Ionvac Smart Clean 2000: Don’t Invest $455 Blindly!

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Do you spend a large amount of your time cleaning your house? Although it’s important, why do you have to waste time when you could automate cleaning and other tasks. We will present an efficient vacuum cleaner that can do exactly what it says on the tin. We’ll consider Ionvac Robot Vacuum Reviews to reveal what people are saying about the product.

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SmartClean 2000 Robovac

What Exactly Is Ionvac Robot Vacuum?

Ionvac Robot Vacuum is manufactured by Tzumi Electronics and is available to ship throughout the US. The Vacuum comes with many notable characteristics and is offered at an affordable price of just $99.

It is possible to operate the Vacuum easily and manage its operation with voice commands. Its small size permits it to be cleaned under sofas and beds and provides a full-service cleaning. Ionvac offers 4 different ways of cleaning, and you can pick the one that is most likely to fulfill your requirements.

Ionvac Robot Vacuum Specifications

  • Ionvac Robot Vacuum has a strong motor that can suction 2000 Pa, which makes it the top of its kind among its rivals.
  • It is equipped with an intelligent charging function, and when the battery is down, Ionvac automatically moves back to the Dock for charging.
  • The rubber wheels allow the Ionvac to move around various areas, such as carpets and wood, without any hassle.
  • It is equipped with anti-collision and sensors for cliffs, thanks to which the Vacuum does not collide or fall.
  • Ionvac can be controlled with remote controls or your phone by installing its app.
  • With a roller brush, an additional brush, a dustbin with a 600 ml capacity, and a high-efficiency filter, the Vacuum provides all-encompassing home cleaning.
  • In comparison to other vacuums, the Vacuum operates at 62 decibels, which is zero noise. Therefore, it cleans quietly, and you won’t hear it due to its audio.
  • There are four modes you can select from: Manual control, auto clean Edge, Spot, and Manual clean.
  • Since it is the case that your Vacuum is WiFi-enabled, the only thing you have to do is to give voice commands to complete the task.
  • Return Policy: It’s in effect.
  • Refund Policy: The policy will be by the conditions and terms of purchase.
  • Price: $99
  • Product: Ionvac Robot Vacuum
  • Payments: It will be done online with debit and credit cards.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Ionvac Robot Vacuum:

Ionvac Robot Vacuum 4

  • The Vacuum is offered for sale at a significant discount, making it an excellent purchase.
  • The product has been rated extremely good by the customers, who are satisfied with what the Vacuum can offer.
  • The manual guide is useful for the user.
  • Ionvac makes cleaning simpler as it effortlessly moves through the home without noise.
  • Cleansing with smart technology is now readily available.
  • There’s also a method for cleaning even the most difficult of surfaces.
  • It’s easy to make use of.

What are the Requirements?

  • Smart Clean Robo Vacuum Smart Clean is available within the Tzumi Smart Home APP.
  • The Google Home app or Amazon Alexa is installed on your smartphone, and you’ve got an active account.
  • Check that the Smart Clean Robo Vacuum is placed on the Charging Dock to ensure sufficient power.
  • A device with the Google assistant (i.e., Google Home, Google Home Mini) or an Alexa-enabled device. (i.e., Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show).

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Pros and Cons of Ionvac Robot Vacuum:

1. Motor

The Vacuum comes with an impressive motor with a suction force of around 2000Pa. It can sweep the floor with ease, similar to smart vacuums. The motor pulls dirt, dust, and debris into the dust bin. The entire cleaning system is fitted with side brushes and roller brushes.

The side brushes are released into the suction zone, and the roller brush can capture the tiny particles. The Vacuum can move through bedrooms, living areas, kitchens, and the other home rooms for a hassle-free clean.

2. Cleaning Modes

Ionvac Robot Vacuum 1

The dustbuster has four cleaning modes, allowing users to select between auto clean or spot clean. The other two are manual and edge cleaner. The settings allow the Vacuum to move in various directions in navigating stairs and other difficult-to-access areas.

3. Small size

The Vacuum comes with a compact round body which is easier to put away and utilize. It’s also light and can be carried to any point for cleaning.

4. Wheels

The rubber wheels provide an added benefit to the Vacuum. The wheels can be moved effortlessly from carpet to hardwood. The floor wheel’s gripping drive traction wheels can be easily navigated through rugs and hardwood.

5. Design

Ionvac Robot Vacuum 3

Ionvac Smart Clean 2000 Ionvac has an ultra-slim design that lets you clean under sofas and beds. It comes with anti-collision and cliff sensors that stop it from falling and hitting the floor. The sensors can detect staircases.

The smart Vacuum has wi-fi connectivity and operates on voice commands. You just need to ask Alexa or Google Assistant to make it begin cleaning. You can also pick your device’s remote or smartphone’s control via the Tzumi Smart Home App.

6. Sound

The Ionvac Smart Clean 2000 is much quieter than the other smart vacuums. It can clean at 62dB, the same as a normal conversation or background music.

7. Dustbin

The Vacuum comes with a capacity of 600 milliliters. The device you can use for longer periods of cleaning the dustbin without emptying it frequently.

8. Battery

The smart dustbuster you can equip with a Li-ion battery that can charge within about 100 minutes. It is aware when it’s fully charged, and it then recharges and docks. It is program in such a way that it cleanse the space according to your preference, and whenever the power is deplete, or the task is complete, the Vacuum goes back to its Dock to recharge promptly.

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What are the major Benefits of Ionvac Robot Vacuum?

Ionvac Robot Vacuum 2

Many people like pets. Their furs are always lying on the carpet, the floor, and corners. Cleaning is now an easy job because you have Ionvac Smart Clean 2000. The dustbuster features a stunning design that draws people to use the Vacuum.

Operating the device is simple for us. We simply need to give Alexa directions and the time for cleaning. The dustbuster starts working automatically. Ionvac Smart Clean 2000 has an excellent suction capability that sweeps dust and pet hair off the carpets and hardwood floors. It can move anywhere within the home since it is equipped with an all-directional motion.

We can select from four options: clean edge, clean spot, and clean and manual control, which assures complete cleaning of the home from every corner. All of this can save plenty of effort and time. Anti-collision sensors can detect stairs with precision, and the Vacuum is not thrown down the staircase. It also detects walls and does not run into walls when cleaning.

The wheels made of rubber can quickly move the device under couches and help you figure out the top way to get rid of the stool’s legs and cross thresholds for doors. The roller and side brushes are efficient in their work. They remove particles and collect dust particles with ease.

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The most appealing thing is that we don’t need to be concerned about the charging of our devices. It returns to the Dock once the battery gets depleted. It’s small and lightweight. Hence, we have found it easy to store anywhere within the house. Overall, it’s an extremely user-friendly device that is simple to operate and manage.

We often use the remote control when looking for certain areas to be cleaned instead of voice commands. After reading our Ionvac Robot Vacuum 2000 Review, you’ll be able to say that it’s capable of thorough cleaning, getting rid of dust and pet hairs.

Review by Customers on Ionvac Robot Vacuum:

Many have reviewed this product and, after their experience, they’ve concluded that it’s ideal for their needs. They think that this product can clean surfaces efficiently. The use of this product has brought them the satisfaction that every customer would like to experience.

“Is Ionvac Robot Vacuum Legit’ has also revealed that customers have presented their claims in various ways. The product has a strong 4.6 rating out of five ratings from 106 customers regarding the rating. Stunningly, 98% of users must recommend this product to friends and family.

One person gave the product a single rating on the Walmart site, and two people gave the product two stars.

These are the review ratings of people we’ve gathered for you all.

Battery Care and Charging

The charger can be used with an outlet that is standard only. The product can’t be used with any device that uses a power converter. Any use of a power converter can immediately cancel the warranty.

Don’t utilize the Charging Dock that has a damaged plug or cord. If the plug or cord is damaged, the device should be repaired through the company that made it or a certified service provider.

Only charge indoors.

The charging Dock may be protected by surge protection if there are severe electrical storms. Never touch or hold any Charging Dock or cables with damp hands.

Always take your Smart Clean Robo Vacuum from the Charging Dock before cleaning or keeping it.

The Smart Clean Robo Vacuum contains Li-Ion rechargeable batteries. Be sure not to ever break, cut, or harm the batteries.

Do not get the battery wet.

If you notice that the batteries are leaking, then discontinue using the Smart Clean Robo Vacuum user can immediately contact customer support.

User Cautions

The Smart Clean Robo Vacuum is designed for indoor usage only. Avoid using it in outdoor environments, such as commercial or industrial. 

Before you use the Smart Clean Robo Vacuum, remove any objects such as clothing, loose paper cords to pull blinds or curtains, power cords, and other delicate objects.

It is important to note that the Smart Clean Robo Vacuum is not a toy. Avoid standing or sitting in it. Children and pets must be kept under supervision when the Smart Clean Robo Vacuum runs.

Use, store, and operate the Smart Clean Robo Vacuum in rooms at room temperature only.

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Don’t utilize your Smart Clean Robo Vacuum to remove anything burning or has a smell.

Don’t use this Smart Clean Robo Vacuum to remove stains, paint, bleach, or any other wet substances.

If the space to be cleaned has balconies, a physical barrier must be placed to stop entry to balconies and ensure safe operation.

Do not put anything over your Smart Clean Robo Vacuum.

Make sure you are aware that the Smart Clean Robo Vacuum moves by itself. Be aware when you walk in the space that is the area that the Smart Clean Robo Vacuum is operating in to ensure that you don’t step on the device.

Final Verdict:


There are abundant vacuum cleaners on the market. However, buyers always search for the most effective vacuum cleaners. Since some buyers claim that they have had an excellent experience with this item, some are also good. Some of the remarks from the users include that it’s fine.

This product has received lots of positive reviews from users. We would suggest taking a bit of time looking for this product to ensure your comfort before purchasing and using it.

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