed and cleaned, which is essential as dirt can build up in a rapid manner.

If you’re considering purchasing this type of vacuum, we’d recommend buying additional sets of filters to reduce the time it takes to repair.

4. Cleaning nozzle

All K17 options come with one cleaning nozzle. When you examine it closer, it’s an identical style to that of the Dyson V7, with the brushes spinning across the roller and combining bristles that are stiff and soft.

We love this design because it offers better performance all around and is able to pick up debris perfectly from carpets and hard floors. It’s the top of the budget stick vacuums we’ve tested for the ability to pick up debris.

The majority of other brands have bristles that are extremely soft which can cause problems for the performance of the carpet. In the background of each brush, there is a sealing device that makes sure that dirt does not get into the suction chamber for better effectiveness.

This is because the Dyson V11 Torque Drive lacks this seal, which is why this happened when we tried to remove the floor of sand.

It is important to note that these vacuums took sand out in the reverse direction. However, we’d like you to highlight the importance of sealing in this demonstration.

5. Ergonomics

Another advantage that is a strength of this model K17 is its lightweight design. The body’s weight is 1,269 grams, or 2.79 pounds – making it one of the lightest choices available.

But the position of the handle isn’t the best for ergonomics as we still felt the weight. In comparison to other models, such as the Dyson V10/V11, this one is pretty light.

The small size of the body makes it an ideal device for hand use. It is important to decide ahead of time what tools you will need, such as the motorized mini brush or the flexible hose.

How Powerful is Moosoo K17?

Moosoo K17 (2)

Moosoo claims that all K17 variations come with up to 23 KPA. We don’t own the device yet to test the same, so we use an anemometer to measure the airflow in the cleaning head and the extension tube.

Below are some of the findings of the Wand.

  • Max. 41.31 CFM
  • The default: 32.67 CFM

And cleaning the head.

  • Maximum: 36.32 CFM
  • The default: 28.52 CFM

In comparison to other expensive brands such as Dyson, Tineco, and Jashen, It’s not too far from. It’s more efficient at its default level than Dyson V7, V8, Tineco V10, and A11. All the vacuums are priced higher than the K17.

This airflow is high enough to allow the K17 to remove particles at a fast speed and make clean runs. This is among the top we’ve ever tested. Despite not having an easy-roller tool, It was far superior to its predecessor, the Dyson V7 Motorhead. We can say, for the money, you’re getting enough power.

Cleaning Performance

Moosoo K17 3

This higher-than-average airflow boded perfectly for the K17 for cleaning tests and was constant throughout the majority of tests.

  • Overall: 96.21%
  • Cleansing deep: 89.4%
  • Sand on the hard floor: 99.8%
  • Hard flooring: 99.58%
  • Surface: 99.65%. Carpet (surface): 99.65%

We didn’t think we’d be able to get scores that high, honestly as well, and K17 was among the most affordable stick vacuums I’ve tried to clean both the dirt on the surface and deep inside the carpets and all.

Results of the Hard Floor

  • The coffee grounds: 99.8%
  • Quaker Oats: 99%
  • Pet litter: 99.6%
  • Quinoa: 100%

The K17 was incredibly efficient on hard surfaces, even without an incline, far better than its Dyson V7 MotorHead. The cleaner head was superior in removing a huge pile of Quaker oatmeal, and there was not much snow plowing.

This wasn’t the case with the MotorHead when it drove an enormous chunk of forward.

We’re not certain what method Moosoo could do. It could be due to the more airflow as well as these three slots, which allow for an even bigger pile of dirt to fit. Clean and tidy, there was no trace of dirt. With a low-cost stick vacuum, the results were fantastic.

Sand on the floor that is hard to clean

One of the most difficult items to clean on floors is sand. Before the test, we had doubts about whether the vacuum would take in 100 grams of sand. It did, however, surpass our expert’s expectations, capturing 99.7 percent. The eye test confirms the same with just a few pieces of sand left.

Hair test of wraps on hard floors

The next step is to take a look at how this Moosoo K17 resists hair tangles on hard flooring. We used about one gram of five and seven-inch hair strands to conduct the tests.

Here are the results.

  • 7-inch brush strands 7-inch strands: 82% inside the dustbin and 18% around its brush.
  • 5 inch strands 5 inches strands: 99.8% inside the dustbin and 0.2% around its brush.

It was successful on hard surfaces with almost no hair on its brush following its five-inch measurement. The way the brush appears after it has cleaned one gram of 5″ human hair wasn’t quite as effective when using longer 7″ strands.

However, it was excellent at picking up 82%. There was more hair wrapped around the brush using seven-inch lengths.

Edge cleaning

Another advantage for the K17 is removing debris from the edges. It removed the majority of all the grounds from coffee that we put on this surface but left a tiny amount remaining.

There’s a crack visible on the upper right of the image. It’s about a quarter-inch in-depth, and the vacuum picked up dirt within this region. This means that airflow is adequate to get airflow in the crevices that are this large.

Carpet cleaning

The next step is to look at how this Moosoo K17 did at cleaning the carpet in the middle and low pile. We used identical materials for this particular area.

Results of low pile

  • Pet litter: 99.4%
  • The coffee grounds: 99.6%
  • Quaker Oats: 99.2%
  • Quinoa: 100%

The results are similar to those on hard floors and demonstrate the consistency of this vacuum. There was no drop in the debris even when using small coffee beans. We indeed used the maximum setting on subsequent runs to collect the maximum amount of debris it could.

Even at the maximum setting, the vacuum ran for 18 minutes, and the airflow was constant even when blinking red lights.

Mid pile results

  • Pet litter: 99.8%
  • The coffee grounds: 99.4%
  • Quaker Oats: 99.8%
  • Quinoa: 100%

Surprisingly it was surprising that the K17 performed better in mid-pile carpets than a low pile. It’s among the biggest surprises of the test phase, even though it’s not a huge difference.

It’s among the top stick vacuums I’ve tried for this particular surface and is the most budget-friendly cordless for this purpose. The passes were not as clear as they are on hard floors. However, it did pick up the trails in the following passes.

Results of deep cleaning

The most surprising thing for me was how well this vacuum was able to pick up sand embedded in the mid-pile carpet. It scored an average score of 89.4% – one of the top scores for a budget vacuum less than $200.

Add that to the 18-minute running time on the maximum setting, and you’ve got an effective tool for deep cleaning, at a minimum in small spaces.

Hair wraps on the carpet

Moosoo K17 2

Another test we conducted was to test how well it holds off hair tangles that form on the carpet. We’ve included this test to aid users in seeing the difference in carpet cleaning because it is a different problem.

  • 7-inch brush: 71.8% inside the dustbin and 28.2% surrounding the brush.
  • 5 inch strands: 99.3% in the dustbin and 0.7% around the brush.

The K17 was slightly less in comparison to the K17, particularly when using longer seven-inch hair strands, but it’s still a decent score. There’s more hair on the brush following an examination of 7 inches.

One thing you can learn from these testing is to not think of K17 to be maintenance-free. K17 does not require maintenance. You’ll have to inspect your brush for hair wrapped around it.

The good news is that hair cleaning is simple – simply taking the hair strands out can be done in the majority of cases. If any hair gets caught on the axles, there’s a lever release that lets the brush out effortlessly.

How Long Can You Expect the Moosoo K17 Run?

Moosoo K17 4

The Moosoo website claims that the K17 can run for more than 30 minutes. We decided to test it as follows.

  • Max time: 17:28 minutes
  • Low: 30:14 minutes

The time of 17:28 minutes on max is impressive, and it extends its cleaning capabilities for areas with a lot of traffic, particularly carpets and rugs. It’s one of the most effective results at the maximum setting.

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Noise level of Moosoo K17?

We utilized a sound meter in order to measure noise. Here are our results.

  • Maximum: 71.2 dB
  • Low: 70 DB

Not exactly docile however it’s not terribly loud at the maximum setting, which is averaging under 72 decibels, which is still manageable.

Parts are Available

Users can buy spare filters as bundles from third-party vendors due to the popularity of Moosoo on Amazon. But, components like the battery are available only through Moosoo, which means you’ll need to pay more for it; however that’s all it takes. I’m not aware of anyone selling brushes or other accessories for the K17 as of yet.

Attachments and tools

Moosoo K17 1

The K17 I own is the most basic model and includes these tools.

  1. Moosoo K17 vacuum
  2. 2-in-1 brush attachment
  3. Crevice tool
  4. Wall-mountable dock
  5. 2-in-1 crevice tool and brush
  6. Charger
  7. Extension Wand

Additional, more expensive options are available to users who require more tools.

Is Moosoo K17 Worth Buying?

The cleaning power alone is enough to justify the price. It’s not as sophisticated and doesn’t have the bells and whistles, but with the price, it’s able to clean floors and is as effective as more expensive stick vacuums.

However, don’t anticipate anything too much from other areas, such as filtration. The absence of sealing can mean that dust particles and allergens could be able to escape through the exhaust pipe or seals on the bottom.

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5 reasons to purchase the Moosoo K17

  1. Compact and light: The lightweight and compact design make this a feasible portable option for people looking to make use of it in this way.
  2. A low-cost option: It won’t make a hole in your pocket.
  3. A variety of tools: Based on the type of tool you choose, we love the range of tools available to users.
  4. Great for cleaning floors: One of the most affordable vacuums to remove dirt on carpets and hard floors.
  5. Deep cleaning is effective: It sucked up an impressive 89.4% of embedded sand on the mid-pile carpet.

The Bottom Line: A Great Budget Vacuum


After having tried this Moosoo K17 extensively, we’d recommend it to anyone looking for a cost-effective alternative that can be used on upholstery, floors, and all the rest.

Cleaning performance isn’t a question mark. Tests demonstrate how effective the vacuum is at cleaning dirt. But, it’s the other elements that cause some pause. One negative is the absence of filtration, as it sank badly during this fog test.

The features are outdated and lack modernity, which you’ll find with other brands. It’s tough to expect more from a vacuum of this price. It’s up to you to determine whether the negatives outweigh the positives.

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