Hoover Linx Cordless Vacuum Review: A Happier and Healthier Home

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Despite its old age and age, even with its age, the Hoover Linx still remains a top choice for people seeking a brush that can be operated by a cordless.

It’s an excellent performer on hard and carpet floors, offering the user an inexpensive sub $200 choice to maintain high-traffic areas.

One of the biggest issues is the short running time when compared to the latest models. The performance is evident, so be sure to visit the floor section that is clean and the carpet section.

If you’re not willing to spend anywhere from $200 to $300 on an expensive upright, it’s an excellent alternative for smaller houses.

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum

Overview of Hoover Linx Cordless Vacuum

In a tiny home, you may need something non-electric, has a good cleaning capacity and can be charged in several hours, and comes with an adequate cleaning head to ensure that you don’t have to move around and back so many times.

It should also be simple to empty.

Its Platinum Cableless Stick, BH50010 among just two Hoover cordless vacuums included in their Platinum collection that includes uprights that are corded as well as canisters.

It is certainly one of the most popular models of their line, having more than 14,000 reviews on Amazon. Plus, thousands more on different online stores.

Note: In case you would like something newer and more powerful, consider the Hoover Linex Signature Series BH50020, which will cost a little more. This is identical to the earlier BH50010. However, it’s lighter and comes with a bigger cleaning path. However, the battery and motor are identical.

One of the very few vacuums on the market that has an electric brush roll and edge cleaning brushes to cleanse floors all the way down to their edges.

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Lets Check Out the Pros and Cons


  • Suction power is good.
  • Cleans floors that are dirty, even all the way to the edges
  • Ideal for use on floors with no floor or rugs, as well as low pile carpet
  • You can apply it to the hair of pets.
  • It weighs only 7.25 pounds, which is quite is light for a stick vacuum this much large.
  • In one review online, it was found to be just 75 decibels, so it shouldn’t cause any harm to your ears.
  • Easy to empty.
  • Foam filter can be washed.
  • It is able to operate fade-free for most of its charge cycle between 90% – 87; then it gradually fades away
  • The power switch is easily accessible.
  • Easy transition easily from carpet to hard floor
  • It is able to stand by itself
  • It is easy to empty the dirt cup


  • A bit too snazzy to be used on stairs
  • It’s likely to be filthy cleaning the filter, especially taking hair off of the baffle tube.
  • The base isn’t able to pivot, which restricts its mobility.
  • A foam filter doesn’t do a good job trapping dirt.
  • While it’s able to reach areas beneath furniture, it can’t extend very far due to the size of its dirt cup. one customer gave a comprehensive review of how far it can go. It can only go below 9 inches in the beginning when there’s at most 2 1/2″ of clearance.

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What Can We Expect From the Hoover Linx’s Bh50010?

Hoover Linx Cordless Vacuum 1

It is the Hoover Platinum Stick is a floor cleaner that can clean both hard floor and carpet surfaces.

Before I go on, you should watch this video by Ibaisaic to know more about the capabilities and performance…

It’s obvious that this model is marketed as”Vax. “Vax,” but it’s really identical to its sibling, the Hoover Linx. It’ll feature the same features such as power, cleaning, and power, so you don’t need to be concerned about the various logos.

It features a large 11-inch cleaning area that covers a great deal of dirt. Side brushes can be used to agitate and remove dirt from the edges.

If you have your own Linx Pet Handheld and are looking for a product to keep your floors clean, this is the right option since both utilize identical batteries.

Even if there isn’t the Linx 50030, it’s an excellent purchase due to these characteristics:

  • It is powered by a removable 18-volt lithium battery that will take 3 hours to recharge and last about 15 minutes
  • It has a brush roll that is powered that has its own electric motor
  • Power switch with easy access is situated on the handle
  • Edge cleaning bristles extend all until the edge
  • The fold-flat feature allows this to be accessed under furniture
  • Utilizes the cyclonic system to keep dirt out of the filter.
  • With the patented WindTunnel Technology
  • The transparent dirt cup lets users know it’s time to empty it.
  • “Wide 11” cleaning path
  • Performs like an upright for hard floors.
  • Low profile base extends further space under furniture and countertops
  • The ability to monitor the status of batteries

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1. Time for Charging

It takes about three hours to charge.

Look for the LED light to check the status of the battery

  • The light that is solid = fully charged
  • Slow blinking = Still charging
  • If you see a flashing light, there is an error. Contact Hoover’s service center. Hoover service center

Make sure to remove your battery and charger immediately after charging. Don’t put it back in because it will reduce the life of your battery.

The suggestion was for the use of an outlet timer that you could leave on the charger all night.

2. Filter Clean Up

Cleaning the filter involves these steps:

  1. Clean the dirt cup from your vacuum using the button release just above the dirt container.
  2. Tap its empty button and empty all contents of the trash bin
  3. Remove the baffle tube and take out any hair or other debris that may be stuck on it.
  4. Clean the filter cup and determine whether or not the filter needs to be cleaned.

The unit comes with a foam filter at the top of the dirt cups. Only wash it in water that is running. Don’t use detergents and wash in the dishwasher.

3. Life of the Battery

Hoover Linx Cordless Vacuum 3

A few owners reported a battery lifespan of about 15 mins on hard floors and around 10 minutes for carpet.

The reviews on various sites have confirmed the claim that it’s fade-free. It’ll be running well through the charging process; however, when it reaches two minutes before it’s empty, it’ll begin to lose suction.

Hoover states that the battery will last around 600-800 charge cycles.

4. Warranty

Platinum Series Vacuums are covered by a 2-year guarantee.

5. Bare Floor Performance

Hoover Linx Cordless Vacuum 4

This is the surface that will make a statement in the midst of Hoover asserting an upright performance.

Take a look at the pictures following to check out how the application works on the tile. 

In this back and forth movement, The Linx was capable of capturing almost all the particles that were on the surface. This is remarkable considering that this is the suction-only setting.

The vacuum can be capable of picking up small (powder) up to large (cereal and cat food) size pieces of dirt easily. However, it’ll struggle with larger pieces of dirt – in fact, most floor vacuums will be unable to handle larger pieces of dirt.

It features an elevated chamber to hold bigger dirt, even though it’s only a few inches wide. However, it serves as a funnel for dirt chunks that are large.

It could be a bit snowy while you’re cleaning huge accumulations of soil.

One of the features you’ll be grateful for, along with thousands of other people, is the bristles for edge cleaning, which allow them to reach the edges.

It’s not necessary to grab an instrument or bend over and use your fingers to scrub the dust off of the edge.

This is a concern with many cleaning products for floors, and this characteristic is what makes it one of the most popular brands.

Make sure to inspect for and make sure to clean the brush roll frequently since if it becomes too dirty, it may scratch floors, and you don’t wish to do that if you have wood flooring, laminate, or tiled flooring.

In addition, Hoover does not recommend switching it off for hard cleaning floors.

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6. Carpet Performance

Here’s an example of how Linx is able to clean pet hair from carpets…

After just one two-way pass, The Linx performed a decent job at cleaning pet hair. It left an ash trail of hair, but when you consider that this is a cordless device, the results are amazing. Even uprights such as the Dyson aren’t able to pick pet hair from carpets such as this.

Here’s a picture after another back and forth. It picked up more hairs of pets and then left the path cleaner…

Be sure to check out the video above to view how the test of cleaning in detail. Even if it did not get rid of all the pet hair from a small area of carpet, this device could be picked up quite a bit, and even for a cordless stick vacuum, it’s remarkable.

Here’s another test of a big mess on the carpet…

This is an extremely difficult test. I’m certain that you won’t be cleaning anything similar to this. However, I still love these test as it illustrates the power of vacuums.

The results are amazing! It’s how it appears after just one back and forth. Even if it leaves pieces of debris, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s an electronic vacuum.

The best part is that it didn’t make it snow-plowable this enormous pile of trash.

7. Edge Cleaning

The side brushes are stiff and allow them to scrub edges to a certain extent.

A wonderful feature introduced by Hoover that will save you time when cleaning floors. You don’t need an item to remove dirt and dust left on the floor.

8. Pet Hair Removal

Cleansing the pet’s hair on your carpet or floors shouldn’t be an issue since it comes with a brush roll.

Long hair strands are put around the baffle or brush roll tube (photo below). This means that you need to take care to clean these areas regularly.

The red part you see in the photo is the baffle tube.

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Review by Customer

Hoover Linx Cordless Vacuum 2

Linx Stick cordless model received more than 8000 reviews on Amazon alone, with the vast majority of users giving it a 5-star rating.

This alone makes it the top-selling item within the stick vacuum market.

More than 1,000 people have given this a five-star rating, and more than 300 were satisfied with it. A lot of them loved that it was light and simple to use and had suction that was enough to block the path between the base and the canister, according to some of the reviews.

Pet owners were enthralled by the show on the carpet. However, they complained about the pet hair that tangles around the beater bar as well as the baffle tube.

One of the biggest complaints regarding this item is the battery. It’s either it wasn’t long enough or was damaged too early.

The main issue is run time. It’s only 15 minutes maximum when the brush is off. If the brush is in use, the timer will be reduced to 10 minutes.

The second issue concerns defective products. Every electronic product will have some percentage of its items designated as lemons. This is why you need an insurance policy.

A few common problems in Amazon:

  • Handle (held by screws) that is wobbly and snaps off after just a few months of usage
  • Charger breaking down
  • The suction is not as strong due to blockage.
  • The brush stopped working after a few months due to broken wires
  • Support issues with customers
  • Clogs easily
  • The quality of the build could be a concern in the long run

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Review From Different Websites

1. Walmart

More than 600 customers left reviews on Walmart and found that approximately 93% of them would recommend this product.

This is a fantastic percentage!

The reasons why people like this are a lot like those who shop on Amazon.

It worked well on carpet as well as bare floors. It’s lightweight, and even though it isn’t able to move, people still appreciate the ease of moving around. Pet owners also appreciated the way it helped them wash off the pet hair that their cats and dogs shed.

The battery life ranges from fifteen to twenty minutes, but there have been complaints of lemon batteries that did not work or didn’t last as long.

The most frequent issue with 4/5 stars would be a handle that fails.

People over 50 appreciate this product due to the fact that it’s light.

2. Hoover.com

More than 170 people left reviews, and more than 140 are willing to recommend this book to friends.

People were impressed that, despite the fact that it was able to suction strongly (with some making use of it as a commercial cleaner) however, it was able to maintain its weight.

3. BestBuy

BestBuy has received 76 reviews so far, and 96% are willing to recommend this to friends. Reviews were varied about battery life, with some people being happy and some thinking that the battery is unsatisfactory and needs at least 2 batteries.

There were complaints about not having attachments or the dirt cup being too small.

Customers who are satisfied include pet owners, brands, small conscious families, teens, and even grandparents.

4. Epinions

Eighteen users have been kind enough to leave an individual review on this site, and thirteen of them leave a 5-star rating.

The majority of people liked the suction power (with many comparing it with the Dyson) and its small and light design.

How Can We Purchase This?

For the most affordable price, go to Amazon.com and grab this at under $180. You’ll qualify for a free two-day shipping service when you sign up to Prime. Another reason to purchase from Amazon is the extended warranty that is available for up to 3 years.

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The Verdict


This carpet is ideal for small to medium-sized homes with no floor or carpets with low pile.

It’s capable of working on any surface effortlessly, removing fine to medium-sized particles in only two or three passes.

Edge cleaning isn’t an issue brushing sideways.

Do not count on this when you have carpets with thicker piles at home, as it will not perform as well as wood on the thin carpet.

Since it’s over 42 inches, It can be difficult to make use of this cleaning staircase. You might want to consider using the handheld vacuum equipped with the brush roll to do this.

There are a few minor issues, like the small dirt bin and hair that wraps around the beater bar and baffle. However, for households with no pets, this is an excellent cordless device to be able to.

Some customers claim you have a 6-year guarantee on the vacuum. Hoover.com claims that it comes with a 2-year warranty. Contact them to confirm.

The short time to run is what makes me hesitate to recommend this product as the primary cleaner for home carpets. One option is to purchase an additional battery. Another alternative is to choose a product that has a greater duration of use, such as the Hoover Air Cordless Lift.

Overall, it’s an overall extremely good stick vac that has good performance and long battery life, which can clean your floor and carpets exceptionally effectively.

But you don’t think it will thoroughly clean the carpet. It doesn’t come with any equipment, which means it can only be used on flooring.

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