Hoover Elite Rewind Plus Review: Is This Vacuum a Scam?

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Hoover Elite Rewind Plus UH71200 forms part of Consumer Reports’s Vacuum Cleaner test program. In our laboratory tests, Upright vacuums like The UH71200 Elite Rewind have been assessed on various factors, including the ones below.

Carpet indicates how much sand and talc an air-tight vacuum is removed from a carpet with a medium pile.

Bare floors demonstrate how the vacuum picked up sand but did not scatter it across floors.

Suction from the hose indicates the force of the airflow that flows through the hose.

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Overview of Hoover Elite Rewind Plus UH71200

Hoover Elite Rewind

The product is suitable for ceilings to floor and offers high-quality performance on all surfaces. WindTunnel Technology and multi-cyclonic filtering lifts and removes surface debris and deep dirt that is embedded without reduction in suction. 

The 25-foot power cord retracts automatically in just a few seconds, meaning you will never need to wrap a cord again.

A range of tools and an extra-long cleaning line provide up to 12 feet of the floor reach, which is ideal for cleaning bookshelves, blinds, and much more.

 Furthermore, from the above floor reach, you can use the Pet Turbo Tool to easily remove the pet hair that is a nuisance from the upholstery and stairs. Their Allergen Block system traps pollen and dust particles and stops their re-entry into the air. 

Since its inception, Hoover has reimagined the ways we clean. They offer an entire range of reliable, innovative, efficient, and effective solutions to simplify clean-up for busy families to get back to the things that matter most.

What are Various Hot Features

_Hoover Elite Rewind Plus 1

1. WindTunnel Technology

You get an amazing feature with this vacuum cleaner model, known as WindTunnel technology.

Now, how does it work? Well, if your floor is full of deeply embedded dirt and debris, this model can clean all that with great suction power.

No matter if the debris is too deep, this powerful vacuum cleaner can easily clean it.

2. Powerful Performance

This model performed well when we tried it on different surfaces. Yes, the brand has not compromised in providing great suction power.

It reaches the toughest corners with a big hose, and its powerful performance won’t leave any dust, debris, or pet hair all around your home.

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3. Extra-long Cleaning Hose

Do you struggle to clean the hidden dust inside your huge furniture? Worry not! The extra-long hose of this vacuum cleaner (12ft.) can help you easily reach the most challenging cleaning points.

With great suction power, you can clean the dust easily by reaching close to it.

4. Long Power Cord

A power cord with this vacuum cleaner helps you use it to clean for a long distance as it is 25ft. It means you won’t have to look for a plus around your home while cleaning as the long power cord ensures you reach every corner of your house easily.

Also, the power cord is durable and easy to maintain. You can simply fold it and keep the vacuum cleaner in your closet.

5. Multi-Cyclonic Filtration

This model comes with multi-cyclonic filtration. It comes with all the necessary power to get rid of everyday dust, dirt, and pet hair.

This filtration system works in a way that it reclines to your home’s floor mats to clean under the furniture with ease. This technology ensures a frequent cleaning experience without losing any power of suction.

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What Would You Like Most?

_Hoover Elite Rewind Plus 2

  • The Bottom Release Dirt Cup: Let users see what you’ve gathered at the moment it’s time to empty it, and it helps with dirt disposal
  • Multi-Stage Cyclonic technology: It cleanses the air flowing through the filter without a loss of suction
  • Cord Rewind: No more winding – simply use the pedal, retract the cord and keep it neatly in
  • Filters replacement: Filters can be rinsed and replaced with the highest-quality HEPA filter.
  • 25-foot Power Cord: It lets you vacuum an entire room without having to re-plugging
  • System Check Indicator: It lets users know that the filter needs to be cleaned or checked.
  • 3 adjustment heights: It permits pick-up on any floor type
  • An 8-foot Stretch Hose: It can be used for cleaning above the floor using only a few tools
  • Carry Handle: It’s located in front of the unit to make it easy to lift
  • It weighs just 17 pounds: Easy to carry and light with thorough cleaning power.

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We Have Some Thoughts About the Hoover Elite Rewind Vacuum:


  • The bagless option is fantastic. Why is it so satisfying to be able to see all the dirt? It’s truly amazing to see what this vacuum could take out of our(what we believed to be clean) rug.
  • All attachments easily fit in the vacuum, meaning additional storage is not needed.
  • It is very simple to put together. Simply attach the handle to the screws. The entire thing was in place, unpacked, and in just 5 minutes.
  • It comes with a nice length of hose and an attachment to clean staircases. It worked great on your huge staircase, which is always a struggle.
  • Let’s talk about this simple feature of rewinding. We love this feature. !!!!. Unplug the cord after using it, and instead of winding it, push a button, and the cord will quickly rewind completely on its own! This feature is easy to use and extremely effective.
  • Fabulous sucking power: Over six months of study, the vacuum has held its suction power compared to models that cost five times more!
  • The canister is very easy to dump into the garbage. It takes only a few minutes to empty it. However, we suggest emptying it following every major vacuum task. It fills up quickly.
  • Connecting the accessories is easy. Simply press the release button on the hose, then attach the accessory. Simple as that.
  • The dial for adjusting the height of the carpet is easily accessible from the front of the machine.


  • Make sure to unwind any additional cord before vacuuming. We observed that the cord wouldn’t unwind itself on its own when you run out.
  • The vacuum was designed specifically for right-handed people. The cord is situated to the unit’s left rather than in the middle. This isn’t a major issue, but it is another of those issues lefties must deal with.
  • The vacuum is quite hot. After cleaning a couple of rooms, the power cord becomes slightly warm. It’s not clear if that’s an issue per se or not, but it is something we noticed.



Overall, an excellent vacuum for an affordable price. Also, we highly suggest looking into this model Hoover Elite rewind Bagless Upright before you spend a lot of money on other brands. 

It is a great vacuum, has a well-thought-out design, and is equipped with various attachments. It would be best if you didn’t have any trouble with spring cleaning tasks using one of these machines.

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