Iclebo Arte YCR M05 10: Shocking Facts Revealed!

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If we could create the ideal vacuum for our home, we could include an efficient motor, some side brushes, and a mop to ensure that we don’t have to perform the job manually.

iClebo has completed three of them, but is it the best robot vacuum?

Let’s see what we can find out.

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iClebo Arte YCR–M05

The Most Sought-After in Asia

It is possible that you haven’t had the opportunity to experience the iClebo YCR-M05-10 Robot Vacuum. However, it’s a cult brand in Korea that competes with Samsung as the top contender in this particular niche.

It is also well-known in Asia and Europe. In their product description, the company claims that it will “clean the area up to percent more than other robotics.”

It’s hard to tell who the “other robotics” is, but these are very strong assertions.

It also states it scored the top score on The Global Standard Certification test, which is among the top three German magazines.

We have added this review to this page since we noticed that it was mentioned among the top robot vacuums by Top Ten Reviews, so we wanted to find out more.

A Quick Overview of the Features

  • 160 minute run time
  • Utilizes a lithium-ion battery
  • Utilizes HEPA Filtration
  • 5 cleaning options
  • 2-in-1 versatility of a robotic mop and vacuum
  • 15 sensors
  • 2 side brushes


  • HEPA filter
  • 3.5-inch low clearance
  • It’s not too loud. iClebo claims to be around 55 decibels, which is less than Roomba or Neato
  • It is possible to cross obstacles up to a height of 20 millimeters (or about 0.788 inches)
  • Includes a mop feature
  • Two side brushes
  • Cleanliness predictable back and forth pattern


  • May get stuck in the chairs’ legs or tables.
  • Manual doesn’t say whether it is equipped with cliff sensors.
  • You may feel duating in finding a “home base” in vast areas.
  • Expensive.

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What Should You Expect From iClebo YCR-M05-10?

_iClebo Arte 4

It is among the few robot vacuums that come with mop functions, but it does not come with a water tank as it does the Moneual Rydis H68.

If you’re planning to utilize the feature of wet mopping, you must soak the microfiber cloth before you attach it.

One major advantage is that this vacuum can offer over Neato and Roomba is the lithium-ion battery that makes use of about 100 min to recharge. Guess what? It can last for more than two hours.

Cleaning is done with a motorized brush made of bristles. The manufacturer claims that it will remove 99% of the grain of rice from hardwood and 89% of sand from wood flooring. 100% of the rice grain is picked on the carpet.

Full specifications are available here.

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1. Navigation

In a nutshell, it functions similar to Roomba and Neato, which we will explain.

It is equipped with 5 cleaning modes. The first one, called navigation mode, instructs the machine to go in the direction of a back and forth movement.

We are not certain if it is the case that it first cleans the perimeter before moving to the middle. Looking at the picture, this might not be the situation.

The third method is a random pattern of cleaning, which is most effective in the presence of a messy room.

It’ll move in an irregular pattern for the full 60 minutes and then stop. Other modes include max and spot modes that combine the first and third cleaning modes.

The last option is the mop that is wet, which you place on the microfiber damp cloth, and it will be laid through a straight zigzag.

2. Amazing cleaning methods

_iClebo Arte 1

If you’re interested to know the way it works, it makes use of an array of 15 sensors, with three in the front of the bumper, to overcome obstructions.

Additionally, it also houses an on-top camera for it to “vision and map” the space.

It’s a bit unspecific in its description of the camera and sensor functions. Here are some fascinating numbers.

The camera’s sensors can detect the surrounding environment around it 200 times per second, with the navigation software running through 10,800 calculations every second. The camera captures photographs at the rate of 24-frames per second.

iClebo does not say if it is able to create more than one room.

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3. Scheduled Cleaning

_iClebo Arte 2

It is possible to schedule the robot to clean itself automatically. The manual isn’t very clear on how to schedule it to clean at an alternate day and time.

4. Charging Time and Run Time?

No, it won’t clean the stairs. Its manual states that it will require around 100 minutes for the battery to be fully charged. Expect about 160 mins on hardwood floors and less time on the carpet.

5. Robot clean up

Similar to robots that have brush rolls and side brushes, hair builds upon these two parts, and it is crucial to clean these two components together with the wheels to ensure that they do not become worn out.

Side brushes can be removed by removing the screw.

The motorized roll of the brush can be removed by removing the brush cover then taking the brush off.

It comes with a cleaning tool that helps take off hair and dirt.

6. Warranty

The terms of the warranty aren’t fully clear on Amazon, so if you’re thinking of buying this item, you should contact Amazon or the online retailer before you purchase to ensure that there are no issues.

Note: iClebo has contacted us to inform us that they have technical support available in the United States. Telephone: 1-888-372-8990

7. Carpet Cleaning

The motorized brush roll makes it effective in removing dirt from the carpet. There were no reviews of its carpet performance at the moment, so if you’ve bought one and put it to use on the carpet, tell us how you did in the comments section.

8. Bare Floor Cleaning

In the few reviews we have read, it worked well on hard floors that picked off a good amount of dust and pet hair that accumulates on this floor. As an additional advantage, it comes with a mop that is able to moist or dry mop.

It isn’t equipped with a water container. Therefore, you’ll need to manually wet the pad with a damp mop—performance on tiled surfaces.

9. Pet Hair Removal

There aren’t too many testimonials about pet owners in this area. One user mentioned great success with dealing with pet hair that has accumulated on hard flooring.

10. Rugs

The manufacturer claims that it is able to clear obstacles as high as 20mm, which is about 3/4 inch, so it can be used to climb the most difficult carpets and wash them.

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Customer Reviews

Although this is a very popular item across Europe and Asia, it’s not so popular within the US because of the lack of support for customers here.

The Best Points

_iClebo Arte 3

It has only received 3 reviews on Amazon, and every one of them was five stars. Everyone was satisfied with the quality of the product and the navigation.

They said that they did not have any issues navigating. It was exceptionally effective at getting rid of hair and dust off surfaces.

There are no reviews regarding the performance of this product on carpets, but you can try it out.

It’s been more over 6 months since the first time we posted this review, and now it’s time for an update on feedback from the consumer.

There Are Some Issues That Could Arise

It’s still a top rating on Amazon. However, the reviews were mixed on the cleaning capabilities and navigation (a few users also left reviews in this review, thanks to you all). Some people say that it excelled at getting rid of dust, dirt, and hair from pets, while others claimed that it was a struggle.

Another concern is navigation. Certain reviews say that it is difficult to maneuver between furniture legs. Sometimes, it can get stuck. However, other reviews suggest that navigation was good.

It appears to us that they could be lemon models due to the fact that Suzanne (an Amazon consumer) stated that iClebo’s director for sales called and told them that they had an 85% failure rate.

Where Can We Purchase This?

It’s possible to purchase this vacuum on Amazon at less than $220. Plus, it comes with 2-day free shipping when you sign up for Prime.

Extended warranties as long as 3 years are available for those who want added security.

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The Verdict


Despite all the modern features, it is an undiscovered manufacturer within the United States, so performance in the real world is a huge issue due to the small number of reviews.

Warranty claims can also be an issue if you do not buy the product from a reputable retailer like Amazon. If you’re someone who is always looking to try something new, the iClebo Arte M05-10 YCR is worth a try.

It comes with a variety of patterns for cleaning, like the zigzag pattern, similar to its Neato Botvac. It also has a random pattern for cleaning similar to the Roomba. Select one that fits the needs of your household.

It also comes with mop features (you do not need to purchase an additional robot to use this feature) for those who want to mop the tiled floor.

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