Kirby Sentria 2: Lets Check Out the Experts Review

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Sentria 2 was launched by Kirby in the year 2006. But further improvements were made in the 2012 model, which includes an aluminum base pan made of polymer that reduces overall weight and an F-filter to allow for easier changing bags, longer-lasting LED lighting, and improved airflow for better cleaning.

This item is more than just a vacuum cleaner. If you purchase this version on Amazon, it includes carpet shampooing and HEPA filtering that allows the user to wash and clean your carpet and the vacuuming function.

Suppose you’re nostalgic or appreciate the past. This is a product that you must have in your cleaning kit. It’s not cheap, but it can last for several generations.

It isn’t the usual vacuum cleaner made of plastic-like Dyson or the Shark. However, it is mostly made up of metal and is built to last at the cost of weight.

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Kirby Sentria 2: Lets Check Out the Experts Review

There are two choices when purchasing this item; firstly, you can purchase directly from a Kirby salesperson. Although it is more costly (ranging between $1,800-$3,000 depending on how well you bargain).

It comes with a 3-year warranty. Choose this option if you’re not opposed to the negotiating process and dealing with sales advertisements.

The other option is going online via eBay and browsing through the listing to locate the most attractive bargain. There’s a possibility of risk as the majority of the auctions are secondhand, but if you dig deep enough, you’ll be able to find some treasures.

Some sellers sell it on Amazon; therefore, make sure you take your time and research the seller before purchasing the product from them.

Kirby Sentria 2 Vacuum Cleaner

About the Company

Since 1914, when the Kirby Company was founded, Kirby has been innovating and reliable vacuuming products that are ideal for commercial and residential uses.

A well-known brand for residents of their home in the United States and across the world, they are considered one of the leaders in the field.

But, their supposedly superior quality comes with a high cost that can make some customers’ eyes beg. To show the power that their machines have, they send a door-to-door salesperson to demonstrate their latest model.

To convince you to buy the new model and get rid of your old one, This tactic could be perceived positively or negatively.

Why Do People Like Kirby Vacuums?

One of the core reasons people are drawn to Kirby vacuums is their durability. They are well-constructed machines that are anticipated to last for as long as 20 years (if they’re kept in good working order) and are sold with a maintenance plan that is annual, which means that every year your vacuum is upgraded with new parts if they fail. 

They also have HEPA filtering technology that assures your home is free of pollutants or harmful dust – this feature is extremely helpful for people suffering from allergies.

It’s a sturdy machine that can pick up fine dust easily (it comes with a TechDrive variable power Assist Technology that allows it to fit into tight corners). However, with this strength comes a massively weighted machine.

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A Quick Overview of the Features

  • Bagged vacuum system featuring an entirely sealed HEPA filtering system
  • The scales are set at 25 pounds.
  • 2012 version has been upgraded to provide better airflow due to the more flexible air path in the Mini Em-Tor
  • It comes with an attachment for carpet shampooing.
  • Mostly made up of aluminum.
  • LED headlights
  • 3-year warranty (if you purchase directly from an authorized retailer)


  • Flexible – in addition to the vacuum function, it can also wash your carpet, clean staircases, and upholstery, and use a canister to get rid of nooks and crevices.
  • It combines old-school durability with modern conveniences such as LED lights and HEPA filters.
  • Made to last many years
  • Excellent for those suffering from asthma or another respiratory disorder
  • Strong suction- it will help the deep cleaning of the carpet.


  • It weighs approximately 25 pounds.
  • Not recommended for older or weak those who have a tough time getting around.
  • It’s expensive (around $1,800 or more when you purchase it directly). However, be aware that it will be used to clean and vacuum your carpet.

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What Are the Expectations From This Upright of the Past?

This is an ode to the past but with a contemporary twist.

1. Sturdiness Due to All-metal construction

The all-metal construction provides the foundation for a solid structure that is about as sturdy as possible.

The entire metal contributes to the weight. If you look at the specs sheet available on Amazon for this item, you will see that it is rated at 25 pounds. Not intended for those who are weak! If you have trouble carrying the weight of a huge piece of metal, we recommend you choose something lighter.

If you think about the suction strength, these vacuums are known to have a high suction power that is sufficient to thoroughly clean the carpet.

Alongside vacuuming capabilities, In addition to vacuuming, the Sentria 2 can also shampoo your carpet with the attachment for cleaning carpets that can shampoo your carpet.

After shampooing, you can vacuum off any shampoo residue using the same attachment leaving a clean and pleasant smelling carpet.

It is said that Kirby is a complete solution for carpet flooring.

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2. Great Hardwood Floor Performance

Kirby Sentria 3

By the quantity of dust gathered by the dirt detector, this machine can clean every flooring surface.

One issue that could arise would be dirt getting into the wheels, which you’ll have to wash now and then.

It’s not difficult to clean, but it can be time-consuming.

3. Superb at Carpet Cleaning

Here is where your investment will pay off. Kirby is known for having great suction and the ability to agitate.

This is why it’s one of the most effective uprights you can get if you need to carpet thoroughly.

This is an excellent investment if you’re not worried about taking it around.

4. Bare Floor Performance is Also Appreciable

Kirby Sentria 2

The floor attachment features the ability to turn off and on the brush roll. Off option, so if you do not want to perform any disassembly, just turn on the brush roll while cleaning your flooring.

Another option is the hard floor attachment specifically designed to clean hardwood floors.

If you think the upright isn’t enough. You can take it off the main floor tool, attach the hose, and use it as an upright vacuum.

You’ll also be able to convert this machine into a canister vacuum.

Another benefit – it can be used as an automatic Carpet pre-scrubber.

A demo…

If you’re not aware of what a pre-scrubber is, it applies an oil-based cleanser and then agitates the carpet, separating dirt from the carpet.

This process will eliminate any carpet stains before applying any shampoo or cleaner. This will prepare the carpet before running an appropriate carpet cleaner.

This is how professional companies for carpet maintenance follow in cleaning the carpet before applying shampoo.

The third function is that this vacuum can apply carpet shampoo and suck it up afterward.

The product provides everything you require to ensure your carpets are in top condition. This will save you money because you won’t have to call a professional so often.

If you’re adamant about deep cleaning your carpets and not a professional, you might not have to employ any professional.

5. Upholstery Cleaning

Kirby Sentria 4

You can utilize this Kirby to clean your upholstery. It is possible to separate this tool for floor cleaning from the handle to wash the floor above it.

Do These Clean Area Rugs?

Despite the strong suction, it is still possible to apply it to carpets and area rugs. You can shut down the beater bar when you’re cleaning large pieces of dirt.

Be aware that the area rug you’re cleaning isn’t large. You may need to use a hand vacuum to clean it, then wash it with the washing machine.

What Is the Reason You Would Like to Vacuum Your Upholstery?

If you look at the number of dead skin cells that this vacuum removes, you will likely perform the same procedure.

Dead skin cells are the food for bed bugs and are one of the primary causes of skin problems like eczema.

If you’ve got a kid who suffers from such issues, you should frequently clean your beds and sofas.

To transform the handheld from an upright handheld to an e-handheld device, take the steps below…

6. Pet Hair Removal

This upright can be used to wash pet hair from carpet floors, bare floors, and rugs, thanks to its powerful suction and agitation.

If you also add a bagged vacuum with HEPA filtering, this is ideal for pet owners with asthma.

7. Attachments and Accessories

Kirby Sentria 2 comes with many accessories. To give an overview, take a look.

The attachments can be used to make use of it as an upright handheld carpet cleaner, a handheld vacuum cleaner, and a canister vacuum to scrub hardwood floors or bare floors and reach hard-to-reach places.

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Here’s a Quick Overview of Various Parts That Make up This Vacuum.

Kirby Sentria 5

Here’s the complete list of accessories, out of which, a few aren’t required…

Cleaning and maintenance of filters

Since it’s an air-tight vacuum, there’s no filter to clean. But don’t fret. The bags aren’t an arm, and a leg, a set of six will cost you approximately $18. The bag can hold up to 2 tons of dry dirt; it can last long.

Cord Length

The cord is about 32 feet, but it isn’t equipped with cord rewind, so you’ll need to tie the cord to two hooks.

Consumer Reviews

Although its performance on the market is impressive, the selling techniques used by sales representatives did not work.

A few customers shared their experiences with Kirby salespeople. They said that although they were friendly at the beginning of the demonstration, they became aggressive and rude when arguing over the price.

If you’re interested in the cost, the salesman’s starting point was $3,100, essentially the cost of a secondhand automobile. Another one started at $2,100, which is a staggering price for a car that is so multi-faceted.

The vital consideration while dealing with these salespeople is to be firm and bargain if they are willing to offer you an outrageous price. For example, over $2,000, attempt to negotiate down to $1,000 and see what happens.

Usually, they won’t inform you of the cost before they give you a demo and will also reveal how filthy your carpet is and how their product beats uprights such as Dyson.

It’s a hassle, and If you’re not careful, you’ll give in to their cunning tactics. Just remain calm and be firm on the cost.

People who have used this vacuum report that it performs exceptionally well for deep cleaning carpets; however, the learning curve is steep regarding assembling the accessories and keeping them in good condition. If you’re prepared to spend the effort to learn to utilize these accessories, purchase this vacuum.

Apart from the steeper learning curve, there’s a weight issue.

This vacuum is mostly iron; therefore, it’s heavy at 25 pounds.

If you’re having trouble carrying things, you’ll be more comfortable with a lightweight such as a Shark or a Dyson.



However, with a few shortcomings, Kirby’s Sentria II remains a reliable and efficient vacuum cleaner with a decent performance, providing adequate vacuum power and airflow and an impressive HEPA filtering system that helps keep your home safe and clean for the entire family. 

In addition to its shampooer system and its practical TechDrive powered assist LED headlights and the numerous accessories included with the machine.

You’ll be satisfied with your purchase, especially as every approved product comes with a three-year guarantee that safeguards your rights.

In addition to this, it comes with an attractive and stylish bag. Sentria II is probably one of the few vacuums with an elegant and chic bag that adds a touch of elegance to your home.

It’s your turn now to discuss Kirby and Sentria 2 (G10D). Do you believe it is worth $1000 for a vacuum?

Do you have Kirby? Kirby, or know someone who owns one? Have you purchased the most recent Kirby Avalir? What are your thoughts? We are eager to read your thoughts!

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