Little Green Pet Pro: Our Experts Title it “Little Beast”

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Its Bissell Small Green Carpet Cleaner 1400B is one of the top stain removers we’ve tried, at least when it comes to rugs. It is also the most trustworthy (or the least flawed) model available in the category and one of the cheapest. The cleaner isn’t flawless (which is true for the entire category).

However, it’s the rug and furniture cleaner we would recommend that you consider first.

While no carpet cleaner will instantly remove every kind of carpet stain, Little Green does a better job than the majority. In just a few minutes, it eliminated common stains, such as wine and chocolate syrup. Additionally, it dramatically lightened the most difficult staining agents: wax- and oil-based color sticks and chili.

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Bissell Little Green Pro Heat Pet Spot Cleaner (1)

Overview of Little Green Pet Pro

In a previous round of tests, the Little Green also did a great job at whisking eggs, blue dye, and bacon grease. It was not the most impressive out of all. However, it was close. In our non-controlled, real-world tests, we also discovered that Little Green could clean up dog urine and vomit smears.

Bissell Little Green Pro Heat Pet Spot Cleaner 2

Its Little Green seems somewhat less likely to fail in important ways than other portable carpet cleaners. We went through countless Amazon reviews for a couple of top models. Leaks were the sole reliability issue mentioned more often on the Little Green than on other models.

Interesting Features

  • The sprays can extract water and then allow it for drying in a single step
  • 48 oz Water Tank Size
  • 3 inches tough stain tool attachment
  • Small spot cleaner deeply can clean up spots and spills
  • 15 feet of cord length
  • It weighs 12 pounds
  • Separate dirty and clean water tanks
  • 1-year warranty with a limited duration
  • Product dimensions: 8.2 x 17.2 x 12.5 inches
  • 8oz Bissell Portable Machine Spot & Stain cleaner included

A Word About Maintenance

Bissell Little Green Pro Heat Pet Spot Cleaner 3

Cleaning and maintenance are an issue for any type of portable cleaner since the tanks prone to contamination are usually small and have tiny openings. However, this model, Little Green, makes it a bit easier than other models. 

It’s the version that Little Green sold on Amazon (and possibly other retailers), which includes the “hydro rinse tool” that you can attach to the outside of the hose to eliminate any gunk within the hose. 

Using convenience

Compared to other manual scrub cleaners that we tried, The Little Green is slightly easier to use. It’s lighter and smaller (9 pounds empty and nearly 12 pounds with a fully-filled tank that’s a couple of pounds less than the average). It also has a massive capacity.

Buy on Target

  • Our trust is with Amazon

At 48 ounces, LittleGreen’s capacity is the second-largest among the models we’ve tested (followed by the SpotClean’s 95 grams). We believe this is adequate for an average cleaning session (being capable of holding more can be difficult and cost-efficient). The carry handle helps make this vacuum cleaner simple to carry around. 

The water tanks are easy to hold with two indents to either side (though these tanks are much better when placed on a flat floor; they’re around).

The dirty tank is much easier to empty than the other models we tested since the inner mechanisms don’t get in the way of the stream of dirty water; it isn’t necessary to place the tank in an awkward position to let the liquid out. Its power cord (4 feet) and power cord (15 feet) are too short for this category.

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Our Experiences

Bissell Little Green Pro Heat Pet Spot Cleaner 1

Through our tests, we discovered that Little Green sucked up the same amount of liquid leftover from our flooring as more costly high-powered counterparts (like SpotClean, SpotClean, and others). Little Green required just 1 paper towel to absorb the remaining moisture left behind from Little Green.

However, we noticed an incredibly high percentage of “wet rug” complaints in reviews of owners. This is a typical complaint about every carpet cleaner you can use, but it’s a little more prevalent for Little Green.

It is possible to reduce this by avoiding the over-spray of stains using the cleaning solution and letting the hose on damp areas for a few minutes longer than you usually would (to allow the vacuum time to absorb more water).



Bissell Little Green could have been an older model, but it’s extremely clean and has been through the years of use. The only problem that a handful of users has aired is that dust could build up in the water tank, making it difficult to get rid of it.

If you’re concerned about this, the Bissell Spot Cleaning Pro 3624 or Bissell SpotClean portable carpet Cleaner aren’t the same and don’t have the same issues against the products.

Apart from that, it is a great product. Bissell Little Green has been hassle-free for the majority of users. It can clean carpet and stain spills with ease. Some people do auto detailing as well. This unit’s portable model has consistently received 5-star reviews from numerous customers through the years.

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