iRobot 805 vs 860 Review — Winner of Vacuuming Exposed!

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If you are looking for a new vacuum cleaner, you have probably noticed how robot vacuum models are the most popular at the current moment. Precisely, Roomba 860 and 805 may be the best-selling nowadays. So check out the irobot 805 vs 860.

People love them for a lot of reasons, but practicality is, fortunately, the largest. These are automatically performed and need no interference from your side.

It’s convenient for a ton of reasons, especially if you do not have much time to dedicate to normal cleaning of all your surfaces. That one of the two must you get?

The iRobot 860 and 805 have a few similarities being that they are from one brand, but they also have a few crucial differences—both function innovative and cutting-edge techs that give better results with ease.

Continue reading as we said which one is better, the Roomba 860 vs 805 models? We will look at their differences and similarities that could help you make a wise decision on which one is ideal for you. And if you want bagged vacuum cleaner then check out the given list by clicking on 13 Best Bagged Vacuum.


iRobot 805 and 860 are the well-known vacuum cleaner. Yes, there are many features, but it is discontinued.

But don’t think too much. It is not a big issue at all. 

When we buy any robot vacuum cleaner then what do we look in it? First,  it shouldn’t have any big negative. Secondly, it shouldn’t require to buy additional attachments for best performance. With iRobot 805 and 860 you need some extra attachments which makes you pay extra.

Here we suggest you the better alternatives which offer best performance without any extra charges.

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Model Name Star Rating/Reviews by Amazon Features score Experts’ score
iRobot Roomba i7 4.5 stars/4,679 reviews 9.6 9.6
iRobot Roomba i3+ 4.4 stars/12,167 reviews 9.5 9.3
iRobot Roomba 694 4.4 stars/11,591 reviews 9.1 9.0
iRobot Roomba i3 EVO 4.3 stars/8,379 reviews 9.2 9.1

iRobot Roomba 805

iRobot Roomba 805

iRobot Roomba 860

roomba 860

Let Check iRobot 805 vs 860 Review: How These Models Are Similar?

Being from the identical model series, the 860 and 805 share a ton of identical technology and traits. The following is a detailed overview of the most magnificent similarities they got.

1. Design

Both of these Roomba models got the same design. They’re the familiar round robot vacuums with the huge Clean key and 4 programming keys on the face.

Each robot vacuum also has identical motors, wheels, rubber extractors, and side brushes. Except for their color design, it is tough to tell the two robot vacuums apart based on their appearance alone.

2. iAdapt Navigation Technology

The iAdapt Navigation tech is the name provided to the series of programming, software, sensors, and algorithms that permit the robots to maneuver around the house and stay out of trouble.

The dirt detection, RCON, drop, and touch sensors work with each other to remind the robot vacuum of obstacles, cliffs, issues, and dirty areas of the house.

The robot vacuum uses the input from these spectacular sensors to navigate your surfaces without causing any damage or falling off the stairs.

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3. AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System

roomba 805

In our iRobot 805 vs 860 review, we’d say, much like the iAdapt tech, AeroForce tech is the name provided to the components which make up the three stages cleaning system of the Roombas. The 3 stages (collection, sweep, and filtration) all work simultaneously to arrange your floor’s cleanliness.

The tangle-free extractors and useful side brushes sweep agitate and debris the carpet so it can loosen and lift the dust. The motor offers the suction power to gather the debris & deposit it into the dust bin.

Thus, the exhaust air is pushed through a filter and returned to the house. In the case of the 860 and 805, the difference here is that the exhaust is pushed through the HEPA quality filter, reducing the number of allergens in the house. The 805 only uses a general filter, which doesn’t gather the allergens.

4. Tangle-Free Extractors

Both robot vacuums use rubber paddled and tangle-free extractors. Unlike bristle brush rolls, they’re much smoother to maintain and clean. The extractors will not scratch softwood floors and could agitate carpet far better than bristled options.

5. Lithium-Ion Battery

Credit: uglypoe

The Roomba 805 and Roomba 860 each use a lithium-ion battery, which provides up to one hour of runtime. The robot vacuum will monitor the battery and start heading back to the Home Base docking station whenever the battery gets low.

The recharge cycle lasts for three hours; at that time, the robot vacuum will be ready to head out on the next cleaning session.

Besides that, The 1800mAh battery packs must be capable of maintaining their charges and last for up to one hour through at least 2500 charging operations.

If used daily, you could expect the batteries to last you well over 2 years. With care and maintenance, you could prolong this another twelve to eighteen months.

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6. Scheduled Cleaning

roomba 805

One more similarity is the use of the schedule function. Using the local control keys, you could set the time and date of the robot vacuum cleaner. Once that is programmed, you would be capable of making a 7-day schedule for cleanings.

You would be able to program one cleaning operation per day for the 7 days. When the scheduled weekends, you will be required to program another week’s worth of cleaning. For prolonged battery life, it’s suggested you run the robot vacuum daily.

7. Noise

Noise level was a big consideration our iRobot 805 vs 860 experiment. Roomba vacuum cleaners have never been known for their pretty quiet operation. When they’re active, you would know it. On average, the Roomba 805 and 860 produce about sixty-seven dB of noise.

This amount is the same as city traffic outside a closed window or a moderate conversation between two people. If you’re in the same place as the robot vacuum when it is operating, you will be required to raise your speaking volume, or you may have to turn up the television. However, it is not so bad that you cannot hear at all.

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8. Self-Charging & Self-Docking

Aside from the initial charging operation out of the box, the Roomba 805 and 860 will recharge the battery themselves whenever it gets low.

While the battery level drops, both of these models will stop the cleaning cycle and start seeking out the Home Base docking station.

Using the RCON sensor on the top of the robot vacuum, the Home Base sends a beacon signal. This signal permits the robot vacuums to hone in and find the dock station that they will position and then mount without needing assistance from anything or anyone.

You must note that from time to time, the robot vacuum will be unable to locate the Home Base before the battery gets totally drained. If this happens, you’ll be required to place your robot vacuum on the docking station manually.

9. Cliff Detection

Of the sensors on the Roomba line of the robot vacuum cleaner, the cliff-detect sensors operate a double shift. Their major function is to determine how far below the robot vacuum the ground is.

If the sensors sense a ledge, a drop, or fall greater than one inch and a half, the robot vacuum will be alerted and change course. The secondary feature is dirt detection.

As the robot vacuum cleans and moves forward, the sensors could determine if debris and dust particles remain. If alerted to a place that is still dirty, the robot would swing around in a repeat loop to go over the place once more time.

10. Warranty

The Roomba 860 and Roomba 805 share a warranty as well (as do all the Roomba robots). The warranty provides a thirty-day trial period, which permits you to return the robot vacuum cleaner for any reason.

After the thirty days, the twelve-month limited warranty kicks in. Besides that, The battery, computers, motor, and sensors are all covered by the warranty.

Should anything happen due to daily use, the robot vacuums will be replaced or repaired. Removable parts, such as the wheels, filters, and extractors, are not covered and would be the responsibility of the user to buy replacements when they wear out.

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iRobot 805 vs 860 Review: What’s the Difference Between Them?

Let’s dig into the features of the two vacuums in detail.

1. Features

Credit: RealReviews

What features do the two vacuum robots have to offer? Here’s a detailed overview of the prime ones. The 805 model is a remote-controlled vacuum cleaner. It’s rechargeable and cleans for an hour.

It uses magnificent sensors to navigate around your house and avoid collisions and uses the Roomba’s 4 stage cleaning system to efficiently pick up and also remove dirt. It has a High-Efficiency Filter to help trap allergens and dust from the air and a basic interface.

Cleans could be scheduled with the remote throughout the week, but unfortunately, it doesn’t connect to WiFi. The Roomba 860 has a battery that is rechargeable and has the same run time.

The robot vacuum cleaner does an impressive clean with good suction and special features that means it concentrates harder on specifically dirt-heavy places. It has a 0.65-liter trash bin and a dustbin indicator light to let you be aware when it’s full.

It has the HEPA filter that does an amazing job at trapping any kind of allergen or mold particles from the environment. This model could cross barriers of up to 0.63 inches in height, so it should not have issues getting from room to room or over the carpets or small obstacles.

It uses sensor tech to navigate around and avoid obstacles and no-go places like stairs

Verdict: Model 860 comes out on top with some improved functions like the cleaning performance and a HEPA-approved filter.

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2. Accessories

So now we know the prime features, what comes with each bot, and is there anything essential we should consider? The model 805 comes with the iRobot, of course, and the Home Base Docking Station, which is important where your robot vacuum will live in your house.

The vacuum cleaner also comes with a dual-mode virtual wall barrier. What’ is this? This is a tiny portable machine that you could place near any place you don’t want your Roomba to venture.

It could project a radial or straight barrier across doorways or around a pet’s bowls, just for example, that only your one and only Roomba will see and know not to cross.

The 860 model comes with quite much the same set of things as model 805. You will get the robot vacuum cleaner and charging base as well as the dual-mode virtual wall. It comes with an additional filter.

Verdict: Both of these vacuum cleaners have pretty much identical accessories and components. 

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3. Performance

roomba 860


Let’s take a look at the performance of every vacuum cleaner and how they compare each other. The Roomba 805 gives a decent clean for the rate. It uses Roomba’s extraordinary 3 stage cleaning system.

This particular system is all about lifting, loosening, and suctioning up debris and dirt from both hard surfaces and carpets, and it does gather up most of what you see.

It does use AeroForce rubber extractors, which roll round to gather debris, dirt, and hair with ease, although most robot vacuum cleaners cannot pick up huge debris as they’re only small themselves.

If you require a particularly deep clean or have excessive pet hair or dirt, it might be wiser to select a stronger model; however, for average use, this one would do you just fine. The 860 model provides an exciting clean with the same 3-stage cleaning system as the Roomba 805.

It does, however, have enhanced suction power compared to the Roomba 805, and so it could really deep clean your house and suck up stubborn dust up to 50% more dust than previous models.

One of the best things about the Roomba 860 is that it does detect where there are more dust and dirt and operates harder on these particular sections to clean them.

It has robust rubber extractor brushes that could efficiently and successfully grab and remove dust, debris, and hair from both carpets and hard floors.

They’re tangle-free, so the hair don’t easy clog up these — perfect for pet users of cats or dogs. The iRobot sweeps smoothly along walls and edges and could fit under and around most furniture. Get prepared for a thorough clean!

Verdict: The Roomba 860 has an overall enhanced cleaning performance.

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4. Navigation

roomba 860

How do these Roomba robot vacuum cleaners get about? What tech do they use? The iRobot 860 and 805 are both from 800 families and use the same iAdapt Responsive Navigation Tech. This is highly-efficient tech that Roomba models have used across their 600, 500, and 700 series too.

The robot vacuums are programmed with over forty robotic behaviors to make sure they’re as smart as possible. As they’re navigating from room to room, they’re making more than sixty decisions per second.

Both the Roomba 806 and 805 will make multiple passes over every place to ensure they do not miss anything and bring you the ideal clean possible.

Worried about your robot against curtains or bed skirts? Don’t worry at all; both robot vacuums are perfectly programmed to avoid or push through obstacles like this.

As they’re very adaptive to their surroundings, they could work with whatever layout you’ve, even if you’ve lots of unique furniture.

The Roomba’s are programmed to clean well along with the walls and into the corners, and both do excellent work. Finally, your Roomba is trained not to go over edges, so you do not need to panic about it falling down from the stairs.

They’re also capable of adapting to different floors, automatically arranging to carpet, hardwood, tile, or laminate flooring.

Verdict: Both of these, the Roomba 805 and the Roomba 860, use the same highly efficient iAdapt Responsive Navigation tech, so they both navigate smoothly around your home.

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5. Design

The Roomba 805 is round in shape and has a classic black design with both shiny and matte detailing. The Roomba 805 is 3.6 inches tall and 13.9 inches wide with a weight of around 8.4 pounds. This makes it pretty much compact and means it must fit easily in your house and smoothly reach different places to clean.

The remote-controlled system means the Roomba 805 is basic to start up and program. Not beside the remote? You can just use the clean key on the vacuum cleaner itself to set off your Roomba vacuum.

The Roomba 860 is actually silver/ gray that is a nice change from their models. It has a sleek classic aesthetic and a very impressive design. Just like the Roomba the 805, the iRobot 860 is 3.6 inches in height and 13.9 inches in diameter.

This means it could fit easily under most of the furniture for even deeper cleaning. It weighs around eight pounds making it fairly lightweight and smooth to carry around.

It has an easy-to-use interface with a big ‘Clean’ key on the top, as well as a remote control that you could schedule multiple cleans throughout the day.

Verdict: Both of these robot vacs are pretty much similar in a basis of size with an identical interface, but the Roomba 860 is silver, and the Roomba 805 is black.

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6. Run time

How long is the battery life for these two vacuum cleaners, and could they get everything done? The Roomba 805 has a run time of up to sixty minutes that is pretty mid-way compared to other vacuum cleaners on the current market.

It utilizes an 1800 mAh lithium-ion battery that is small but pretty much effective. Your robot vacuum charges up in its charging station and also takes around 3 hours to fully charge.

The Roomba 860 matches the Roomba 805 here with a sixty minutes run time and also a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

An hour is pretty much enough time to clean most houses. However, it could depend on the measurement of your house. Both of these models will return single to the charging base to charge when they begin running out of battery.

They both are having different indicator lights in a place to let you know when they’re low battery, charging, or ready for your cleaning.

Verdict: Both! The Vacuum models both have an hour-long run time, which might be enough for any bigger apartment or house.

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7. Filtration System

A quick note on the filtration technologies to see how they efficiently remove allergens and dust. The Roomba 805 uses a High-Efficiency filter that effectively captures and also traps up to 99% of allergens and pollen.

It’s said to trap particles as tiny as ten microns. This is a nice performance, and it will help keep the air free or particles that could irritate you and whoever you live with.

When both of these robots have High-Efficiency filters, the Roomba 860 comes with the HEPA-approved filter providing it a slight edge.

This particular filter traps up to almost all the dust, mold, allergens, pet dander, and many other particles as small as 0.3 microns, which could harm your lungs.

If you’re particularly sensitive to pet-hair or suffer from allergies, this might be a better option for you.

The nicest thing about both filters is that they could trap the particles in the vacuum cleaner, so you must know your robot vacuum is purifying the environment as it works rather than expanding the particles around.

Verdict: The Roomba 860 has a HEPA-approved filter that traps particles up to 0.3 microns.

8. Price

Now, in iRobot 805 vs 860 review, let’s take a glance at the price. The Roomba 805 is a nice option for people on a limited budget.

It has loads of Roomba’s fantastic functions but without the excessive rate tag of many. This is partly because the robot vacuum cleaner is now a tiny older, and so the ideal place to get this is online retailers like

Here you could find it for between $100 to $200 dollars. The 860 is significantly expensive, but many may think this is worth it for its enhanced features.

At online retailers, this might come in at around hundreds of dollars more than the Roomba 805, but through Roomba’s official website, it’s significantly more.

Verdict: The Roomba 805 wins this one as it’s cheaper and much more budget-friendly.

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The Verdict


These advanced and innovative robot vacuum cleaners could change your regular life—no more tedious vacuuming with bulky products that are quite hard to maneuver with.

The Roomba 860 is pretty much more powerful and thus more suitable for places with concentrated dust. It’s best for pet hairs and has a good HEPA filter. The Roomba 805 is a little bit bigger that has its pros and cons as well.

It has a wider cleaning route, but it is also a little bit heavier than the Roomba 860 one. Overall, both models make a wise and good investment for people who are much busy and on the go.

These provide exceptional convenience and suction power while doing all the tasks with minimal human interference.

Here, we conclude iRobot 805 vs 860 Review!

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