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This calendar year, Kirby introduced a brand new series of vacuums called the Kirby Avilir 2. It was a follow-up to the Avilir 1 and came with some adjustments on the side.

Kirby has, over the years, received the ire of homeowners with its door-to-door spelling strategy. Many people are not satisfied with the constant salesmen who come to homes and pitch Kirby vacuums. They see them as annoying and sly salespeople who frequently sell the vacuums at astronomical prices to unsuspecting customers. 

This is the reason for the numerous negative reviews the company has received on the internet – customers who feel angry because they were conned into paying large amounts of money to purchase the vacuums.

Most of the time, the sweet words of sales representatives and the incredible cleaning capability of Kirby vacuums are what draw people to spend their money. The financing option that lets you purchase the vacuum without paying for the entire amount in one go is another lure that salespeople use.

Additionally, the fact that you can exchange the vacuum you have in your home with one from Kirby is a common reason for people to take it as a deal.

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Kirby Vacuum Avalir 2 was undoubtedly a tremendous model, but the fact is that you can’t buy it now! It’s discontinued!

But we didn’t let this issue hurt the buyer!

We conducted a 4 week testing session, in which we brought over 10 similar sort of models to our lab. We conducted a strong and unique 7=step testing of all the models. Our plan was to find top 5 alternatives.

A few are much better than the Kirby Vacuum Avalir 2, though!

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2. Hoover WindTunnel

3. Bissell Featherweight Stick (Read Full Review)

4. Hoover Complete

5. Hoover WindTunnel Max

Overview of Kirby Vacuum Avalir 2

Kirby vacuum 2

The Kirby marketing approach aside, it’s beneficial to discuss the actual product and how it does or doesn’t. Because, let’s face it, Kirby vacuums can be clean. That’s a big reason for Kirby’s successful marketing strategy and many customers buying the vacuums.

Kirby has indeed continued to have impressive sales numbers despite the negative comments on the internet forums. The company sells 500,000 units annually Kirby isn’t doing well. This means that many homeowners find these vacuums suitable. 

The most recent Kirby Avalir 2 comes in various models and comes with an amazing array of accessories that can’t be present on any other vacuum. Biased reviews can tell an untruthful picture of the product. That’s why we wrote this review.

It’s to provide an honest review of the features of this model, their advantages and disadvantages, and tips about how to not be in a position to buy it for an overpriced price. This will let you examine the vacuum from an objective perspective so that you can determine whether it’s worth purchasing or not.

1. Cleaning Efficiency

_Kirby Avalir 2 3

The airflow produced from Kirby Avalir 2 is impressive. It’s among the most powerful vacuums in the same class as motor amps. Tests show that the suction and airflow of this vacuum are the 132 CFM along with 40″ of water lift figures that very few vacuums can achieve.

The high airflow is one of the main features of the Kirby vacuums. They can be extremely effective in cleaning dirt, particularly from carpets. Now you know why their salespeople are always seeking to demonstrate their cleaning capabilities with vacuum cleaners.

When combined with the powerful agitator brush, their airflow will pick up dirt from carpets with a high pile that other vacuum brands cannot.

If you’ve ever had a Kirby salesperson visit your home, you’ve probably seen them wash your carpet using the aid of a Kirby following your normal vacuum cleaner.

You’re likely to be shocked at how the dirt embedded in the carpet could be cleaned up and surface again through their vacuum. This was because of the outstanding airflow technology, superior brush roll, bristles, and other characteristics. 

You now know the reason why so many customers buy these vacuums. They are extremely effective, and the Kirby Avalir 2 is no exception. It can clean your carpets as well as your unfinished floors effortlessly.

Apart from the suction, the floor head creates 14 inches of cleaning space that is wide enough to make cleaning big areas simple. If you have a lot of room to clean, it is essential to have a wide cleaning head. It is required if you wish to take less time to complete the cleaning task.

2. Dust Capacity

It’s a bagged vacuum which means that the dust is kept in a disposable bag. The dirtbag that comes with Kirby Avalir 2 is a big one that will provide you with a lot of vacuuming time before it gets full. It is housed inside an outer bag. It comes with HEPA filtering to ensure the removal of allergens. 

The bag is located on the unit’s side. It features a “fill line” that indicates the moment you have to replace it. The vacuum doesn’t have an instrument to warn you that your bag is overflowing. But, given that it’s large enough to store dirt for a long time and even weeks, you shouldn’t find it a problem. Bags like those on the left side are priced at around $5 per piece.

3. Dimensions and weight

The machine weighs 23 pounds. You’ve probably been told that Kirby vacuums are very heavy, and they are. With 23 pounds, Avalir 2 is pretty much in the middle of the pack. This means that quite a bit of effort is required to climb the stairs. But the versatility of this vacuum can help to solve this issue. 

It can be converted into a handheld device for furniture, mattresses, and other higher-level areas. When cleaning carpets, it is possible to engage the self-propulsion feature to help you move the unit more easily. The dimensions of the vacuum are 15 “x43’’x16”, which makes it quite large compared to the other uprights.

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4. Efficiency of Filtration

The level of filtration in Kirby Avalir 2 is excellent. It could easily be able to make it onto our allergy list. As per the manufacturer, it’s HEPA meaning that the vacuum is not a danger to those with allergies. The dirtbag can trap 99.97 percent of particles smaller than 0.3 microns. The dirtbag is a disposable item that requires replacement after it has filled up. 

Bags are sold in retail stores that distribute them reasonably and in various packages. Another feature of the vacuum filtration method is the high-quality seal that the company has provided for the product. This means that there’s no chance of allergens that have been cleaned finding their way into holes other than those of the filter.

5. Input Power

Kirby Avalir 2 takes 7 amps from the typical American outlets for power. Its amperage is less than other vacuums made by reputable brands that can suck up dirt with a ferocious force. It makes Kirby vacuum an energy-efficient one.

These vacuums have also been awarded the Gold Seal from CRI for this. Despite the small input power, don’t expect the suction capacity of this model to be less. The company has ensured that it will continue to remove dirt and other debris that Kirby cleaning machines are famous for.

6. Warranty

It is covered by a warranty of three years. Most of the time, you purchase Kirby Avalir 2 from distributors authorized by the company that manufactures it. They use the door-to-door selling method, meaning that you only buy it via a salesperson that visits your house.

Insofar as the paperwork includes the date of the sale and other details about you, you’re covered by a three-year warranty for the Avalir 2. 

It’s important to remember Kirby will only honor warranties for vacuums purchased from authorized distributors. However, if you purchase it on the internet, the warranty you receive isn’t actually from Kirby but rather from the seller. 

Kirby’s warranty is limited and covers the vacuum cleaner and labor parts. Also, there’s a program called “Lifetime Rebuild” that buyers of Kirby vacuums can avail of. The program grants owners who have registered the right to have their machines repaired or rebuilt to a good-as-new state.

The process is carried out at an affordable cost, and you can request it at any point during the machine’s lifetime.

7. Accessories

Kirby Avalir 2 will amaze you with the variety of accessories it comes with. The company wanted to build a cleaning device that will do everything you need in your house, from cleaning to mopping and shampooing, refinishing hard floors, and painting your house’s walls. The items you get include:

  • A shampooer
  • Inflators are used to inflate the air.
  • Extension tubes
  • A portable sprayer
  • Carry handle
  • A useful tool
  • A replacement belt
  • A duster brush
  • A crevice
  • Air intake guard
  • A wall/ceiling paint
  • The grip used for suction control
  • The upholstery the upholstery
  • An attachment to the hose
  • A surface cleaning head
  • The user’s manual for users 

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Special Features

As we mentioned earlier, the Kirby Avalir 2 is an amazing cleaning machine. It comes with various accessories and attachments designed to help complete various tasks. The unit itself is equipped with various features to increase the cleaning power and usability that the unit provides. The diverse features include.

1. Pile Adjust System

_Kirby Avalir 2 2

One feature that makes this model ideal for carpets is that it can adjust how high the head of the floor is. This allows you to clean precisely at the correct height and pick up dirt effectively. Adjustment is made using the foot pedal, making it simple to use while you vacuum.

Since it’s a manual operation, it allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of every height before you decide which one is the best. A floor head that is too low may make a tight seal on carpets, making vacuuming difficult if the floor is not clean, the risk of destruction of the surface or the blowing of dust.

When the level is set excessively high triggers suction to decrease dramatically, and it may result in debris not being picked.

2. A Powerful Headlamp

The vacuum is equipped with an LED headlight that casts an intense light in the user’s direction. The one that comes with the Avilir 2 has been upgraded from the previous model’s smaller one to a larger and more efficient LED lamp.

The light illuminates the vacuum’s path effectively, allowing you to clear areas with poor lighting. We are betting Kirby is aware that many of their customers live in large houses with dark rooms requiring a vacuum to have a strong headlight. This is the reason they chose to put it in Avalir 2. 

3. Brushroll Powered

It has an electric beater brush that has bristles that are extended. Although this feature might not be suitable for certain flooring, it enhances the cleaning capabilities of Avalir 2. The brush is used to move the debris and dirt before it is picked up, which allows the machine’s powerful suction to cleanse with unparalleled effectiveness. 

This is why Kirby salespeople make a point when they ask customers to show the power of cleaning their equipment. True to their words, their vacuums can clean up dirt beautifully and leave one wondering why they currently do not have a Kirby.

This is why many homeowners decide to swap their current vacuum for one following the demonstration. The rotating brush roll with the suction power of these vacuums does the trick. It brings this suction power into your home, helping you clean all kinds of surfaces, from upholstery carpets and floors that are not covered to high-pile carpet flooring.

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4. On and off Brush

Avalir 2 allows you to rotate the rotating brush roll off and on at the touch of a button. You need to pull a lever to disconnect the belt that connects the brush with the motor, and the motor will not rotate any further. This is crucial for cleaning carpets with sensitive materials, and you don’t want bristles from the beater damaging those delicate fibers. 

Additionally, when cleaning delicate hardwood floors, you can easily be damaged by an agitator motorized brush. Some feel that the lever control for brushes on Avalir 2 is a bit clumsy. Since it requires disengaging the belt, it is necessary to wait until the motor stops running before moving it. 

Some people believe that an additional brush roll motor and a simple on and off switch are more convenient. This would make the process faster and more user-friendly.

However, Kirby did not wish for their expensive and heavy vacuum costly and heavy by having another motor. The on/off device for brush rolling will remain in place for a long time to be.

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5. Long Power Cord

The cord measures 29 feet in length. While not excessively long, it’s the standard length needed to make cleaning your house easy.

The only issue with Avalir 2 cord is that it doesn’t have an automatic mechanism to wind and rewind. You must do it manually, which is difficult and exhausting. We were not certain why Kirby didn’t recognize the need to automate the process in this particular section that they vacuum.

6. Self-Propulsion

With what the company refers to as TechDrive, The Kirby Avalir 2 is easy to push and pull while you clean. A lever located at the rear of the unit allows you to activate and deactivate this feature. Moving the vacuum across the floor becomes virtually effortless if the mechanism is engaged. 

This is especially beneficial when vacuuming carpets and the wheels are caught in the rug. With the auto-propulsion feature, it will not cause strain on your arms or wrists and fatigue every time you clean your home.

This feature also means that you won’t feel the impact of this vacuum because it takes very little effort to pull or push it. The great thing about TechDrive is that it allows you to decide whether or not to use it and when you don’t.

7. Brushroll Indicator

Due to the inability of motorized roll-on floorings, carpets, and hard floors, it is recommended to know whether it’s turning on or off. Turning it off might not suffice as you might forget or even have an inoperable mechanism without knowing. Kirby invented a method to determine if the brush was turning or not. 

This method uses a magnet on the edge of the roll, which powers an LED lamp. Because it lights only when the magnet is spinning and producing electricity, you can be certain that the brush will remain still when the lamp is turned off. This, although minor, can help ensure that there isn’t any risk of harm to the flooring that is expensive and delicate.

8. Conversion to a Variety of Different and Useful Cleaning Units

The flexibility of Kirby Avalir 2 is astounding. It’s a complete machine capable of handling virtually everything related to cleaning your home. With the capability to change to 12 distinct and distinctive devices, the vacuum is a class by itself.

The options are practically endless, from a vacuum that is suitable for cleaning and vacuuming unfinished floors to shampooing carpets or sanding hardwood floors to painting walls. 

This makes it the type of vacuum you need at home to complete a variety of cleaning tasks without having to buy a variety of vacuums. But, the flexibility of the vacuum isn’t something that comes with ease.

The price is at the upper end, plus it takes some time to comprehend how to operate all of the equipment and accessories.

Additional unique features to Kirby Avalir 2 are the following: It includes the metal design. The majority of the vacuum is constructed from polished aluminum, making the vacuum attractive and long-lasting. But, the metal construction adds to the heavyweight, making it difficult to carry.

The bristles of the roll can be adjusted. When worn out, they can be extended to the desired length to ensure that the vacuum does not become less effective in cleaning carpets or other surfaces.

9. Suction Control

Kirby Avalir 2 features a high-powered airflow. This can cause difficulty when cleaning carpets with high piles. It creates an air-lock that can cause a lifting of the carpet and the risk of damaging the carpet’s fibers.

To stop this from happening, Kirby placed a button on the vacuum handle you can press to regulate the flow of air. You can raise or lower the vacuum based on the surface to be cleaned.

10. Usability

_Kirby Avalir 2 1

Kirby Avalir 2 is not difficult to build. But, due to the numerous accessories, it can become difficult to use in different modes. The various conversions could be overwhelming before you grasp how to utilize the various components. To help, companies often include an instruction DVD inside the box to help buyers visually comprehend the product’s use.

The upright position is not a problem. However, it is a bit difficult. The majority of the levers and switches of Kirby Avalir 2 are conveniently placed. They’re operated with a hand, on handles, or even foot-operated and are located at the rear of the unit.

The company has integrated several features to make the vacuum easy to use. One of them is TechDrive which is a mechanism that can move the wheels to help in pushing and pulling the vacuum more easily.

It is extremely helpful when cleaning carpeted floors. The device is light, and it is in drive mode. Be sure not to use it while cleaning sensitive hardwood floors because it might cause damage to the surfaces.

It has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to carry. When you convert the device into a handheld that you can use on the stairs or for cleaning upholsteries, other attachments permit you to transform the device into a machine suited to a specific task.

For instance, you can use it to wash your carpets with the right accessory or enable it to clean your hard floors using the correct equipment.

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  • The amazing versatility of Kirby Avalir 2’s capabilities is one of its most impressive features. Kirby markets it by describing the vacuum as an all-inclusive home-care system. The tasks you can accomplish with this vacuum are numerous, including things you’d never think of using that a vacuum could accomplish. With it, you might not have to purchase various machines for every job to keep your home in good condition. It cleans, mops, polishes, sand, paints, and even blows. Many homeowners would be willing to pay whatever amount to purchase a machine that does such a lot from such an area.
  • This vacuum has high energy efficiency. Although it is equipped with an impressive motor, the Avalir 2 doesn’t draw much current. If you’re an energy-conscious user but want a cleaner that will not disappoint and lasts for a long time, this Avalir 2 would make an ideal choice. It’s an upright-style vacuum capable of converting into a canister and functions as a handheld that can be carried around. 
  • The vacuum isn’t equipped with fancy controls and features in terms of user-friendliness. The switch and levers are easily accessible and easy to use. It is easy to operate. Avalir 2 offers no resistance when you push or pull it across. Self-propelling wheels enhance the traction of the vacuum, and they can be used across a wide range of floors, including deep carpets. It also has big enough wheels to allow effortless moving on carpets.
  • The Avalir 2 scores high when it is suction power and dirt agitation. The airflow is much higher than what you’ll get from most high-end vacuums available. Because of this, the vacuum is extremely clean and is suitable for unfinished floors and homes with carpets that run wall-to-wall. With a brush that can be turned off or on, you can be sure that your precious carpet or hardwood flooring is protected from the harm caused by a rotating beater brush. This makes this vacuum one of the most effective for every home. It even has an LED indicator to show the speed of the brush roll, which will make it impossible to clean delicate surfaces when it’s on.
  • It can be used to clean your carpet now and then the stairs next, and within not too long, you’ll be on your way to you’ll be sweeping your mattress. So, it lets you perform many cleaning tasks using the same machine. In addition, it has an ample cord length that lets you large clean areas. You won’t have to constantly switch outlets unless the space is too big or large, in which case you’ll need to buy an extension cord.

Last but not least, the fact that it’s produced in the US.


  • Kirby vacuums’ primary issue is that some fraudulent sales reps often provide outrageous prices. Some buyers were able to pay as high as $2500, which is astonishingly expensive. Because the company isn’t in control of the pricing, it’s up to you, the customer, to negotiate the price you’ll pay to purchase the Avalir 2. But, you can expect to pay a significant amount, around $1000. The average is $700 for a brand-new unit. Aside from the cost, the sales method used by distributors can be irritating. Most people wouldn’t like strangers entering their homes and asking for a vacuum. This could turn someone off.
  • The weight of Kirby Avalir 2 is another disadvantage. Moving it around is heavy. However, cleaning it shouldn’t be a problem due to the self-propulsion system that drives the wheels. Another issue is the cable of the vacuum. If you’re used to the ease of a retractable cord, the manual cord in the Avalir 2 could take you off guard. The vacuum makes the sound of a loud hum when working. It can be quite annoying for those who don’t like loud surroundings, or if you have a young child and must clean your home each day.
  • The cost is one of the major concerns for this machine. Many who think of Kirby vacuums as unclean are doing so because of their expensive cost. Don’t be shocked if you are sold to buy the Kirby Avalir for an insane amount by a salesman for a distributor. Despite numerous customer complaints throughout many years, the company continues to leave prices to be decided by independent distributors appointed by the manufacturer. 

Final Notes


Despite the negative reviews posted on online forums, Kirby vacuums aren’t that bad. They’re a great choice. Avalir 2 cleans excellently and includes attachments and tools that aren’t found in the other models of vacuums. It’s not without its flaws, without a doubt, but it’s not as harmful as some reviewers suggest.

We have found its versatility to be unrivaled, and its suction power is one of the tops you can get from an air cleaner. Airflow and suction power are two of the essential aspects of a vacuum. There are, however, things that can hinder the cleaning power of the vacuum-like its weight and the absence of certain options.

In the end, since vacuums are fantastic if they can easily clean dirt off any surface, we would give this Avalir 2 a high score. The cost can be a deterrent.

However, you can work to get a good price with the salesperson. You can also get an old one repaired. We find these models alarming because the manufacturer lets distributors have complete control over the price they market the vacuums for. 

Certain sales representatives may be dishonest, using compelling sales phrases to convince customers to purchase a vacuum for $2000. They give the vacuums and company a bad reputation without reason.

In conclusion, the Kirby Avalir is a good option if you live in large homes with many kinds of surfaces that need cleaning. It can vacuum hard floors and carpets with ease.

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