iRobot Roomba 805 Review: Expert Reveals Secrets

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Whenever you look at the all Roomba 800 series from iRobot, you will notice a few things. First, there are many models in this series than any other. Second, each model has functions and options from unique series models.

How do you select?

The 805 is a perfect option for those searching for a mid-tier robot at a limited budget price. Is it enough for you? That will depend incredibly on your requirements and expectations.

This article will cover the Roomba 805 with the point of telling you everything you require to know about the model specifically, including if it’s the right fit for you or not. When your opinion might differ, our thoughts are that for the rates, there are better models currently available.

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iRobot Roomba 805


Roomba 805 model has its own capabilities. However, when we examined the model and spent time in our lab testing it, we got the conclusion that Roomba 805 doesn’t have some features according to the current requirement.

Besides that, Roomba 805 is not available on the market.

Will you be left empty-handed?

Answer is – No.

You can get better model than Roomba 805 within the same budget and we’re very confident with our recommended alternatives. Check out!

Model Name Star Rating/Reviews by Amazon Features score Experts’ score
Roborock S6 4.5 stars/4,191 reviews 9.5 9.4
iRobot Roomba i3+ 4.4 stars/10,252reviews 9.2 9.1
iRobot Roomba 960 4.4 stars/9,589 reviews 9.1 9.0
iRobot Roomba 805 3.2 stars/58 reviews 7.9 7.6

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Features and Specifications of iRobot Roomba 805

Both models came out under the 800s series with Roomba, an earlier version compared to the 880. The functions of 805 could be said to represent what the manufacturer has in mind while they begin with the 800s series.


  • iRobot Roomba 805 robotic vacuum is six inches high or about 9.2 cm.
  • Roomba 805 has one hour of runtime when it’s fully charged according to the packaging. However, it totally depends on the usage; it can last for a long duration and possibly a maximum of 100 minutes before you have to dock it back.
  • Comes with an elegant charging station, the same as the dual-wall barriers. The builder also added an extra filter for your first change of 4 AA batteries. As well.

Roomba 805 includes everything you required to operate this device out of the box when the package arrives, so there’s no requirement to buy any extra equipment. In fact, you could quickly run it after plugging in the batteries.

Features That We Loved in iRobot Roomba 805

1. The Robot Will Recharge Itself

Whenever the battery level gets drops to about 15 percent, the robot vacuum will stop its cleaning cycle and will start heading back towards the charging station. You do not have to tell it to do this task. However, you could send it to recharge whenever you require.

Even though when the battery reaches ten percent, the robot will go into panic mode, though. This is not a noted function; it only happens. You might read that some users complain that this vacuum cleaner frequently gets stuck and then dies without discovering the charging station.

This is because of this panic mode. The charging base requires it to be smoothly accessible, with 3 feet on all sides and also in front of the base. When the robot finding the beacon has to be able to discover the robot and then guide it in, while the robot vacuum is much far away, the search could take a lot longer than normal duration.

extra long cord

When the bettery gets empty, the vacuum cleaner will become more frantic in its discovery, heading to various places where the charging station might be. This is why you may find your robot dead in a corner or could be stuck against a wall or under a table, etc.

If this happens plenty of times, you must consider displacing the base station to a new and more centralized location in your house. Hard flooring is much optimal to permit easier docking. Moving your charging station will permit the robot to maintain closer proximity to your base and also find it before the battery level dies.

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2. Product Design

When we discuss the iRobot Roomba 805 robotic vacuum’s design, it does stand out among many competitors because the design of this robot vacuum is in the shape of a nice circular disk.

It has 3 circular rings, the outermost consisting of a soft wall bumper. Also the innermost including the central processing unit, comes with an access key positioned on top. To operate the cleaning feature, all you ever need to do is just put it on the floor and just click on the key.

The disk will displace around the floor. Besides that, it will not just clean your room but the entire floor if there are not any pitfalls on the surface other than stairs.

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3. The Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier

This device makes sure that the Roomba automatic surface cleaning robotic vacuum stays in places you desire it to be and away from the areas where you do not need it to be. The Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier has 2 modes.

In order to turn on any of the 2 modes, the dual-mode virtual wall barrier includes a switch, which flicks either down or up. The virtual wall mode is usable when the switch is “Up.”

It permits the robot to function as a wall, which could just be sensed by the Roomba automatic floor robotic vacuum. Disregarding the positioning, the robots make a trigonal field around themselves, which keeps the Roomba 805 away from them for as long as a maximum of 10 feet (3 meters).

amazing automatic sensors

Besides that, when the switch is turned “Down,” The Halo Mode is enabled. It does enable the robot to make protective layers across unique objects such as a bowl or a vase, so the Roomba automatic floor vacuum doesn’t bump into things and topple them over.

However, it spreads any obstacle control field over a place as large as twenty-four inches all across the place.

4. Filtration Is Among the Best

When iRobot came to an end-gaining the HEPA certification for its filtration, there was a ton of concern in the allergen environment. The HEPA certification does let you know that the filter would collect particles down to 3 microns in size.

On top of that, This level of collecting allergen particles like pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and mold or mildew spores. But, a few years ago, when iRobot and several other big robot vacuum vendors just stopped getting the HEPA certification.

Their filters are identical; however, for some unknown points (we are guessing price), the HEPA certified label has gone away. Nowadays, Roomba boasts a “highly-effective” filter instead of any HEPA filter.

What you have to know: it’s the same filter. The high-effectivity filter still sucks up to 99 percent of in-house allergens and is only as efficient as it was before when it was having the HEPA label.

If you’re concerned regarding the HEPA rating and you are searching for a Roomba, look for those models with the high-affective filter. 805 is one of the models. But, you must also get aware that there are several filters on certain series that don’t have HEPA filtration.

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iRobot Roomba 805 vs 880

These will definitely be labeled as AeroForce Standard or AeroVac Standard. When these filters still suck up particles down to ten microns in measurement. (The efficiently about eighty-eight percent of allergens), they’re not anti-allergen filters, just like the high-efficiency ones.

5. Unique Design Feature of iRobot Roomba 805

Cleaning ability is one thing; what every consumer tends to search for is a vacuum cleaner that looks aesthetically pleasing while roams around the home. The new iRobot Roomba comes with fulfilling both requirements, ideally for each of its users.

It’s an attractive and cool design enclosing captivating eye functions. But, the only downside of this particular design is that it is available in pitch black color.

Even though the device is pretty much lightweight and could be easily picked and then placed anywhere, you want it. It just weighs 8.5 pounds, as we have discussed earlier, which makes the device much portable.

6. Quick Cleaning

Unlike predecessors of the Roomba series, the Roomba 800 is  not just powerful suction pumps, beautiful aesthetics, and efficiency filters alone. The Roomba 805 includes an advanced chipset that enables the device to operate cleaning in a more quick and sophisticated method.

It sweeps the surface in patterns and also avoids redundancy in moving around the home. Unless the sensor observes every particle in a specified direction has not been deducted yet, the vacuum cleaner doesn’t move any further onto the further point.

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7. Includes Automatic Adjustment

The Roomba 805 arrives with automatic controlling functions. It includes spinning side brushes that are able to push out any kind of debris when performing the cleaning operation. The Roomba 805 makes good clean control on tiles and carpet alike.

It’s also programmed to control when cleaning laminate and hardwood floors. Also it can make transitions in between carpets and rugs successfully and effectively.

iRobot Roomba 805 vs 880

If you need a quick-paced, durable auto rechargeable, and also portable robotic cleaning vacuum cleaner where you could sit back and chill, watch the floors getting clean by themselves, then this vacuum cleaner is a perfect choice as per your needs.

With that said, right now, we also conclude our Roomba 805 article; we hope you have enjoyed it.

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And Here Are Some Main Functions Worth Noting About the Roomba 805:

1. AeroForce three-Stage Cleaning System

Brushing, agitation, and suction are the 3 stages this sentence refers to. The vacuum ensures that specks of dirt are brushed and quickly sucked into the robot vacuum. AeroForce also refers to a filter-system within the vacuum cleaner which captures particles as tiny as 10 microns.

2. iAdapt Navigation

It provides robot vacuum cleaners their capability to detect unique areas and obstacles in front of them. By using this feature, lets the robot to navigate through hard corners and furniture, such as the chairs and dining table, along the walls as well. The robot vacuum comes with sensors that permit it to do this.

3. Brush-less extractors

These avert entanglement within its system. This is a big problem in homes with pets that shed hair and long-haired residents. This deducts the maintenance one requires to do for the vacuum as it is a little bit heavy to work as a tangle position. Keep in mind that you have to schedule your robot to clean a maximum of seven times per week; that means you’ll always be welcomed with a dusted house every day. You just have to tap on the CLEAN key on the top of the robot to get it running.

4. Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barriers

This function provides the Roomba 805 the capability to clean your home according to the room you want to clean. By making efficient use of the walls, you could use the Dual Mode to keep your robot out of a certain place or restrict it to only clean a specific room.

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Roomba 805, being the predecessor, typically shows several weaknesses (well, just one)

  • Does not come with a HEPA filter.

For Who Is iRobot Roomba 805 For?

convenient cleaning

It is not a secret that the iRobot Roomba 805 robotic vacuum is an affordable model with a ton of good functions. Is it suitable for you, though? It can be if you:

  • Have pets that shed a ton and require to keep up on the pickup.
  • Require a robot that just jobs without a ton of fuss.
  • Require the capability to schedule cleaning cycles any day or time of the week.

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The Verdict


The Roomba 805 is a standard model with enough advanced technological upgrades to make it worth every penny. The huge collection bin means less time consuming while doing maintenance when the brushless extractors make the operation simple.

It’s great for homes with shedding pets and also those people with small children. It’ll get into corners and also along the baseboards where the crumbs and the hairs seem always to gather. What it will not do is sync with your phone or permit you to have voice controls.

Everything you have to run the device is right on the faceplate. Looking for a standard entry-level robotic vacuum cleaner that is easy to maintain as well as save a lot of money doing so? Roomba 805 is a viable choice.

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