Hoover Linx Cordless: Amazing Expert’s Review

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Despite its old age, even though it has got some new counterparts, it’s still a popular choice. Hoover Linx still remains a top choice for people seeking an electric stick vacuum.

It’s an excellent performer on hard and carpet flooring and gives the user a cost-effective sub 200 dollars option for cleaning areas that are heavily used.

The biggest issue is the short running time when compared to the latest models.

However, the quality is evident, so be sure you go through the floor section that is clean and the carpet section.

If you’re not willing to invest $200-$300 on an expensive upright, this can be an excellent alternative for smaller spaces.

Small house owners prefer a wireless device that can be charged in just an hour and has an ample cleaning head to ensure no moving between the two times.

Also, it must be simple to empty.

It’s Platinum cordless stick BH50010 among just two Hoover cordless vacuums included in their Platinum collection, which includes canisters and uprights with cords.

It is certainly among the most popular models from their product line, having over 9000 reviews on Amazon alone. Plus thousands more on different websites for shopping.

Only one of the vacuums is available with an electric brush roll and edge cleaning brushes to sweep floors all the way to the edges.

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Now Check Out the Pros and Cons


  • It is able to stand by itself.
  • Cleans and polishes floors at the edges.
  • Easy to empty.
  • Suction power is good.
  • The power switch is easy to access.
  • It is great for use on floors with no floor carpets, rugs, and low pile carpet.
  • It is easy to empty the dirt cup.
  • The foam filter is washable.
  • It weighs only 7.25 pounds, which is light for a stick vacuum this large.
  • It is also a great option for pet hair.
  • In one review online, it was recorded at 73 decibels which means it shouldn’t cause any harm to your ears.
  • It can operate fade-free for the majority of the charge cycle between 90-87 percent, but it gradually fades away.
  • It is easy to transition easily from carpet to hard floor.


  • Foam filters don’t do a perfect job trapping dirt.
  • The base cannot swivel, which limits its mobility a bit.
  • It’s a bit too flimsy to be used on stairs.

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What to Expect From the Hoover Linx BH50010?

Hoover Linx Cordless 3

Hoover Platinum Stick Hoover Platinum Stick is a floor cleaner that is able to clean both hard and carpet surfaces.

It’s evident that this vacuum is advertised as”Vax “Vax,” but it’s basically identical to Hoover Linx. It’ll come with the same features, power, and cleaning efficiency, so you don’t need to be concerned about the distinct branding.

It is equipped with a wide 11-inch cleaning path that can cover a large area of dirt. Side brushes are able to agitate and collect dirt along the edges.

If you have a Linx Pet HanDheld and are looking for a product to keep your floors clean, this is an ideal option since both utilize identical batteries.

Even if there isn’t the Linx 50030, it’s nevertheless a worthwhile purchase due to these characteristics:

  • Edge cleaning bristles extend all up to the edge.
  • Features a motorized brush roll that has its own electric motor.
  • Wide 11″ cleaning path.
  • It utilizes a removable 18-volt lithium battery, which takes three hours to fully charge and lasts for about 15 minutes.
  • A power switch with easy access is located on the handle.
  • Utilizes the cyclonic system to keep dirt from the filter.
  • Fold-flat feature allows it to be accessed under furniture.
  • The low profile base can reach more area beneath furniture and countertops.
  • It is equipped with the patent-pending WindTunnel Technology
  • It can perform the same functions as an upright for hard floors.
  • The transparent dirt cup lets users know it’s time to empty it.
  • The capability to monitor battery status.

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1. Attachments and accessories

There are no attachments or accessories, only the charger.

2. Charge time

It can take up to three hours to charge.

Look for the light on the LED to determine the status of the battery

  • Slow blinking = Still charging
  • Full charge = Solid Light
  • If you see a flashing light, there is an error. Call Hoover’s service center. 

Make sure to remove batteries from chargers immediately after charging. Don’t put it back in because it’ll reduce the lifespan of the battery. It is suggested that you could leave it in the charger for a night.

3. Filter clean up

Hoover Linx Cordless 1

Cleaning the filter requires these steps:

  1. Clean the dirt cup from it by pushing the release button just above the dirt container.
  2. Use the empty button to empty the contents of the garbage bin.
  3. Take the baffle tube off and take out any hair-like debris on it.
  4. Take the filter cup off to determine whether the filter requires cleaning.

This model comes with one foam filter on one side of the dirt container. Only wash with running water. Don’t wash it with any detergent, or rinse it with the dishwasher.

4. Battery life

Hoover Linx Cordless 2

The majority of owners reported a battery lifespan of about 15 minutes on hard floors and around 10 minutes for carpet.

Reviews on different websites confirmed the claim that it’s fade-free. The battery will run smoothly throughout the charge period, but around two minutes before it’s completely empty, it’ll start to lose suction.

Hoover says that this battery can last around 600-800 charge cycles.

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