How to Clean Dyson Vacuum? All Parts Cleaning Tips

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This tutorial will show you ways to cleanse your Dyson V8 with care.

This article is divided into various sections, representing the different components in V8 which require cleaning.

We have bought several Dyson vacuums and put them through different cleaning tests over the past year. So the next step is cleaning them. We will post the results here.

You’ll Need Tools

  1. Rubber gloves: Rubber gloves are a great method to keep marks from your fingers away from the vacuum. We are a bit OC with streaks of smudges. This will also keep your hands free of germs.
  2. Trash container: Choose a container with a large opening to get rid of the contents of the trash bin.
  3. Screwdriver Set: You’ll require this to disassemble the Dyson V8 Cyclone. Find a screwdriver with a magnetic head because some bolts are in deep positions. It shouldn’t be a problem to replace the fasteners.

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How Do We Get Rid of the Dyson V8 Filters?

Pre-Motor Filter Cleaning Tips

We will begin by showing you how to remove the filter.

The V8 Has Two Options:

  1. Pre-motor filter, which is located between the Cyclones
  2. Post-motors behind the motor.

Both of them can be washed. We have seen on some blogs to wash them with soapy water. However, we would suggest against this because it will get through the filter’s material, reducing the effectiveness of cleaning fine dirt.

Additionally, soap can make it more difficult to wash since you need to remove any soapy leftovers.

Tap water is sufficient.

Methods to Clean the Pre-motor Filter

Video Credit: Dyson Official Youtube Channel

  1. Remove the pre-motor filter.
  2. Rinse under running water. Avoid using a scrubby since it can harm the material of the filter.
  3. Get rid of any excess water.
  4. Ensure that it’s completely dry before reattaching it to the vacuum.

Dyson suggests cleaning the filter at least once per month. For frequent users, it’s recommended to conduct periodic visual checks to see if there is any accumulation.

You can take off the top portion of the filter by using the blunt end of a tool. The filter is held in place with clips. Be sure to push the clip gently using an instrument.

Be careful never to push too fast, or the plastic that holds the clips could break.

Once the cover is taken off and removed, it’s much easier to clean the inside of the filter.

To avoid any downtime, buy an additional filter(s) to have something to do during the wait.

There are abundant alternatives that you can choose from – OEM or replacement. We recommend paying a little more to have the same filtering without compromising performance.

Dyson Pre Filter Motor 965661-01 Head to DC58 range of DC59

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We will earn a small commission when you click on this link and complete an order at no extra expense.

Alternative options are cheaper, but there’s the risk that they won’t be able to filter allergens, thereby making them less effective infiltration.

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How Do You Get Rid of the Dyson V8 HEPA Filter?

Dyson V8 Hepa Filter Cleaning Tips

  1. Turn the filter counterclockwise to release and take it off.
  2. Rinse thoroughly under running water to eliminate any dirt that has accumulated.
  3. Shake well and allow it to dry completely before attaching it again.

Post-motor HEPA filters don’t require regular cleaning as the pre-motor filter does. Dyson cycles are effective enough at keeping dust and dirt out of them.

We looked at Dyson, and they didn’t specify the frequency. However, the online store suggests cleaning it every three months.

Note that the two filters are what Dyson refers to as “lifetime,” meaning they will last for the vacuum’s life if you follow the maintenance guidelines.

How Do We Remove Dirt From the Dyson V8’s Head of the Brush?

Dyson V8 Head Brush Cleaning Tips

The V8 comes with two kinds of cleaning heads: the Fluffy attachment and the normal brush.

We will demonstrate the best way to wash both. Although both nozzles can resist tangles, it is vital to often inspect and clean the nozzles. The accumulation of dirt will cause friction and wear. Not optimal for longevity.

Cleaning Steps for Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Fluffy Tool

Dyson V8 Fluffy Tool Cleaning Tips

1. Remove the Plastic Clip

You’ll find a bolt of plastic underneath this attachment that holds the roller bar in the right position. Make use of a coin to open it.

2. Remove the Roller Attachment

On the left edge of the device, there’s an arrow symbol. Press this side to release this soft roll.

When this component is removed, the roller part behind it is also released.

3. Cleanse Thoroughly

When all the parts are removed, it’s much simpler to clean out the nooks and crevices.

Both rollers can be washed. Dyson suggests using only cold water. Do not use detergents since they could degrade the fabric and can prolong the process.

Examine for any clumps or hairs on either axle and take care to clean them as necessary.

4. Attach the Rollers

If you’ve washed your rollers, be sure to dry them before attaching them to the nozzle.

Put both rollers back together, attach the cap, and then secure them.

If you want to understand it in a better way, play the video below:

Video Credit: OPEN ME UP

How to Wash the V8 Main Head of Cleaning

1. Take off the Cap

Make use of a coin to take off the cap that holds the brush.

2. Use the Brush

When you twist the cap, it will open. Take off the lid and brush, and then wash.

If hair is snagged around the brush, use a scissor to get it out. Be sure to inspect the axles for debris that has accumulated.

Clean a microfiber towel and clean the parts that make up the nozzle. Also, make sure to clean the two smaller wheels in front of the ball system, as dust and sand remain.

3. Make Sure to Reattach the Brush

After cleaning, you can reattach the cap and brush. Utilize a coin for twisting and securing the cap.

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How Do You Get Rid of the Dyson V8 Cyclone?

Dyson V8 Cyclone Cleaning Tips

The V8’s various components are cyclonic systems.

Finally, let’s consider how to clean out the V8 Cyclone. Dyson hasn’t provided a video tutorial on this. However, it is feasible to use the proper tools. Cleaning the engine is an excellent option to prolong the life of your V8. The accumulation of dust will happen over time in this region, and cleaning it can help the engine perform as it was when it was new.

As you’ll be taking out screws, put a clean, dry towel on the work area. Then make sure you have a ziplock bag available to store it to prevent losing it.

Note: The Cyclone should not be disassembled. This is not something that we believe Dyson would recommend. It could void the warranty. We would only suggest taking this action if the item you are using is not within the warranty and you’re the kind of person who is a DIY enthusiast.

Disassembling the Dyson V8 Cyclone

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Disassembling Tips

1. Eliminate the Pre-motor Filters

Take out the pre-motor filter so that it does not block the path.

2. Empty Trash Bin

Use the red lever to drain the dust (if there is any), and then pull the red lever to let the dust container’s shell.

Place them in a clean place and scrub them up if it gets dirty.

3. Take the Cyclone Assembly Off

The dustbin’s outer shell is off; find the red lever. The lever should be pushed and then slid the whole thing up.

Use a torque screwdriver to take out these four Torx screws after the bolts have been removed and place them in an airtight bag.

4. Use a Flat Tool to Loosen the Screen Filter

Use the flat end of a tool (like a screwdriver with a flat head) and slowly pull it towards you as you turn your filter.

We didn’t make use of flatheads. Instead, we used this tool made of plastic.

When you pull, you are likely to feel your clips become looser. Do not rush through this process, or you could damage the clips.

After you’ve released the clips, you can pull the mesh filter away. Wipe the clean microfiber towel.

It is possible to wash it with running water; however, rinse it thoroughly and dry it thoroughly to avoid corrosion.

5. Eliminate the Cyclones

After you’ve removed the filter mesh, you’ll be able to gain access to Torx screws that hold the outer shell of the Cyclone.

Four bolts hold the cover in position. Once you have removed them, remove the cover. It’s obvious how filthy this area is. That’s why we suggested the need to wear rubber gloves.

After removing the cover on the outside, take off the inner cover.

The last time we used the microfiber towel, it was filthy. There aren’t any screws to hold it, so take it out.

Check out all the dirt that covers it.

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6. Remove the Top Cyclone Assembly

Two Torx screws outside and four screws inside the cyclones.

Then the screws are inside. It may be necessary to use an extra flashlight to locate the exact location of the bolts due to the dust that has accumulated on the bolts.

Four screws hold the cyclones. Unlock them all and then take them apart.

The V8’s cyclonic system includes a variety of layers. There are two gaskets to clean: the red/pink outer gasket. Another smaller gasket can be found below.

All screws should be stored inside a ziplock bag that is zip-locked so that you ensure that they are not lost.

Finally, take this component in the Cyclone.

Take care to remove the gaskets on the outside and the inside. Be careful not to pull too much otherwise; it could break.

7. Components of the Wash Cyclone

Cleanse the area with running water. Some may recommend using liquid dish soap. We would prefer to use water only if you add dish soap and use mild detergents, as they could degrade plastic components. Additionally, you can use a small amount and wash it off thoroughly.

Make sure to use a soft brush for cleaning the seals. These are delicate parts. Do not scrub too hard.

Be sure that there isn’t any soapy residue on any components before putting it back in place.

Need more guidance? Watch the video below:

Video Credit: OPEN ME UP

Reassembling the V8 Cyclone

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Assembling Tips

Image Credit: Parts Warehouse

Note – This image is used to help people understand the best practices of cleaning Dyson vacuum cleaner. However, if you want us to remove it, kindly contact us.

It’s one thing dismantling; however, putting back the cyclones can be a challenge and may be difficult to understand.

So we made an additional section to this guide. Be aware that we don’t know the exact names of the various elements, so please use the images to guide you.

1. Attach the gasket in black to this part.

The indentations appear to be directed towards the outside.

2. Attach the red gasket

Make sure that the indentations on the gasket face the direction of travel.

3. Attach inner Cyclone

The inner Cyclone is equipped with five ports. We didn’t notice this feature on our first attempt. Therefore, we had to take it apart for a second time to reconnect this component.

4. Install the outer Cyclone, then secure bolts.

After that, reconnect your outer Cyclone. Six bolts hold it in place.

Two of them are in the outer area.

There are four bolts to tighten in the cyclones. A magnetic screwdriver can help to reconnect the bolts.

5. Attach the cyclone cover to the inside.

This part doesn’t include any screws.

6. Then, the cover for the outer Cyclone

Do not forget not to secure the bolts with four screws to keep them in place.

7. Attach the mesh filter to the outside.

Only clips can hold the filter. Lay the filter on an even surface and press it down until you notice the clips clamping on the frame. Check to make sure that your mesh is secure and fixed.

8. Join the red lever at the top of the Cyclone.

Make sure you tighten your screws to four Torx screws.

9. The cyclone assembly is slid onto the motor.

Ensure that the notches are lined up, and then slide the cyclonic part onto the motor until you hear a click sound.

10. Reattach the dustbin

The final step is to reconnect the dustbin and pre-motor filter.

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