5 Best Eureka Vacuum Models: Secrets Exposed Behind Big Promises

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The issue with picking the right vacuum is that they all claim large promises. (No firm will promise you that each time you empty the canister the filter will fall off.) This is why the team of SmoothVacuum of writers, vacuum testers and editors set out to examine vacuums for the benefit of the buyer.

eureka is a top-rated model, and we decided to take on to this brand. We picked a few most promised vacuum cleaners and compared them with other brands. 

In the span that lasted two months we tested on more than 19 vacuums making use of them on hardwood floors, rugs, carpet, and our CEO’s dirty home filled with animals, kids and adults who create various level of mess. We chose new and used best-rated options that were highly rated.

Yes, we’ve got the answers now!

Best Eureka Vacuum Cleaners – Top 5 Model Reviews

Eureka is a very big name in the world of vacuum cleaning manufacturing. This company has served brilliantly for years and has offered superb vacuum cleaners for various uses.

We need different vacuum cleaners for different needs. So, like other big brands, Eureka also specialized in manufacturing different kinds of vacuum cleaners, such as upright, handheld, cordless/corded, bagless/bagged, robot, etc.

This article lists the best Eureka vacuum cleaner model for each need. It’s the time to check the most appreciable Eureka vacuum models for you.

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1. Eureka PowerSpeed Pet Turbo Vacuum Cleaner (Bagless Upright)

Eureka PowerSpeed Pet Turbo Vacuum Cleaner

This Eureka PowerSpeed upright vacuum with bagless design Pet Turbo, Black takes the top spot as the most effective Eureka vacuum all-around.

It’s cheap, powerful, and efficient and has many distinctive features. The advantage of this type of vacuum is its lightweight. It’s also easier to move around the house and up or down various levels. But, it’s also equipped with massive suction.

It could be difficult to operate on those already suffering from back pain or other issues. This vacuum is great for a variety of floor types. It features five height adjustment options that are simple to switch between. Some are best suited to hard flooring, while others provide the deepest cleaning for carpets. The vacuum can also be used on carpets with a lot of plush if the right size is utilized.

There’s nothing more irritating than stopping the cleaning process from emptying your dustbin. This vacuum is equipped with a 6L dust bin. It can hold tons of debris and dust until you must clean it. It also has 2 dust containers. If one bin is full, you can refill the second. You’ll be able to clean your entire house without stopping from emptying the vacuum.

It also doesn’t need to deal with vacuum bags. It is made up of a canister. Once the vacuum is filled, you can simply empty the canister and dump it in the garbage.

Your hands are fresh and you don’t need to fret about buying additional vacuum bags. This makes this vacuum cheaper.

The main part…

This vacuum comes with lots of tools. It comes with a crevice tool to get into areas that the vacuum’s head cannot reach. It also comes with an airbrush that lets you clean the dust accumulated from tables, lamps, and other items. After the dust has hit the floor, you can clean it up using a vacuum.

Another tool it offers includes an upholstery device. It is soft on furniture but strong enough to remove hair, crumbs, and other dirt that could be lurking in your furniture.

The most interesting device is the turbo pet brush. This is a powerful brush that has a powerful suction force. It is used to remove pet hair that is difficult to remove and could get stuck. It stops hair from blocking the vacuum.

This equipment can be placed in a vacuum. It’s not necessary to worry about them getting lost.

The vacuum also comes with a washable filter. You can take it out, clean it, and then replace it. There is no need to worry about replacing the filter after each use. The vacuum can save you money.

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  • Includes a large dust cup
  • Affordable price
  • Super suction
  • Pet turbo brush for picking the pet hair that is difficult to remove
  • Installation is simple


  • Suction power can make it difficult for those who have back problems.

What Our Expert Reviews Say (Personal testing Experience)

  1. “This vacuum is amazing. We knew our old vacuum wasn’t doing a great job anymore. We were wasting time pushing it around. The picture is from vacuuming our living room only. Look at all that hair! You can feel the suction power while using it. We are very impressed.”
  2. “So insane… the vacuum cleaned the tiny (5×8) space rug in our living room as soon as he could. It was in the middle of packing/moving; it hadn’t been completed. However, we don’t have pets or children, so we were able to say a big “eww” at the sight of the amount it took up. It certainly does work!”

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2. Eureka RapidClean Pro Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner  

Eureka RapidClean Pro

Its Eureka RapidClean vacuum is the most suitable option for a cordless stick vacuum. It comes with an upgraded motor that provides greater power and a longer cleaning time.

You will achieve about 40 minutes of cleaning time from one charge with its power. This makes it an ideal option for quick cleaning or spot cleaning.

It’s also an excellent choice for homes with little or no space. It also guarantees that it doesn’t include the time for a fade. You’ll be able to enjoy powerful suction throughout your cleaning sessions.

There is also a maximum cleaning mode. It will reduce the cleaning time needed for the room and allow you to use super-strong suction.

This method is ideal for demanding jobs that require a lot of energy. It could be for areas with a lot of carpet or places with lots of dust or hair.

The main part…

There’s a recess cut into the grip of the vacuum for those times when you’ll need to take an afternoon break. The vacuum is placed on a lip-sized space to fit the space. It will lock into the nook and stay standing upright.

This makes sure that the vacuum won’t tip over and spill its contents all over the place. If there isn’t an appropriate lip for the space, you could always put your vacuum in an area.

Its shape moved the position of the trash bin towards the top of the vacuum. This lets you easily move the vacuum down to the ground. This means you won’t have to move furniture to clean it. This vacuum can fit into those narrow spaces.

The vacuum also comes with LED lights, which allow you to easily detect dust and other debris you might have overlooked.

In the end, this vacuum can be transformed into the form of a handheld device. It offers even greater flexibility and maneuverability to get rid of any mess in your house.


  • The vacuum can be flattened to access furniture
  • Simple to use and maneuver
  • Long-lasting lithium-Ion battery
  • It converts into a handheld vacuum.
  • The steering swivel offers incredible maneuverability.


  • They only lean against counters, with no cabinets beneath them.

What Our Expert Reviews Say (Personal testing Experience)

  1. “Once it arrived, we set it up and tried it out. We walked through our hardwood flooring 700 square feet apartment gently. Our first impression of using this vacuum is, “wow, it’s so soft and lightweight. There’s no way that it’s making a dent.” This low-charged device grabbed small dust particles and dog hair to our delight. It had a significant amount when we went to dump it, and we felt reassured that it could do the job. Happy with our purchase.”
  2. “Super easy to handle! We were surprised at the solidity of the plastic in this vacuum. Being as lightweight as it is, it doesn’t feel cheap or like it is about to break…The exception is the clear collection canister seems less solid, but that doesn’t take any of the abuse the rest of the unit will. The suction was adequate. There are two modes, the lower section was not great, but we suppose it would be great for cobwebs and light dustings. We love the counter rest notch, which works great for us…we can’t tell you how many times our broom has slid off our counter (this is replacing our broom).”
  3. “We had looked for about 2 weeks at several vacuum cleaners before ordering this one. The reason behind our satisfaction is that it did everything it said it would do. We would highly recommend this Eureka to anyone looking for a lightweight, cordless, and powerful vacuum cleaner. We use it on our laminate floors, tile floors, and indoor/outdoor carpet.”

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3. Eureka 3670M Canister Vacuum Cleaner  

Eureka 3670M Canister Vacuum Cleaner  

The main benefit of this model is that it weighs 9 pounds when it’s on its own. When you add the other equipment, it comes to 11lbs. At 9 pounds, this vacuum is simple to transport and carry throughout the house.

It also has a large dustbin. It can accommodate up to 2.5 liters and also has dust bags. Although it means you’ll need to purchase additional bags, later on, they also offer certain advantages.

Bags make sure that dust and other debris are held within them. Cleaning your vacuum is simple. It’s as simple as throwing away the bag. There’s no need to fret about cleaning the vacuum.

The main part…

The Eureka vacuum is powered by an engine that is 10 amps to give the most powerful suction and performance. The motor allows it to continue to provide high-quality performance, no matter the type of cleaning you’re doing.

The vacuum can be used on carpets and hard surfaces. It’s soft enough to be used on upholstery and curtains. The vacuum will assist you if you’re dealing with a huge mess that simply has to be cleared of space.

It comes with a big blower port to blast away debris and dust. It is ideal for garages and workshops with a lot of dust or other debris.

There are many other tools included in this vacuum. The upholstery nozzle allows the vacuum to clean furniture and curtains. Additionally, you’ll get a crevice tool that will aid you in getting between furniture pieces or corners and other places that are difficult to access.

Additionally, it comes with an Omni-purpose dusting brush. It can be used to dust on your own and in areas that are difficult to clean.

This vacuum comes with a 20-foot hose, making getting to every corner of your home much simpler.


  • Includes helpful tools
  • The 10-amp motor provides continuous cleaning.
  • Large 2.5 Liter dust cup capacity
  • A long 20-foot hose


  • The wheels are made of plastic

What Our Expert Reviews Say (Personal testing Experience)

  1. “The suction power is excellent! We have hardwood and vinyl flooring.”
  1. “But now on to what you’re probably wondering, and that is how they do it on the shag carpet. We honestly had the lowest expectations given our previous research–But we will tell you that this works!!! Our carpet, which we thought would never come back to life, came back, and it’s gorgeous. It’s a west elm shag carpet that costs a pretty penny, so we are relieved that we can keep it for longer than a year! Buy this if you need a vacuum for shag carpet at a reasonable price.”
  1. “First off, this machine has outstanding suction. We have had it for one week, and there’s a lever on the top you can push to allow airflow for vacuuming back and forth or just a single flow for straight suction, and it gets the job done. There is so much suction created around it that it’s even coated in wool rug fibers or dog hair that didn’t make it inside. We don’t even need to go back twice; the suction is so good.”

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4. Eureka Groove Robot Vacuum With Wi-Fi & Alexa Connection

Eureka Groove Robot Vacuum

If you’re looking for the most effective robotic vacuum, look into this Eureka robotic vacuum. One of the main reasons this vacuum robot is the best option is its powerful suction. It can provide 2000Pa of suction power. It can remove both large and small pieces of debris.

This model also incorporates its HEPA filter to stop dust, hair, and other allergens released back into the atmosphere. The filter needs to be cleaned regularly and periodically to function properly.

This robotic vacuum is operated via an app, via voice commands after connecting with the voice assistant of your Alexa or Google Assistant, or through its remote control. It is also possible to switch it on and let it wash by itself.

It is equipped with three cleaning modes. The auto mode lets the robot sweep the entire house. It will create a clean path, then continue its route until it’s finished.

It also comes with the ability to use an edge mode. The mode lets the vacuum follow the direction along the walls. It’s ideal for cleaning corners and ensuring that each part of your home is kept clean.

The main part…

If you’re looking to get just some spots cleaned, then the spot cleaning mode might be the solution you’re seeking. It uses an enormous amount of power to scrub the area thoroughly. It’s perfect for deep cleaning and cleaning areas such as the entranceways and around the litter boxes.

One issue that homeowners face with their robotics is that they damage the hardwood floors of their homes. This isn’t the case for this particular robot. It has an anti-scratch tool to gently remove dirt from hardwood flooring.

Another advantage that this robotic vacuum has is that it can climb an upward slope of up to 8 inches. This means that fewer obstacles will hinder your robot from performing its task.


  • Can be driven up inclines to 8 inches
  • 0.4-liter tank capacity
  • A strong suction from 2000Pa
  • Use an anti-scratch brush to stop scratching the hard flooring.
  • Perfect for busy schedules.


  • Then it can become blocked.
  • The work may stop soon.

What Our Expert Reviews Say (Personal testing Experience)

  1. “We love this robot vacuum cleaner. It saves time and energy and does the job while you live your life. The vacuum picks up things that We didn’t even know were there. It is easy to empty the trash cup and remove the roller so that you can clean any excess hair that gets stuck.”
  2. “We wanted a robotic vacuum to try and keep up with the pet hair clumps that constantly float across the room. We chose this brand because it was slightly cheaper than other brand-name counterparts. Overall, we’re happy with the vacuum’s suction power. We have noticed that it doesn’t do as well on thick carpet but still gets a good amount of pet hair.”
  3. “This vacuum is a beast! It has superb suction power and sucks up deep in our carpet and hard floors.”

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5. Eureka AirSpeed Ultra-Lightweight Compact Upright Vacuum

Eureka AirSpeed vacuum cleaner

Thanks to the quick-release handle, the ultra-lightweight Eureka vacuum allows you to clean vertical surfaces. Simply hit a button and remove the handle, and scrub areas that your vacuum isn’t able to reach on its own.

It’s also simple to switch between different tools. The vacuum has crevice tools to aid in cleaning corners and areas that are tight.

It is also equipped with a dusting brush that can aid in cleaning off the dust that could be stuck to the surfaces. All you have to do is clean up the dust following that.

The motor’s power provides this vacuum with enough power to give powerful suction.

You’ll be amazed by the amount your vacuum picks up. It has a 10.5-millimeter vacuum head that has a large cleaning route. You can clean more of your home in a shorter amount of time.

Despite its many characteristics, it is surprisingly lightweight. It’s easy to move both upstairs and down.

It is equipped with filters that can be taken out and washed before being changed. This can reduce the expense of having a vacuum and help you save money.


  • Built to last users for many years
  • Extremely light
  • Superb suction thanks to its motor of 6 amps
  • Durable and robust design
  • 2.7-Liter dust bin


  • It is difficult to move due to its suction force.

What Our Expert Reviews Say (Personal testing Experience)

  1. “This fits beautifully in a coat closet filled with other things. It doesn’t skimp on suction power, however! We are embarrassed at the amount of dirt we pulled up in just 3 strokes.”
  2. “Does a great job and we have 2 toddlers. You know the mess never stops.”
  3. “The vacuum was insanely strong. People say it’s hard to use on carpets because they are not adjustable on the brush, but we mean people use a little strength, and it’s fine.”

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So, these were the best vacuum cleaner models from Eureka. Our professional vacuum cleaner testers tested all of these and passed them. Now, just think about what exactly are your requirements. Based on the same, pick the perfect style vacuum cleaner for you, but do take time in evaluating! 

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