How Do You Vacuum in Tight Spaces?

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Sometimes you’ll need to get into really tight areas using your vacuum. It doesn’t matter if it’s between your car seats, sewing machine, or any other difficult area; the proper attachments to your vacuum could assist you greatly.

We’ve seen all over the web people come up with “hacks” that allow people to enter those tight places. We’ve seen the straws and tape method, and the toilet paper roll appears to be the two most well-known ones.

1. Clean Your Car’s Air Vents With an Art Brush

The brush for crafting fits in the slots of the vents in your car. This is a fantastic idea because dust will adhere to the edges of the foam and not scatter around the car.

2. Cleanse Your Keyboard Using an Adhesive Note


Remove the scummy crumbs and dust by folding an old paper note into two and using the sticky end to scoop the dust. This method is so easy that you can repeat it repeatedly to ensure it doesn’t get this dirty again.

3. Dust Lampshades Equipped With a Lint Roller

It’s not that the lamp’s surface is a huge area. However, it is difficult to clean. With sharp and round edges, and fabric that cannot be cleaned, it’s difficult to clean all dust accumulating there. A simple lint roll will work wonders.

4. The Sink Is Stocked With a Toothbrush.

Cleaning the faucet using a paper towel doesn’t suffice. Use a toothbrush and your preferred cleaning product to ensure you get into every nook of the aperture and nook is well-maintained and sparkling.

5. Create Cleaning Slime for All of Your Troublesome Areas.

Do you have to dust your keyboard? Your dashboard? Cell phone? Light switches? Vents for air? This amazing cleaning “slime” can be used everywhere while cleansing and lifting off any dust, dirt, and debris.

6. Make Use of a Toilet Paper Roll to Wash the Window Sill

This is a challenging place that’s often covered in dirt. Even if you try to clean all the dust and dirt off using a paper towel, there’s always a bit within the cracks. Instead, you can attach toilet paper rolls to the other end of the pipe so that you can bend it in a way that fits into every crack.

7. Make Sure You Clean Your Car

car clean

We’ll admit it; this seems a bit obsessive. However, using a q-tip or a small brush to scrub every tiny nook and cranny of your vehicle is beneficial. Imagine how much dirt and dust has accumulated in these crevices over time.

8. Tongs to Clean the Blinds

The process of getting between the shades is a challenge. A duster simply sweeps the dust into the air, whereas the paper towel spreads it out. Microfiber can absorb dust quickly, but. You can get both the bottom and top of your blinds using each side of the ton.

9. Make Use of a Vacuum Cleaner to Wash Your Mattress

The top layer of your mattress can be quite difficult to wash. It isn’t possible to wash it, and it is a source of dust, which is why it should be maintained regularly. You should grab the furniture attachment to your vacuum hose and soak in all the allergens to ensure you get an enjoyable (clean) night’s sleep.

10. Clothes Dryer

cloth dry

The first sign that something wasn’t quite right with our dryer for clothes was when we noticed it was taking forever to get everything dry!

We’d checked the lint trap, and it wasn’t the issue. It turned out to be various kinds of lint that were caught behind the trap further within the dryer. In the vent lines of dryers.

All of our laundry machines are all stacked. Therefore, taking the dryer to reach those areas from the rear was not the best idea.

We took out the lint trap and plugged the hose into the region. It was truly amazing. The shark almost filled up before we stopped removing the lint balls. After that, we went outside to sweep the exterior part of the dryer’s vent. Then, it was fixed.

11. Cleanse the Air Vents Using the Help of a Butter Knife

Clean up your home thoroughly by placing a washcloth over a butter knife and then sticking it in the slits of the air vent. The knife should be thin enough, and dust will stick to the fabric.

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