Henry Hoover Vacuum Review: Should You REALLY BUY?

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Vacuuming is not a chore that brings a huge smile to most of the people’s faces, but the real little red Henry Hoover vacuum cleaner and other Numatic Henry Vacuum with smiling faces have been much help with the herculean job and keeping the floor clean since 1980.

Because of the technological advancements, and also to stay true to its calling of giving you dust-free floors and carpets time to time again, the Henry range has made a few tweaks in its over three decades of existence.

And if you’re still on the sidelines, wondering if you must purchase a Henry Hoover, then you might want to read through this article to see actual reasons why they are so good and do this suits your requirements.

For beginners, Henry vacuums are the cheapest, and they are not just useful in cleaning concrete floors and carpets, but they are great on wooden floors as well.

You do not have to worry at all if you are suffering from a bad back, like this one, Henry Hoover is much light, and also easy to use, has great suction and basically allows you to clean in hard to reach places very easily, which you never thought of.

On top of that, their compact design makes it much easier to store away anywhere you desire. Besides that, they have a great collection of tools which will help you to clean everything inside the home.

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NaceCare 903361 HVR 160NaceCare 903361 HVR 160


Capacity 6L
Bagged or bagless Bagged
Variable power Yes
Weight 7.5kg
Tools Nozzle adaptor, Floor brush, crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, dusting brush

Henry Hoover Best Vacuum For Pet

Here’s a quick look at the top-rated Henry Hoover Best Vacuum For Pet Hair vacuum cleaners available:


Manufactured with a robust, powerful 1200W motor including the Henry is the actual little red Henry Hoover. Its combo of strength, affordability, and versatility makes it stand out from the other vacuum cleaners. This is by far the best popular in the Henry criteria; it will make sense looking at those names! Below are other vacuum cleaners that are less known than this smiling chap.


The Hetty has got all the functionalities of Henry in a petite collection. Whilst slightly less-powerful, the Hetty is ideal for anyone who is searching for the best compact vacuum.


Individually designed for pet-owning homes, the Harry is the latest smooth and cleaner in the Henry Hoover collection.


Featuring a different ‘caddy’ top that accesses for storage of little tools such as polish, dusters, etc.; James is a tiny dry vacuum cleaner with a powerful 1100W motor.


Best for use as a dry or wet vacuum cleaner, Charles includes disposable dust bags and big filters for dry use, as well as the safety float valve just for wet use. It comes with an extreme 1200W two stage motor.


With five cleaning choices, George is an “All in one” vacuum cleaner, which is suitable for dry or wet vacuuming, cleaning carpets and upholstery, as well as drying of hard floors and scrub.

Below are an amount of other incredible features which has made the Henry Hoover criteria a household name in their rights:

A Powerful 1200W Motor

To efficiently deal with any household cleaning requirements, the Henry that is the most popular vacuum in the Henry Hoover criteria, is powered by a robust 1200W motor and includes a Hi/Lo feature that enables the cleaners to switch down to 600 Watts anytime they desire.

Having a powerful extreme 1200W motor means increasing suction power, transforming the Henry into a powerful vacuum that’s very easy to use and equipped to do the task it’s supposed to do, also reaching for those hard or stubborn to reach dirt.

Not just unusual with the Henry, all of the Henry vacuum cleaner criteria additionally includes the two-stage ‘Twinflo’ motor system, which ensures you will always have the suction you want.

European legislation has made Numatic released powerful versions with 620 Watt motors, which are still nonetheless very effective. It’s worth mentioning that 620 Watts is enough power to lift up even the worst kinds of stubborn dust and dirt.

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How Versatile and Easy To Use Are Henry Vacuums?

Specially designed for optimal effectiveness, the Henry Hoover criteria are very easy and versatile to use. This is in addition to their compact design, ease of storage at home as well.

Unlike regular vacuum cleaners, dry and wet hoovers could handle whatever kinds of mess you throw at them. Whenever in the dry mode, it operates optimally and provides you the powerful cleaning you desire from a Henry vacuum. And also, in the wet mode, the wet functionality takes all of the effort to clean your floor very smoothly.

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Henry hoover vacuum

They come equipped with long power cords. Just for an example, The Charles has an operational distance of a total of 26.1 meters, so wherever you have to clean, you will not need to worry about whether you could reach it or not; it will definitely save you the stress of having to keep plugging and unplugging your vacuum cleaner and switching sockets in different places, in order to vacuum your entire place.

They feature a large litter dust capacity, which transforms into a ton of vacuuming before you have to empty the bag. And should you need replacement cleaning heads or hoses, these could be shipped to your home inexpensively by amazon.

1. Good Allergen Retention

For those people who slide into a sneezing frenzy anytime when you start agitating the dirt in your home, this feature of the Henry Hoover, which comes in handy, is its allergen retention.

This facility is ideally best for those who have a sensitivity to dust and mites or have severe allergies to dirt and dust.

2. Right Add-On Tools

When you purchase an A1 kit Henry vacuum, you get the Henry Hoover itself, a combo crevice tool, floor nozzle, and threaded hose, 2 stainless steel extension tubes, soft dusting brush, double taper hose and adapter, a slide on the brush for upholstery and upholstery nozzle.

As you could correctly tell, the kit comes with everything to keep your household tidy and clean, irrespective of your peculiar house situation.

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3. HEPA Filters

This Henry vac comes with a HEPA filter to trap general allergens such as pet dander, pollen, and dust mites.

The 3-stage filtration system also stops them from escaping the machine, and it’s finally approved by the British Allergy Foundation as well.

The HepaFlo bags have a self-seal tab, which keeps the dust in whenever the machine gets emptied.

The cleaner will come with a combi floor head which puts brushes down especially for hard concrete floors, and as well as lift them for the soft carpet – however, there’s a special hard floor tool too included with this.

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The Verdict


Henry is the essential vacuum cleaner. Let’s backtrack to a time of denim jackets and shoulder pads, they may be filled with nostalgia, but they have a practical model for the 2017 household.

They are cheaper than most and do their task well, just do not expect Dyson-like levels of suction or versatility. And for a low price, you’re getting one of the incredible reliable vacuum cleaners on the current market. Perfect for those with a limited budget, you cannot go wrong with Henry at all.

The Henry Hoover is a family member tool of the British home, and it will continue to be for years. Just look at the face of it, and just try saying no to that.

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