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Kenmore Intuition is a sleek, elegant upright vacuum with various accessories specifically designed to remove pet hair and difficult-to-access soil. Our hands-on tests revealed that this vacuum cleaner model delivered impressive suction and cleaning performance.

This powerful vacuum comes with a variety of features and a solid performance, even though the cost of maintenance can be costly.

This vacuum is a stylish, sleek upright cleaner that comes with special accessories to clean up pet hair and hard-to-reach dirt. Through our hands-on testing, this vacuum cleaner model offered good suction and cleaning performance.

It has 12 amps of power as well as HEPA filtering. This vacuum is a serious contender. This model of the Kenmore Intuition sucked up cereal or pet hair, as well as flour in just a couple of steps. The upright vacuum comes with various tools to clean the places and corners of your home with ease. 

Intuition scored 95 percent on our tests for suction and cleaning. It did the best job against typical dirt such as cereal and pet hair.

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Kenmore Intuition Vacuum

Features of Kenmore Intuition Vacuum 

  • Included is a Pet HandiMate tool for picking up pet hair and cleaning your staircase.
  • The bags that are replaced are the manufacturer style #IB600 or search 329-02-0161
  • Unique AllergenSeal(TM) technology that triple-filters uses a HEPA bag traps dust and allergens.
  • Lift-Up(TM) adaptability allows for simple cleanings above the floor like ceiling fans, stairs, blinds, and more!
  • Self-sealing bags and hands-free operation ensure that your home is kept neat.
  • The wand can be detached for a longer reach and floor-to-ceiling cleaning.

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Why Do You Need to Trust the Results of Our Expert Review?

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Thank you for taking the time to read our evaluation of Kenmore’s Intuition Bagged Vacuum Cleaner. The reviews we publish are written by our editors using the aid of our ranking algorithm.

We review verified reviews from users and expert reviews from other sites, social signals, search engine interest, and many more to provide the best possible advice in real-time on this product.

We looked through 2458 reviews that were verified and removed negative feedback that appeared suspicious. The average score out of 5 stars for those verified reviews was 4.4.

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The Kenmore Intuition Vacuum Review

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1. The Way We Started Our Testing Was This:

The Kenmore Intelligent Bagged Upright Vacuum was exactly the thing we wanted. It took us about 10 minutes to put together, and it comes with three-in-one combination attachments for tools.

The filter, as well as a self-sealing dustbag, were already put in. The vacuum came with five more dust bags. It comes with an additional long cord as well. We like how simple it is to remove the canister for going up and down steps.

2. What’s the Most Interesting?

_Kenmore BU4022 3

The power cord extends as far as 30 feet, however, which allows you to cover a large terrain in a short time. The extension of the hose is an additional 10 feet.

This vacuum comes with a cleaning path that measures 14.5 inches wide, making it the second-largest of our collection. It didn’t take long to put all its parts together – just six minutes until the final assembly.

On the inside of this upright vacuum is an indicator of the size of the bag that will stop the vacuum bag from overfilling.

Additionally, the model comes with a QR code, also known as the barcode in it, to allow you to scan it with your smartphone and order the right type of vacuum bag to avoid confusion when shopping.

The upright vacuum cleaner has many accessories and housing on the board to organize the tools. The extension wand, an upholstery tool, dusting brush, and crevice tool. It’s a soft upholstery tool and comes with short bristles, a large cleaning path, and a secure grip on the water hose.

The model is covered under warranty for one year, which isn’t ideal. Some models offered more coverage.

3. Any Negative?

The operating costs of this model are just a bit higher than the average of upright vacuums. It is estimated that the Kenmore Intuition costs about $25 annually in filters.

As technology improves, bagless vacuums have become more popular. Some bags are worth the investment, particularly for those who suffer from allergies. The dust cloud as it emptied was noticeably smaller in this model than in the bag-free alternatives.

In addition, at 19 pounds and being 2.92 feet tall, The Intuition is among the largest upright vacuums we have in our lineup, making it more difficult to maneuver than other models.

The Intuition may generate some noise. However, its 85-decibel level is quite silent for an appliance of this size. You’ll need headphones to listen to music when the vacuum is operating. However, the vacuum won’t be loud enough to cause disruption.

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4. What Are the Main Reasons You Purchase?

_Kenmore BU4022 2

  • The No Touch Bag technology can eliminate the tedious and dirty task of cleaning and emptying a complete dust cup with one button to eliminate your debris and dirt; there is no need to handle bags or dust cups again. Hands-free operating and sealable bags will keep your home and surroundings clean; no need to touch or mess up cleaning up.
  • which means you can be assured of excellent cleaning until your bag requires emptying.
  • Lift-up allows you to use your handheld to clean up above the stairs and floors, hit a button, lift off from the floor nozzle, and clean every one of those hard-to-reach areas.
  • The AllergenSeal system will inform you that this vacuum captures 99.97 percent of dust and other particles in the vacuum. This keeps them out of the air that you breathe. This high-quality HEPA filtering is paired with a sealed system that provides excellent filtering.
  • Powerflow’s bag chamber was designed to allow powerful suction even when the bag fills up,
  • It includes a combination tool that is a 3-in-1 pet hand-mate turbine handheld brush, dusting, and six Hepa bags (up to a year’s supply)
  • Lightweight and easily maneuverable, it weighs just 13 pounds. and with swivel steering, this light and the maneuverable vacuum don’t allow dirt to remain



This vacuum cleaner comes with many strong features to complete the job. Intuition performed well when it came to losing objects like cereal and cat litter. Additionally, it has onboard housing for attachments with specialized features.

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