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The Roomba 635 is a base variant from the iRobot vacuuming line. It is able to navigate your home with sensors to prevent it from hitting obstructions or falling down in comparison to the more modern versions, which use more sophisticated technology and, as per Roomba 635 user reviews, could be either a plus or negative depending on your point of viewpoint.

The robot performs exactly what it was meant to do, which is clean dust and dirt from your floor, freeing you to work on other projects or just sit back and unwind.

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Roomba 635 is the well-known vacuum cleaner. Yes, there are many features, but it is discontinued.

But don’t think too much. It is not a big issue at all. 

When we buy any robot vacuum cleaner then what do we look in it? First,  it shouldn’t have any big negative. Secondly, it shouldn’t require to buy additional attachments for best performance. With Roomba 635 you need some extra attachments which makes you pay extra.

Here we suggest you the better alternatives which offer best performance without any extra charges.

Model Name Star Rating/Reviews by Amazon Features score Experts’ score
Roborock S4 4.7 stars/2,830 reviews 9.8 9.6
Roborock S5 4.6 stars/4,089 reviews 9.5 9.3
Roborock E4 4.3 stars/1,597 reviews 9.1 9.0
4.5 stars/180 reviews 9.2 9.1

Roomba 635 is among the few iRobot models that do not have wireless communications. If you’re looking to programme your Roomba with a laptop or smartphone, you’ll be looking at one of the newer models.

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iRobot Roomba 635

Specifications Chart

Let’s examine the features and options that the Roomba 635 can (or does not) provide.

Roomba 635

Battery Nickel-Metal Hydride
Charge Time 4 hours
Runtime Up to 60 minutes
Navigation iAdapt Technology
Dirt Detection Sensors Yes
Drop Sensors Yes
Bump Sensors Yes
Filter AeroVac
Cleaning AeroVac 3-Stage
Remote Control No
Voice Control No
Local Control Yes
WiFi No
Mobile App No
Scheduling No
Extraction Method Dual Brush Bars
Side Brushes 1
Full Bin Indicator No
Entire Level Cleaning No
Automatic Recharge Yes
Carpet Boost No
Virtual Wall Barriers Separate Purchase
Warranty 1 Year

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Features of the Roomba 635

Credit: HouseholdMe

If you’re the kind that likes to simplify things, The Roomba 635 is among the most basic models of the iRobot range. There aren’t any bells or bells with this model, and it’s all robotic power to keep your home clean.

Although there is an additional remote control for the unit, the majority of users stick to basic controls that are located on the body of the robot.

1. Cleaning at the Touch of a Button

This sentinel for cleaning has three settings for control that you can activate by pressing the buttons that are located on the top of the unit.

If you don’t command it by pressing one button, it will sit for a long time in its dock for charging. It’s not possible to set your Roomba 635 to begin at a specific date or cover a specific space. If you’d like it to manage a specific spill, you’ll have to take it to the spot. Three control buttons are spot, clean and dock. Now you can also compare the cleaning performance of Roomba 890 and 960.


iRobot Roomba 635 (2)

“Clean” is the all-purpose setting for the Roomba 635. If you push that button, the device will start to sweep all over the place until it comes across a barrier.

Then it will change direction, slowly cleaning the floor. After about one hour, when its battery is down to 10, the device will make its way to its base of charging. Once it is recharged, then you can take it off on another cleaning task.


“Spot” is the name of this button “Spot” button is the one to press to deal with the small-scale mess. For instance, if there’s been a spill of cereal on a highchair and you do not have any hungry dogs, You can set the Roomba 635 in the centre of that spill.

After you have activated this option, the unit will begin to travel in a circular direction so that it completely fills a circle three feet wide. This is ideal for dinner table spills and spills from the table for crafting.

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“Dock” button “Dock” button is the easiest method to get your Roomba 635 off the floor. When it’s in a cleaning process, This button takes over the previous command and will send the device back to its charging dock.

This is what you might do in the event that unexpected guests arrive. Let’s be honest. Children can be a bit naive and believe that they are playing with the Roomba is just another toy, and it’s best to rest it during their time in the room.

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2. Sensors for Reliable Operation

The Roomba 635 is equipped with three sensors to perform its job and to keep it secure. These sensors are key to the ease of use of the device and help it avoid obstructions while making sure you cover the area to clean. Without the drop, bump as well as dirt sensors, your unit could look like a floating piece of plastic.

3. Bump

The Roomba 635 isn’t the speed demon it is advertised to be. To thoroughly clean the floors of your home, it operates quite slow. It also shields the unit from being damaged and stops it from causing damage to objects.

If the Roomba 635 is near the wall or another obstacle, it slows down until it hits the obstacle. If the obstacle permits for it to move, for example, an upholstered bed, it will continue.

When the obstacle is solid, it will alter its direction and attempt to move around it. A few useful tools that are available for purchase are virtual barriers offered by iRobot.

These devices trigger the bump sensor and steer Roomba Roomba away from the area. It is possible to place them in areas like pet food bowls or top-heavy items that you’d like the Roomba to be able to avoid completely.

4. Drop

Everyone doesn’t want their Roomba to fall down steps. Its “Drop” sensor makes it possible for the Roomba 635 to sweep the top of stairs without falling down.

If the Roomba detects an uneven surface or a drop, it will slow to determine the size of the drop. The Roomba 635 will find its way through small bumps such as transition strips but will steer clear of bigger drops.

5. Dirt

“Dirt” Sensor helps the Roomba 635 to complete a thorough cleaning. The sensor, which is under the unit, helps detect loose debris that could be missed during an initial sweep.

When the sensor is activated, the Roomba 635 spins in a circular motion and vacuum until there’s no trace of dust or dirt remaining.

6. Charging Station for Easy Storage

iRobot Roomba 635

The Roomba 635 connects to its charging station and automatically returns to its home when it requires charging. The Nickel-Metal Hydride battery inside the device takes around four hours to charge fully, which provides about one hour of vacuuming.

Based on iRobot, the base for home use should be at least one and two-and-a-half feet of space on either side, with four feet of clear space to the front.

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7. Low Maintenance

The maintenance plan is easy to follow. Just ensure that the collection bin is regularly cleaned and the sensors are clean regularly. Apart from that, normal maintenance will be required.

You’ll need to examine your filter and then replace it (depending on the use) approximately every 3 months. Also, you should inspect the brushes for any buildup or debris and take the time to clean them whenever necessary.

Additionally, the side brushes are made to last for about a year. However, frequent inspections to make sure it’s functional and in good condition are essential. Replace them every 9-12 months, regardless of the time.

An Exceptional Vacuuming System

Three different parts on the Roomba 635 are working together to lift, remove and collect dust particles as well as pet hair out of your floors or carpets. The system for vacuuming comprises two brushes: one sweeper and a cavernous intake which creates a 7-inch cleaning path.

The small-width roll of brush features hard bristles that can dislodge hair and dirt, while the larger-width one lifts debris and dirt into a suction intake.

Additionally, there is the side-spinning brush, which is placed at a 27-degree angle which allows it to get into corners and clean around edges.

After the particles have been taken out of the air and removed, the AeroVac filter is able to remove dust and allergens, while its 0.3-litre dust bin is able to hold the larger particles. To save time and money, the 635 comes with an additional filter.

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Who is the Roomba 635 For?

The Roomba 600 series is quickly getting rid of. However, the older models have an exclusive place and are in use in some homes. You might have one.

  • You’re looking for a robot vacuum that isn’t lots of trouble.
  • There are other vacuums that are frequently used, and you’ll need an additional (or third) for use less often.
  • Are you looking for a robot that has the Roomba name but don’t require many extras?

The Verdict


The Roomba 635 is difficult to recommend simply because of its age. The NiMH battery can cause pause, as well as the absence of wireless communications isn’t appealing. At about the same price, you can upgrade to a more modern Roomba with these features and save money.

If, however, you’re committed to the robotic vacuum, but it is not equipped with containment and the inability to use the voice or mobile app control, and you just need your floors to be cleaned with the Roomba 635 could be a good alternative.

It is still on sale. Make sure you purchase it soon; otherwise, you could miss the chance to purchase this vacuum for the rest of the time.

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