Kenmore Progressive Vacuum Review: A Complete Guide

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If you could create a multi-purpose canister vacuum that can remove pet hair and keep hair and allergens in the bin, then the Kenmore progressive would be close to being the ideal vacuum.

The purple-colored vacuum has been approved as asthma and allergy healthy by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America because of the fully sealed HEPA filter system.

Most people think they require an upright vacuum in case they suffer from asthma. This alternative can vacuum the floors, upholstery, and other higher-level areas. This makes it more value-for-price.

As it is a bagged vacuum, you’ll need to change the bags and HEPA filters throughout its use. However, if you’re okay with it, this is an excellent alternative for those who own pets or suffer from allergies.

The tools included were designed with the pet’s owner in the back of their minds. The floor tool from the top up to pet furniture could take in hair from pets.

Does it justify the $300 cost?

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A Glance at the Features of Kenmore Progressive Vacuum

Kenmore Progressive Vacuum

  • It is a fully sealed HEPA filtering system that uses bags to collect dirt.
  • Weighs 23.1 pounds
  • The 28-foot power cord and the 7-foot wand provide more than 35 feet of reach.
  • This container is certified to be asthma-and allergy-friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.
  • This container is designed to wash pet hair.
  • The power cord retracts
  • It comes with attachments that clean the floor, carpet, and upholstery, including a crevice tool and dusting brush, an upholstery tool, a mini Powermate device (this refers to the mini turbo tool), and a pet hair catcher tool.


  • Strong suction
  • An alternative that is less expensive than the Miele Complete C3 series.
  • The power cord is long enough for the canister vacuum.
  • Ideal for pets with allergies since it is a sealed HEPA system that utilizes bags
  • The feature of the folding flat allows the head to clean under furniture.
  • Front-wheel casters make this mobile.
  • A motorized main floor head can allow you to be deep clean even with thick carpet.


  • Short warranty (only one year)
  • There are some concerns from consumers about the quality of the vacuum.
  • According to this review, it is difficult to move around due to the strong suction.
  • A weight of more than 20 pounds. It’s a hefty vacuum.

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What Can You Be Expecting From This Asthma and Allergy-Safe Canister?

Kenmore Progressive Vacuum 3 The features of this vacuum, it’s designed for people with asthma or who have a lot of pets at their home.

From the main floor powered head to the completely sealed HEPA filter system that uses bags, this vacuum is designed for pet owners with allergies.

If you’ve had pets, One of the most difficult problems is cleaning up pet hair. Not just on floors but on stairs, furniture vents, tables, etc.

They’re everywhere. And due to the volume of hair shed by adorable pets can cause another issue which is allergies.

If you’re suffering from both of these issues, then Kenmore’s Kenmore Progressive canister could be the answer that helps you protect your home from allergens that are caused by pet hair or the litter left by our animal family members.

Although it is a canister, it’s a heavy one weighing more than 20 pounds. Before you start complaining about the weight, bear in mind that you won’t carry this around only if you must carry it up or down a set of stairs to clear the upper level of your home.

It is heavy because it has a 12 amp motor. Having the floor tool with its motor also increases the overall weight, which isn’t an issue.


In addition to the primary cleaning tool, the Progressive canister is also equipped with other accessories that let you scrub areas higher than the floor. The tools comprise the crevice tool, the combination brush and upholstery tool, and the pet Powermate with the motorized motor.

These attachments can be placed inside the canister to ensure you are less at risk of losing these tools.

If you examine the side of the floor tool, you will see an adjustable height lever that can adjust the level of the floor tool. The lever can be adjusted from “xlo” for the bare floor to “hi” for the plush carpet.

Although we appreciate the ability to adjust the height, we worry that the lever might break or become worn out in time. A height adjustment feature that is automatic is better, in our opinion.

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1. Carpet Performance

Kenmore Progressive Vacuum 4

That’s an area where Progressive Canister shines. If you have a thick pile of carpet in your home and you require thorough cleaning, the machine can be one of the best options to accomplish the job.

However, you’ll need to set it to the correct setting to increase the suction and agitation.

This machine is competent in deep-cleaning and even shag carpet when set properly. It can pick up pet hair, dust, dander, and allergens from carpets.

The reports of consumers say that it is very effective in capturing dust. The manual height adjustment performs better than the automated systems for agitation. It seems we are not right.

2. Attachments and accessories

The vacuum comes with four tools: the crevice tool and brush/upholstery tool, the Pet Powermate, and the hair catcher. If you purchase this through Kenmore (through Sears), you’ll also receive the bare floor tool.

Here’s how a few of these tools look…

The brush/upholstery tool

Pet PowerMate tool

3. Upholstery Performance

If you own a lot of pets, one of the most troublesome areas is the upholstery. The vacuum is equipped with a device that can clean pet hair on furniture and your bed. The tool is known as the pet Powermate. It is their fancy name for a mini turbo-brush.

It is possible to use the tool directly on the handle and clean the upholstery.

4. Bare Floor Performance

Kenmore Progressive Vacuum 1

Equipped with an on/off feature for the brush roll, this machine, with its powerful suction, should be able to clean up dirt and other particles without issue on a bare floor. However, stated that it was having difficulty removing rice that was not cooked even using the brush tool. However, Consumer Reports says otherwise, saying that it worked admirably on bare floors.

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Make sure to shut off your brush before setting the floor tool at the lowest.

5. Pet Hair Removal

It can handle the job when you combine suction and agitation with HEPA filtering for cleaning pet hair. It picks up a lot of hair and then keeps it in the bag. As we mentioned in the introduction, it is a great alternative if you have many pets and are allergic to them.

6. Cleanup of the filter

Kenmore Progressive Vacuum 2

Since this vacuum utilizes HEPA filters, it is impossible to clean them but replace them every year. In an area with a lot of dust, you might need to frequently replace the filter. The filters are priced at around $9 for a package of two.

Another thing you must change is your bag. Do not fret about guessing the time to replace them; the vacuum is equipped with an electronic indicator of performance that will inform you when the bag is empty or has become clogged. They usually get blocked when you scrub lots of fine particles such as sawdust.

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7. Cord Length

The cord of the 21614 is about 28 feet long, which is quite big for a canister and can rewind the cord.

8. Warranty

Unfortunately, Kenmore vacuums come with one-year warranties. However, if you purchase it on Amazon, you can get extended warranties that last three years or more. This is a great choice if you’re looking to have more security.

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Consumer Reviews

Although consumers love the performance of these vacuums, particularly for cleaning pet hair, there are a few design problems that are difficult to ignore.

The most obvious flaw is its design upholstery tool. Do you need it to be this wide? We believe Kenmore is better off with a standard tool with bristles that are longer. It’s got bristles that are small and useless. If you try to clean corners and nooks with it, you’ll discover it is extremely difficult.

If you add the crevice tool, the presence in the shape of the brush decreases its range of it, and it’s nearly impossible to clean the areas between cushions in the dimensions.

Another area of concern is the dimension of the handles. Many women complained that the handle was large and bulky, and the designer did not consider the size of the woman’s hand when creating this.

In terms of performance, there is a consensus that it was better with carpet than bare floors. This is due to the design of the floor tool.

Its suction and agility are excellent. it’s strong enough to be effective even with shag carpet. The adjustable height can also help with cleaning the carpet.

Where Can We Purchase This?

You can purchase this canister vacuum for below $300 0n Amazon. You’ll also be eligible for Amazon’s free 2-day shipping when you sign up for Prime.

To Finish


This vacuum is an excellent choice for pet owners with a medical disease such as asthma. The completely sealed HEPA filtering system comes with an enclosed bag that keeps allergens. It is almost impossible to get exposure even when you empty it.

The main drawback to bagged vacuums is the added cost of filtering and bags. This increases the price in the long run.

Suppose you live in a dirty home and are looking for something flexible that can remove allergens and the pet hair on your carpet. This is an excellent option, but it’s not cheap.

Overall, this is an excellent choice for pet owners who live in homes with a lot of shag carpets and are looking for vacuums to help remove pet hair from not just upholstery but also carpet.

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