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Housekeeping consumes a ton of energy and time. Imagine a model that would help you automate some of the boring tasks and save tons of hours. Vacuuming is an integral segment of housekeeping, and it’s important to do it daily.

Otherwise, your home will get dirty and dusty. Luckily, there are a lot of companies out there who design robotic vacuum cleaners and state that by using their devices, you could completely automate the vacuuming operation.

The iRobot is one of the most trusted builders on the market nowadays. To date, they have created dozens of best-selling and successful robotic vacuum cleaners. One of the fabulous models of iRobot is the Roomba 620 model.

The 620 is a reasonably rated intelligent floor cleaner with great functions, abilities, and durability.

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Roomba 620 was the one of the amazing model at such a affordable price. It had the high draining functions with durability. Overall its star rating were awesome. Everyone liked this product but it is one of the discontinued model.

So the first question come in your mind will be – now which vacuum cleaner is better than this one?

We give you the list of alternative models which perform similar or better than this Roomba 620 model. Hence check out the table!

Model Name Star Rating/Reviews by Amazon Features score Experts’ score
iRobot Roomba j7+ 4.5 stars/13,359 reviews 9.6 9.4
Shark IQ Robot 4.5 stars/1,157 reviews 9.5 9.2
iRobot Roomba i3+ 4.4 stars/10,238 reviews 9.1 8.9
iRobot Roomba 620 4.2 stars/65 reviews 8.9 8.8

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iRobot Roomba 620 Vacuum Cleaning Robot


A Quick Glance of iRobot Roomba 620 

Specifications Chart

Let’s see what the Roomba 620 model doesn’t and does offer. Knowing if your demanded feature is available can be crucial to your last decision.

Weight 7.94 pounds Dimensions 13.4×13.4×3.6 inches
Battery 3300mAh Lithium-ion Automatic Resume No
Automatic Recharge Yes Runtime Up to 90 minutes
Recharge Time 3 hours Collection Bin Capacity 0.5L
Filter AeroForce Standard Wireless Communications No
Bluetooth No Mobile App No
Remote Control No Voice Commands No
Local Controls Yes Mapping None
Navigation iAdapt Navigation Technology Drop Sensors Yes
Bump Sensors Yes Containment Virtual Wall Barrier (separate purchase)
Dirt Detection Sensors Yes Scheduling No
Full Bin Indicator No Floor Types All
Side Brushes 1 Warranty 1 year

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How is iRobot Roomba 620’s Design?

Roomba 620 vacuum cleaner

The first thing which becomes apparent whenever you take the Roomba 620 out of the box is it has had a dashing style makeover.

The entire look is more rounded, with the device’s circular design now complemented by the cleaner lines that drop the straight angles which had outlined the bumpers, dustbin, and more.

Instead, all the join is curved, and all knobs or buttons are accented by the soft circular or semicircular borders. Blended with a colorful finish, the overall design is slightly cartoonish, but it’s also more advanced, and we would expect iRobot to carry on this pattern approach with other lines as they’re replaced in time.

The overall look of the Roomba 620 is very advanced.

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What Are The Core Functions of iRobot Roomba 620?

Credit: Birdknowsbest

1. Better Design Than the 500 Series

The overall looks are better than previous Roomba models. The brand has been listening to the users’ feedback. As a result, it works better than what you might have experienced in the past with the Roomba models. This brand just keeps on moving forward, and after all, they never ever disappoint with what they provide.

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2. Enhanced Brush Design

The brush pattern is an upgrade from the previous models. There are pieces of brushes which are unique lengths. This helps to deduct the risk of any objects getting left behind in the cleaning operation. The Roomba 620 has a three-step cleaning operation, which is effective and also fasts.

3. Better Battery Life

Battery life is much longer, and you’ll be capable of cleaning your entire home with it, and do not worry about the charge at all. It’s essential because you do not want to come to the home to discover that the battery has died halfway through the cleaning operation, and you’ve company arriving any second.

4. Cleans Multiple Flooring Types

You could count on the Roomba 620 model to clean all kinds of flooring, adding hardwood, linoleum, tile, and carpeting. It could change from one kind of flooring in a place of your house to another without any type of intervention by you.

This robotic vacuum cleaner is very quiet, so you could have it operational when you sleep, talk on the phone, watch TV, or any other activity you are doing at home.

5. Pet Friendly

If you have pets, then you need a model that could handle the pet hair without it get clogged inside the system or the filter. This model was specially manufactured to pick up pet hair, so that will not be a problem.

Who impressive is it for?

The robot vacuum is manufactured to be functional and save a lot of money. However, there are some groups that will benefit the most from the Roomba 620 model (apart from those that want to save cash). These groups include:

  • Non-technical persons who don’t have time to learn mobile applications or remote controls.
  • Houses with pets that shed or have small kids that make messes.
  • Small house owners or single persons are looking for help to clean their floors.

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Thrilling Features of iRobot Roomba 620

1. The Filters Are Tiny But Mighty

Filtration is always gonna be a sticking point for vacuum cleaner sales. Filtering the air being pushed back inside your place means a ton to the overall health of your family members.

Especially if you have allergies to in-home pollutants like pollen, pet dander, or even dust mites, some of the filters are better than the others, some might have certifications, and still, others could have fancy names that make them sound more substantial than they actually are.

2. AeroVac Standard Filtration

In that vein, the iRobot uses what they call “AeroVac Standard Filtration.” The Roomba uses high-efficiency filters. However, they are not found on the Roomba 620.

The general filter is a decent filter, and it has 2 basic tasks: to protect the motor from the contaminants and also to capture particles returning to the environment and surface behind the device.

It does both really great. Unlike any upright models, there is not a post-motor and pre-motor filter. You get one filter that fits inside the device, accessed through removing the trash bin.

The filter also protects the motor really great, keeping the whole place free of debris and dust. The filter is tiny, though, which means it fills up immediately. The Roomba users manual will suggest you change the filter every 3 months.

But, you must check it after every 2 or 3 cleaning cycles. Most owners report the filter requires to be changed every 6 to 8 weeks.

3. Cleaning the Filters Is Easy

iRobot Roomba 620

The great news (if you’re an optimist) is that you’ll be able to say when the filter required to be changed due to getting clogged because the vacuum cleaner might be very sluggish, running the battery charge faster and also not cleaning as efficiently.

If you detach the filter after every 2nd or 3rd cycle, you could knock it against the inner side of your garbage could to clean out most of the gathered debris. Doing so will enhance the robot vacuum’s performance and prolong the age of the filter.

When it comes time to change the filter, it is as easy as detaching the old one and then putting a new one in its place. You do not require to wash the filters with water or even sprays like some charcoal filters will require.

You won’t receive additional filters inside the box with the Roomba 620. Though, you could buy them from reputable vendors online or from iRobot’s official website itself. Additional filters will basically come in a pack of 3, which should last you about one year.

The second task of the filter is to prevent dust, dirt, and debris from returning to your surfaces after being gathered. What this filter won’t do is gather allergens. Most in-home allergens are having a size of 3 to 5 microns. To gather allergens, you will require an anti-allergen filter.

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4. Hey, it’s HEPA filtration

These are certified filters that come with a HEPA label. In a few recent years, a ton of companies have stopped having filters certified, and they have renamed their HEPA filters as the “high-efficiency.”

Side note: If you see any high-efficiency label, it’s the same as being a HEPA certified, just without the 3rd party certification.

As it’s the AeroVac standard filter isn’t HEPA certified and isn’t high-efficiency. It’ll gather particles down to about ten microns in measurement; however, those pesky allergy-inducing things just like dust mites and pollen and pet dander might make it through the filters if they are trying hard enough.

Because the Roomba 620 is not manufactured to replace your upright vacuum cleaner, you could still get a HEPA filtration through your upright vac, and do not worry so much about any Roomba filter.

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The Battery of iRobot Roomba 620 is Larger And More Productive

Other robot vacuum cleaners in the series of 600 use tinier celled batteries and also have lower runtimes. The 652 and 650, for example, both are having a runtime of about an hour and also use a 2600mAh and 2200mAh battery, respectively. The Roomba 620 has a runtime of up to ninety minutes.

The battery installed in this model is repeatedly misidentified as a high powered 3500mAh battery. This confusion takes place because that’s what the replacement battery you could buy from the iRobot’d official website is.

Inside the Roomba 620, whenever you take it out from the box, though, is a 33k mAh battery. Not much unique, but it does require to be noted. Along with the above battery size and an additional half-hour of runtime, you get the robotic benefits of having a bigger battery.

How Well Does the Battery Support Your Cleaning?

iRobot Roomba 620

Because the Roomba 620 is stripped of most of the high draining functions just like wireless communications, the power and the battery it supplies could concentrate more on the navigation, sensors, gather bin leveling, and motor control.

When the battery does run low, the robot vacuum will stop its cleaning cycle and then return to the docking station. As long as your surface space is not too huge, the robot vacuum should not have a very tough time cleaning the whole space in one charge.

In the event you’ve got a ton of carpets, heavily soiled places, or well over fifteen hundred square feet, you might find that the task takes a couple of cycles to get done.

Not every battery could last forever, and after about eighty minutes of running around, the tiny guy will be required to recharge the batteries. What the robot vacuum will not do, however, is resuming cleaning after the battery is fully charged.

It’ll sit there, then wait for you to press the start key again. If you find that the robot vacuum does not complete a cycle in a solo charge, it’ll complete it after the second one.

Even if it goes over the places it has been before, more often, it is just cleaned before docking; the whole level will get cleaned in a few cycles.

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The Controls Are Limited, That Could Make Or Break Your Decision

With the Roomba 620 model, you will not have a ton of additionals. One of those additives which are missing comes in the form of adjustments.

You would have local adjustments, and that’s all. There is not a wireless receiver in Roomba to permit the use of voice-commands or the mobile application.

There is not a remote control shipped with the model either. There’s a remote control that provides manual start, steering, stop, resume, and pause for cleaning cycles and a few scheduling abilities. You could buy this remote from iRobot’s official website, but We would not recommend it.

The remote control does not work with all of the robot vacuum cleaners, and even those listed as eligible seem to have more problems than it’s worth. The 620 models are manufactured to be near-featureless to keep prices down and operationally high.

The local adjustments are straightforward and also quite simple. In the center of the faceplate on the top of the model is a big button marked as the “Clean.”

Pressing this key will wake the robot vacuum cleaner, and pressing it again would send the robot vacuum on its way to clean your surfaces.

You could press it a third time so you can stop the cleaning cycle if you desire. On top of the Clean key is a semi-circle key marked “Spot.” Pressing this key at any time would make the robot vacuum switch to spot cleaning mode.

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Ok, What Else?

While this short cycle, the 620 models would spiral around a middle spot (where the key was pressed), doing a thorough and also deep cleaning of that place. This comes in pretty much handy when there’s a heavily soiled place or a quick spill that requires to be cleaned up.

Below the Clean key is the third and final control choice. This one is marked as the “Dock.” The dock key will send the robot vacuum back to the docking station to recharge its battery. You must note, though, that before pressing this key, you will require to stop the active cleaning cycle.

You will first require to press the clean key. This would stop the cleaning cycle and then set the robot vacuum in its waiting state. What it’s waiting for is its further command. Pressing the dock key will then tell the robot vacuum to go home and rest.

Besides that, The faceplate has one last notification, though it is not a key or a form of control. It’s the “dirt detection” indicator. On top of that, This lights up when the dust detection sensor notices the current place being cleaned is still messy.

This is more for your benefit than for the robot vacuum cleaner. The robot would spin around and return to the identical spot over and over as long as it observes dirt still present.

If you’re watching the robot vacuum cleaner, you might think it’s broken. This indicator notifies you that the robot vacuum cleaner is fine and is, in fact, cleaning as it must be.

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The Navigation of iRobot Roomba 620 is Sporadic And The Sensors Are Incredible

One of the great things about Roomba vacuum cleaners is the capability of using all of its sensors so you can navigate around your house. Some models will run in the things more repeatedly than others, but they’ll all do it. The 620 model is no different.

What sets the Roomba apart, though, is that the robot vacuum, when seemingly random, is really doing what it’s supposed to do and also preventing damage to your things or itself in operation.

The drop sensors prevent the robot vacuum from falling off stairs, or it could get caught, high-centered, on the ledges.

If the drop sensors observe a distance bigger than about half an inch, then the robot vacuum will automatically stop and change its direction.

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Those Sensors!

Of all the sensors on every robot vacuum, this is the one sensor. We have yet to see a report of an issue. To our knowledge, no Roomba has runoff ever from the stairs without help.

The bump sensors use a blending of infrared and acoustics to find walls, furniture, and many other obstacles in their route. The robot vacuum will slow down when approaching and then testing the object with the help of the bump sensors.

If it moves, the robot vacuum continues; if it does not, the robot changes course. The last sensors are the dust detection sensors that we mentioned earlier. When activated, the robot vacuum works additionally hard in that place to make sure all the dust, dirt, and debris gets removed.

All the sensors work simultaneously to help the robot vacuum stay on the ground, clean the surfaces, and not cause any damage. You would notice that the robot vacuum just runs around, seemingly going wherever it needs without rhyme or reason.

The iAdapt navigation tech (one more fancy name for the sensors and also algorithms used for navigational purposes), though, is still one of the ideal, and you could be assured that your whole floor is getting clean if it looks otherwise.

The Verdict


When the wait goes on for the first high quality sub-£150-200 robot to entice the masses, the Roomba 620 delivers breakthrough cleaning performance and also battery life at the sub-£250-£300 price point.

This still remains no tiny outlay, and while you’re getting a device that excels at its task, the omissions of a basic full bin indicator, virtual wall, and more substantially a cleaning scheduler mean you require to focus on loving it for what it can do, not getting annoyed at what it could do not.

The Roomba 620 model is well worth your investment. This is a proven machine that could take care of your cleaning demands on all kinds of flooring. It’s efficient, quiet, and powerful. You are not going to have to waste your time vacuuming manually again!

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