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So, the love it or not, it is essential to broom out your home daily. But does sweeping help? It just helps to some extent. Then how to maintain your home daily? Everything turns easier with a machine, and one of the marvelous creations of household appliances is a vacuum cleaner. These remove dust and clean any surface by sucking dirt/dust/debris.

From surfaces to your furniture, carpets, and bed, vacuum cleaners can get anywhere with a bit of effort. Vacuum cleaners are categorized into two types. They are bagged and bagless. The bagged ones have a larger capacity to uphold dirt and dust in them. Bagless and bagged ones have their advantages and disadvantages.

 If you are looking for a bagged vacuum cleaner, Hoover Anniversary Self-propelled WindTunnel U6485900 Model could be the best choice. Upright vacuums are all-in-one devices. The motor, filter, dust bags are all part of one unit. These work best with carpeted floors or hardwood floors. So looking into it, Hoover WindTunnel satisfies the efficiencies of the best vacuum cleaner. 

Model Name Star Rating/Reviews by Amazon Features score Experts’ score
Hoover MAXLife 4.4 stars/4,732 reviews 9.8 9.6
Eureka NEU202 4.3 stars/10,520 reviews 9.6 9.1
4.3 stars/1883 reviews 8.7 8.4
4.3 stars/1831 reviews 8.5 8.3
4.2 stars/165 reviews 8.1 7.9
Hoover WindTunnel Anniversary
3.7 stars/238 reviews 7.3 6.9

NoteHoover MAXlife review will reveal the entire information on how this beast vacuum cleaner defeated several other models costing almost the same price!

Getting into the detailed description lets us find out the features, and capabilities of this beast and also you may check Miele C1 vs C2 comparison which suits your need more.

Hoover WindTunnel U5491900

Product Information

  • Product dimensions- 33 X 17 X 9.75 inches.
  • Item weight- 17.55 pounds.
  • Form factor-Upright
  • Warranty description- 3 years.
  • Manufacturer-Hoover.

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1. Deep Cleaning Performance

Being equipped with a 12 amp motor and WindTunnel technology, this bagged upright vacuum delivers compelling deep cleaning performance. This technique helps to pick up the tiniest dust and dirt particles that are hidden deep into your carpets.

2. Embedded Dirt Finder System

Hoover is embedded with dirt finder sensors which indicates the presence of dirt. It uses a small microphone fixed in the plastic housing that the end of the hose fits into just behind the bag compartment. It smartly indicates the more dirt areas. Greenlight shows as clean, and the red light means dirty suggesting additional vacuuming. This helps to clean the dirty area more effectively. 

3. HEPA filters

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. The vacuum cleaners equipped with HEPA filtration help to trap the dirt that you cannot see without sending the allergens back to air. These filters also trap the dropping of mites, along with pollen, pet dander, and tobacco particles. Hoover’s self-propelled upright vacuum is equipped with HEPA filters estimated to remove 99.97 percent of particles that are 0.3 microns in size from the air passing through —resulting in a hygienic environment in your home.

4. Non-Marring Wheels

The non-marking wheels protect your bare floors without developing marks. These wheels help for effortless movement on the carpets leading to hassle-free cleaning.

5. Handle

The vacuum cleaner is built with an ergonomic D-grip handle for comfort and control over the machine.

6. Bag Check Indicator

Now you need not guess about the fullness of the bag! Hoover’s vacuum cleaner comprises a bag check indicator indicating that the bag is complete and time to empty it.

7. No-Scuff Bumper

This protects your furniture as long as you clean the eyes and underneath.

8. Many Other Features

The Hoover’s self-propelled upright vacuum cleaners also have many other features like a fingertip on and off power button, five-position height adjustment, and adjustable to your comfortable flooring. It also includes edge cleaning bristles, a headlight, a deluxe stretch hose, a complete on-board toolset for above-floor cleaning. It also has 31 power cords helping you to adjust according to the electric plug input.

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How Does a Self-Propelled Upright Vacuum Cleaner Work?

hoover anniversary self-propelled windtunnel u6485900 -

A self-propelled vacuum cleaner holds a smaller motor and drive-by mechanism to turn the wheels automatically over the cleaning surface. It means that you need not have to push it around. You can save your efforts and energy by using it.

It is suitable for older people or people with physical disabilities. It would help if you steered it once the switch was on without moving with force. 

This makes an attractive aspect of the self-propelled vacuum cleaner, whereas regular vacuum cleaners need muscle to move it from place to place.

If you are in search of a self-propelled vacuum cleaner for your hardwood or carpeted floors, the Hoover self-propelled upright model could be the perfect one to keep in your mind. It is designed with a unique propulsion mechanism and many other nifty features.

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Tips for Maintaining Hoover’s Anniversary Windtunnel Vacuum Cleaner

As your vacuum cleaner works hard to keep your home, its maintenance is equally important. Follow the below tips to maintain it for years.

1. Bags Should Be Replaced Regularly

 Don’t wait for the bag to be fully completed. Empty the debris in the pack when it is 2/3rd full for better maintenance. If the bag is complete, the vacuum cleaner doesn’t find a place to deposit the debris and stops working efficiently.

2. The Bag Must Be Properly Attached

Though you may find it simple, if the bag is not attached correctly, you may find the debris entering the vacuum cleaner. Buying the right bag for your model is also an important factor as many models are available in the market.

3. Cleaning the Brush Roll Is Also Essential

Over time certain things get wrapped around the brush roll, preventing it from spinning correctly. This debris could include hair, strings, or floss.

4. Check the Belt

If the belt isn’t tight against the roll, it is time to replace it. Belts must be returned for six to twelve months.

5. Check the Filters

 Cleaning the filters of your vacuum cleaner regularly maintains the performance of the machine. The WindTunnel of the vacuum cleaner has two filters. The primary filter must be cleaned once in two months, and the HEPA filters must be cleaned once in six months, respectively. 

6. Lubricating the Bearings

The motor bearings are already equipped with sufficient lubrication for the life of the motor. Additional lubrication to the motor bearing might damage the bearings.

The agitator present in the motor has two bearings required to be lubricated periodically by Hoover’s service dealer.

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How to Properly Clean the Filters in Hoover’s Anniversary Windtunnel Vacuum Cleaner?

hoover anniversary self-propelled windtunnel u6485900-

The two filters need to be cleaned appropriately. Filter plays a crucial role in the maintenance of vacuum cleaners.

Steps to be followed for cleaning the primary filter are:

  1. Place the vacuum cleaner in an upright position.
  2. Power off and unplug the power cord.
  3. Take out the dirt cup from the vacuum cleaner and flip the lid open.
  4. Then take out the washable filter and rinse it with water for two minutes.
  5. Squeeze out the excess water and allow it to dry for 24 hours.
  6. Make sure the filter is dry, and flip the lid close before replacing it with the cleaner. 

1. Cleaning the Hepa Filter:

  1. It is found on the top of the baseplate to slide it out and clean it.
  2. Never wash the HEPA filter with water.
  3. Just tap out the dust or debris in a trash can.
  4. Reinsert it after tapping is done.

Note: When used, HEPA Filter is maintained correctly to avoid being replaced within the warranty period.

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  • If necessary, get it from Hoover’s HEPA filters specially designed for your clean vacuum cleaner.

A few minutes of maintenance can add a life of years to your vacuum cleaner. So take some time to maintain it because it is excruciating to replace a vacuum cleaner.

How Is the Upright Model of Your Vacuum Cleaner Different From Others?

Upright model vacuum cleaners like Hoover Anniversary WindTunnel are ideal for cleaning large areas. Because they have motorized brush rolls that can work deep into piles and clean the rugs thoroughly. The extensive cleaning head makes it easy to clean large surfaces. You can clean the surface at a quick pace. The machine contains a powerful suction ensuring the deep cleaning of the particular areas. 

Hoover Anniversary WindTunnel model assures you with 99.97 percent of hygiene using self-propelled WindTunnel technology.

Every invention has its advantages and disadvantages. Let us check them out for Hoover’s self-propelled vacuum cleaner.

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  • Check the bag indicator to check in case the bag is complete, and you need to empty it.
  • It is equipped with a dirt indicator. Because of this, it is easier to detect the place where additional cleaning is required.
  • The extension wands help you to reach too many feet away from the plug point. This helps to save your time by avoiding changing the wall outlet. 
  • HEPA filters are fitted into the vacuum cleaner. This appeals to the way of hygienic cleaning up to 99.97percent removal of dirt, including 0.3 micron-sized particles into the bag without letting them back into the air.
  • Non-marring wheels help you with effortless cleaning. These wheels can move on carpet effortlessly. Non-marring wheels prevent marks on bare flooring avoiding the effects on the floor.
  • The mighty suction power makes it effectively clean the floor and suck the particles embedded in your carpet.


  • Hoover WindTunnel Anniversary Upright Vacuum uses a bag because bags need to be replaced regularly, leading to timely expenses (not muh).
  • The weight of upright vacuum cleaners might be a bit heavy when compared to other vacuum cleaners. It is because every control of the machine is fixed upright.

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hoover anniversary self-propelled windtunnel u6485900

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is It Suitable for a Thick Carpet?

It is famous for deep-cleaning carpets of any type. Be it pet Sanders or tiny particles, and Hoover WindTunnel anniversary upright vacuum can clean the carpet more effectively than any others.

Why Is Our Hoover Not Picking up the Dust?

Clogged filters might be the reason. In case of clogged filters, the vacuum cleaner may not have proper suction. Hence, it would help in case you cleaned the filters, replaced them correctly, and tried again.

Why Is Our Hoover Windtunnel Upright So Loud?

Excessive sound in your vacuum cleaner may be due to more dirt on your filters. Rinse the washable primary filter and clean the Hepa filter by tapping it. Ensure it is dry before replacing it with the cleaner.

How to Reset the Hoover Vacuum?

Power off the vacuum cleaner. Allow it to remain idle by unplugging it. So, wait for at least 30 min until the thermal cut-off breaker resets by itself. After that, the vacuum cleaner is automatically reset.

What to Do if Hoover’s Windtunnel Anniversary Stops Working Suddenly?

It is probably due to overheating. Unplug the vacuum cleaner. Leave it aside for some time. Accordingly, plug it after a relevant gap. If it still doesn't turn on, it is the small thermal fuse to be replaced. You can get it at your local vacuum store at a low cost. The troubleshooting ideas are specified in the user's manual. Therefore, carefully read the instructions before performing any of the actions.

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The Verdict


For your large homes, Hoover’s Anniversary WindTunneled Self propelled vacuum cleaner could be the best option. It works best for hardwoods and carpeted flooring. Therefore, if you have bare floors, then it wouldn’t be the right choice to opt for it.

Hepa media helps you breathe hygienically by trapping the pollen particles and tiny dirt into it. Hence, from the powerful suction to edge cleaning bristles, the machine has extraordinary features from others. Why make vacuum cleaning such a mess when you can do it quickly with Hoover’s Anniversary Wild Tunnel Upright?

Just steer it to the area of cleaning without any effort—the dirt. Dirt indicators make it easy for you to check the presence of dirt in a particular place. It is worth buying it right now, as it is easy to use for elders and the physically disabled.

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