Miele Blizzard CX1 Review: Is This Vacuum Cleaner Worth Buying?

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Since 1931, Miele has been producing home small vacuum cleaners. Over the last two decades, the business has climbed through the ranks to become one of the world’s leading vacuum cleaner manufacturers by pioneering significant advancements in three critical areas of vacuum cleaner design:

  1. Air Quality (Hygiene)
  2. Powerful Suction
  3. Low-noise operation

Miele engineers have been wary about bagless vacuum cleaners, and the new Blizzard CX1 bagless vacuum is a significant departure.

Although the customer cost benefits of removing the recurring Miele vacuum bag replacement expenditure were apparent, the brand’s reluctance to make a move was understandable.

Although certain bagless vacuums operated quietly and some high-end models had generally adequate suction, air quality remained an issue for most bagless vacuums.

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Miele Blizzard CX1 Pure Suction Bagless Canister

A Basic Introduction of Miele Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

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Miele was cautious about introducing a bagless vacuum cleaner to the market because it knew that many homes, particularly those with newborns, small children, and allergy sufferers, relied on its clean-air technology.

Miele vacuum cleaners deliver an exceptional clean thanks to the world’s finest filtration technology, which guarantees that allergens and dust particles are eliminated from the floor and the air in the room.

Traditional Miele bagged vacuums come with three different exhaust filters to select from: 

The AirClean filter provides efficient filtering for everyday use. In conjunction with the HyClean dustbag, this gives >99.9 percent dust retention capacity.

Active AirClean filter: This filter reduces unwanted odours significantly and is perfect for pet owners.

HEPA AirClean filter: This filter has a dust retention capacity of >99.999 per cent, filters fine dust and allergens, and is excellent for individuals who suffer from house dust allergies.

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What Exactly Is the Miele Blizzard CX1?


Miele’s first bagless model of cleaning line is the Blizzard CX1. Miele has been a firm supporter of bagged cleaners for years – and continues to be so – but has now thrown down the gauntlet and many R&D resources to provide a bagless option. It’s also a knockout.

The Blizzard CX1 is the top-of-the-line model. This premium bagless cylinder cleaner, priced reasonably, is a suction powerhouse brimming with features.

Wireless remote control, variable power, low-maintenance self-cleaning filters, an easy-to-empty container, and a plethora of tools are just the beginning. It’s not excellent for pet hair on carpets (the CX1 Cat & Dog version is better for that), but the CX1 never displeases.

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Miele Blizzard CX1: Design and Specifications

In the heady world of vacuum cleaners, Miele joining the bagless cleaner market is about as massive as news headlines go. Miele’s decision to add bagless cleaners to its line must have been difficult after decades of firm backing for the bagged argument. The Blizzard CX1 would have to be something exceptional.

The Vortex Engine produces a cyclonic airflow of more than 60 mph – an amazing speed in such a compact area! You can be confident that the fine dust will be separated from the debris at this pace.

You’ll enjoy the Vortex Engine technology the most while emptying the clear debris container: no dust will escape into the air! That means you won’t have to go outdoors to open the container, and your family members won’t have to get out their asthma inhalers.

The flagship model comes with a sleek-looking cylinder cleaner out of the box. Its white coachwork, darker panels, and sweeping lines are reminiscent of a luxury yacht’s flybridge.

The crystal-clear bin provides a view into the heart of its single cyclone bagless system. The cleaner is neither tiny nor light, but it looks the part.

Because of the four Dynamic Drive casters, the weight and size of the cleaner become insignificant when being dragged about. These combine 360-degree rotation with air-filled available rubber tyres, resulting in super-smooth mobility even over uneven surfaces like riven floor tiles.

They lose some of their elegance in really deep-pile carpet, but each caster body includes a pair of parabolic ski-like mouldings to keep the wheels from bogging down.

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How Good is Miele Blizzard CX1’s DESIGN?


A handle at the back of the cleaner lifts allows you to lift the significant cyclone and bin assembly with one hand.

The vortex of the single storm moves air at speeds of up to 100 km/h, and Miele says that it is quieter and operates more efficiently at varying power levels than multi-cyclone systems.

A full-size flap at the bottom swings out for simple bin unloading, which is assisted by the fact that the vortex chamber is at right angles to the bin.

IT preventing fluff and other more considerable debris from being trapped around a central core.

A mesh gauze cup in the vortex’s centre is accessible by a panel that lifts off the rear of the bin, and a finer mesh filter is housed in a frame inside the bin. This does not need to be cleaned regularly, but you must reach into the trash to unclip the support frame when it does. That’s a dirty job.

What About The SPECIFICATIONS of Miele Blizzard CX1?

The CX1’s genuine business filter is massive, located in its distinct dust container and self-cleans.

The CleanStream filter, manufactured by Gore (the firm best known for Gore-Tex), is a folded fibre canister with a row of prongs on the inside that rotate to agitate and flick dust out of the filter into the base of its bin.

When this filter becomes clogged, the cleaner automatically stops vacuuming for 20 seconds and spins the prongs to clear the filter. You may also start automatic filter cleaning at any time by pressing the Comfort Clean button on the cleaner control panel.

The filter canister slides out of the cleaner, and the filter lifts out of the bin, allowing you to empty the contents. We can discover that this didn’t need to be done very often.

We got into the habit of using the Comfort Clean function every couple of cleaning sessions to keep the filter running smoothly.

Aside from the Comfort Clean button, the control panel features four power level indications, each with a graphic illustrating rising power for curtains, rugs, carpets, and parquet/hard floors.

However, there are no settings for this on the cleaner. Miele’s luxurious comfort handle with wireless remote control takes care of that. The remote buttons allow thumb control on/off and /- for power level and are powered by a long-life replacement button battery.

When the cleaner is turned on, the last-used power level indicator steadily pulses until you push the on/off button on the handle. It starts slowly and gradually gets up to that degree.

Up/down changes the power level, and another push of the power button places the CX1 in standby mode. It’s slick and gadgetry.

The cable rewind is the cleaner’s ultimate control. Unfortunately, the cord is just 6.3m long, which isn’t precisely ample for such a high-end cleaner. Unlike traditional spring winders, you do not have to push and hold this button until the cable is coil out completely.

Instead, a single press draws the wire in, slithering back towards you like Indiana Jones’ whip if you’re not cautious. 

What Are The Key Attractions of Miele Blizzard CX1?

  • This high-end model comes with a plethora of tools. However, it can easily gear up at hard floors and houses without pets.
  • The flexible hose, handle, tubes, and tools all clip together and unclip with the effortlessness of a well-designed device. The telescopic metal tubes are well-engineered, with a sturdy feel in the palm and a simple collar that pulls up or down to unlock the telescoping motion.
  • When fully extended, they have ample scope for high-up cobwebs.
  • Comfortable cleaning at floor height with the tubes extended approximately halfway.
  • The curved handle allows for about 90 degrees of rotation around the hose connector, which aids in preventing the handle from twisting as the hose is extended. The wireless remote control in the handle is powered by a tiny, easily accessible CR2032 button battery and will endure for some time.
  • Because it is wifi, it will operate even if disconnected from the hose and cleaner, providing endless opportunities for YouTube comedy gold with unsuspecting family members or pets.
  • A second, considerably smaller hard-floor head with rubber blades is also included. Miele recommends this for flooring with gaps and grooves, such as riven tiles and bare floorboards. The design concentrates airflow for deep-down cleaning.
  • A good-sized dusting brush with soft, natural bristles and a tiny collar on the inside to keep the strands from collapsing into the airflow. On some of the other CX1 versions, this brush is built into the handle, preventing it from becoming misplaced in the back of the cupboard.
  • Finally, there’s a little crevice tool and an equally small upholstery brush, both of which are conveniently located on the cleaner’s back end for easy access.
  • All of the tools are well-made, sturdy, and functional. The CX1 is an excellent bit of design engineering, from the cyclone system. A self-cleaning filter to the tools at the end of the hose.

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How Does the Miele Blizzard CX1 Clean?

Pulling the CX1 around is an exciting sensation; the smooth rolling rubber wheels allow it to glide softly over hard flooring.

When you press the remote control, the 1,200W motor starts up. It runs on the lowest power setting, generating approximately 60dB of noise, relatively quiet.

You can hear the airflow almost as much as the super-quiet motor when the power is on.

What Features Does Blizzard CX1 Provides you?


  • Rewinding comfort power cord with tap function: There’s no need to pause and hope the cable rewinds without tangling. A single tap on a footswitch is all you require to rewind the whole cable of the Blizzard CX1.
  • Extra-long power cord: With a 33-foot range, big rooms may be cleaned easily without the need to change outlets regularly.
  • Convenient park system for vacuuming breaks and storage: Easy to park when the floorhead is attached to the canister in the appropriate settings. The park feature, which allows you to pause when cleaning, is located to the left of the vacuum cleaner. Another park function on the rear of the vacuum cleaner will enable you to keep the appliance upright.
  • Rubberized caster wheels for a smooth gliding move: The Blizzard CX1 has four sturdy 360° non-marring caster wheels for extra smooth, luxurious mobility and exceptional floor surface protection.
  • Attached accessories: All accessories are tucked away, so they are accessible when needed rather than hiding in the corner of a dark closet.
  • Comfort Clean Feature: Indicates when the GORE filter needs to be washed.
  • No Overheating: This is due to the thermal switch, which turns the vacuum cleaner off in the unlikely event of abuse.
  • These vacuums have so many great features that genuinely modernize and improve the process of vacuuming.
  • Graphic symbols for the various applications make it simple to select the appropriate performance level.
  • Convenient control layouts:
  • Easily adjust the suction power using a rotary dial.
  • Handle controls that let you turn the turbo brush on and off with your fingertip to manage suction power.

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Should We Invest in the Miele Blizzard CX1?

Miele’s first bagless cleaner is a genuine winner: brilliantly designed, powerful, controlled, versatile, and friendly features like the self-clean filter.

It comes with excellent equipment for hard floors, and it is pretty easy to empty and clean. It’s a little heavy for stair climbing, and it struggled with pet hair on carpets, but Miele also has a unique Cat & Dog pet-centric version of the CX1.

Add in the super-quiet operation, wheels that glide so smoothly that the cleaner glides, and wireless remote control. The Blizzard CX1 more than justify its hefty price tag.

The Verdict


It’s fantastic! The sanitary air-filtration technology alone puts this bagless vacuum in a class of its own.

When you combine the guaranteed and superb suction action, the quietness, and all the extra features and accessories. You get a vacuum that provides a superior clean as well as ease of use.

It allows you to spend less time worrying about dust in your home and more time doing what you love in your home.

The Blizzard CX1 bagless vacuum cleaner is a fantastic flagship model that combines excellent cleaning performance with many functions.

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