iRobot Roomba I1 vs. I3 – Is There Even a Difference?

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Let’s; we have been trying to determine the differences between the iRobot Roomba I1 vs. I3, and we will not blame you. They’re very similar to vacuums. The only difference between them is the design and availability.

Roomba i1

iRobot Roomba i2

Get rid of the chore of vacuuming by using Roomba’s i1 Robot Vacuum’s cleaning recommendations based on the unique and powerful intelligence of IRobot Genius, which learns your habits and habits.


  • IRobot Roomba i1 wifi Robot Vacuum provides cleaner floors and less effort.
  • It can navigate logically and efficiently with neat lines; the device effectively cleans your floors with Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes taking vacuuming off the list of things to do.
  • Reactive Sensor Technology helps it stay clear of getting stuck, while dirt Detection(TM) Technology focuses on cleaning the areas that require it most.
  • In Allergy season, it gives additional options for cleaning floors perfectly.
  • If you’re ready to clean, you can use the iRobot Home App or the voice command. Google Assistant and Alexa can instruct your robot to clean only the sound of your voice
  • Also, it learns about your cleaning habits and suggests times to clean that fit into your timetable.
  • Ten times the power-lifting suction to draw dust and dirt


  • Battery Max Run Time (min): 75 min
  • Advanced Features: Wifi Support, Programmable, Scheduling Capability, Cliff Detection, Automatic Recharge
  • Battery Technology: Lithium-Ion
  • Assembled Width (cm): 34.20 cm
  • Floor Surface: Area Rug, Carpet, Hard Floor, Tile
  • Battery Voltage: 14.4 V

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Roomba i3

Robot Roomba i3

Recently, iRobot unveiled the brand new Roomba i3 EVO. The robot vacuum cleaner is more affordable than the other models. However, it’s provide with modern technology. This includes Smart Mapping, where the robot vacuum cleaner generates the virtual map of your house.

We were so interested in this brand new robot vacuum that you can decide to purchase it and try it. In this comprehensive iRobot Roomba i3 EVO review, we write about our experiences.


  • CLEANING IN TIDY ROWS Cleans efficiently in straight lines, back and forth, to completely clean your floors as you move through furniture. If the i3 EVO is required to charge, the device will begin exactly where it stopped to ensure a tidy.
  • Clean your room; you’re in control – Roomba i3 EVO can learn your home’s layout and generates the Imprint Smart Map so you can control it to sweep any room you’d like whenever you’d like, whether according to a timer or at the moment.
  • It is ideal for homes with pets; It is not only a single bristle Roomba i3 EVO that uses the Dual Multi-Surface rubber Brushes that can flex to adapt to the different types of flooring and keep them from getting caught up in pet hair.
  • Stays one step ahead of the muck. The i3 EVO analyzes your cleaning habits and will offer suggestions, even providing extra cleanings when pollen levels are high or when shedding.
  • GETTING SMARTER and SMARTER The quality that endures. The intelligence that grows. Your robot vacuum will bring new features with automated software updates – for a more intelligent level of cleanliness.
  • CLEAN BY VOICE – Begin cleaning a room or each room using Google Assistant and Alexa*. Works in conjunction with Google Home and Alexa-enabled devices. Alexa and the associated designs are trademarks of and its affiliated companies. Google is an official trademark owned by Google LLC.


  • Focused Cleaning A patent-pending Dirt Detector Technology lets Roomba i3 EVO detect dirty areas in your home and scrub them clean more thoroughly. Sensors in the robot inform it what it can and cannot be placed, so it won’t become stuck under furniture.
  • Powerful Cleaning Scheduled Around Your Life No matter if you’re sitting at home or enjoying your life, Roomba i3 EVO takes away dirt and mess by using a premium 3-Stage Cleaning System and 10-fold the power-lifting suction. Compare the Roomba 600 series.
  • Flexibility to clean around your busy life This I3 EVO can be programmed to begin cleaning automatically after you go out and stop when you return home. With cleaning and time estimates, Roomba shows you how long it will take to vacuum using the Home iRobot App.


  • Capacity: 0.4 liter
  • Operation time: 75 minutes
  • Hardwood floors: (dark floors): 7.5/10
  • Carpet: 6.5/10
  • Pet hair: 7/10
  • Filter: HEPA Filter
  • Working range: 100 m2
  • Weight: 3.18 kilograms
  • Noise level: 58 decibels
  • Cleaning route for systematic systems
  • Great for pet hair
  • All floor types are suitable.
  • The latest software work properly.
  • Obstacle detection is less effective

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What Are the Main Differences Between Roomba I1 and Roomba I3?

There are two main differences: (1) The i1 is light bronze, while the i3 is gray. (2) The I1 is only sold by certain retailers, which is available at a few stores. 

The Roomba i3 is accessible for purchase nearly everywhere. Apart from that, they’re almost the same robotic vacuum.

This is the brief version. If you’re interested in finding out more, we’ll take more time to read the remaining part of this article.

Difference 1: Appearance.

roomba i3 6

Roomba I1 Appears to Have Some Bronze Tones, Whereas the I3 Is Gray.

The Roomba I1 has a slight bronze hue, whereas the i3 has a gray. This is just a matter of cosmetics and doesn’t impact the performance of either robot vacuum.

Difference 2. Availability.

roomba i3 4

Roomba I1 seems to be available only at Kohl or Walmart. The Roomba I3 is available on all websites and brick-and-mortar retailers.

Except for these two minor differences, The two robotic vacuums are nearly identical and work equally well. 

If you’re searching for an excellent robot vacuum cleaner, the Roomba I1 or the i3 will be the best option to keep your home tidy and clean.

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Let’s Examine the Similarities Between the Two Vacuums.

Similarity 1. Both Feature Auto-Return, Dirt Detection as Well as a Drop Sensor.

roomba i3 7

Roomba i1, the Roomba i1, and the Roomba i3 come with various shared features, including auto-return, dirt-detect dropping sensors, and dirt-detect. 

These two vacuums will return automatically to their docks for charging when they are running out of power in the battery or when they’ve finished cleaning.

They’ll also be capable of identifying areas in your home with more significant amounts of dirt, concentrating their efforts on cleaning them.

Additionally, both vacuums come with sensors that permit them to stay clear of obstacles and drop-offs while cleaning, ensuring they are safe for working throughout the day.

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Similarity 2. Both the I1 and the I3 Can Recharge and Restart

The Roomba I1 and the Roomba i3 can recharge and resume cleaning. That means that they’ll return to their docks for charging and restoration if they cannot replenish their battery power during cleaning.

When they’ve regained a fully charged state, they’ll continue in the same place they left off to get the job done. You can be confident that your vacuum is always ready to go through the cleaning process, no matter how big or filthy your house might be.

Similarity 3. Both Have WiFi Connectivity and Will Provide a Clean Map After Cleaning

roomba i3 2

Roomba i1, as well as Roomba i3, have both been wireless-connected. They also provide an outline of your home after they’ve cleaned.

This helps determine what areas going to clean and which ones require attention. Additionally, it’s fantastic to look at an outline of your home after complete the cleaning.

What Is the Deal With the I1+?

roomba i3 3

The Roomba I1 comes with a bigger sister, the I1+. The main difference is that the Roomba i1+ has an automatic emptying docking station.

It means that after the robot vacuum complete clearing its space, it’ll navigate to the docking station to empty its trash bin. This one is an excellent feature for those who aren’t fans of dust.

What Do You Think of an I3+?

roomba i3 1

The Roomba i3 Plus, the Roomba i3, and the docking station that automatically empty. If you’re often unhappy with the need to empty the trash bin of your Roomba and Roomba i3, you might want to consider “plus” versions of these Roombas that could be precisely what you require.


What Is the Noise Level While Vacuuming?

The Roomba I1 and i3 EVO are rated at 65-70 dB at regular operation and when placed 3 inches from yours. The sound is similar to hairdryers. The higher decibels could be attributed to the powerful suction of 10X in both Roomba models.

Do these Robots have the best filtering systems?

A HEPA filter is included in the Roomba I3 and the I1. Allergens and dust entering your home are cleaned and trapped by the filter when the robot vacuums start to work.

Are they able to work on high-pile carpets?

The powerful suction motors of the I1 and i3 EVO are the deciding factors in cleaning carpets. Roomba 600 models run carpets of medium and low pile quite well but have difficulty with high-pile rugs. This isn't a problem for the i-series, thanks to its robust and advanced motor that creates more suction pressure, allowing it to go deeply into carpets.

Are these models compatible with simultaneous work with braava jet Mops?




You can observe that the Roomba i1 along with Roomba i3 are nearly identical machines. The significant difference between these two vacuums lies in their appearance and accessibility.

Both are excellent robot vacuums. They share valuable features, such as dirt-detect, drop sensors, and recharge-and resume. This is beneficial because it implies they can wash the entire area of your home regardless of size.

Overall, both the Roomba i1 as well as the i3 are fantastic alternatives if you’re searching for an excellent robot vacuum that keeps your home tidy. 

Both vacuums are capable of efficiently cleaning soft and hard surfaces. Both models are equipped with modern robotic vacuum technology, which means they can satisfy the majority of households’ needs for cleaning.

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