How to Clean Dyson V11 Filter: Easiest Technique Revealed

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We depend heavily on our vacuums for cleaning our homes. However, have you wondered how to clean Dyson V11 Filter? If you don’t recall the last time you considered cleaning your vacuum filter, or perhaps it never even crossed your mind, don’t worry because it’s not a problem!

Many people don’t realize that our vacuum filters require regular cleaning once every so often. If you’re planning to extend your purchase’s lifespan of your purchase, spend the time to take care of your Dyson. Today, we’ll discuss how to cleanse the Dyson filter.


What Is the Best Frequency To Wash the Dyson Filter?

We suggest that you give your Dyson filter a thorough clean every month. We’d recommend replacing your filter once a year. This amount will vary based on the frequency you vacuum and how clean your floors are.

Additionally, you should know that this vacuum cleaner could have more than one filter, and it is essential to clean them all to ensure the running of your machine smoothly.

Cleaning your Dyson isn’t as difficult as you may think, despite having the most sophisticated vacuum technology on the market. Dyson maintained their customers in mind when making repairs to its machines.

Clean filters are essential to efficiently trap debris and dirt, gather dust, capture pollen, and then get rid of any particles that could be polluting the air.

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How to Clean a Dyson Filter?

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Step 1: Turn Off Your Device and Disconnect the Dyson Vacuum.

If you have a Dyson that has a cord, switch it off and then unplug it to the power outlet. If not, switch off the handheld vacuum.

Step 2: Remove Your Dyson Filter(s)

The majority of Dyson filters are located near the cyclone. It is safe to take the filter to clean it. The filters are usually purple, so they are easily identified.

Be aware that certain Dyson upright vacuums may have multiple filters. Look at the rear of the machine or within the ball, as there could be a different filter in there.

Step 3: Rinse Your Dyson Filter Out

With cold water, only wash your Dyson filter in the faucet. It recommends you not apply soaps or detergents to wash your filter. Coldwater is sufficient.

Don’t place your filter in the washing machine or dishwasher.

When you’re washing your filter, squeeze the water from it, and do this again until the water coming from the filter is clean.

Step 4: Let Your Dyson Filter Dry

Before you place the filter(s) back in your vacuum, you’ll need to allow them to dry. This can be accomplished by putting your filter in a cool place for 24 hours or until they’re completely dry.

Do not place these in the dryer or in proximity to any open flame.

Step 5: Replace Your Filters

When your filters are dry, you can put them back into your vacuum and start cleaning. You’ll be amazed by the ease of washing your filters from time to time can boost the efficiency of your Dyson vacuum in general.

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Do You Need to Buy a Replacement Dyson Filter?

Dyson V11 TIPS

Cleaning your filters once every month and replacing them every year will help you keep your routine cleaner and extend the life that you get from the Dyson vacuum. If you’re nearing the time of the year when you’ll need to replace your filter completely, click here to place an order for more.

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