Jashen V16 Vacuum Review: A Memorable Testing Session for Us

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If you’re confined to a small space but still want to ensure that your floors are clean, picking the right vacuum is tricky. There’s no doubt that you could opt for a low-cost cordless vacuum.

However, they’re not all equipped with the suction force that a child breathes through straws. You can also invest in an expensive Dyson but do you actually track this much dirt around your home to justify their often expensive cost?

Get rid of that nagging issue using this Jashen V16 cordless vacuum cleaner. The Dyson-like vacuum, currently on sale at $159.99, can keep your floors clean and your pocket (nearly) filled.

Two-in-one vacuums have been used for the past two weeks, and overall, we have had very few issues.

JASHEN V16 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

  • It may be able to pick up sand embedded in carpets with a medium pile (scored at an average of 87% on the tests for deep cleaning).
  • The gate can be adjusted to scrub large and small particles of dirt.
  • The dual docking station allows two batteries to be charged simultaneously.
  • All attachments come with quick-release latches.
  • Based on our tests, it has a higher than average duration (over 44 minutes) with the 2-in-1 tool on the lowest power setting.
  • It is a dirt volume, which is only 500 milliliters.
  • The motor is quite loud, registering more than 76 decibels on the sound meter on the highest setting.

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Overview of Jashen V16 Vacuum

When you open the box, you may experience some shock with all the different pieces in front of you. Don’t worry: Although it may appear like a daunting 3D puzzle, it’s easy to connect.

The principal motor and battery, a stick, three attachments, and a wall mount that doubles as a charging station (you could purchase a second battery for the wall mount separately).

Just charge your battery before inserting the battery into the machine after it’s fully charged, then pop whatever attachment you like off to clean bliss. Charging takes approximately one hour to be fully charged the first time using the charging dock.

Experience With the Vacuum

There’s a sound you don’t hear all day long. The vacuum is quite enjoyable to use. First of all, it isn’t an ear-piercing sound like many vacuums on the market; however, it does have a hidden hum.

There’s also the digital display that alerts you to suction power (which can be adjustable from low to high using the push button on the front of the unit) and battery life, and the best time; it’s time to wash the filters.

It’s more sophisticated than other cordless vacuums, and it doesn’t leave you wondering when it’ll start and go out halfway through cleaning.

Jashen is also extremely lightweight and offers gymnast-like flexibility, which allows it to easily curve to fit under furniture and even around tables to reach places other vacuums aren’t even close to touching.

Then (sorry for the lead being buried), there’s the suction. Even on medium- and low-powered suction, it’s clear that the Jashen isn’t a problem in lifting dirt and debris off floors, whether carpet or hardwood.

It’s possible to change the brushes (there’s one that is smooth for dust and a toothier one for carpets with deep piles) on the stick’s main attachment. The best part is that simply a click and pop is all you need for switching between both.

This Attracted Us…

Jashen V16 Vacuum 2

We tested our Jashen on the line by throwing crushed chips, dust mites, and even sawdust (fine sawdust that is powdered and scattered on hardwood floors, along with heavier hardwood chips) to it.

The vacuum was not having any trouble getting rid of any debris, and in fact, it had an amazing, almost mop-like capacity to clean even the finest sawdust that we sprayed on the floors of our hardwood. 

It was actually pretty amazing how spotless the floors looked after just a quick once-over with the Jashen vacuum, transforming them from a dusty woodworking mess to able-to-walk-barefoot clean.

We also like that it can be used as a handheld vacuum by taking the stick off and connecting any of the three attachments that can be used to clean furniture and curtains.

After accumulating lots of dust and dirt, the filter is simple to clean. It is possible to either take it off completely and throw it in the garbage or go for the simple and quick method of hitting the hinge, which pops out the top of the filter to remove any lint and dirt growing.

Even at high power, we attained upwards of 40 mins of running time with the Jashen, which was sufficient to cover the living area, kitchen, and bedroom with enough juice to clean up lint off the couches and side chairs. Not ever was it unable to suction until it went down.

The only issue we can point out is the mountable charging dock. While it’s nice to have mounting hardware provided, you’ll need the dock always connected to use it.

If you’re low on outlets, it could be difficult to locate an appropriate, secure location to place the dock in your home. However, it’s not an issue.

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What Were We Most Impressed With About Jashen V16?

At first glance, the Jashen V16 may look like any other cord-free stick. However, it does have several unique convenience features that we’ll examine one by one when we take a closer look.

1. Dual Charging Dock

This model features two charging docks that can charge the vacuum and an additional battery. It also comes with additional slots for two additional attachments.

Take note that the V16 is only equipped with one battery in the box, which means you’ll need to buy an additional battery to use this slot.

We were awestruck by Jeshen making this feature available, a huge time-saver. Many other manufacturers don’t offer this feature apart from Tineco, a more costly alternative.

2. Excellent Ergonomics and Simple Maneuverability

Jashen V16 Vacuum 1

Its V16 weighs just over 5 pounds. It’s not as lightweight as Roborock H6, yet it’s lighter than the Dyson V11. It’s not the lightest, but it’s enough to be used extensively on floors or cleaning upholstery without causing fatigue to the arm.

There is no trigger on the car. This aids the situation in this particular area as the fatigue of fingers will not be an issue. The steering is adequate. You can expect the same agility as the Tineco when trying to avoid the furniture.

However, We believe it doesn’t have the same feedback as Dyson. It isn’t able to drive as well.

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3. Detachable Lithium-Ion Battery

Jashen V16 Vacuum 3

The Jashen V16 has a 7-cell with 2,500 mAh. 25.2-volt lithium-ion rechargeable battery. We hope more companies follow suit since having a battery that can be detached makes it simple to replace it in the event of a malfunction.

Jashen sells replacement batteries through the Amazon page. Both the V16 and V18 make use of the same Samsung battery, which as per the company, is expected to provide long-lasting durability and will not lose color even after decades of usage.

4. Adjustable Clearance

The front of the cleaning nozzle rotates between up and down, giving users the ability to adjust the clearance according to the requirements.

Moving it upwards allows huge particles of dirt such as Cheerios or Fruit loops to fit. Closing it will give it the best seal for cleaning the carpet of dirt.

It’s the first time we’ve come across the feature in a stick vacuum at this price.

The only other model that shares similar characteristics is similar to the Dyson V10 and V11. However, Jashen V16 is unique as the entire row can be moved rather than just a smaller part. It’s made of plastic with rounded edges, so it’s not at risk of scratching furniture.

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5. Two Brushes

We also love the two attachments for brushes – an easy roller bar for hard floors and an ordinary bristled one for carpet.

The combination of the switchable brushes with adjustable gates creates the V16, an extremely versatile device capable of thoroughly cleaning carpets and hard floors.

One problem with the stiff bristles is their tendency to push dirt into the air; however, it is effective on smaller pieces of dirt such as pet litter and sand. We wouldn’t suggest applying it to hardwood floors since the stiff bristles may scratch the wood.

Thanks to an easy release latch that snaps off the brush, the switch between these two accessories are simple.

6. LED Headlight

On the nozzle’s top, there are 3 LEDs to assist users in tracking dirt in areas with low visibility.

Because it has only three bulbs, it’s probably not as bright as the Shark ION P50 with six bulbs, but we thought that the gate’s adjustment required the removal of the headlight into this region.

7. Intelligent LED screen

Jashen V16 Vacuum 4

In the background of the battery, there is a LED screen that shows the power setting and battery’s status and will inform you of the time it is time to wash the filter. The only one under $200 is equipped with an LCD screen.

It’s not as attractive as the screen on the Dyson V11 or a Tineco Pure One S12; however, it’s practical and simple to read, so we will give more marks to Jashen for including this feature.



The JASHEN V16 is an excellent cordless vacuum. It’s priced almost on the same amount as MOOSOO. MOOSOO is a stick vacuum, and it has an additional soft roller attachment that performs extremely effectively on hard surfaces. It will not have issues even on hard-to-clean items like sand. It will pick it up even with the lowest power setting.

If you’re searching for a low-cost option to clean carpets, The V16 is a must-have at the top of your list. It’s among the top for the price for deep cleaning sand on the carpet with a medium pile.

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