Hoover Power Scrub Elite Review: Negatives Exposed

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When it comes to cleaning carpets, there are many alternatives. The most outdated solution is to go to the shop and hire a shampooer, purchase expensive products, and then make multiple trips, paying for huge costs.

This article focuses on the second option of purchasing your equipment at a pretty lower price. Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet is an upright carpet cleaner that offers all the features you need to scrub your floors easily.

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Features of the Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner:

  • Dulay(r) Nozzle: Offers the same suction force to wash surfaces fast and equally.
  • Quick Clean Mode Dry your carpets in just 45 minutes!
  • The Deep Clean mode lifts up and deep dirt and staining.
  • HeatForce(TM) results in more rapid drying.
  • Cleans your carpets quickly.
  • The Wash and rinse mode is to wash away any remaining solution.
  • Automated Detergent Mixing: The right mixture of water and detergent to achieve the best cleaning results.
  • Antimicrobial SpinScrub(r) Brush System that turns without damaging the carpet. It’s treated with antimicrobial material to stop odor and the growth of bacteria in the tool.
  • Strong Stain Removal: High-performance cleaning solution and powerful suction.
  • Large capacity tanks refill less frequently.
  • Lightweight: Easy to lift and carry using four handles that are easy to access and weigh less than 19 pounds.

What Is the Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Made For?

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Hoover Power Scrub is not suitable for all. If you are the intended audience, this is the ability to clean as never.

  • Wet paws and pet fur are commonplace in the home.
  • You’d like for your carpets to look brand new and fresh in all seasons.
  • The expense of renting a hairdryer isn’t something you’re looking forward to.
  • Larger homes have wall-to-wall carpeting and shorter time.
  • Many carpets are located in high-usage areas.

Cleaning performance

The stains that you see on the screen are dry staining that could cause problems using a less powerful machine. It’s also clear the advantages of having 1.25-gallon tanks for water.

After cleaning up the majority of the room, there’s some water left in the tank. You’ll be amazed at the amount of dirt and grime the carpet cleaner could remove, along with the dark fluid that was filling the tank with filthy water.

This is another instance where fast cleaning can be helpful.

You won’t require as much power to wash area rugs like carpet. The fast, clean mode is just sufficient suction and agitation to clean even a shag rug.

However, it’s not so much that you can perform one back and forth without having to pick up the rug. Additionally, the rugs were dry after the dry run.

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Hoover Power Scrub is somewhat short on accessories. It comes with a flexible hose that can extend as far as 8 feet. This is perfect for cleaning the couches, chairs, as well as stairs. But, it’s not stored in the machine. Therefore you’ll need to remove and wash it thoroughly and allow it to dry before taking it off.

You will also receive a combination of tools which has three parts. The dual nozzle can be used in conjunction with the hose. It is also able to be utilized for scrubbing tough staining with the rubber nub insert as well as to fluff and clean upholstery using brushes.

Also, you can purchase a carry bag to hold the hose and tools, which are great to store in. Be sure that there isn’t any water in the bag before putting it away.

What Can You Expect From Hoover Power Scrub Elite?

The Power Scrub Elite is a higher-quality and larger model of Power Scrub Deluxe. It has larger water tanks that can hold about 25% more of the water. It also has larger handles that feel more sturdy.

Overall, this machine is bigger. Also, Hoover does an excellent job in reducing the weight despite the increased size.

1. Simple to use

Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet 2

One of our favorite aspects that this carpet cleaning product has is the ease with how to load the cleaning solution as well as water.

Fill both the cleaning solution and the water until you reach the fill line, and it will do the rest.

It’s easy to put together since you’ll need only the screwdriver to fix two screws to anchor the handle onto the body.

Be sure to not use water that is boiling on the tank because it could damage and deform it. Hot tap water is sufficient.

Once again, fill the tanks with water and solution until they reach the fill line, and you’re done.

2. Large-capacity water tank 

Both tanks also received an upgrade.

The Power Scrub Deluxe only came with one gallon of water capacity; this one is bigger by approximately 25 percent.

Both dirty and clean water tanks are now equipped with capacities that are 1.25 gallons. This means that there are fewer needing to go to the toilet to drain it and refill.

3. SpinScrub technology

If you’re not aware of the terms, SpinScrub simply means five counter-rotating spinning brushes that combine to produce agitation. They also get rid of stubborn stains on the carpet.

This device was developed with the Pet owner in mind. The brushes will vibrate in both back and forward moves.

For stains from pets that are difficult to remove, it is necessary to treat the stain before making use of this device.

It’s important to remember that you’ll have to vacuum your carpet before doing this. Look into these upright vacuums if seeking one to guide you in making your choice.

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4. Cleaning methods

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Apart from the expansion in size and capacity, Power Scrub Elite has also been upgraded. Power Scrub Elite now has two cleaning modes. It has a quick and deep cleaning mode.

This can be accessed via a knob on the top of the cleaning head, located at the lower. Quick clean provides the possibility of cleaning carpets without waiting several hours for drying. It won’t be deep clean; however, Hoover claims that it will dry within less than 45 minutes.

This mode is recommended if you have to clean up high traffic zones or areas that don’t require as much thorough cleaning.

The initial version of Power Scrub Deluxe does not include this feature. It is also the source for some of the negative reviews.

5. Selector for Wash/Rinse

Another option to dry carpets faster can be the wash/rinse picker. Be aware that you’ll have to run an entire cleaning and wash cycle to effectively clean your carpet.

When it comes to washing, the machine sprays the cleaning agent, then scrub and picks up the excess cleaning solution to remove the stains.

After you’ve completed the wash cycle, you’ll need to go through another one that is known as rinsing.

It is only using water to wash off any remaining cleaners left on the carpet. Any cleaning solution that has dried can change into a powder and trigger allergic reactions in the long term.

Therefore, it is crucial to get rid of any solution that is left on the carpet.

6. HeatForce & DualV Nozzle

In order to speed up drying time, the Power Scrub Elite comes with the HeatForce feature, which blows hot air over the carpet to assist in drying it up quicker. To speed up drying time, it’s the DualV nozzle that draws excess cleaning solution as well as removes water from the carpet.

7. Above the floor, there is a cleaning

Additionally, you’ll be able to wash floors above them using the 8-foot hose attachment and the antimicrobial 2-in-1 pet tool.

The upholstery tool and hose allow this machine to wash upholstery and stairs.

8. Warranty

Hoover offers all of their carpet cleaners a two-year guarantee.

Pros and Cons


There’s a lot to appreciate regarding this cleaner for carpets. Here are some of our top things.

  • Rinse mode can help you to reduce cleaning and maintenance on the machine.
  • An 8-foot flex hose is a breeze to clean furniture and stairs.
  • Detergent is a mix of post-mix which means you don’t need to calculate or guess.
  • Eliminates dirt, pet hair, and odors off every surface.
  • Dual tank system that can handle both dirty and clean water, each tank holds 1.25 gallons.
  • The HeatForce option helps to reduce drying time.
  • Two cleaning options.

It’s not perfect, Of course. There are some things we didn’t like about this machine.

  • The absence of tools and other accessories.
  • The handle with the D shape.

Tips & Tidbits:

  • We’ve found that leaving the flooring to dry for at least overnight is ideal, especially if you have to move the machine over the areas that were dirty more than once.
  • It is possible to walk over areas with a lot of dirt on your carpet several times.
  • It comes with a test container of cleaner for carpets that was sufficient to wash our office. If you plan to clean your entire home, be sure to purchase the full-size bottle first.
  • Be sure to clean your carpet thoroughly before applying the carpet cleaner.

Final thoughts:


Overall, this Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner is excellent. It was simple to use, light in weight and made our carpets spotless. We’re excited to get started on other areas of our house! The price is very good value when you consider the amount you’d have to be paying to have someone come to clean your carpets…this is essentially paying for the cost in just one service.

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FAQs Concerning Hoover Power Scrub Elite

In this article, we will address some of the more commonly asked questions regarding this product, the Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet. If you have additional queries or questions, please contact us using the comments section beneath the article.

I have several kinds of carpets. Can this unit take care of them all?

The brushes of the Power Scrub Elite Pet are free of charge. This means they can automatically adjust to the carpet's level. No matter if it's low-pile or high-pile shag, they will adjust to give the best cleaning possible.

Do I have to make use of any detergent using this machine?

There is no need for detergent in the first place; however, if you decide to make use of these, make sure that you can use just Hoover cleaning products. While other detergents might be effective, the post-mix system could be blocked by other detergents. Utilizing other detergents can also void your warranty.

Do I need to vacuum before applying this Hoover Power Scrub Elite?

It's not required to vacuum before cleaning your carpet. But it is highly advised. The machine can collect dirt particles, pet hair, and other things you need to clean up. The less work it must perform as a vacuum cleaner, the more it can be used as a shampooer. An easy vacuuming and cleaning using this machine will yield the most effective results.

How is Power Scrub Deluxe different from Power Scrub Elite?

The most significant difference between this Model and Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe is the inclusion of the quick-clean mode that is available on the Elite Model. The Model also comes with various internal upgrades to aid in the rinsing process, suction speed, and motor speed. This Model, called Deluxe, is less expensive, but it is an older model with lower power.

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