How to Vacuum a Pool Without Skimmer?

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It could also be beneficial to clean and sweep your pool at least once daily to ensure that debris is not stuck on the floor. A vacuum hose will reach all areas of your pool. But the main question is: How to Vacuum a Pool Without Skimmer? Let’s discover!!

What is a Pool Skimmer?

pool skimmer

A swimming pool skimmer is an important part of the cleaning system. Its function is to maintain your surface clean of any dirt. It is used to skim or suction the water in the pool. To keep your pool safe and clean, purchasing an area equipped with a skimmer is necessary.

It is of concern that not all swimming pools have skimmers. Therefore, it is difficult to clean the pool without a skimmer. Following the steps in this article will make cleaning your pool simpler.

Turn on the power of your vacuum and then move it over the floor of your pool till the pool is completely clean.

How do you vacuum your pool without the use of a Skimmer? A pool vacuum draws energy from the pump for circulation. The pole should be held and extended long enough to get to the bottom. This will allow you to save time in the next step.

Before connecting an open end of the hose with the inlet, you will have to take out the strainer basket. If each skimmer within the area has its valve for the skimmer, make sure to shut all but one valve to control the shaking process you’ll employ to clear the pool. The pool we were in last year included a skimmer, which was great because there were lots of leaves around our pool.

This lets you make use of your skimmer basket. Starting at one side of your pool, gradually but steadily move the vacuum across the pool with repeated movements.

Ensure you are alert to areas populated with plenty of debris and dirt. The skimmer that it sits on is broken and must be completely replaced.

After you’ve assembled all the necessary components, the best pool vacuum head must be able to float in water without difficulty; immerse the vacuum head until the depth in the water.

Methods for vacuuming Intex pools without the need for a skimmer. Typically, it is situated in a recessed pit adjacent to the water; the pump’s suction draws water into the skimmer’s intakes.

The vacuum system functions by connecting it to an inlet for a skimmer that is powered by suction from the pump that circulates water in the pool.

If you don’t have it, vacuuming will be able to work. However, you’ll need to use the strainer basket for your pump.

Slowly and steadily move the cleaning machine around in the area (back and back and forth) and along the surface to eliminate dirt and debris. A manual vacuum cleaner is one in which you move the vacuum across the pool, like cleaning a floor rug.

Step 1

Turn off the Skimmer. It is possible to have this task professionally completed, or if you can isolate it, you can shut off the power yourself. Make sure you do not cause damage to the pump in your pool. You can check the user’s manual or talk to the local store for pool supplies.

Step 2

Use your pool net to skim it with the net of your swimming pool. It should be completed once or twice each day. It is also possible to vacuum and sweep your pool at least once daily to ensure that debris doesn’t stick on the floor.

The pool should be swept right after you have swept it. Alternatively, you can buy an aquabot that cleans the pool without human interaction.

Step 3

Change the chemical treatment you use for the pool. While skimming doesn’t affect your pool’s chemical composition, there could be increased microorganisms like algae, which were previously eliminated through the skimmer.

For the first week after you have gone without a skimmer, check your pool daily for pH levels and then respond accordingly using an alkaline treatment.

Step 4

Be sure to monitor your pool carefully throughout the week after you’ve decided to operate your pool without any skimmer. Also, make sure you react to any change that might take place.

Based on the location and nature of your pool, you might decide that running without a skimmer is too for you to handle.

If that is the case, switch the skimmer on or have it installed if it did not have one prior. There’s nothing wrong with having a pool running without the Skimmer.

Another Way: Equipment You’ll Need Beforehand

Swimming in dirty water is extremely unpleasant. It is not a good thought to swim in dirty water. Therefore, keeping the water you swim in neat is essential.

If you want to vacuum your pool with a skimmer, it is necessary to keep these items in the store: a vacuum hose skimmer vacuum plate and a pool vacuum head pole that telescopes.

1. Telescoping Pole

telecopies pole

The second thing you will require is a Telescoping pole. They are universal. Therefore, there’s no reason to be concerned about the poles. They also attach to hooks, skimmers, and pool brushes or nets. Despite all this, ensure the telescoping rod can reach your Intex pool’s deepest and most remote corners.

2. Vacuum Hose

vacuum suction 2


The vacuum hose is a type of pipe typically linked to a vacuum component. Its purpose is to remove all dirt and debris and clean your swimming pool.

It is one of the vital tools required to remove dirt from your pool. So, it connects to many of the pool systems. It is in contact with the head of the vacuum. The length of the vacuum hose is determined by how big your swimming pool is. Make sure the vacuum hose that you are purchasing is of sufficient length to ensure it can reach your pool.

3. Pool Vacuum Head

vacuum head

Another important tool to clean pools. Similar to the vacuum hose, it is universal. This means that you have the choice of picking any. The most important thing to consider will be the pool’s surface. Certain kinds are used for pool vacuums specially designed to be safe on vinyl, while others aren’t.

4. A Skim Vac /(Vacuum Plate)

vacuum plate

It’s another essential device to vacuum your pool without a Skimmer. It can help you avoid the requirement to use the strainer basket for your pump that causes you to switch your pool’s pump off and on. It allows you to utilize the skimmer basket in place of the filter on the pump.

It’s Time to Vacuum Your Intex Pool Manually.

At this point, you’ve accomplished everything you require to clean the Intex pool that is yours. So, don’t put off the task. Let’s talk about the process in detail, without delay.

In short, it’s like this: start the vacuum, connect to the pump, clean the swimming pool, and wash the equipment.

1. Initiating the Vacuum

Priming your vacuum system is the initial step in vacuuming an Intex pool. You must ensure that there’s no air inside the vacuuming system.

Get rid of all air in the system before removing it to ensure that the vacuum will be effective by staying sturdy. You can ensure that your vacuum does not lose suction by purging the air.

To remove the air from the vacuum system, you should plunge the head down into the pool’s water after securing it to the telescoping pole.

You must then push the opposite side of the hose. After doing this, you’ll notice floating air bubbles that have come out of your vacuum head.

This is an obvious sign that air was in the hose, and bubbles emerged from it. After a while, it is time to move on when you observe that there aren’t any more bubbles forming. This is the way to begin to fill the vacuum.

2. Connecting the Pump

The next step in vacuuming your swimming pool without a skimmer involves connecting the vacuum system to the skimmer’s inlet.

The inlet is driven by suction created by the pump in the pool. Remove the strainer basket before attaching the hose’s open end to the skimmer’s inlet.

Of the two ends on the vacuum hose, one of them is connected to the vacuum head. Now, you must connect the hose’s second open end to the skimmer’s inlet.

3. Vacuuming Your Pool

The third and most crucial step of cleaning your Intex pool with no skimmer.

It is now time to clean your pool by moving the vacuum head forwards and backwards across the surface of your pool. You must perform this sweeping process until the pool is completely clean.

Another thing to note while cleaning your swimming pool is that your vacuum could be unable to suction at times.

If this happens, you need to remove the air from the vacuum and reconnect it to your inlet for the skimmer. Also, repeat the initial two steps mentioned in the previous paragraph.

4. Cleaning the Instruments

This is the final step, but it’s not the only one to be taken. After cleaning your swimming pool, it’s time to scrub the equipment you used to vacuum the pool.

Take the vacuum hose off the skimmer’s port after you’ve completed the task of cleaning the water.

Remove the substances from the vacuum hose and vacuum head by washing them in fresh water.

Ensure you wash them correctly to avoid the chemicals in the pool and will have the chance to interact with them. Place them in the shade to ensure that the sun doesn’t affect their lifespan.

These are the steps mentioned above that you should adhere to when cleaning your pool Intex with no Skimmer.

To summarize, the procedure is as follows. First, you must prime the vacuum system by eliminating all air from the vacuum hose.

Thus ensure that the vacuum hose is clear of air. Then, connect the pipe’s unopened end to the skimmer’s inlet. The other end should connect to the head of the vacuum.

Thirdly, clean your pool, as it is done by now. Move the vacuum head across the pool to wash it thoroughly.

Finally, you must remove the chemicals from the equipment you use for vacuuming your swimming pool by washing them in fresh water.

This is among the most efficient ways to clean your pool at Intex, which does not have skimmers.

Final Thoughts


The pool purchase for exercise or recreation isn’t the only thing to consider about the pool. Maintenance is a major factor. Keeping the pool filthy or full of trash for a long time is not feasible.

You must clean now and then to maintain a tidy and neat pool. You can also take advantage of healthy swimming sessions.

Take your time to go through this article before you begin to vacuum your pool Intex properly. The tricks and tips mentioned above will certainly assist you in cleaning your dream pool quickly.

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